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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 12a High Point Enterprise wednesday april 24, 1974 Harris Survey year round St is not popular Stevens enunciates positions on issues by Louis Harris in the aftermath of the Winter Long gasoline crunch the american people tend to agree that the Law making Daylight saving time mandatory on a year round basis was a poor idea. Only 19 per cent rate the Daylight saving move As a a Good decision a while 43 per cent say it was a Louis Harris a bad decision a 32 per cent say it was a neither Good nor the major criticism centers on the perceived dangers to children going to school in the dark. Parents report that they became deeply worried Over their offspring crossing streets in the Early morning hours in darkness citing numerous cases of children actually hit by cars even killed. The other major misgiving is that while Daylight savings was invoked As an Energy Saver people report they used just As much extra heat electric Light in the dark hours of the morning As they believe they saved in the late afternoon. Thus the rationale for the move lost much credibility with the Public. In late March a Cross Section of 1,495 families was asked escapees charged in murders Troy Mich. A two prison farm escapees who allegedly wove a Trail of terror death across two states will face murder charges in the slaying of a Troy policeman first authorities say. Joseph a. Molinare 29, Gordon l. Stockenauer 26, were ordered held without Bond monday after their arraignment on first degree murder charges in the shooting death of patrolman Martin chivas. Conviction would bring a mandatory life sentence. They also Are charged with murdering a Wisconsin housewife Are wanted for questioning in the death of a 17-year old service station attendant. Troy police Cpl. Thomas Morris said that in statements Given officers after their arrest Molinare Stockenauer a admitted to All the crimes they be been accused police said the escapees were captured in a Flint residential neighbourhood monday after a Brief Chase on foot near the Home of Molinares Girlfriend. Molinare Stockenauer were among four men who escaped saturday night from a minimum Security area at the state prison at Marquette Mich. Both were serving sentences for felonious assault. Chivas 23, a two year Veteran of the Troy Force was fatally shot while investigating a break in at a gasoline station before Dawn monday police said. Molinare Stockenauer also were named in a Federal flight warrant in the Oshkosh wis., murder of Charlene Beaud 33, whom they allegedly abducted in Marquette after their escape. They also were wanted for questioning in the sunday robbery murder of Kenneth Kasprzyk 17, a service station attendant in a Milwaukee wis., suburb. Morris said Michigan Law enforcement officials plan to Complete prosecution of the chivas murder before considering extradition of Stockenauer Molinare to mudslides rain that Falls on a Quick Day a ground that has a High water Content with Little Salt to bind the soil a can trigger massive mudslides. In 1950, a slide in Sweden shifted 106,000,000 cubic feet of Earth carried much of the town of sure into the gota River. A in your opinion was the decision to go to Daylight saving time year round in order to save fuel a Good decision a bad decision or neither Good nor bad a total Public 19 43 32 6 Good decision bad decision neither Good nor bad not sure the Daylight saving move was most resented in the Midwest South particularly in the Small towns Rural areas where majorities could be found in opposition. These areas Are especially hard hit by two conditions i they contain agricultural communities where Many people have to Rise Early to begin their chores they would rather begin work in Daylight than in darkness 2 children in these locations tend to have to go longer distances to school thus increasing the dangers they might face in the Early morning darkness. By Robert b Cullen associated press writer Raleigh apr for William e. Stevens the Campaign for the Republican nomination to the . Senate is a learning experience. He acknowledges that he is still unfamiliar with Many areas of North Carolina their issues. He declined recently to answer a question about his position on tobacco quotas marketing programs. He said he does not yet know enough about tobacco to answer although his staff is researching the question. But Stevens feels that his career As a furniture executive for Broyhill industries in Lenoir prepared him to Deal with what he considers the major Issue of the Day the Economy. The question he is asked most often however involves watergate. Stevens like the major democratic candidates says he will not comment on whether president Nixon is guilty of impeachable offences. As a senator he might have to sit As a juror in an impeachment trial. He differs with democrats on the conduct of the House investigation into impeachment. Stevens says he thinks the president should cooperate in expediting the proceedings. So he says should the judiciary committee. But he wonders whether Nixon is not being asked possibly to incriminate himself by turning Over the White House tapes. A there should be ground rules i think to protect the rights he has a he said. And he fears that the committee might go on a a fishing expedition a destroying needed confidentiality in the executive Branch. Stevens a does not think Nixon should a resign. But Stevens would prefer to talk about economic issues which he As a businessman a feels Best capable to Deal with. Inflation he said should be curbed by cutting Down deficit spending. He advocates better congressional budget management a holding new spending programs in Check until revenues catch Stevens said he cannot Tell which current Federal programs need cuts without closer study. A but i think that our National defense should always be strengthened if it is within our financial capability a he said. Lie favors leaving the Economy basically unfettered. A i believe in the free Enterprise systems capability to control prices. Wage Price controls have not worked i cannot foresee inflation getting so bad that i would support re imposing them a he said. Stevens said he supports the Nixon administrations policy of keeping interest rates High to curb inflation would not seek any abrupt drop in the prime rate. His opposition to government Price controls extends to the Oil Industry. Stevens said he does not know enough about Oil prices to comment on democratic proposals to Roll Back the Price of Oil. But he said he would probably oppose controls that would remove incentives for the companies to produce Oil. Government policies have he said helped bring on the fuel crisis by Detling expanded development production of fuel resources. He said technology has developed enough to permit development of offshore Oil resources on the Atlantic coast shale Oil reserves without damaging the environment. He feels the government is doing an adequate Job of safeguarding the Public in nuclear Power development. Stevens said he would support Small Pilot programs in mass transit funded by the Federal Highway fund. In health care Stevens has pledged to doctors that he will work to retain a a what a left of the free Enterprise system in health care he said he opposes democratic proposals for a National health insurance system under the social Security administration. He prefers an american medical association plan backed by the Nixon administration that would retain a role for private health insurance companies. Stevens is also opposed to legislation creating a National no fault insurance system. He said insurance programs should be tailored to the states individual needs oldest Flag the danish Flag consisting of a Large White Cross on a red Field is the oldest unchanged National Flag in existence. Adopted in 1218 . By King Valdemar ii while leading a crusade the Flag is called a Dannebrog a or a a Danes a / Bettye Packer Dine at Bettye Packer s a amp a cafeteria s08 Ward St just of West Green or meet your friends Here for lunch. Bring your family out for dinner. Home made biscuits amp Corn muffins. Phone for take out orders 883-1909. Serving monday thru Friday. Lunch 10 30 till dinner 4 00 to 7 00 revival fair havens Baptist Mission 200 West Springdale High Point . April 24 28 nightly at 7 30 sunday at 11 00 amp 7 30 evangelist a Rev. R. L. Smith a preacher Bob Quot special singing nightly Public invited Rev. C. S. Sechrest a pastor in 4234 wednesday thursday Friday saturday open daily 10-10 who wait use Vouk Bank americano master charge or Kmer credit Caro Angel face makeup 4 Day Only 0 Mirror compact. Alpha Keri Bath Oil 4 Day Only plus soap. J to of. Head a shoulders 4 Days Only 11-oz. Shampoo. Of. Gillette dry look 4 Day Only 0 7-oz for hair. A net it flex Balu 9lsgmge> cover girls makeup 4 Day Only liquid. 1 to. Of. Alpha Keri lotion 4 Day Only 6-oz. Plus soap. Nln. Flex shampoo 4 Days Only 17 to. Of. Size. Noxzema shave 4 Day Only 0 medicated. 11-oz. A not Ort. Angel face liquid 4 Day Only 0 fluid makeup. 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