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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4c High Point Enterprise thursday april la 1974 Gray Wolf outdoors Manerud Mcpherson says boating big Bass for a Little Man Keith Hewitt of High Point twelve years of age displays a six Pound Large Mouth Bass he caught last week while fishing in a private Pond in the area. Young Hewitt Isnit telling the world what he caught the Lunker on. Photo by Sonny Hedgecock Hunters bringing Back wild turkeys by Jim Dean the pastel pinks of Redbud and soft greens of new foliage Herald the arrival of Spring and the wild Turkey Gobbler struts proudly As though he had made it All happen. It Wasny to always that Way. For Many years particularly during the 1960s, it was beginning to look As though the wild Turkey might become seriously endangered species in North Carolina. This proud Bird had Long since disappeared from most of its former Range in the Western part of the state. Huge logging operations and Forest fires Back about the turn of the Century had destroyed the mature Hardwood forests. As the prime Turkey habitat disappeared so did the turkeys. Even in the remainder of the state remnant Turkey populations had been pushed into the most Remote wilderness of the Eastern swamps though Good scattered populations lingered in certain Piedmont Hardwood forests. These Piedmont forests constituted some of the Best Turkey Range in the country but encroaching civilization was beginning to make its Mark. Beginning in the late 1960s, a program by the . Wildlife resources commission to restore and spread populations of wild turkeys got underway. More important this program is supported and paid for by Hunters. Since the turn of the Century Many forests in Western North Carolina have been slowly but gradually restored. Good Turkey Range was again available and it was Felt that stocking in certain areas where turkeys were extinct might succeed. Early efforts in the 30s and 40s failed however. For one reason Birds with Domestic tendencies were used and Domestic turkeys cannot survive. They have lost their wild instincts. Likewise the stocking of out of state wild turkeys from Florida also failed because these Birds were a different subspecies. Then in 1970, the wildlife commission hired one of the top Turkey experts in the country. Wayne Bailey had helped Missouri Kansas South Dakota and West Virginia restore wild Turkey populations to parts of those states and he was willing to try the same techniques in North Carolina. The first step was to temporarily abandon the traditional fall and Winter Turkey Hunting season and replace it with a relatively Short Spring a a Gobbler a only1 season. This Spring the season is april 13-May 4 in the East april 20-May la in the West of Stokes Wilkes Alexander Caldwell Burke and Cleveland counties. The Spring Gobbler season helps insure that Only surplus male Birds Are killed because Only the Gobbler responds to a the female Birds remain hidden having already been fertilized and they Are Content with nesting activities and the raising of Young Birds. Bailey also began using live trapping techniques that employ the use of drugs and Cannon nets and soon wild turkeys from areas where they Are relatively abundant were on their Way to Western North Carolina. During the period since 1970, some so a Hunters on 5-c Shawano wis. A still night air covered the Woods of East Central Wisconsin As a family of three prepared to retire for the night. Suddenly the cry of a Timber Wolf broke the silence and brought echoed cries from other Wolf throats. Quot they really enjoy Joan Gehr explains. A Many times its almost like a ritual with us a she adds. A someone Sticks his head out the window and starts howling and they howl with she referred to the pack of nine wolves living in a fenced area of about i a acres on the Larry Gehr land near Here. The Timber Wolf or Grey Wolf once an important predator in Northwoods areas of the Midwest is Only a rare resident today. In Wisconsin the department of natural resources says the spread of civilization caused the Wolf population to disappear during the 1950s, although occasional wanderers from adjoining states Are sometimes spotted. The Gehrs say they Hope to contribute to replenishing the population of wild wolves by restocking some of the animals they raise. They began the Wolf raising venture with Canadian born male and female animals purchased As pups in 1969 and 1970. Two litters later the Gehrs have seven offspring and the original pair of wolves living on the wooded tract. They say living closely with the wolves has Given them Many insights into Tho lifestyle of the tightly knit Wolf family and into the character of the Wolf itself. Mrs. Gehr uses such terms As a joyous straightforward and honest to describe the wolves adding that they possess a dry sense of humor which she can interpret from a the position of the ears the facial expression and the position of the the Gehrs Are Able to pet the wolves which May reach a weight of More than too pounds but they say they Are somewhat wary of the Wolf pack during mating season. A the Wolf considers Man either equal with or below him a mrs. Gehr explained. A a he a not subservient like a a during mating season the male Wolf can consider Man As a rival a she said adding that a wolfs attitude toward Man will vary with the Power of the Man s personality. Gehr has a permit to Salvage injured Deer and mrs. Gehr said the wolves Are fed a main diet of Venison from animals killed along area highways. She contended that the wolves would be Able to adapt to the wilds instinctively on their release although they might need some help at first. Business improving by Benny Phillips associate sports editor the winds of Winter have eased weakened by the suns slow migration northward. Having passed the Vernal Equinox the Sun now claims More than equal time and its strength is being Felt. Winter dormant Trees Are budding Birds Are mating Flowers Are in a rash of profusion and fish in streams and Rivers Are moving against the current going to their ancestral Homes to reproduce to spawn the replacement life and Start the Cycle anew. And because it is Spring of year once again Man turns a greater amount of his attention to the outdoors especially to the lakes and Rivers and such things As boating and fishing. Things Are better in the boating world than they were six weeks ago when the gasoline shortage was at a Phillips Peak. At the time of the Long Gas lines a summer boating trip seemed As far away As a Jungle safari. Ray Mcpherson who for 18 years has operated the boat House in Thomasville is optimistic about the boating season ahead for Piedmont boaters and fishermen. A Aback in november when folks first started talking about the fuel shortage we could Tell a difference in business a recalls Mcpherson. A usually our business is at a Low in november but this past november and december was much lower than i can remember. A things picked up a Little in january but by february the Gas lines were forming and our business was off 50 first Aid for fish you re not keeping per cent Over a year ago for the month of february a says Mcpherson. A in the boating business a he adds a the last two weeks of february and the first two weeks of March Are usually your Best four weeks of the year. This period was off nearly 50 per cent for All boating this year. A folks in boating however Are hoping that the Peak month of the year is simply running later than usual this year because of the fuel situation. A from the Middle of March up until right now a Ray Points out a business has been up 25 per cent Over a year ago. A the repair business is Way ahead of a year ago a he adds a which leads me to believe that a lot of people Are holding on to what they have and Are just trying to get it in Good shape for the summer. A parts equipment and motors Are simply hard to get and right now if the gasoline situation does t get worse i can to see a lot of problems other than getting parts and Mcpherson says Over the last couple of years the 17 to 20-foot boats have been his Best seller. A people Are going to the boats with Cabins on them a he Points out. A i think perhaps it is a Takeoff on the camping craze a people wanting to stay outside with a shelter Over their he says that the Overall boating Industry was greatly concerned with the fuel shortage. A one of the first things people would have Cut Back on was recreation. A i think half throttle in �?T74 would be a pretty Good boating slogan a adds Mcpherson. By Stan Davies did you Ever give a fish artificial respiration done to being done. Many anglers Are finding it desirable to return to water the fish they catch rather than take them Home. They either done to like to eat fish or they prefer to release the fish so that someone else can have the pleasure of catching them. But there a More to freeing a fish than just dropping it Back into the water. Unless you give it the right first Aid the fish May die soon after its release and then will be be lost for any productive use. Here Are some tips that will help you release fish so that they will probably survive for future sport. Handle the fish As Little As possible. To remove the Hook leave the fish in the water and try slipping the Barb from its lip by applying gentle downward and backward pressure on the Hook Eye. A pair of Small Needle nose pliers is often helpful. If you have to hold the fish done to squeeze it grasp it gently behind the Gill covers to prevent internal damage. Keep your hands wet the protective coating Over a fishes body will suffer less damage. If the fish is weak place your hand underneath its belly and support it for a few minutes in the water. You can increase its oxygen intake and further its chances of living by moving the fish slowly Back and Forth forcing water through its Gills. Fish taken from very deep water should be returned to the Depths As soon As possible. The difference in atmospheric pressure Between deep water and top water causes the air bladder in a fish to expand and it could burst. To get the fish Back into deep water throw it nose first at an Angle in an attempt to Force it downward. This also increases oxygen intake by pushing water through and Over the Gills. Remember that a fishes Gills Are the equivalent of a Many a lungs. Fishing experts suggest you never hold a fish by the Gills unless you intend to keep it. Gills Are extremely sensitive and easily damaged. Participation was off Trout season opening was Quot Normal by Tom Higgins it was a a business As usual saturday when the Trout season opened on North Carolinas Mountain streams. Meaning that while the Bottom dropped off the thermometer and Snow fell the creeks became Muddy and Rose out of their Banks. Conditions weren tall conducive to either Good catches or even pleasant fishing a but that a nothing new for opening Day in the tar Heel Hills. Saturdays miserable weather marked the fourth straight opener that has forced anglers to endure the elements if they wanted to test their Trout Luck. The temperature was in the teens in �?T71, a near blizzard hit in �?T72, the second flood hit in �?T73. In �?T74, approximately half the fishermen decided that catching some extra sleep was preferable to try at catching Rainbow brookies or brownies and stayed Abed. Participation was off at least 50 percent in All areas and As much As 75 per cent in those where especially poor water conditions prevailed such As the Rocky Broad River which is normally one of the most heavily fished streams. A the turnout in Northwestern . Was the least in be Ever seen a said Gene Abernethy supervisor of the wildlife commissions seventh District. A Snow was falling All across the area at Dawn and the wind was roaring Down through the hollows meaning that the chill Factor must have been around Zero or below. All but the die hards were discouraged and they did no to stay out Long cause the fish hit in the Abernethy said the Best catches in the Northwest were taken from Buffalo Creek in Ashe county and Winkler a and Howard s creeks in Watauga. Not surprisingly the top catches in the District eight were recorded in the sections lowest lying Stream a Jacobs Fork on the South mountains game lands. A fishermen there were Able to Creel quite a few limits a said District supervisor Winfield Rhyne of Morganton. A but elsewhere you had to be mighty Brave to even get outside. The temperature was in the 20s in Avery Mitchell and Yancey counties and Snow was falling rather heavily. We estimate our fishing was off 50 per cent and that a of qually bad weather prevailed in the far Western counties but the great Smokey Mountain streams nevertheless yielded a few Good Trout. A Johnathan Creek in Haywood county which is about our most dependable opening Day Stream came through again a said District nine supervisor Avon Ray of Waynesville. A Tim Holbrook of Waynesville caught a 26-Inch Brown there and Robert Ruff got one that went 24. A but other than these Trout and a few limits catches on the Nan Tahala River near Bryson City we did no to have much to brag about. The sky was just too White Snow and the water too Brown Muddy a the . Wildlife commission has made a Wise move in proposing to eliminate the second half of a split Black Bear season in the states Eastern counties. The suggestion will undoubtedly meet some stiff opposition during a series of Public hearings beginning next week. But not from members of the Bear Hunting clan with foresight. They realize its better to have some Bruins to Bay than none at All which will be the Case if the big game species population figures continue to dwindle because drastic measures were disproved for the Sake of recreation. The . Wildlife department which recently cracked a rather sophisticated ring dealing in illegal furs is on to another major Case of special interests to the states Many Deer Hunters. This one involves the commercialization of Venison which the departments Law enforcement director Pat Ryan concedes a has reached a stage that a difficult to undercover agents trained by the . Bureau of sport fisheries and wildlife Are involved in the investigation which state officials Hope will soon Stop illegal harvesting of Deer herds mostly by nighttime Hunters. A that Carolina coastal fishermen should wish Hal Lyman the Best in his predictions for the 1974 season. In his annual Spring forecast the publisher of Salt water sportsman Magazine figures fishing along our stretch of the Atlantic a will be excellent with blues and weakfish Trout in abundance and Puppy drum All Over the Lyman who has been uncannily accurate during the past decade foresees Marlin catches leveling off but a dramatic upswing in the number of sails brought Back to ports like Morehead City Carolina Beach Oregon Inlet and Little River. A members of the Bass anglers sportsman society Arentt getting the organizations a a done to kill your catch message. During the past few weeks we be received several pictures of catches taken in intr chapter competitions that included Large Mouth in the Lva Pound class. Keeping enough fish for the table and those of trophy size is Fine but killing Bass for the vanity of standing with them Strung out before a camera is inexcusable. The a Little a ought to be let go like the motto suggests. A recent string of big striped Bass catches in Lake Norman could prove to be the most significant and exciting Angling development in the decade old reservoirs history. Firm establishment of the sporty stripers in the a Inland sea would mean a year round fishery even during the coldest stretches of Winter. Stripers Seldom seem to sulk through a a Del drum period when feeding activity declines. How boating chores have changed in this Day and age of Alum mum and fiber Glass All that scraping sanding and painting we use to do every Spring on wooden boats is a thing of the past for most of us. I find however that there Are still a few of the old techniques of fitting out that have carried Over from the wooden boat and can be applied to the modern plastic or Metal runabout. For instance its still possible that a Boatman will have to do a Little sanding and painting on such things As mahogany trim or Interior Woodwork. If you do this work with a mechanical device make sure its a Belt Sander rather than a rotary Orbital or oscillating sanding machine. Belt Sanders done to leave scratches that show through a Fine coat of paint or varnish. Here a another old time trick. If a deck Cleat or some other fitting has worked Loose done to just screw it Back on. Re fasten it with a Bolt that goes right through and use a Hardwood backing Block on the inside. There a another consideration in Spring fitting out this year a fuel Economy. A clean Slick Hull uses less fuel. So does the right propeller and having your outboard motor mounted properly. A summer izing the Small boat outboard Power or sail has its problems As the questions we be been asked indicate q. My Canvas top has shrunk so badly that the snap fasteners wont meet. Can it be stretched a. The experts in be contacted say no. It is possible to have extra material stitched on so that it will fit again. Everybody seems to think you stored it incorrectly or it have shrunk. It should have been left on the boat. Q. My boat trailer has been sitting outside All Winter. Is there anything i must do before i use it a. Definitely. Dismantle Wash and re lubricate the wheel have it done at a service station. To set out on even a moderate trip without doing so is asking for trouble. The Cost is Only a few dollars. A a a q. Are there any publications on How to save fuel a. Several. They Are All new this year and aimed at the fuel crisis. Write for a More fun per gallon from Johnson outboards 200 sea horse drive Waukegan Illinois 60085 write motor boating and sailing 224 West 57th Street new York . 10019, for a brochure called save fuel. Other pamphlets Are available from Chrysler Marine division Box 2641, Detroit Michigan 48231 Glaston boat company Box 9447, Austin Texas 78766. Evinrude motors Box 663 Milwaukee Wisconsin 53201 and orc Stem drive 3145 Central Avenue Waukegan Illinois 60085 National association of engine and boat manufacturers 537 Steamboat Road Greenwich Conn. 06830. Q. If i fiber Glass the Blade of an oar must i carry the covering All the Way up to the handle a. No. Provided the Shaft is Well protected with varnish so that no water is Able to soak into the Wood and get under the fiber Glass covering. The swelling would Force it off. Covering oars or paddles is a Good idea. It prolongs their life indefinitely. A a a q. Oars or paddles Are a nuisance to carry in a boat. Any suggestions a. Make the a a pair into a single item by slipping a rubber band Cut from an old inner tube Over each end. Then depending on your boat you can devise some kind of Hook or Peg just under the gunwale that the rubber bands can be slipped Over. A a q. My Friend made a bracket to carry an extra smaller outboard on his boat both As a spare and to troll. Can such brackets be bought a. Yes. We avoid Trade names in this column but there Are at least three competing brands sold by Marine dealers. See yours and choose. Q. There is a puddle of thick Oil under my outboard motor where i left it standing Over the Winter. Its from the prop Shaft. Is this bad a. Its bad and expensive. You will have to get a new Oil Seal in the lower unit at least perhaps even a new bearing. F

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