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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4b High Point Enterprise Friday april 19, 1974 revelation on Trout Stream by Jim Dean some years Back a fishing Friend who also happens to be a Baptist minister confided that he believed a righteous Man might pass through the Pearly Gates and find himself standing on the Banks of a truly divine Trout Stream on the eve of opening Day. We did no to discuss the possibility that either or both of us might take the Down elevator and wind up on the fiery Banks of the River styx. I like this Man s Brand of Faith. In be had similar notions myself though in be always Felt id want to be Able to make a few requests. First my Good friends must be with me or at least on loan and we would need a comfortable Cabin to stay in As is customary the sink would be full of fresh ramps and there would be a Treasury of thick to Bones in the icebox. We would be allowed to share a few convivial snorts before supper and after eating we would sit around a Stone fireplace and sing a whispering Hope a in close Harmony accompanied by a Banjo a guitar and a Mouth Harp. We might also run through a Little bit of a old Joe and since in a stipulating id appreciate it if we could be somewhat better musicians. That a going to be the easy part. The Tough part will come the following Dawn when we awake and head for the Stream. It must not Snow or rain or sleet. The water in the Stream must be at Normal Levels and the temperature of that water should Rise into the High 50s by noon. The Trout must be feeding. Finally i must not be permitted to fall into the Creek. I think you will admit that this View contrasts rather markedly with what has passed for a opening Day Here on Earth in recent years. This year for example three of us hiked into a Remote Stream High in the mountains. It was Only snowing a Little bit and the streams were Only slightly out of their Banks. The water was Only slightly Muddy. It was More than slightly cold. Apparently blinded by Snow one of my friends Slid Stem first and neck deep into frigid water in the first Pool we fished. I waited my turn a which came an hour later a and Jackknife into a Swift Riffle with a $500 camera be revelation on so All outdoors Striper stocking program gets boost this Spring James Carter with 15-Pound Striper caught at Lake Norman on Silver spoon by Benny Phillips associate sports editor Lake Norman on the Catawba River and the various lakes of the Yadkin River Chain will never Likely produce stripers like Santee Cooper in South Carolinas Low country. This Spring however things Are looking up. There Are indications that stripers in these lakes Are schooling to an extent this Spring. In Badin Lake for example catches have been about average for Spring but two anglers have reported twice making schooling catches a meaning several strikes in Quick order. At Lake Norman last week Arnold Kirk was fishing for Large Mouth Well Back in a Cove in the Terrell Creek Section of the Lake. He noticed some boils near the Back where Bunch of Bream skittered about. A cast into one of these rings on the surface brought a heavy strike a certainly no Bream a but the fish Phillips Mot crossing goes against Mother nature Nashville Tenn. Apr if you re the kind of sports fan who savors the sight of seeing Man and machine tested to the Hilt then Mot crossing is for you. But forewarned is forearmed for those who might want to partake. Of All motorcycle events Mot crossing has proven to be the most demanding and exhaustive. In fact it s said to be the most demanding of All Man and machine sports. Before embarking As a participant. First consider whether you like being airborne at 35 Miles an hour with nothing but two wheels and an engine under you or slithering and sliding through Shin deep mud or cresting a 10-foot drop off or traversing ruts stones and stumps As your Cycle seems intent on throwing you. A Mot crosser has to like Back breaking work. He has no Choice. It s one of the few sports where the rider sustains As much abuse As his machine oftentimes More. Yet it s also one of the fastest growing Spectator and participant sports in the world especially in the United states. A when you re on a Bike your mind is moving faster than anything on the track faster than even the Bike a says one local Mot crosser. A a you re no longer on a simple ego state. There s no time for that. It s All left competing against Mother nature is what Mot crossing is about. The motorcycle built strictly and solidly for Competition must be manipulated at slow and fast speeds Over natural terrain. The rider wears a crash helmet gloves knee High boots a set of leather pants and jacket and a kidney belts if he a outfitted properly. Quot basal metabolism tests which measure the rate at which calories Are burned to sustain a particular activity showed Mot crossing second Only to european soccer As the most demanding sport in the world a said John Yaw editor of the american motorcycle associations news publication. Ocean dumping altered the u. S. Environmental Protection Agency recently did something that government agencies Seldom do it changed its mind. The Region ii office of the Agency had previously announced a tentative determination to Grant Ocean dumping permits to 42 new Jersey and new York firms to haul Industrial sewage and construction wastes a amounting to Over one and one fourth billion Gallons a year a to four disposal Sites located too Miles from Shore. Twenty two of these permits were to be loosely conditioned three year readily renewable a a special Ocean dumping permits. The rest were to be More tightly regulated one year nonrenewable a a interim permits. The about face was announced at an april 2 Public hearing convened to consider the 42 applications. It took the form of a new tentative decision based according to surveillance analysis director r. T. Dewling on technical and Legal decisions and on Public comments. Special Ocean dumping permits would be Given Only to two haulers of inert construction debris. The rest would receive interim permits Good for no More than one year. One special permit application would be denied altogether. In addition most dumpers would be required to submit detailed engineering reports on alternatives to Ocean dumping due generally within several months. Most dumpers would also be required within one year to be Ocean on 5b the Ama has 130,000 members about half of them Motocross ers. Since 1969, when the sport was introduced in the United states by europeans interest in Mot crossing has zoomed. Four years ago. Less than to per cent of Ama sanctioned events were Mot crosses. Today 31 per cent Are. Meanwhile the number of acknowledged participants has jumped from virtually nothing to about 60,000. Competition is both on a professional and semiprofessional level. Over $300,000 yearly is awarded by the Ama to the pros in the United states. Semipro events of the More local variety have Small purses under Ama Sanction. The Money has to be there say the experts because Mot crossing can be a costly sport. Farts frequently need replacing a human As Well As mechanical. But the danger level is extremely Low because High speeds Are not easily attained. Its More rough Riding than velocity. Pulled Loose. Kirk quickly cast again into the same spot and immediately hooked a fish which turned out to be a two Pound Striper. On his next try he netted an even better fish this time a five Pounder. He was fishing with a Perch coloured lure. A Day later on another part of the Lake James Carter pictured with catch elsewhere on this Page hooked and landed a 15-Pound, 2-ounce Striper. This was one of the largest stripers reported from Lake Norman Ever. At High Rock Lake about two weeks ago a Lexington Angler and his son caught three stripers in a morning of fishing. At Badin Lake there have been various reports of Nice catches this Spring. And what makes reports of these catches Good news is this they indicate that the striped Bass stocking program undertaken at these lakes is beginning to pay dividends. The size Range of the catches seems irrefutable proof that there Are a goodly number of survivors from each of the annual releases of smaller stockings such As Fry and fingerling sized fish. Stripers native sea goers who were first found to survive Inland in Santee Cooper will not reproduce naturally in Lake Norman High Rock or any other of the Yadkin or Catawba lakes because there in t enough flowing water to keep the eggs in suspension a required period of time. But a stocking program could prove a lot of action for North Carolina anglers. If it proves out a which indications Are now that it will a the Striper program will be much a put and take affair much like the Trout program in the mountains where fish Are stocked and caught and More stocked. It really did t matter to the recent successful anglers How or when the stripers were stocked. They had their action plus putting meat on the table. Sport Fisherman is. Commercial Bill would end Hatteras atrocities by Tom Higgins Here a hoping you had a Happy easter. However i m afraid in a going to spoil it a bit for those of you with a Bent toward fair mindedness or with sincere convictions about outdoor conservation. In fact those of you with these attributes who read this column to conclusion Are Likely to feel pangs of animosity. Nevertheless its imperative that the following information be disseminated in this area As soon As possible. Here goes. Unknown to Many tar heels outdoors men and sport fishing enthusiasts a Bill has been introduced in the . House of representatives that would Correct an appalling situation which has been festering on the North Carolina coast for some time. The legislation authored by rep. Edwin b. Forsyth of Moorestown ., would prohibit commercial fishing within Waters of National seashore recreation areas including fabled Cape Hatteras Section of the outer Banks perhaps the Best surf fishing spot in the world. Why has a proposal so important to the states a and East coasts a recreation needs been kept so Low key in these parts or to use a term now in Vogue essentially a covered a because a contends Earl h. Harder a new Jersey native who now lives much of the time on land he owns near Hatteras a some of the Powers that be in Congress Are unduly influenced by commercial fishing interests. Consequently they Don t want sport fishermen to know about the Bill. They re perfectly Happy for it is to vanquish right where it is in committee and die of anonymity in its old age. This can to be allowed to happen. The situation at Cape Hatteras National seashore , Swift solution because it is a actually it s worse than that. Its an atrocity and our Carolina congressional delegation deserves demerits for not moving toward corrective measure itself. Basically the problem that led rep. Forsyth to act is this for some years now anglers at Cape Hatteras which was developed by the National Park service for supposedly recreational use have been Hundred by commercial fishing interests who claimed priority. The commercial Fisherman using highly effective Beach Seine nets based their priorities on foggy agreements made almost four decades ago when the seashore land was obtained. These extended fishing a a rights to native sons of the area a plying their during the past few months the face to face confrontations Between surf casters and netters have reached explosive proportions often becoming physical encounters in which lives were threatened. As a result sport fishermen in groups and As individuals have appealed to the Secretary of the Interior for Relief from harassment. Instead Here Are some samples of what has transpired a we like to go Cape Point Early in the morning and wait for Dawn and the arrival of the fish. But when the gulls Start diving Over the stripers and blues Here come the netters. Within the hour their nets Are thrown around us and they Are ordering us to move. We know what it is to have a 13-year-old grandson Hook a big one Only to have a Netter with a knife Tell him a Cut the line or i we know what is to be Riding on the Beach going fishing and be run intentionally into the surf by netters vehicles. We know what it is to see a Friend threatened by a Netter with a Gaff merely because he was taking a picture of a catch of stripers estimated to be in excess of 30,000 pounds in one haul. We know that unless something is done someone is going to be maimed or a mrs. Alice Rudiger nags head Jan 13, 1974, while actively engaged in sport fishing near Cape Hatteras Lighthouse myself and about too other sport fishermen were forced to retrieve our lines from the Ocean and make Way so a Crew of commercial fishermen could set their nets from the Beach in a practice commonly called Beach haul seining. Armed Federal Park rangers supervised this operation asking the Public to step aside to allow the netters to set their rigs on a school of striped Bass. Their take was 13,500 pounds of striped Bass. I feel this was a violation of my constitutional rights since this land was purchased for Public recreation and not private commercial a Frank a. Jakob Lake Williamstown . The following incident happened on Jan. 12, 1974 on the Beach at Buxton. As a commercial Netter was preparing to launch his Rig approximately one fourth mile North of ape Point a Park Ranger approached the Point in his jeep Type vehicle and proceeded to announce Over a . System to 25-35 sport fishermen surf casting there this message a be advised that a commercial Fisherman is setting his net and due to the current the net will swing across the Point in five to 15 minutes. We do not want anyone to become entangled in the net. You will be Able to resume fishing in about 20 minutes. Prior to the Beach haul seining incident sport fishermen had caught several Fine blues and a 25 Pound Striper on Metal lures. The netters catch was approximately 11,000 pounds of stripers and 4,000 pounds of blueish. Following the setting of the net not by Stan Davies car and boat the same color get proper paint for boat done to use Auto enamel one fish was caught by Rod and reel fishermen in that area the rest of the a Allen c. Winco Philadelphia a while fishing for stripers and blues just North of Oregon Inlet my outboard became entangled in a net and i almost drowned having to be rescued by the coast guard. Later i Learned than an altercation had taken place on the Beach Between surf fishermen and the Netter. The latter had set seines around a school of fish to which the sport fishermen were casting and he had hauled lines lures and everything else of the surf anglers to the Beach. I would like to know How this Man who is from Suffolk va., qualifies As a a native plying his i also would like to know if the Crews who come Here from new York with Snag proof nets trucks wenches and the like Are a natives plying their a a Tom Holley Colerain far fetched sure. But it happened. Right Here in the Good old variety vacationland Home of real Southern hospitality. There s an Aura of total Incont livability about much of this. Consider if you will commercial skins nets operated from the beaches Are prohibited in most coastal states from Maine All around the Gulf of Mexico to Washington state. But Here in . Their operators Are Given the run of the Beach a often with Park Ranger Protection a in a National recreation area. The striped Bass is a game fish in most states and is protected in much of his migratory habitat. Yet when he makes a a a run past Hatteras he enters an area of no conservation regulation whatever. Citizens whose taxes helped pay for the Public seashore lands Are bullied their fishing equipment destroyed and even their childrens Well being endangered by commercial fishing opportunists while armed government agents not Only look on but Sanction the action. What a going on Here the answer is a sickening mess which rep. Forsythe a Bill would rectify cleanly clearly concisely. Commercial fishing in National seashore recreation areas would be prohibited no ifs ands buts or questionable native son birth rights about it. Anyone choosing to ignore the Law would be fined $5,000 each Day he netted. However the Bill must first be dislodged in committee. Those who agree it should be can help by writing to congressman Roy a. Taylor chairman subcommittee on National Parks and recreation 1413-a, Longworth House office building Washington . 20515 wooden boats must be painted every Spring to keep them in Good condition. But every year i find a lot More people painting aluminium and fiber Glass boats despite the fact that they Arentt supposed to need it. I remember when i bought my first fibreglass reinforced plastic boat the Salesman said a it will never need Well in a painting it this year because it is faded and the finish is rough and coarse and pitted from age and use. This is usually the reason for painting a fibreglass boat. Some owners however just want a new color most of the earlier plastic boats were White or the boat May have been patched. Aluminium boats that Are getting old also need painting even if its Only to put a non skid finish on the inside. This non slip finish saves a lot of skinned Knees and elbows and its an absolute must for the Angler who gets a lot of water in his boat from fishing tackle. An aluminium boat that is made from Marine aluminium Alloy never needs painting As a Protection. The Alu mum provides its own Protection. Painting an aluminium boat is strictly for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes. But whatever the reasons for painting a boat it s a Job full of uncertainties As the questions indicate q. I took old paint off with paint remover. The new paint did t stick. Should i have used a blow Torch a. Some paint removers have waxes in them to retard evaporation of the solvents. After the old paint has been taken off the surface should be wiped Down with thinners or Mineral solvent such As sol or naphtha be very careful it s inflammable or washed with detergent and water to remove the Wax. In in q. Anything i should know about painting a plywood boat a. This above All Seal the Wood thoroughly with the very Best sealer primer and paint. Plywood should not get wet because it can to swell up or expand like other Woods. This is because the Grain of the plies like in several directions. If they expand they tend to tear the material apart. A a q. In be got epoxy paint for my fiber Glass boat but the directions done to say How to prepare the surface. A. A fiber Glass plastic boat should be clean Wash with detergent and roughened with Fine sandpaper to give the new paint something to grip and Bond to. Sand it enough to take off All the gloss then wipe Down with lacquer thinners a a a. Yes but it will probably come off in flakes after two or three weeks. Get the proper paint for whatever kind of boat you have. Its possible to match the color. Car enamels Are intended for primed Metal. On boats generally they Are not so Good. A a q. Why does no to an aluminium boat need paint a. It does no to need it for Protection because the surface of the Metal oxidizes to form a very thin rough film which protects the rest of the Metal beneath. But the film is a Dull Gray. If you see Bright aluminium its either very new or lacquered. A a q. Should i use steel Wool on Metal fittings a. I see Many people using steel Wool but i think its Poison around a boat. You can never pick up All the tiny particle of steel left after with a tack rag. They rust and stain the surface. A in q. What a a tack rag a. Its the handiest Gadget a Fine Painter can have. It picks up dust and grit that might mar the finish. Its made by wetting a big hunk of cheesecloth then sprinkling with droplets of thinned varnish. Knead the cloth a Little and you la begin to feel the tackiness. A a q. What so a spare varnish a. Spar varnish is a Long on Oil As the painters say. Its got More Oil and less resin in its make up than varnishes designed for Interior work. This Means it dries with a More resilient surface or a a skin and withstands Sun and weather better

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