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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - April 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warmer More data on Page 3a 90th yearn the High Point ent High Point n c thursday afternoon april 18 1974 40 pages callus circulation 8821711 classified ads 8852177 other depts 8852161 daily Loc sunday 25c taxpayers footing Bill four dozen lawmakers tour overseas by David c Martin associated press writer Washington a while Congress is in recess nearly four dozen senators and representatives Are travelling overseas at tax payer expense feeding at the trough As one state department official put it Many Are accompanied by their wives the legislators Are members of delegations to International conferences in Romania Malaysia Korea and Taiwan their itineraries also include stops in Paris Athens Istanbul Singapore and Hong Kong they travel in air Force planes and at each Stop Are eligible Tor a Day spending Money on two of the trips the congressional delegations will meet with legislators from other countries to talk and pass resolutions on inter National topics of the Day said the state department official who asked not to be named a third group will look on As observers while out o i n g Treasury Secretary George p Shultz participates in the annual meeting of the asian development Bank in Kuala Bumpur Malaysia on All three trips some wives Are going along for protocol reasons said an aide Tore Melvin Price d 111 Price and his wife Are part of a 50person delegation headed by House majority Leader Thomas p tip Oneill mass attending inter parliamentary conferences in South korean and Taiwan the state department handles arrangements for most overseas trips but refers All queries concerning itineraries to Capitol Hill asked Why the state department would not release unclassified information relating to travel at Public expense one depart ment official explained that their first allegiance is to the congressmen and you dont want to be running around advertising that your principals Are feeding at the trough members of the Oneill delegation Are stopping off for two Days in Hong Kong with the option of a Side trip to Saigon on the Way to South Korea and Taiwan rep Morris k Udall d Ariz and his wife went along because to thought it be a fun trip an aide said the group of 19 senators and congressmen plus wives and staff members attending the annual meeting of the inter parliamentary Union in Bucharest Romania Are go ing by Way of Greece Turkey and Bulgaria a memo to the Senate foreign relations committee says and will Fly to Paris for the weekend before returning Home members of the House and Senate banking committees left monday aboard the plane carrying Secretary Shultz and will spend time in the Philippines Indonesia and Singapore before arriving in Kuala Bumpur next week for the today meeting of the asian development Bank the Cost of the foreign travel will remain largely hidden from Public View flights aboard air Force planes disappear into the Mammoth Pentagon budget while the state department absorbs much of the Cost incurred by various us embassies charged with enter Taining the visiting con Gressmen the a Day in expense Money also is furnished by the state department in the form of us owned foreign sea four on 2a israeli planes hit it Hermon by the associated press israeli planes bombed and strafed syrian positions on strategic it Hermon again today Egypt hinted it might join the Battle and another terrorist explosion erupted in a Tel Aviv suburb injuring 13 persons officials reported the israeli planes scrambled following artillery barrages aimed at israeli troops occupying the 9232foot Mountaintop of Teri described As israels mid dle East eyes an israeli spokesman said at the same time syrian gunners also opened up on israeli forces in the Southern sector of the 300squaremile syrian enclave captured last october the israelis said but the syrians charged the israelis with firing first it was the second straight Day israeli planes were called into action and the fourth time in a week Israel has held All High ground on Hermon since the october War from the craggy windswept top viewers can see Damascus and beyond the israelis say in Cairo War minister med Ismail said Egypt would fight alongside the syrians if the situation on the Golan Heights became critical Ismail who is commander in chief of the armies of both Syria and Egypt said if the fighting became More serious or the situation became critical no doubt we will take part in the Tel Aviv suburban Village of Pardes Katz an israeli made hand grenade exploded wounding 12 arabs and one jew the israeli military command reported the blast came As Israel sirens sounded throughout the jewish state marking the an Nual Day of mourning for six million jews slaughtered by the nazis i world War ii and less than 24 hours after the body of a Jerusalem taxi Driver was found wired to a Booby trap guerrilla sabotage bombs have been going off in Israel almost daily for the past few weeks the israeli military com Mand reported a on hour air attack on the it Hermon Range wednesday but gave no details it said All the planes returned to their bases bar scrutinizes Nixon Mitchell for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one Reward recipients q i would like to know How Many rewards offered by the governors office for information leading to the capture and conviction of a criminal have been Given out or b a since gov Jim Holshouser took office three rewards have been paid one for and two for the cases involved one rape and two murders names Are not publicized to protect the recipients from any retaliation family flying q Why has the government restricted the airlines from allowing the family plan now they Are charging for babies and it has made air plane fares prohibitive to the family in planning vacations thank you mrs Law a an airline spokesman said the civil aeronautics Board which must approve fares gave their consent after a investigation As they Felt the plan was not economically feasible due to rising fuel and other costs it goes into effect june 1 babies under 2 if carried on ones Lap still go free and children under 12 go for half fare for inheritances q in settling an estate when do you pay inheritance tax do you pay it in a Lump sum when it is sold or do you wait until each heir gets his share and then pay How Long after one Dies can an estate be settled anon a the tax in North Carolina is usually paid within nine months of the Date and How it is paid depends on what the will May say sometimes it comes off the top before the estate is divided and sometimes by each inheritor after he gets his share Tennis anyone q i have recently moved to High Point and like to play Tennis if there is a Tennis group or association Here How can i get in touch with them be a a drive for new members in the High Point Tennis Assn is underway now you can Call Bobbie Robinson at 8836448 for More details Wei memorial q what is the statue behind the office of North state Telephone co and what War boy a according to Diamond Carter an official of North state the statue was a donation from or and mrs m j Bud Wrenn in 1923 it is a memorial to those Brave men of High Point who fought in world War i their names Are listed on a Bronze plaque at the base of the statue the figure was sculptured in Italy by Maurec Inni from Stone quarried at flares anti Carter says he Learned from old timers in town that some controversy arose Over the statue at the time fits erection criticism being the figure looked too italian and too Short to be an american Soldier it is property of the City of High Point but the Telephone company now maintains the Lawn and Flower Garden volunteering to do this after citizens complained about its run Down condition new York a the City bar association is prob ing allegations of professional misconduct against president Nixon and atty Gen John n Mitchell the investigation could Lead to their disbarment in new York state according to John g Bonomi the associations chief counsel the probe is part of a nationwide investigation by bar associations into All lawyers allegedly linked to the watergate Case and related matters Bonomi said information for the probes has come from special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski and the Senate watergate committee Bonomi said wednesday in a Telephone interview also involved in the City probe Are Gordon Strachan a former aide to or Haldeman former White House chief of staff David r Young former co director of the White House plumbers and an unidentified lawyer Bonomi said All Are licensed to practice in new York John d Ehrlichman former presidential adviser Herbert w Kalmbach Nix on former personal at Torney and political Saboteur Donald h Segretti Are the subjects of similar investigations in California where they Are licensed to practice he said any disbarment proceedings against the president will be held up and will rest on the question of whether a president in office May be prosecuted in the courts or subpoenaed to appear before an investigating committee excluding a con Gressional impeachment panel Bonomi said there is a substantial question where disciplinary proceedings can be brought against a president in office its a unique situation he said Bonomi explained that the bar associations grievance committee will study the allegations and if it decides to go ahead with disbarment proceedings it will present its Case to the appellate Divi Sion of state supreme court if found at fault the lawyer in question can be censured suspended or disbarred he said we Are keeping a running file on All the available information concerning watergate lawyers throughout the country said Bonomi he is chair Man of the National discipline committee whats inside i i amusements11b classified ads511d comics 4d crossword 8c editorials4a financial2a obituaries10b sport Sec c television 9b women news18b weather3a search party Rescue workers from several Western North Carolina counties braved the turbulent Waters under Linville Falls thursday to search for the body of an 8yearold new Jersey child who fell Over the Falls sunday the body of John Matt Collinson of Mountain lakes no was found in the afternoon in 35 to 45 feet of water he was visiting the Scenic spot with his father James a Collinson of Greensboro at the time of the Accident map wire photo opinions on Patty differ san Francisco a was Patricia Hearst forced to take part in the sym ionese liberation army Bank robbery everyone from the us at Torney general to the Gover nor of California seems to have a different opinion us atty Gen William Saxbe told a Washington news conference wednesday he personally thought that miss Hearst was not a reluctant participant in this robbery he labelled the Sla a group of common criminals and said he included miss Hearst As part of them miss Hearst was abducted feb 4 in the last communique from the Sla which claimed it kidnapped her miss Hearst scorned her parents and said she had joined her captors the Fri has issued a War rant for miss hearts arrest As a material witness to Mon Days armed Holdup at a Hibernia Bank Branch in which five bandits who identified themselves As members of the Sla stole two bystanders were shot during the getaway authorities said miss Hearst was identified As one of the five from automatic photographs taken in the Bank during the Holdup miss hearts father newspaper executive ran Dolph a Hearst refused to comment on saxes see opinions on 2a Sadat splits with russians Over weapons by Ahmed Shawki associated press writer Cairo president Anwar Sadat said today Russia has declined to give Egypt some of the arms it has asked for since the october War that his military is looking for arms elsewhere and that he wants to meet with the Kremlin chiefs As a responsible Man before my people and the Arab nations i cannot stand handcuffed and remain six months doing nothing without taking any action to give the needed Protection and guarantees to the whole Arab cause in Washington president Nixon arranged a Surprise meeting with egyptian foreign minister Ismail Fahmy details were not Dis closed there has been a steady Cooling of relations Between Cairo and Moscow Over the past few months the soviet Union has hesitated for the past six months to respond to some of our arms requests and accordingly i have ordered the armed forces to look for arms sources from others and this has already been implemented Sadat said he spoke before a join meeting of the Arab socialist Union and Peoples Assembly the address was carried by Cairo radio Sadat described the soviet failure to Supply the re Quested arms As a mis understanding for which i find no reason we still seek their Friendship and want it but let it be known we base our Friendship on our interests and principles Sadat added that the mis understanding with the soviet Union May be caused because of our new Friendly approaches with the United states our relations with the United states have improved because the americans have changed their policy regarding the Middle East problem Anwar Sadat us Secretary of state Henry Kissinger has exerted quite an Effort to Settle the Middle East problem after the us Bias toward Israel referring to improving american soviet relations Sadat said if the two superpowers have decided to defend each other i dont see Why we should seek the enmity of any country stems denies Vesco coverup new York a former Commerce Secretary Maurice h stans flatly denied to a jury today that he was guilty of conspiracy obstruction of Justice or perjury like co defendant John n Mitchell the former at Torney general stans denied Ever trying to fix a fraud investigation of financier save Energy Washington a John c Sawhill designated wednesday to head the Federal Energy office says the major thrust of his Agency Over the next 12 to 18 months will be toward Energy conservation Sawhill promised when his appointment was announced to Send the president a plan by Noy to make the nation self sufficient in Energy but in an interview before the announcement Sawhill said it would take several years at least to achieve any substantial increases in us Domestic Oil and Gas production in the meantime he said the nations imports of Petroleum will continue to increase making it even More vulnerable to sudden interruptions of Supply such As the recent Arab Oil embargo during the next few years the Only Way to reduce the imports and the threat is to reduce us Petroleum demand he said my approach would be to pursue very vigorous conservation sawmills attitude should be Welcome to the administrations top environmental advisers environmental Protection administrator Russell e train and chairman Russell w Peterson of the Council on environmental Quality train charged monday that Energy conservation was mostly just talk so far and said he saw no great push in that direction by the Federal Energy office which has authority Over Energy conservation programs Peterson is urging a National goal of reducing the growth rate of Energy con sumption from its recent 4 or 5 per cent a year to 18 per cent Sawhill talk sin terms of a 3 per cent Energy growth rate but rather than setting an arbitrary target Sawhill says weve got to put in front of the american people some of the difficult choices we have to make lets say we can build an other Alaska pipeline but there Are environmental and resource costs or we can drive in smaller cars and maybe save enough gasoline to make the pipeline unnecessary weve got to make that kind of Choice Sawhill said John c Sawhill Robert l Vesco in return for a secret contribution to president Nix on 1972 Campaign the indictment charges that stans and Mitchell defrauded the general accounting office by failing to report Vescoso contribution which stans received on april 10 1972 three Days after the effective Date of a Law requiring disclosure they Are accused of impeding the securities and Exchange commission investigation of Vesco in return for the Money judge Lee Gagliardi permitted stans to testify briefly about his wife critical illness in late 1972 and Early 1973 stans testified that Dur ing that period he spent two or three hours a night and most weekends visiting her at Walter Reed Hospital the defense maintains that stans was so distraught Ovar his wife illness that he could not recall dates and details about his conversations regarding the Vesco Case during that period two of the perjury counts against stans allege he lied when he said he had not talk stans on 2a

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