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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 14, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 14c High Point Enterprise sunday april 14, 1974 --1--�? 9- a tedium is the number one foe of the american i in Korea by John Roderick ass dated press writer Camp Casey South Korea apr for maj. Gen. Henry a the gunfighter Emerson the enemy wears Many faces the North korean communists racial prejudice drugs and the girls outside the Gate. Spare and ramrod straight Emerson is commander of the . Second division the last of the american fighting forces left Over from the korean War of two decades ago. Until recently the continuing presence of . Troops in South Korea so Long after that conflict seemed Likely to be the subject of bitter debate in the United nations. A Compromise defused the Issue but it will arise again at the end of fiscal 1974, when Washington itself will review the situation. North Korea wants them to leave the South says they Are essential both politically and militarily. The second division s 13,-832 combat troops a the total authorized american troop strength in South Korea is 42.ock a Are Strung out Over a 500-Square-mile area from the Western Edge of the demilitarized zone separating the North from the South to Camp Casey 16 Miles South and its environs. What makes it unique is that 86 per cent of its personnel Are volunteers 13 per cent a aka tusks a or South koreans 23 percent Black five per cent of Spanish origin and one per cent of Oriental descent. That is a mix which can and has spelled trouble. Racial violence an astonishingly High venereal disease rate and hard drugs have for a Long time been major problems. Since general Emerson took Over six months ago. Camp Casey and the second division Haven t been the same. A West Pointer with a generous amount of combat experience he is described As an innovator a a people oriented individual who believes most of the army a problems begin at the human level. He has turned the division into something the old korean War veterans would blink at a combination of Tough training programs and what in a rougher less enlightened Era would have been called pampering. The training begins Early and ends late and includes night manbevers an area in which the North koreans Are Strong and the americans traditionally weak. Everyone including the chair borne Headquarters staff gets a taste of it As Well As some rugged hiking and sky diving. He keeps up the fighting spirit with tae Wando the korean version of karate combat football played by 40 people with any number of footballs mounted dueling which is hand to hand fighting piggyback boxing and the usual other sports. The general who likes to spell it All out. Calls this a vigorous physical conditioning and a stressful challenging people who know say it has done a lot to bring the men from a the flab Biness of inaction to combat ready condition. The second and perhaps most difficult phase of Tram Ning which he Calls a creating the pro life environment a is an Effort to give his racially mixed often deprived soldiers a stake in things to give them a Chance at achievement. Ermerson brings enormous experience in that Field to the task. After a Long time in airborne units he became Deputy commander then commanding general of the John f. Kennedy Center for military assistance at fort Bragg. It stresses people to people relations Quot we americans Are great at saying what we Are against but Seldom say what we Are for a he says. The pro life program is supposed to Supply some of the answers. One of his major problems is Tong do Chon Village outside the Camp Gates. There two girls wait for every Man and generally not for Long. The venereal disease rate once was close to too per cent now is Down to Hall that thanks to treatment centers a full blown . Campaign and greater on Camp recreational activity. One of the difficulties is that the americans located in what theoretically at least is a combat zone Aren t authorized to have bit rates Are used by one per cent but marijuana exceeds them All. A it s hard to discourage when you stand up at the bar with a dry Martini in your hand a he says. Alcoholism is a a somewhat bigger problem than drugs he adds. An alcoholics Anonymous group meets every night. Poster propaganda Pep talks and offers of medical help Are the weapons used to fight these problems. The second division is far from Utopia. The Barracks Are unheated in the daytime. It is cold up near the line. The sprint from Shower to quarters is the length of a football Field. The men Arentt allowed to Wear Winter dress in Camp. The absence of wives is depressing. In the midst of the complaints the general stops by shakes hands and has something to say to each Man. A the s a Good dude a says one of the soldiers. A the s interested in us. He a trying. There Are some things you just can t i a it. A a v v. Tough training programs fight flakiness of inaction their wives or dependents Here. They can if they pay their travel expenses and Upkeep and Many have. Some 660 dependent families Are squatting in something close to privation among the prostitutes of Tong do Chon some without running water All without medical facilities and most having difficulty making both ends meet. Quot we have to go out to the villages a a says one noncom who has a wife in the states a if we could have our families not everyone agrees with that however. Another Soldier says he be comfortable to have his dependents this close to the Battle line in Case there was an invasion. Education is one of the big a a musts a in Emerson s pro life Campaign. Some 12,000 of All the men Are involved in some kind of educational program for a my mum of six hours a week. Using 50,-000 textbooks they Are blowing through the rudiments of Reading pre High school High school and Colleg level courses. Emerson s chief of staff col. Paul brain a three tour Vietnam Veteran is about to get his doctorate in american history from the University of Delaware. Again not everyone is Happy with All this Book learning. Some non coms Grump that its All Okay but they Don t want to be forced to study if they done to want to. Some of the most enthusiastic students says brain Are the Blacks. 42 per cent of whom Haven t finished High school and Are Busy making up that Lack. Overcoming racial prejudice brain continues is one of the most daunting problems of the second division. Thanks to the human relations program brain says there Are fewer average disturbances than in the rest of the army. Emerson emphasizes he adds that there must be absolute Equality not Only under the Law but in everything. This is easier said than done he admits. But peer pressures a buddies talking a race offender out of his attitudes a Rock music festivals social relations seminars sports like tae Wando movies and a Quot pro life Center a Cope with the problem. The Rock festivals called Are Emerson s idea. There have been six with Rock soul and jazz music. The soldiers come in civilian clothes and the Sweet wine flows freely. A it was a Gamble a said brain. A we were warned it would t work. But All of them have been a Success. I be heard enough Rock to last me a but not everyone is Happy. A 21-year-old Black from Washington. D.c., interviewed in his korean girl Friend s a a Hooch outside the Camp said bluntly a if another War Breaks out 1 11 be shooting at others complained that All the talking brings few results and that the Whites get All the soft jobs. But brain says the program must be working. He asserts that major racial incidents now Are Down from 30 or 40 a month when Emerson arrived to three or relatives of victim file $1 million suit Charlotte . Apr the German relatives of a governess killed by an accidental shot fired by the teen aged son of a prominent Charlotte family Are suing for $1 million. The suit filed this week in Palm Beach fla., charges that the youth Richard Warren Cramer then 13, a carelessly and negligently handled a .22-caliber pistol when 64-year-old miss Marie m. Nieberding was killed in the Cramer s Palm Beach Home two years ago. The youth is the son of George b. Cramer a financier and a member of the family which founded Cramerton Mills at Cramerton near Gastonia. The Mills now Are part of Burlington industries. The shooting was ruled accidental after investigation by Palm Beach police. The suit has been filed in behalf of miss Nieberding s older sister and grand Niece both of Oldenburg West Germany who say they were dependent on her for support. New shipment just arrived freezers upright and Chest come Early for Best selection Ralph s to and appliance 506 e. Washington 2 Tel. 882-3422 four. Tae Wondo he says helps relations Between the 2.065 who Are experts and the americans particularly the Blacks. Serving three years compared to the americans one and paid $2 a month against the americans $200, the koreans have tended to be shy and aloof. But brain says sports and other programs Are bringing them into the mainstream. The americans generally rate the Katsulas highly higher they believe than the North koreans in military preparedness. Hard drugs brain says Are less a problem than they had been affecting about 1.6 per cent of the division. 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