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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1976, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round a screw is Loose in the space program 4 a wednesday april 21, 1976 while Congress fiddles in 1972 a Small handful of a fat cats put up the seventy or so million dollars to finance the re election efforts of Richard m. Nixon As president of the United states revelations of where that Money came from a some of it Legal much illegal a brought about the Radical change in Federal Law which now limits any individual s contribution to $1,000, As the political analysts see it that Law effectively squelched the fat cats and exalted a different Breed the specialist who knows How to go out and put the bite on literally hundreds of thousands of Small amount contributors. In order to qualify for Federal Matching dollars candidates had to raise substantial amounts from substantial numbers of individuals in at least 20 different states one such organizer commented that this was a snap in three or four states but can you imagine the difficulty of finding several Hundred contributors in North Dakota a whatever the individual concerns the candidates themselves Hail these financing requirements As the single most important development in politics in a decade the theory is of course that no one can a a buy a president of the United states for i too. Until a few weeks ago the new system was working As its supporters had envisioned none of the candidates had $70 million or even the faintest Prospect of it All even the incumbent president were having to map their Campaign spending very closely. Media broadsides and big expensive rallies became the exception rather than the Rule. Ronald Reagan for instance had to cancel his big Jet Charters and delete some sing estate campaigning to have enough Money to finance his half hour television speech. And then the roof fell in. The supreme court found a technical flaw in the act establishing the Federal election commission the Congress knew what it had to do and fixing that technicality seemed a Small hurdle. But As so often seems to happen these Days Small hurdles Are too much for Congress. Among the byproducts of putting the Fec out of business was the sudden stoppage of Matching Campaign funds for which several candidates have qualified. Ergo overnight the hard pressed campaigners find their available funds Cut in half. Congress let a number of other considerations get in the Way of fixing the Fec Law As the supreme court had dictated and last week they took off for a 10-Day easter vacation leaving the repair Job in limbo. If the Senate and the House done to expedite matters As soon As they get Back on the Job we May yet see this presidential Campaign fought out with 50-cent bumper stickers that might be momentarily pleasing to people sated with political rhetoric but its not a very satisfactory Way to choose a president. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington americans Only remaining space spectacular the $6 2 billion space shuttle might literally come apart at the seams for the nuts screws and threaded studs that hold it together May be unsafe. This in t the scare talk of Economizer who want to scuttle the shuttle rather it is the grave opinion of engineers whose jobs depend on the project. Their warnings Are supported moreover by actual films of screw failures on launch pads. Like the classic fable of the Battle that was lost for want of a Nail there is real danger that a future spaceship could be lost for want of a screw. As Early As april 1973, there were secret discussions at the National aeronautics and space administration Nasa about the menace of substandard screws. The report of one meeting tells of official fears that the weak fasteners might result in Loose joints which could cause the equipment to pull apart at launch or in space. The problem officials suggested was that the manufacturing standards were too Low. But any change in standards would require the nut and Bolt factories to retool at tremendous Cost. The Industry therefore has been lobbying against changing the standards. A method of testing individual screw and nut threads was developed by Johnson Gage a Bloomfield confirm which sent Nasa its assessment of the problem in july 1973. In Blunt language the firm warned Nasa confidentially that the standards for the space shuttle fasteners a provide for a loophole that allows Nasa to i accept outright junk. A a computer tests of the screw threads meanwhile revealed that millions Worth of faulty threads had reached Rockwell International the principal space shuttle contractor As a result of the Low conflicts of interest City Council has cleared the air partially about the troubling Issue of conflict of interest. The airing occurred during the regular meeting of Council last thursday questions about conflict of interest arose previously when councilwoman Rachel Gray who operates a gift shop in a family owned hardware store on s. Main Street advocated and voted for retaining on Street parking in that Block and the next she realized the family business would Benefit from the on Street parking mrs Gray said but her primary concern was the Benefit of All downtown a if i erred i apologize a she concluded a but i assure you i had no conflict of interest in my conflicts of interest that is when c Council members May be voting on a Nattei that directly affects their businesses or other financial interests have troubled other Council members and indeed the Council As a whole in the past Council has its own code of ethics which at one Point requires Council members to announce conflicts of interest and abstain from voting on such issues even this presents some problems however As both Bob Wells and Arnold Koonce jr., the two republicans on Council noted Wells author of the code of ethics pointed out that it gives to Council As a whole the projecting the news decision As to whether a Council member May abstain and Koonce observed that by simply announcing a conflict of interest a Council member could avoid voting on a controversial Issue. A we have an obligation to the Public to kind of set guidelines on what is conflict of interest a Koonce said. The obligation to the Public is the crucial matter in this Issue. Council members should respond to this obligation by explaining Why they vote or fail to vote on business before Council. It May be True As City attorney Knox Walker said that whether a conflict of Issue exists a is an individual decision Quot equally important As Walker also said a a Council member should avoid any conflict of interest or semblance of this squares with a set of guidelines carried in an editorial in the Enterprise just after the City election in november 1973. One of those guidelines said a Bend Over backward to see that you do not use Public office to promote your own self interest or personal gains and that no decision leaves you open to criticism on this such advice if carefully followed will keep Council members out of self made difficulties and help maintain As Well Public Confidence in Public officials ii a relax its Only up to Herell letter to the editor standards. It was feared some of the inferior screws had found their Way into the space shuttle equipment. The minutes of a meeting at Rockwell a Canoga Park calif., facility show that the company engineers were worried about the fasteners. A the standards As currently written a stated the minutes a Are weak and although Rockwell a own fasteners were generally excellent. The company bought fasteners from outside suppliers and could not control a the Quality of 6,000 vendors in 47 states a the minutes added a rocket similar to those used for the space shuttle was filmed by High Speed cameras around the launch pad. The precision films showed parts of the pad actually coming apart because the fasteners did no to hold. Still the aerospace Industry fought to keep the faulty standards rather than spend the estimated $120 million it would Cost to retool. Johnson Gage experts meanwhile have warned the Pentagon that the military has no Means a to detect or reject outright junk a under the present method of testing threads the military May wind up with a everything from Tiffany a jewelry to garbage a according to one memo. The military is in danger wrote Johnson Gage of becoming a a dumping ground for the More than ample Supply of deviant threads Quot other industries Are also alarmed Over Loose screws. Detroit s big three automakers for example have taken the first Steps to improve the safety of screws they were spurred into action by a study which showed 1,000 automobile crashes in a single state had been caused by Loose threads nevertheless the american National standards Institute an Industry dominated group has managed to Block every move for tighter standards. Footnote spokesmen for Nasa and Rockwell alike insist the fasteners now in use Are More than adequate. The Senate antitrust subcommittee however is investigating Cia informant the Central intelligence Agency As we have reported in the past knew More than it told the Warren commission about the late president John f. Kennedy a accused Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. We have now seen a secret Cia memo which reveals that two people linked with Oswald were Cia informants. One was Clay Shaw the hapless victim of new Orleans District attorney Jim garrisons probe of the Kennedy assassination. The other was or. Carlos Bringuier a fiery anti Castro cuban refugee who debated Oswald in new Orleans in August 1963, three months before the assassination. The secret memo written by former Cia Security director Howard Osborn on May i 1967, states the Cia had past Contact a with Only two figures named in the Garrison inquiry. Clay l. Shaw and Carlos Bringuier. In both cases the Contact was limited to Domestic Contact services Garrison charged Shaw with conspiring to murder president Kennedy but Shaw was completely acquitted thus discrediting Garrison s bizarre investigation. Shaw s friends claim his death resulted from the Strain of defending himself. Footnote reached in new Orleans or Bringuier told us that As far As he remembered his Only Contact with the Cia had to do with a relative who came to the United states from Germany. But the doctor did not Rule out the possibility that he had been contacted through some Cia front interpreting the obscenity guidelines to the editor limits to privacy most people value their personal privacy and abhor governmental secrecy about criminal matters but efforts to protect privacy can have the unintended Side effect of promoting secrecy in government. Consider the u s Law enforcement assistance administrations regulations governing the dissemination of criminal records first released by be a a last May the regulations covered Access by the Public and news Media to criminal Justice records maintained by police and court systems that receive Federal funds a in effect virtually All of them the rules severely limited Access to arrest and conviction records for such non Trimmal Justice purposes As employment licensing and Media broadcast or publication the american civil liberties Union a major supporter of privacy Laws was elated by Lea a a action Acle attorneys had argued that indiscriminate dissemination of data on arrests particularly those that did not result in convictions unfairly damaged the reputations of thousands of persons. News gathering organizations viewed the Leaa rules in quite a different Light. A it is True that a Mere arrest after which the charges May be dismissed can haunt a person seeking a Job or a credit rating a wrote David Halvorsen assistant to the editor of the Chicago Tribune. A but the real beneficiaries of such secrecy Laws Are habitual criminals inferior police departments incompetent judges and corrupt officials. Good governments like Hearty plants thrive in the Sunshine a j r Wiggins former editor of the Washington Post went further a the very citizens these statutes Are intended to protect a he wrote a will have their Basic rights imperilled exposing them to the risk that none will learn of their arrest scrutinize the conduct of the police and judges who Deal with them or keep alive the just Public concern with the conditions of their incarceration a like other critics of secrecy Laws Wiggins denounced them As infringements on Freedom of the press a a press that is deaf and Blind by Law is not Able to make effective use of the Power of speech a the Acle remains firm in its Espousal of limited Access to criminal records. It does not dispute the right of the news Media to make criminal data Public. A but just because such information is gathered by the government does not mean it should be publicly disclosed a Acle executive director Aryeh Neier argued a nor should the government disclose publicly the arrest records without the consent of the arrested person a an amended set of regulations issued by Leaa on March 19 was less stringent than the original one. Scheduled to take effect in 1978, the new rules would permit Public Access to alphabetized court records of indictments convictions and acquittals of named persons but they continue the ban on Access to criminal arrest histories not resulting in convictions most important of All the new regulations leave to the states the question of who May inspect which kinds of criminal records a state could place a total ban on dissemination of such data or permit unlimited Access thus the Battle Between the proponents of secrecy and of privacy has moved from the Federal to the state level they said it a you westerners have a lot to learn from us about reconciliation i know people who have dinner with others whom they know killed their relatives and meanwhile you americans Are still fighting the nazis a a an Anonymous Diplomat from Zaire discussing his nations policy of reconciliation with neighbouring Angola. I am writing to Clear up a very vital Point concerning a Freedom Quot and the Constitution of the u s a. As it relates to obscenity and pornography. There is the propaganda which says in effect that there should be no Law to curb obscenity and pornography in movies books or magazines All this while Well organized groups organized crime and mob entered elements9 Are dumping their hard Core pornography in our neighbourhoods and towns Over our state and nation. I have been told that hard Core pornographic films paperbacks Peep shows Are crossing state lines into our areas a and we know about the Fri raiding the distribution Center in Raleigh a few weeks Back for crossing the state lines with such materials. I am told that 90% of the hard Core pornographic traffic is controlled by crime As they Rake in huge profits All the while they talk about a Freedom of expression a sending up Clouds of confusion about the supreme court decisions. Let us look at the facts and Stop the fiction the supreme court obscenity decisions of june 1973 Are not a confusing a Are not a ominous a Are not a chilling Quot and they Are not an infringement on the first amendment rights of any person they do not Tell a person what he can read or see they have not Given the Green Light for closing Public libraries. Let us look at some facts 1 Point out with help from others what the supreme court really said 1. It set Down a test for obscenity works which taken As a whole Appeal to the prurient interest in sex. Which portray sexual conduct in a patently offensive Way and which taken As a whole do not have serious literary artistic political or scientific what is unclear about this 2 the supreme court set Down guidelines for the Trier of the fact a jury Quot a whether the average person applying contemporary Community standards would find that the work taken As a whole appeals to the prurient interest b whether the work depicts or describes in a patently offensive Way sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state Law. And cd whether the work taken As a whole lacks serious literary artistic political or scientific 3. For the state statues it gave examples showing that a state statute could include for regulation a patently offensive representations or descriptions of ultimate sex Ual acts Normal or perverted actual or simulated patently offensive representations or descriptions of masturbation excretory functions and lewd exhibition of the genitals a 4 and the supreme court ruling invited the state courts a if such examples were not included in present Laws a to authoritatively construe the state statute so As to incorporate the specifically utilized and need not be called a unconstitutional Quot 5. The court held that obscenity is defined with reference to Community standards rather than National standards. And the court also said that the prosecutor need not produce a expert Quot witnesses when the material is placed in evidence. People with common sense and a sense of decency will do 6 the court upheld the right of one to read or View obscenity in the privacy of the Home but rejected the idea that this right extends to so called a consenting adults when they want for example to View such a film in a Public accommodation. The court said a rights and interests other than those of the advocates Are involved these include the interest of the Public in the Quality of life and the total Community environment the tone of Commerce in the great City centers and possibly the Public safety 7 one of the important parts of the ruling is that there is no need to produce a scientific proof that obscenity causes crime in order to legislate or regulate the traffic. It also said that a utterly without redeeming social value is not and never has been a constitutional test of obscenity. 8 the ruling said obscene expression by word alone is not protected by the first amendment. 9 the ruling upheld Federal Laws on interstate transport ant and importation of obscenity holding that it could not be transported nor imported for private use 10 my last Point is that the ruling reiterated what the court has always said that obscene material is not protected by the first amendment. The decisions of the supreme court Are the Law of the land we want that Law enforced on the local state and Federal Levels. Fellow citizens. High Point is the town i choose to live in since 1947 it is therefore a my City a it is the City you have chosen to live in and it is therefore a your let us continue to keep a your City a Good place to live in. Work in. Worship in. Raise a family in. And let us continue to hold up our City Council in our prayers and support them As they move to action Woodrow w Robbins Lexington Avenue Baptist Church the Art Buchwald column ethnic purity Washington a former gov Jimmy Carter introduced a phrase into the Campaign which May haunt him right up until nomination Day in new York City. To most people a ethnic purity Quot meant keeping their neighbourhoods the Way they Are. While ethnic purity May be something new in politics any kid raised in a Large City knows about it from the age of six and Many grown ups still carry the nightmares of it to this Day a City like new York for example had its Irish italian Spanish Black and jewish neighbourhoods and these territories for most kids were As Well guarded As any Iron curtain country. To pass through another s ethnic neighbourhood was a dangerous Foolhardy thing that could Lead to anything from a bloody nose to physical torture this is How it went for Many kids in my Day and for All i know is still going on in various ethnic communities of our nation a they creep what Are you doing in our neighbourhood a a i was just passing through on my Way to the movie theater on 14th a a that a a Likely Story. You was coming into our neighbourhood to spy on us weren to you a a no i swear i Wasny to. I did no to look to the right or to the left. I have no idea what the neighbourhood looks like. a How come you done to go to the movie theater in your own neighborhood9�?� a i seen the picture there a three times. John Garfield is playing in a new movie at the Loew s 1 11 be out of Here in three a How would you like it if one of us went to a movie in your neighbourhood a a it matter to me at All. Honest. Just last week i saw one of your people in a movie in our neighbourhood and it did t bother me. I hardly noticed a Well if it did no to bother you How come you noticed him in the first place a a the smelled from garlic and i was sitting in front of a you done to like people who smell from garlic a a i did t say that. I just said i smelled the garlic and i knew he was from this a and i suppose you told All the people in your neighbourhood there was a Guy in your theater smelling from a i did t have to. They could All smell the garlic a so what did you do a a we did no to do anything a except move away from a you did t Tell him he be in your neighborhood9�?� a i did t. Maybe somebody else did. I can t remember. Look we have nothing against you people it s the Irish kids we done to want in our neighbourhood they know better than to come in our neighbourhood but your people Are Welcome any a that s a Bunch of baloney you creep. We re going to have to teach you a a listen i just remembered i done to really want to see the John Garfield movie Blindfold me and ill be out of Here before you know a a we re not going to let you go Back to your own neighbourhood without something to remember us by. If we let one Guy walk through everybody will think they can come into our territory to go to a a that is a problem and i respect you for it. I shall inform the kids in my neighbourhood that if they want to go to a movie in your neighbourhood they will have to ask permission a not so fast. Put up your a really i done to want to fight you be made a very Strong Case for not wanting strangers in your neighbourhood and in a very glad you explained it to pow a let that be a lesson to you knot head the next time it will be More than your so when Jimmy Carter raised the question of a ethnic purity it Wasny to just Black is. White. He struck a chord in every ethnic City kid who Ever made the mistake of wandering into somebody else s ethnically pure neighbourhood

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