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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 8b High Point Enterprise wednesday april 21, 1976 mites lice Cross socioeconomic lines feeding time Mike Nilson and his wife Cecilia feed a pair of Bengal Tiger cubs at their Home in Minot n. A Nilson Park and zoo director at Minot has kept the tigers at Home while the City s flood Plain and zoo area is threatened by the High Souris River. Several zoo animals a Deer a Bear and a Wolf died from the stress of being moved away from the zoo last week free retirement Aid Booklet is available new York a Survey conducted by the u. S. Public health services Center for disease control finds an increasing number of itching americans afflicted with a parasitic insect scabies it apparently makes no difference whether the patient lives in a Rural Urban or suburban Community or what his socioeconomic differences Are the results of the Survey of 280 physicians cited in a recent Issue of cd cd a morbidity and mortality weekly report Point to an increasing number of patients with the affliction of the group interviewed 249 physicians 94 per cent reported the upward trend a this Survey illustrates the marked Rise in the incidence of scabies Over the past several years a the publication notes however one half of the physicians estimated that the scabies incidence has already peaked while the other half said it was still on the Rise. According to or Dennis Juranek assistant chief Cuc a head lice and scabies Are afflicting More persons in the u. S. Than at any other time since the end of world War ii there should no longer be any social stigma attached to either disease because the parasites that cause scabies and lice Are now freely crossing socioeconomic lines a he states. New York the Institute of life insurance is making available tree of charge the Booklet entitled a by our retirement a for use by persons who plan to retire in the near future As Well As those whose retirement is to or 20 years away the Booklet offers information on arranging financial resources whether pensions social Security Lite insurance. Annuities savings or investments it outlines Steps to take in assessing the financial Outlook for the future and suggests How assets can be Best used to achieve retire ment goals on the subject of life insurance the Booklet Points out a. Of you have a whole life insurance policy sometimes called straight life it you will find that there is Money in your policy you can use at retirement time the reason for this is that a whole life policy builds up a Cash value for you As you pay your premiums the amount of the Cash value in your policy will depend on the size and Type of policy and How Long you have had it. There is a table in the policy that shows the Cash values at certain periods of time of you want to know the amount for periods not listed your agent can provide that information. It a How can you use this Cash value when you reach retirement age the Booklet outlines several ways a you can surrender your policy and take the Cash value in a Lump sum or in regular monthly payments a you can continue your life insurance Protection without having to pay any More premiums by converting your policy either to a paid up policy for a reduced amount of insurance or to extended term coverage a you can use the dividends if you have a policy that pays them to add to your income you can either arrange to have them paid out to you Over time with interest added in. Or use them to Purchase additional life insurance the Booklet offers guidelines to determine your pension rights outlines the various investment choices available for retirement in come and suggests where to seek help in figuring out the amount of income you May expect from social Security mites lice How do you get scabies or i pediculosis ? head lice can be transmitted from coat to coat in a closet at school by children playing or wrestling or by anyone sharing a Hairbrush or borrowing an article of clothing or brushing up against an infested chair or sofa scabies is transmitted by close physical Contact and frequently by sharing a bed with an infested person. Piercing Point once you be had your ears pierced done to go for Long periods without wearing earrings. The holes May close up. Necessitating another piercing save on dry formula secret Spray it on for up to30coff. I slavs be of anti Reisp mint is really Strong to Fri it keep Yon dry it s made inst for women with a Light Loial Ila Gram e to ii Kike von feel like a lady clip one of flu r it i Poi to i it Aud save Kkt when you buy two it ans uts a let t i cd when you buy one its a great Way to slime our is ret and save Money too when you buy one any size antiperspirant also Good on any Othor the or form a a Cut along a either dotted or solid j line Liu p omit Omi Coupon pm Puhi Nasi dry formula secret Al a oui a to the of la it Aln of la. Cowpea or of Coupon Calls Loc let a Loch net Good Pic or lot handling w the it Fermi of to Coupon plur he deemed waive i Ani of the condition to Imi of at in iou Are author Ted Coupon a will you lot he i Rte merchandise we Wurfl f Ernt Noie provided that ton Ai d the a Cranmer a any i Arf in Lott or of theft Shah _. It my of 0 Pon of Fin or you us 11 i ing i mis to at at fit of flit Yim $ Iha. Of he spam to Imi t of 0upon of left la mull Pas any tiles Tai involved in Coupon it non Asch Tawe invoices proving Purchase it soft no Slock of our or ands Over coupons presented in St he Shawn Pun request and i Arf off to do so May at qui Chi Ion Votto at i c Pons Luhne Ltd Tor redemption for a h in proof of products purchased is shown properly in Dee Mfd coupons Raj he acre pled for reimbursement of identified As Hting t 30 off Procter a Gamble when you buy two any size antiperspirant also Good on any other size or to a store Coupon according to or Juranek individuals with no previous exposure to scabies May remain asymptomatic for several weeks thus providing an unwitting source of spread to family members and others. The main complaint accompanying scabies is itching which is usually More intense at night after the bed has been warmed by the patient s body heat diagnosis is confirmed by skin scraping and microscopic identification of the mites. A physician often uses a hand Lens to find the typical Burrows of scabies mite the lesions take various forms and usually occur Between the fingers on the wrists elbows and Anterior folds of the armpits and on various other parts of the body however except in infants the head and Back Are Seldom involved. Head lice Are More difficult to see. However their Small Silvery eggs attached to individual hairs can be detected especially when aided by a hand Lens head lice produce a persistent itching of the Scalp in checking the Scalp particular attention is Given to the Back of the head and the area behind the ears where lice mainly live although they occasionally Migrate to the Beard or eyebrows fortunately treatment is simple and can free the patient of his a a plague frequently in a few hours the Cix morbidity and mortality report advises a scabies is treated by applying Cream or lotion containing one percent lindane Kwell or to percent a romanition Bur Xor Benzyl Benzoate ointment to the entire body below the Chin. The medication is washed off 24 hours after application. A repeat treatment 7 to to Days later is generally recommended or. 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