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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4b High Point Enterprise thursday april 18, 1974 keep quiet Hope for Best test your Tea and Coffee la. Dear Ann in a at my wit s end. Many years ago when i was Young and foolish my first Job i had an affair with my Boss. The old Story i became pregnant but he could t leave his wife and children so i married the greatest Guy i d Ever known in All my life. had gone together three years and had had sexual relations. He never knew the girl was t his child now. Twenty years later our daughter has brought Home a Young Man she is crazy about. They want to get engaged this summer and married next year. She met him at College and although they be dated briefly she is sure she loves him and he loves her. Well Ann. He is the son of my sex Lover. These kids have the same father. What should i do there is absolutely no one i can talk to. Will their children be sickly or retarded in a worried to death. Please advise old mistake Home to Roost dear o. A it is impossible to predict How Gene patterns will develop. Some incestuous relationships have produced healthy and Brilliant children a others have produced children who were defective both physically and mentally. In the Case of the latter if there is a history of diabetes epilepsy or other Gross abnormalities in either family i would recommend genetic counselling. If there is none keep quiet and Hope for the Best. Their children could be perfectly Normal. Dear Ann i almost wrote to you several weeks ago when you printed a letter about a Little old lady who kept disconnecting and damaging appliances in her apartment because she was lonesome and wanted to talk to somebody. The maintenance men filled that need. I would like to Tell her and other retired and lonely people about a sep which stands for retired senior Volunteer program. It is a nationwide Effort to use the talents skills and experiences of this country a senior population. A sep acts As a referral service and supporting organization for men and women who have no idea where they Are needed or How to make Contact with others. In Houston we have senior volunteers serving in schools hospitals libraries Day care centers nursing Homes food stamp pizza for breakfast is very nourishing by Marian Burros women a news service if your kids wont eat anything but pizza for breakfast offer them seconds. If they insist on Watermelon in the Middle of the afternoon just give them plenty of napkins. If All they want in their lunch boxes is Peanut butter sandwiches pack them two. You have nothing to feel guilty about if these Are the foods your children prefer. Watermelon pizzas and Peanut butter sandwiches have it All Over Bologna sandwiches chocolate filled cupcakes and Candy bars. Provided your child is not on his Way to a double Chin and pot belly even malted milk French Fries and peanuts have reasonable amounts of nourishment in them. Some of them Are excellent. Especially pizza. A piece of cheese pizza offers a Quarter of a persons protein requirements for the Day. The Watermelon is loaded with vitamins a and c. Peanuts and Peanut butter have a lot of protein As Well As Iron Calcium and niacin. One could put in a Good word for waffles raisins and in Hytt Whitw film Hizmi 11 la we Umi chocolate milk too. Along with a very Small cheer for Popcorn a without butter. Difficult As it May be to believe All snack foods Are empty calories. Housewives revolt Alv Aston Derby England was a six months ago june Wall was a 40-year-old nurse living a quiet life with her shopkeeper husband and two teen children then she decided that she had had enough of rising prices so she formed the National housewives Assn. With three neighbouring housewives. Today the association has 12,000 a paid up members and branches All Over England. A a be careful about starting a group to fight inflation and profiteering Quot warned mrs. Wall. Quot there s no faster Way to be swamped with work and people wanting to the englishwoman reported that there Are 19 million women in Britain Quot getting off their apathetic Quot the self pitying feminine whine is turning into a magnificent Battle cry Quot she added. Quot its time for it to spread All Over the information for brides for sunday publication pictures of brides and brides elect Are required to be in the office of the women a department of the Enterprise by noon on monday. Only Friday and saturday weddings Are published in the sunday edition. All other weddings Are published As soon As possible following the wedding a Black and White Glossy print at least five by seven inches is required the full name of the Bride not Maiden name must be written on the Back the same Rule applies to engagements pictures Are no longer kept on file and therefore will not be available after publication. The women a staff reserves the right to edit copy determine picture size and placement of wedding and engagement announcements in the Section. Blanks for wedding and engagement information Are available in the women a department of the Enterprise the Blanks Are mailed Only if a stamped self addressed return envelope is included with the request. The Blanks Are to be filled out completely and accompanied with a local Telephone number in order that additional information May be obtained. If the announcement involves persons from out of town and there Are local connections the names of these persons should be Given. A full Calendar month is required Between the Date of the engagement announcement and the Date of the wedding if two pictures Are to be published no pictures Are published with a wedding Story after two weeks the Enterprise does not provide Blanks for final wedding party stories. Details of these events briefly described must be written and submitted not later than wednesday of the week that they Are to be published on sunday. Bridal Shower pictures Are no longer published in the Enterprise party stories Are printed if details Are submitted to the women a department not later than two Days following the event. These details must include the Date of the event and the Telephone number of the hostess. Certification centers health agencies to name a few. have Learned first hand that senior volunteers Are extraordinarily dependable serious minded and possess infinite patience. Our country is finally beginning to realize that retired people need not simply fade away or Settle on being unpaid babysitters for their grandchildren. They Are needed and wanted. A sep through Federal funding is Able to offer reimbursement to its volunteers for out of pocket expenses in connection with their volunteering. This is not payment but merely a Means of allowing men and women on fixed incomes to offer their services to their communities without making a financial sacrifice. Will you let America know Ann anyone interested can write to action 806 Connecticut Avenue. N. W., Washington . 20525. A j. B. B. Dear j. B. A now they know millions of them. I Hope that office in Washington is Well staffed. They Are going to be deluged thank you for writing. Discover How to be Date bait without falling Hook line and sinker. Ann Landerss Booklet Quot dating does and done to a will help you be More poised and sure of yourself on dates. Send 35c in Coin along with a Long stamped self addressed envelope and your request to Ann Landers p. O. Box 3346, Chicago Illinois 60654 Flowers for All occasions High Point leading Florist Grace Flower shop North Wrentt St Westwood phone 8t� 40>s or mm�i7_ by Robert j. Misch women a news service new York was do you know these common Tea names Earl Grey a aromatic Black teas delicately scented a an old chinese blend. English breakfast a a robust English blend of Ceylon and India teas. Green Tea a leaves not fermented Black Tea a leaves fermented oxidized Oblong Tea a leaves partly fermented and partly withered. Lapsing Souchon a Large Leaf China Tea a Smokey and leathery overtone. Orange Pekoe a not a Type of Tea but the kind of Leaf Long thin wiry. Pekoe a Shorter leaves darjeeling a rare and costly from the Foothills of the Himalayas. Gunpowder a Green Tea with a pungent flavor. Coffee quiz Here Are some of the common Coffee terms brazilian Santos a several grades #1, #2 Etc. High in acid. A base of Many blends. Colombian a Rich full Flavoured Mellow. Used in blending or As straight colombian. Meelin a Best colombian. Costa Rica a heavy bodied but without much character. Adds strength to blends. Espresso a dark roasted Coffee. Also a method of extracting flavor from Coffee by steam instead of water. Cappuccino a espresso Coffee served with milk or whipped Cream and cinnamon. Chicory a not a Coffee. Made from the Root of a Plant related to endive. French roast a darkest of roasted coffees. Jamaica a Blue Mountain Coffee. Rare and expensive a splendid without blending. Java a a very find Coffee a sturdy aromatic. Mocha a Rich heavy bodied fragrant. French women with accounts at the a Banque auxiliary now can get sets of four different coloured Check books a so they can carry a Check Book to match their dress apparel a As Long As it s Pearl Gray Turquoise Green or Gold. Kiddie Korner of High Point inc. Open Friday to 8 30 . Cd pm a Phi a it nth Caric it his in Catt clearance Sale hurry in for Best selections arriving daily new summer merchandise for girls amp boys bathing suit Short knit shirt. Dresses Chubby shorts and tops Tor girl every thing the children need for summer. 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Zales revolving charge a Zaies custom charge Banka Dericard a master charge american express a diners club a layaway Varner warehouse sales i a v j Ltd it a a it i a a a or of it Quot a a a a a Wayne Abernathy manager Mon. Thurs. Store hours 9 am to 6 pm 2605 Wharrie re. Friday saturday 9 am to 9 pm 9 am to 5 pm i Quot a a if phone 431-8113 amp showroom samples Sale i dry sink by lock Pino decorated Reg. $229.00 $14000 1-dry sink by Heywood Wakefield solid Maple yellow trim Reg. $429.00 Sui $29850 1-54&Quot China by Heywood Wakefield solid Wood Maple. #453-00 Reg. $989.00 Sui 675�� 1-44&Quot China by Heywood Wakefield solid Wood Maple a #254-00 Reg. $489.00 Sui $349#0 1-Pedestal round table w/2 Leafs by Heywood Wakefield solid Wood 4 chairs #420-15 Reg. $829.00 Sui 595�� i Oval table w/3 Leafs by Heywood Wakefield solid Wood-6 chairs #431 Reg. $769.00 Sui $54900 1-Pine Tresta table w/2 Leafs by Heywood Wakefield solid Wood a 6 chairs Reg. $1149.00 Sale <849 of 1-54&Quot China by Heywood Wakefield solid Wood Pine #153.00 Reg. $949.00 Sui $659## 1-44&Quot China by Heywood Wakefield solid Wood Pino #151-00 Reg. $589.00 Sui $42900 1-44&Quot China i Oval table a Leaf a table w/Leaf-4 Side l-table-6 chairs 4 chairs amp China chairs-2 Arm chairs by Heywood Wakefield Bamboo White a Groen trim contemporary Walnut Maple solid Wood Maple by Singer by Heuer Reg. $579.00 Reg. $649.00 Reg. $460.00 Reg. $269.50 Sui 429�� Sui $489�� Sale $36950 Sui$196#5 10-sets Queen size mattress amp Box Springs Sale Reg. $199.95 $11595

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