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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ii High Point Enterprise sunday april 21,1974artist-policeman combines talents to do two jobs Well by George a. Krimsky associated press writer new York a the informer glanced at his watch and tried to look casual As he peered Over his newspaper in search of the cop who had promised to meet him at East River pier no. 15. The Only Man in sight was a shaggy haired artist sketching tugboats in the Harbor. A looking for me Man a drawled the artist without looking up from his sketch pad. A you Volpe a a yeah i m Volpe a said the artist Savouring the others incredulity with a wide crinkle eyed Grin. Not an unusual approach for detective 3rd Grade Robert r. Volpe 31, who is not your usual policeman and not your usual artist. But in Pursuit of both Volpe has managed to smudge the Sharp line which ordinarily separates the worlds of enforcement and creativity. His Job with the new York City police department is Hunting Down stolen Art and the people who try to get away with it in the 18 months he has worked on the Art identification team Volpe has helped recover More than $2 million Worth of stolen Art collectors items and artefacts. He is the sole member of the which is the Only known municipal police unit of its kind in the country. When off duty Volpe likes to paint Strong things with gentle strokes. If he can Bear to part with the result Volpe Sells a painting for nearly As much As he earns from a month As a Gumshoe. He has seen his works hang in one Man shows at prestigious new York galleries and critics have Given him their Blessing. Is the cop an artist or the artist a cop detective Volpe will Tell Robert Volpe Art Sleuth you within earshot of a department Superior that he san artist first and a cop second. A i was born an artist. I had to learn to be a then catch that Grin As Volpe discovers the Picasso print on his cluttered desk is a fake. He invites you to look through the magnifying Glass at the dotted lines As in a newspaper photograph. A in my own Way. I love this work a he says. Volpes Way is original even among today so new Breed of City policeman a permissive socially conscious and hip. A 10-year Veteran of the new York Force he has never been in uniform and its hard to picture him in one. He never wears a watch because a time does no to mean anything to weaned on undercover work he meticulously retains the no police look. Light Brown hair Falls in ringlets around the open neck of a tight knit shirt. He somehow manages to conceal a .38-caliber pistol in the Waistband of hip hugging flared trousers. A it took practice believe from a distance Volpe appears to be in a state of euphoria the illusion of a fun Manchu moustache waxed to an upward twirl. Volpe the Man is a curious mixture of the private and Public. In his Short career As an Art Snoop he has emerged As a minor celebrity. He has appeared on talk shows has gone on to surrounded by stolen loot has had a Book written about him and has Given innumerable interviews a often to the irritation of superiors and colleagues on the Force. The Book a Volpe the Art cop a is due for publication this fall. Then there is Volpe the loner the cop who goes his own Way in a profession where teamwork is a Creed if often not a life and death necessity. Volpe the family Man absolutely refuses to discuss publicly his wife and three children although one catches signs of Pride and affection. Volpe the son Speaks warmly of his strict and gentle upbringing but adheres to the italian american stricture that deems family to be Only the business of the family. Why he joined the police Force is a question he prefers to answer with a smile a Kohy not shrug. His attitude toward Law and order is ambivalent a a there a no Black and White. Only Gray. I done to hate All criminals. In a sitting with a two time loser in a sending up again and rap with him. Here i am grinning at this Guy and he a grinning at me and we both know he would blow me away without blinking an Eye. A this is where my head s at. I had to create something larger in image than the average cop in order to be effective. And it gets results so they give me this Freedom As a Reward. 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I Enterprise hip Waul i Nils St Enterprise want ads 885-2177 the marketplace of millions last year the results were $1.5 million in recovered stolen Art some of it missing for As Long As eight years. A and that a just the tip of the iceberg a said Volpe. Art theft is a growth business. Authorities say there Are no statistics to accurately measure the depth of the problem. Estimates vary from $50 million to $150 million Worth of Fine Art believed stolen in the United states in 1973. All agree however that the Lions share of the action takes place in this Art Happy City. In 1971 police capt. Thomas p. Kissane then head of the burglary and larceny division recognized the need to establish a separate unit to concentrate on Art thefts and frauds. The Art identification team was inaugurated in january 1972. Volpe then an undercover narcotics agent whose reputation As a skilled artist and restorer was widespread in the department was recruited late in the first year. At first he worked with a woman partner. Detective Marie Cirille but she took leave from the Force in late 1972, and he has since preferred to work alone. Volpe surveys the International Art Market from a Small drab office in the old first precinct near Wall Street where the property recovery squad the teams Parent makes its Home. There Are no paintings on the faded Green Walls. He keeps in close touch with Interpol the Europe based International investigative Agency with country. But he spends most Scotland Yard a a a they re of his time on the Street great on Coin collections a talking to dealers museum with the Fri and with police officials insurance and departments around the Security people. Our $3 introductory sets let you Sample the full Holster introductory offer he line of Hollister Stoma bogs without investing in full boxes. 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