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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 235 wins anonymity Palm Springs a James Lee Kaat would be perfect for an american express commercial. Only in his Case they might fail to recognize the name As Well As the face. Jim Kaat has won More major league baseball games than anyone in the world actively engaged in throwing for a living. You can look it up. He has totalled 235 victories in a career which stretches Back on the big league level to 1959. Yet he s so allo Tymous they did t even have turn listed among the 200 game winners in the most recent Book of baseball records. Shame on you Seymour Siwoff. You could put Jim Kaat on Quot to Tell the truth Quot and the panel would figure him for a Tulip Farmer. He came out of Michigan a Tulip country. Jim Kaat needs one of the plastic identification cards at a convention of baseball players. He won 25 games for the Minnesota twins almost a decade ago and pitched them into a world series. He won 20 games last year for the Chicago White sox at the age of 36 he still needs a cosigner to pick up a prescription at the Comer drug store. Now residing with the Philadelphia Phillies he is aligned with his third major league team in four years. He a a perfect relic in Philly for the Bicentennial year. The fact is that at the age of 37, Jim Kaat feels its Nice to be wanted As an athlete. A i knew that our team was in a process of change a he says in a bit of understatement since Bill Veeck bought the White sox this Winter and set up a trading table in a hallway a and i Jim Kaat identity problem knew that the Phillies had scouted me last year and were looking for a left handed on the last Day of last season he went to Chuck Tanner then the manager of the Chicago White sox and asked to be traded to the Phillies. He is a big 6-4.5imposing Man with a Strong face big jaw and the gait of a Guy who makes his living in a physical Way. He is from the dutch farm country of Michigan where he attended Hope College and where the local hero was an old major league Pitcher of dutch Des cent named George Zuverink. But he was inspired to play baseball by his own father who was a great Connie Mack admirer. Kaat signed for a Bonus of $4,000 with the Washington senators organization and when they moved to Minnesota in 1961 he was firmly placed on their pitching staff. And remained there for the next 13 years. He feels some of the Lack of attention during that period was due to his stolid personality and that with the exception of 1966 when he won those 25he did not have really big years like Sandy Koufax did. A they done to remember it when you win 18 or 19 games a season Quot he says. But there was a remarkable consistency in his pitching even if it was t always appreciated. A in Minnesota Quot he says wryly a winning 14 games sometimes Wasny to he had to redesign his pitching style in mid career because he Tore some tendons in his left Elbow that hobbled him most of three years and forced him to rely less on pure Speed a a although i was never really a Power Pitcher a and More guile. In this he was aided by Johnny Sain a pitching coach for whom he has great respect and who imbued him with a sense of Pace and style. Going to Chicago late in 1973, he rejoined Sain a vital Factor in his resurgence wit the White sox As a 20-game Winner the last couple of years. A i Don t blame Minnesota for trading me a he says. A i was to and 2 in 72 when i fractured my wrist sliding. Into second base. The next year i just went the Art of pitching has i changed considerably in the 16 years he has been in the big leagues. He has exp Perien ced the phenomenon of j the bullpen As a starting pitchers greatest Aid. A during a he giants fair investment for co owner Lurie rationalizes Quot you try to get through the batting rotation three times. But the further you go the More the percentages increase that the hitter is going to catch up to you. A the first time up you catch him cold. The next time he hits the Ball Good but it goes right at somebody. He a adjusted to your rhythm now. So it makes sense to go to a Relief Pitcher quickly. A it s a Complete change of Pace when somebody like Rich Gossage the fire Balling White sox reliever comes in. He can throw the Ball past anybody. When i first came up to the majors there was no Way he was going to be a Relief Pitcher. But now the relievers can fire i smoke. And i done to feel bad when they lift me for one of j he is a Man interested in j going into electronic communications a he has done some play by play broadcasting in the twin cities a or coaching. It is easy to visualize him with his poise and Artic Lacy As a major league manager some time in the future. That s if somebody i remembers the name. Free spare Chain value up to Caa when you la buy a new Home Ute Chainsaw san Franciscone a All his life Well into Middle age. He was Louis Lurie s Little boy Bobby. Lou Lurie owned a big chunk of downtown san Francisco and extensive holdings in Chicago and invested in Broadway shows. He was a confidante of politicians and he had the same table at lunch at Jack s restaurant for More than 50 years. Bob Lune who is now 47 years old. Was Short Stocky and unobtrusive. It was known Over a Small piece of the san Francisco giants and was nominally on the Board of directors. Frequently at social gatherings he was at the Elbow of Charles Stoneham Chub Feeney the president of the National league but patently he was a Man destined for obscurity. All that has changed it changes when you have $4 million to invest in a sports franchise a meaning that you. Too Bob Lurie can get your name in the papers. He is half of a general partnership with a Man named Arthur Bud Herseth. A cattleman from Phoenix a Iwho put in a Matching $4 million together they bought the beleaguered giants from the National exhibition company which mean Chub Feeney a Uncle Horace but Lurie because he is the Man on the spot in san Francisco will be the owners voice years ago when the giants moved West from new York and Lurie had bought a Token piece of the club he used to show up in their Spring training Camp in Arizona put on a uniform and shag a few balls into the Outfield. The late Jeff Chandler used to do that too. But since March 2, Lune has Learned what it s like to be really involved on that Date a frenetic set of Circum stances made Lurie the spokesman of a franchise which historically goes Back to 1883. The giants were on the verge of being sold to a Toronto group since Bob Short of Minneapolis originally ticketed As Lurie s partner had pulled out of a Purchase Deal. Lurie had Learned at noon on that tuesday he was the Only Guy plugging the Hole in the Dike that would keep san Francisco in the National league Lune immediately made a conference Call to the owners of the other la teams and asked for a delay of 24 to 48 hours to seek a successor to Short they said no Quot recalls Lune a a you got to come up with somebody right now a they gave me five hours Quot at 2 30 p m Lurie was put in touch through the office of mayor George Moscone. With an attorney from Phoenix ariz., who had called representing Herseth at 4 45 p m. They agreed on a Deal to buy the club jointly. I at 5 p m Lurie telephoned 1 the rest of the National. League on another conference Call to commit $8 million for the Purchase of the team the league s owners voted immediately. A a you be got your first shutout Quot Feeney announced to Lune. The vote was 11-0 for the Lurie Herseth Combine. The offices of the Lurie company Are on the 51st floor of the Bank of America building a somber slab in the heart of the City. From Luries private office there i is a magnificent View of the Bay through huge picture windows which face in the direction of candlestick Park i to the South stuck up on the i Wall with cellophane tape is a san Francisco giants Pennant it s the Only Way one would know this is control Center of a major league baseball team. Unless you ruffled through the papers piled All Over the desk in Dis arrayed clutter. They All relate to baseball because that s where Lurie s total concentration is now. Two extra secretaries have been hired just to answer the mail. Quot i put in 15 hours a Day a sighs Lurie a live never worked harder in my life. In be Learned a helluva lot. 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