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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Clyde leaves Rolls at Home takes bus to work new York a Walt Frazier shelled out $20,000 for his 1965 Rolls Royce but his transportation to work Only sets him Back 35 cents. Like millions of new yorkers Frazier the new York a Nicks superstar guard rides the subway. But like very few. He leaves a Rolls Royce in his garage. The logic is simple. During the National basketball association playoffs when Frazier tries to drive the Lane and finds heavy traffic inside he counters with his soft jumper similarly when Frazier finds the traffic in Midtown Manhattan unbearable. He hops a subway. Quot i can t stand the hassle of bucking the traffic. It tires me out Quot says Frazier. A and sometimes the kids at Madison Square Garden can get a Little Frisky with my then Frazier who admits to earning about $250,000 a year adds a you just can t beat the so before Knick Home games Frazier gives his Driver the night off grabs his Token and Heads for the e train. A they chump you better win tonight a a curly haired kid shouts to Frazier As he leaves his apartment. Frazier nicknamed a a Clyde for the Clyde Barrow style clothes he wears just smiles. The kid s sidekick Shyer and less forceful asks for Frazier s autograph. Realizing he has no paper the boy extends his hand for Frazier to autograph. A no hands. No hands Man a says Frazier. A i get a lot of attention from my Frazier says. A live had it both ways but i like this More. I dig the adulation Quot apparently. Frazier is dressed in what he describes As his a gangster Quot garb a Black three piece suit Black shirt with a red a a Clyde stitched into each sleeve White tie and Black boots. Topping it All off is a Black Broad brimmed hat. All that a missing is a machine gun in a violin Case. Even those who Don t know a basketball from a Cantalope notice him. A Karen t you Wilt Chamberlain a asks a grizzly old truck Driver leaning out his window. Again Frazier who has recently collaborated on a Book about basketball and being Cool smiles and says nothing. A Guys Call me Joe Frazier a lot but i Haven t been called a Wilt chamberlains in a Long a r i Frazier is 6-foot-4, Chamberlain is 7-2 and Joe Frazier is a Boxer. After a leisurely walk to the station. Frazier slowly strides Down the Steps. In the darkened subway Tunnel there a less recognition. A anything goes Here a Frazier says. A a in a noticed much less. It seems people Are too angry to notice me. They just go about with their frowns Heads buried in their paper or staring into but a police officer visibly excited does notice Frazier. Quot hey Man you Gonna win tonight a the officer asks. Frazier nods affirmatively. A can i have your autograph a the Man asks. A a you re not ordering me a Frazier shoots Back with a laugh then pencils his name with Broad strokes on an unused parking ticket. Frazier puts his Token into the Slot walks through the turnstile and ambles Over to a seat on the platform. The station is dark Dingy and by reputation dangerous. A a in a not scared walking around Here a he says. A nothing s Ever happened to me. If something happened then i d probably Start several kids in sneakers dungarees and Caps slide past him. A you do Good tonight Clyde a one of them says and they slap Palms. A sometimes i might be in one of my mean moods a says Frazier after the wrong train roars by. A then i just done to feel like talking to anybody. So i just done to make any Eye Contact. A when in a looking Down or not smiling they re less Likely to come Over. If in a Cool about it they re usually Cool after about five minutes the southbound e train Cranks and sputters to a Stop. Frazier ducks his head into the Graffiti splattered train. There Are about 20 other persons on Board All fixed into their own worlds. No one is talking. One Man is sleeping and several people Are Reading the morning newspaper. Little by Little the attention focuses on the Goatee Man hanging onto a Central strap. Two kids apparently see him As Walt Frazier and begin an animated conversation. Most of the others seem to see his outfit. After several stops Frazier sits Down. A couple in the Corner Are engaging in a heated argument and the Man uncertainly walks Over to Frazier. A a ainu to you Walt Frazier a Frazier says he is and the Man hurries Back to his female companion. A i told you. I told you Quot he says. A pay less than to minutes after he entered. Frazier ducks his he gave up his Rolls for a strap Walt Frazier gets away form new York traffic on the subway a wire photo Drake relays feature tit leists Des Moines Iowa apr three world record holders will headline the Field Here april 26-27 for the 65th renewal of the Drake relays. Topping the list on the final Stop of the Texas Kansas Drake Midwest relays circuit Are half Miler Rick Wohlhuter and Young High jump sensation Dwight stones a last year we had eight world record holders in the Field a noted Drake relays director Bob Ehrhart. But pro track has taken some of those away. But we wont be missing Many of the current big the other world record Holder is shot Putter Al Feuerbach a native iowan who is always a crowd favorite. Feuerbach holds the listed world record of 71 feet seven inches. But George Woods threw 72-2 4 two months ago at the los Angeles times indoor games. Feuerbach from Preston Iowa. Makes no Bones about it. He wants his record Back and has taken drastic Means for him a to put himself in the right Frame of mine. Feuerbach won at Texas a week ago with a throw of 70-14, and competed minus his flowing hair. A i Cut my hair because i thought it might alter my attitude a he said. A it does no to have any effect physically except its less bothersome a the 26-year-old Amateur Dandy also admits he has made some others a personal so he can on recapturing changes concentrate the record. Woods won at Drake last year ending a Long Feuerbach winning Streak and Hopes for a Texas Kansas Drake sweep but will bypass Drake this year. Also on hand again will be last year s outstanding performer Mike Bolt of Eastern new Mexico who has been bothered this season with a leg injury. He s entered in the special 880-Yard run against Wohlhuter. Who last summer shattered Jim Ryun s half mile Mark with a 1 44 6 clocking. Stones a 20-year-older who burst onto the scene in 1972 when he made the . Olympic team shattered Pat Matzdorf s world Mark by leap snap Back engine tune up includes labor these parts. Services a new spark plugs a new Points a new condenser a new Rotor our specialists will also a set dwell. Choke a time engine a balance Carburettor a test starting charging systems. Cylinder compression. Acceleration we specialize in Complete disc Brake service Carolina tire co. World s largest Goodyear dealer 208 English re. High Point . Head and seems to remove his body in stages from the subway car. Its the Madison Square Garden station and Frazier is certainly in Friendly country. All around him voices Are calling a Good Luck a a get Mem tonight Clyde a and a go a sometimes i get advice a Frazier says. A a it a usually after a poor shooting game. People will Tell me in a faking too much or not enough. If i listen to them i d be in the Eastern league a Gaggle of girls wish him Luck. A cute 23-year-old named Susan comes Over to him. She asks for his autograph. He asks for hers. Then she throws in her phone number for Good measure. A a it a Tough being a sex Symbol a says Frazier who has been named to several magazines Quot sexiest men listings. A but i done to mind working at finally Frazier ascends the stairs and has reached his office Madison Square scoring on Iowa East Lansing Mich. Apr Michigan state scoring Ace Mike Robinson of Detroit has played five times against Iowa and has scored 171 Points in those games for a 34.2 average. His last obstacle is a throng of kids waiting outside the Garden Entrance. With a couple of Burly policeman setting picks Frazier finds a Lane through the crowd and into the building. Just another Day another Dollar for your average new yorker Walt Frazier who returns Home after the game not by subway but by taxi. A it s too late then a Frazier says. A i done to Wanna get sunday Buffet adults $2.95, children $1.75 11 30 . To 2 30 . Bra6iqui restaurant featuring roast round of beef calf livers roast loin Southern Fried Chicken daily luncheon Buffet a a i 11 30 to 2 00 $1 Wjt monday thru Friday 9 a j Holiday inn four seasons 1-40 at High Point Road Greensboro John Fowler operations mgr. Phone 292-9161 ing 7-68 last july. Entered in the Drake Field against stones is Matzdorf who has done 7-12 this year. A turnout of about 34.000 is expected for the final two Days including a sellout of 16.000 saturday. The annual track carnival opens wednesday and thursday with the decathlon. Olympian Bruce Jenner who won at Kansas with a record 8,240 Points Heads the decathlon Field and will be out to recapture the title he lost a year ago to Raimo Pihl of Brigham Young. Fifty one events including five special invitations Are spaced out the final two Days on Drake s All weather red track. Before you feel like this. 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