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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - April 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 12a High Point Enterprise Friday april 26 1974 pm anus i have to stand out Here All in dont i i fi60r6 if i can take of a feu3heep while in 5tanwns cwt Here i can pick of extra Money team owners hate t3 their pick up some extra out our Way your Horoscope by Jeane Dixon saturday april 27 some of the aka Seiw stub old boys make about it a big pow of waste Remh Odim the ally Orwin Bull that look for help they Kelv wheel its Stakop Wright befit up to 1 la see the foremam1 remember when vol were a foremast you Hap a fit wh6m amvbdc5y we Kitover your Heap is Karaj s our boarding House 4z6 so were afraid of hurtin1 map Bonne is that you served under hand your birthday saturday is a springboard from a relatively limited past to a relatively much Freer future transition is temporarily somewhat rough but stimulating and you Are much More on your own resources than Ever relationships of All kinds Are quite Lively and tend to even out to steady satisfying fulfilment today natives persist at whatever they pledge themselves to achieve whether Wise to foolish occasionally Rise to Fame for so doing Aries March 21april now is the time to pick up the pieces get people and their belongings off your hands if that what you want reconcile any existing differences Taurus april 20may put the past week behind you go on from where you now Are without regret i or recrimination theres i much to do lost time to make up gemini May 21june use your head youve got a lot going for you now but it needs concentration consolidation teamwork is featured brings Good results cancer june 21july be thankful for a Small Windfall coming your Way seek technical advice on questions beyond your immediate competence but make up your own conclusions Virgo aug 23sept 22 get together with those you have been opposing make some definite move to live and let live let bygones be bygones push yourself a bit As Day wears on Libra sept 23oct sorting out relationships is accomplished More easily now but you assume that because you like various people they will like each other Scorpio oct 23nov be open for unfamiliar experience willing to explore possibilities of cooperation venturesome enterprises offer much excitement Sagittarius nov 22 dec financial moves come readily to you now property can be transferred neatly spending should be held Down to favor adding to your reserves Capricorn dec 22 Jan a Day for personal politicking to set straight your ties with loved ones family your neighbors beyond these All relationships assume lesser importance aquarius Jan 20feb do whatever will bring Progress and emotional Reward in your current enterprises its a Long weekend so pause occasionally for review and rest v6p the pets him Shore a Duff aint that Unk snuff comi Home from th1 a Ford gome aunt lowee1v i wonder if redone Enn Good tumbleweeds Opont worry in not coming up after you i happen to be a pig and a la7y poe5n t Cump a tree to catch a Mere Man Morty meekly life int exactly a bowl of Puppy kibbles i Don know about that even for us youre Lucky chips you Cony have to go to school no tests no Homework you have a very life impossible to you louts the of chivalry Yopp Blitz y7ur to Trie cookies at you sure had great control you never Leo july 23aug keep in mind that discretion is very important to Success today you spell out your plans in Advance among people who Are com Peting Pisces feb 19march in this easier Day be Alert and ready to make the Best of everything an Early burst of Energy has to last for the entire Day so dont Rush j too fast incidentally my olo partner and i were Unpei eaten at p0ubles no sir x Hwe no i o60ect1ok to transferredrr5 i must think fast of what to do lets and i Reeoh yes i must know we had Borneo Branch j skipped mine to come out Here cup of Coffee would be Welcome you see i think Ive hit of a perfect solution to the problem that has Hap me spinning my wheels for a week 6oopi mean in slap your maid work is work if forgive the put Durham if in known i going to have a caller have waited lunch 5cv biggest k Ever seen e Witch is doing her that not a Haystack the born loser come a in have a kk10u what i on second thought maybe youd better stand there put this Blanket around you and stand Over there on the mean cup of Coffee i dont even spend ten dollars for my f you gotta be can i help it if my favorite dish is oysters Rockefeller could you let me Asoka will certainly need a mawa6er for if i Mav offer Adora be apart hmm Jay Hapley you know that have ten dollars seem to r1nc3 for lunch Bell in the Field poes he have Money How know Hes not the fuzz 8updying that american Yule min Hes Only int9re5tep to know he was no u turn cops dont Blush stupid no Klayf 5ullx wants to you More

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