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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ida High Point Enterprise Friday april 26, 1974 khad Afy Wilson remembers Days u linked under Johnson Juk by Robert b. Cullen associated press writer Raleigh apr to pass the time Between Campaign stops Henry Hall Wilson likes to Tell stories. Generally Wilson talks about earlier times. He recounts tales of his Days in the White House under Lyndon Johnson and John f. Kennedy. The common thread in the stories is the Power and influence Wilson had in those Days talking to presidents and those with the Power to influence presidents. The democratic . Senate candidate still wears a pair of souvenir cuff links from the White House. But that is about his Only connection with those times. Wilson. 52, is the tallest of the major democratic Candi dates for the Senate standing about 6-foot-5. He is the Only one of the major Senate candidates who uses tobacco. He is a heavy cigarette smoker. His curly hair is Grey and his stomach strains the buttons of his shirts and rumpled suits. He walks with Short strides for a Man his size As if he carried a heavy weight on his shoulders. He is often Short of breath. When Wilson talks of the Campaign his speech reflects the frustration of a t 9 vast i mini Henry Hall Wilson Man generally considered to be running behind Robert Morgan and Nick Galifianakis after la months of campaigning he refers to his opponents by their surnames a a Morgan and he will give a position to reporters and then say a Morgan of course has t taken a position on that or a Morgan and Galifianakis Don t seem to think that s Wilson still spends much of his time trying to establish his ties to North Carolina in the minds of those he Speaks with. He was born and raised in Monroe and practice Law there until he was 39, in 1960. Then he went to work in the White House. After six years he left to become president of the Chicago Board of Trade. He returned to North Carolina a year ago to run for the Senate. Wilson is getting the bulk of his Campaign contributions from Chicago commodity dealers. Earlier this week he cancelled his North Carolina engagements and flew Back to Chicago to seek More Money. But at the time his staff would not say Why Wilson had changed his schedule and where he had gone. Later in the week Wilson answered a question about finances from a College student without Ever mentioning his Chicago connections. He Speaks in a Gravelly voice and when he laughs he laughs heartily. But the laughter comes less frequently than he would like in this Campaign. Television cameras rarely follow him. He moves from town to town giving press conferences and speaking to Small groups of people. Wilson says he is confident he will win. He predicts that he and Morgan will be in a Runoff and that he will come out on top in june. Wage Price control political game charged Washington a top Senate republicans and democrats have accused one another of playing politics Over a democratic Effort to continue president Nixon s authority to control wages and prices. Kennedy remains undecided Washington a sen. Edward m. Kennedy Clearing up Brief confusion Over his future political plans was quoted today As saying his position on running for president in 1976 remains unchanged he won t decide until late next year. The Massachusetts Democrat s position was in some doubt for a time thursday after he told a reporter in new York City that he would not be a presidential candidate. However Kennedy later told the Boston Globe in Washington that a my position is unchanged. Ifs been the same it always asked to restate that position Kennedy said a i will make some statement late in 1975. I be made no plans. I be said i will continue to serve in the United states Senate and that i have no plans other than to run for the United states Senate from Massachusetts a the confusion occurred As Kennedy his wife Joan and two of their children arrived at Kennedy Airport in new York after a one week visit to the soviet Union. Kennedy who visited the soviet Union As guest of that country s parliament said the russians position on emigration remained unchanged he described his meeting wednesday with a group of jews who want to leave the soviet Union As a extremely emotional and he declined to give any details of his four hour meeting with communist party chief Leonid i. Brezhnev saying he would elaborate next week the republicans said the democrats were trying to Lay the groundwork for blaming continued inflation on Nixon. The democrats countered by saying the cop wants to be Able to say the democratic controlled Congress did t give president Nixon authority to curb soaring prices. Meanwhile the labor department reported thursday the biggest decline Ever in the productivity of the american worker. As productivity Falls upward pressure is placed on prices since the Cost of labor rises. The labor department said productivity declined in the first Quarter at a 5 5 per cent annual rate. The verbal Battle Between Senate republicans and democrats came thursday As the Senate staged a Brief preview of debate scheduled to Start monday a Day before the president s authority to control wages and prices expires. Sen. Robert p. Griffin r-mich., acting Republican Leader declared that the proposal for a years Extension of standby control authority made wednesday by the Senate democratic caucus was a pure unadulterated if the democrats really think wage and Price controls will curb inflation a they should put their program into effect a he added. And he said the democrats want to give a abroad unlimited authority to the president so that they could criticize him later. That proposal said democratic whip Robert c. Bvrd is a pure bunk since �?o535 members of Congress cannot administer a wage Price control the West Virginia Democrat suggested the republicans want Congress to do nothing so they can say a the democratic Congress sat on its Fanny and did t give the president the authority he needed to curb inflation though debate is scheduled to Start monday there seems Little likelihood of Senate action before current control authority expires at Midnight tuesday. Even if the Senate passes the proposal House action is Uncertain and a presidential veto Likely. Ford Grubby a Ford 1-40 amp Hwy. 66 Kernersville . J Kikta car As Low As $5 a Day Small we do than i we could t do big Quot 273-7438 no free Booklet for the hearing impaired and their families Quot they overcame hearing loss Quot twelve prominent americans outstandingly successful in the Fields of government sports entertainment and business Tell How they achieved Success despite a serious hearing problem a source of inspiration to everyone suffering from an uncorrected hearing problem. Come phone for your Frei copy Central hearing Aid inc. 329 n main . Box 1683 High Point . 27261 a Tel. 883 6151 a a to plot by William l. Ryan a special correspondent Egypt a account of a plot to overthrow president Anwar Sadat dramatizes the urgency of the search for syrian israeli military disengagement upon which May hang any Chance for peace in the Middle East. The official version brings into focus a multiplicity of factors pressing on Sadat. A prolonged deadlock on the syrian front could reproduce in Egypt the same sort of pressures that built up desperation before october and provoked the War against Israel. The alleged coup Leader is described As a palestinian with an iraqi passport who had conferred with col. Moa mar khad Afy libyans strongman. That touches the principal extremist bases in the Arab world the main sources of opposition to Compromise with Israel the Fountainhead of fanaticism. Sadat has indicated eagerness to vitalize the egyptian Economy industrialize attract Western Aid. Investment and technology. He has promises of substantial american help. Americans Are already on hand to help Clear the Suez canal which Washington Hopes will pour water on troubled Oil and Sadat Hopes will be a Boon to Egypt s Economy. But it behoves Sadat to be wary of the diverse elements pressing on him. Egypt a volatile University population must be kept fairly Well appeased for example. A majority of students and their intellectual elders who form a sort of political elite seem to support Sadat at this moment and oppose those who want to dump him. His liberalization has been popular by and Large. But that same majority a year ago had been fuming at the Long no War no peace situation and hankering for Sadat s Scalp. Thus if the syrian deadlock lasts Long and the air and artillery War persists along with it the egyptian israeli disengagement machinery can be slowed if not entirely halted that would generate new pressures on Sadat he went to War in october to end the no War no peace dilemma. Conceivably it could haunt him again. There is also the soviet syrian Factor. Syrians government moves warily Alert to political dangers in a Deal with Israel. The russians irked at Egypt a new Westward orientation will press Syria to reject any settlement Moscow deems not entirely compatible with soviet interests. Find Cut of cwt. Lir condition your Fonio amp a fisc its value it the sumo time number i air conditioning maker with the round one a the Central air conditioner with the shape that spells value Quot Call us for details Purcell Supply co. Phone 882-1411 n a 725 w. Green we Are Here no hours each Day phone of 882-8121 vote May 7 for Gaston d. Faison Democrat Guilford county commissioner he s concerned about a honesty in government a fair taxation a environmental problems you can expect an honest fair and Businesslike approach to county government from Gaston d. Faison Nixon sees improving . Economy Washington a president Nixon campaigning to rebuild Confidence in his watergate troubled administration has delivered another optimistic forecast on the Economy. On a Quick trip to Jackson miss., on thursday Nixon said the Economy has been through a what i believe is the lowest Point of the downturn. The last half of the year we will see the Economy moving Forward the president received a warm reception in Mississippi the state that gave the largest plurality to his reelection. A standing room Only crowd of 12,000 frequently interrupted his address with applause. The White House is arranging other Nixon appearances in sections of the country considered Friendly to the president. He will appear in Phoenix ariz., on May 3, and in Spokane wash., May 4. Aides also Are arranging a May la presidential trip to Oklahoma state University commencement exercises. In Jackson. Nixon blamed food and Energy for feeding the Rise in prices. He added a the Rise in food prices will tend As we go through the balance of the year to level he singled out the automobile and housing in Prince vows noncooperation Tokyo a ousted cambodian Leader Prince Norodom Sihanouk says he will never accept negotiation Compromise or truce with the current cambodian Leader Lon nol. The remarks by Sihanouk who now lives in peking were made on a visit to North Korea and broadcast monday by the communist chinese news Agency. Destries As two trouble spots in the Economy. He said the Auto Industry is brightening and that he will propose new programs within two weeks to stimulate the sagging housing Industry. Nixon said he could a flatly predict �?T75 will be a very Good and 1976, he added a will be the Best year in american history a the most prosperous the most after returning to Washington Nixon went for an evening cruise on the presidential yacht a Sequoia a and then entertained Republican National committee members at a White House reception. Nixon gave a Short upbeat speech to the committee members about Republican prospects. He said the Economy and other areas would improve and that the gop would do better in november than it did this Spring in five special congressional elections four of which were won by democrats. The president did not repeat the Promise to Campaign for Republican candidates that he had made to considerable applause the last time the committee met in september. He also made no direct reference to watergate. Helms wants Suez closed to warships Washington a sen. Jesse Helms r-., says he will seek to Block use of United states funds to open the Suez canal unless All warships Are barred from the waterway for five years. He said thursday that otherwise the soviet Navy would have a Short route to the Indian Ocean. A even with the great distance soviet warships must travel to get to the Indian Ocean there is a Large presence there today a Helms said in a Senate speech thursday. A with easy Access to the Indian Ocean after the opening of the Suez canal that presence readily could become greater thereby creating a Strong russian military posture in an area which is the vital Petroleum lifeline to Europe a Helms said that when debate opens on the foreign Aid Bill he will offer an amendment to bar the warships. President Nixon s latest foreign Aid request includes $250 million for Egypt with a portion earmarked for Clearing the canal. . Navy ships from Charleston Are participating in Clearing the mines. Cai. A clip and save 889-7867 to report All drug pushers Call Day or night. Report any facts to help identify a Pusher you Don t have to identify yourself and Calls cannot be traced High or Wal if Tifni commit str off taif drug Okaie ill 4 what is a guitar a Banjo a mandolin or a ukulele i pm just a wooden to with strings and i can bring you lots of peace of mind and Contentment. Try me and see for yourself you la find a Good assortment priced to save you Money use our most convenient Lay away plan. A Smoll Deposit will hold. Nash jewelry. 127 North main. Adv 13194 help wanted full time Cashiers plus personnel for Home improvement and toys. Apply in person monday thru Friday 10am til s pm 2300 n. Main St. Friendliness is a part of our prescription service we enjoy the Opportunity to serve the people in our Community. Come in and get acquainted. Hoffman drug 1001 East Green phone 898-4222 elder 4 19 4 j. W Illiam Copeland candidate for state supreme court a a a experience counts 13 years As a Superior court judge. Served in 84 counties. Interest for april 4la%. Interest for May 5%. J. E. Rains Randolph county tax department attention Randolph citizens All unpaid 1973 Randolph county taxes will be advertised during the month of May 1974. £421-4 Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Mike Edwards age to of Des Moines Iowa for his question who invented the Generator a giant modern Generator is big enough to fill a garage and it can produce enough electricity for a City of three million persons. The very first one was a Small table Model with a hand Crank to make it work. It was invented by Michael Faraday 142 years ago. He called Quot it a Dynamo and the original Model belongs to the smithsonian institution in Washington. D c. The same Basic idea is used to run the modern giant and Faraday a first Little Dynamo. Michael Faraday was born near London in the fall of 1791. His father was a Blacksmith and there was no Money for such things As education. However Michael was a thoughtful Young person very curious and fond of Reading. As a boy he worked for a Bookbinder which gave him a Chance to read lots of books and take notes. All his life he was a great note taker even when he became one of the great scientists of his Day a and invented the electric Generator. During what should have been his school years. Michael was what you might Call a self educated Young person. But All this changed when he reached the age of 22. By Chance he was Given a pass to series of lectures the lecturer was sir Humphrey Davey world famous scientist and head of the world famous London Institute. Faraday the Young scientist took notes and added diagrams. Faraday the Young Bookbinder bound his pages into a Book. Then he sent his volume to Davy with a bold request for a Job at the Institute. His request was granted. He studied and taught at the London Institute for the remaining 54 Busy years of his life. There he had a Chance to study exciting goings on such As Davy a discoveries of chemicals and Volta a newly invented chemical Battery. He was interested in anything and everything related to science. But one of his favorite subjects was electricity. Perhaps this was because the mysterious Force seemed to Promise a great Deal a yet nobody had been Able to make much use of it. Volta a chemical Battery could generate a Small current around a Little wire Loop. Faraday wanted to generate a lot of electricity and Send its Energy to where it was needed. It was known that electricity and magnetism Are related that an electric current in a wire creates a magnetic Field around itself. Faraday suspected that this relationship could be used to build an entirely different Type of Generator. He wrestled with the idea for Many months a and finally found the answer. He used the magnetic Field around a a shaped Magnet to Send electric current through a Copper wire circuit. The trick was to make a Copper disk Cut through the Magneto Force lines again and again. In 1831, Faraday completed his first Model with notes. The magnetic Field was provided by an Ordinary a shaped Magnet. A Copper disk was set Between the open end. When he turned a Crank electric current went through a circuit of attached Copper wires. He knew that larger scale models turned by steam or falling water could generate Large amounts of electricity. He also knew that this electric Power could be transported for Miles and Miles. Notice of Lien Sal Foh Guilford county taxes year 1973 under Abd by virtue of the Power vested in me by the Laws of the state of North Carolina particularly but chapter 105 of the session Laws of 1973 As set Forth in g s. 105-369, and pursuant to a order of the commissioners of Guilford county i will Offei for Sale at Public auction a it the East door of the City county building in the City o High Point . At to of clock a m. On monday May 6, 197-the 1973 liens upon the Rea estate described below for the unpaid Guilford county and of City of High Point taxes owing for the years 1973, of preceding years. Thi

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