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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 11, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday. April la 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of j lulus try High Point North Carolina Page nine As r to soc Chakales sports editor Here and there Gillis starts pm Iii Iii tvs in Hosier a a seven rookies Dixie Oll is offer luring bail held on squad following Cut to lantern lid yes pm athletes hard to resist a swarm of schoolboys will descend on flus Community of furniture and hosiery to seek interscholastic athletic honors thursday in the annual Western conference track meet and saturday in the Southeastern interscholastic Golf tournament. Eleven civic clubs Are sponsoring the track meet while the Golf tournament will be in the hands of the indefatigable Bill Bailey and the City recreation department. Then coach Tim Weaver of the up and coming Baptist deacons of Wake Forest will be in town thursday night to speak at the annual a a a achievement night program. Which brings to mind Hie remarkable record compiled by a couple of Deacon Chonk prs this Spring. Ray Scarborough a senior Aud Tommy Byrne Sophomore have toiled 45 innings and have allowed Only an average of three hits per nine innings. Pretty fair he which reminds that coach John added going into his 17th year As the Baptist Diamond coach has never finished lower than second in the big five baseball race according to the Wake Forest i i Moi record. A while Larry Macphail allows he is serious about dissipating the Well founded belief that All dodgers Are on the goofy Side his latest move indicates that he is being reformed by the dodgers rather than reforming the dodgers. By buying Cletus Elwood Poffenberger a screwy screwball thrower Macphail has apparently succumbed to that ancient Flatbush ailment softening of the brain. They have enough trouble trying to keep Mungo from heading Back to Pageland s. C., every time a dodger outfielder is conked on the Noggin by a Flynall but Poffenberger does t need a staggering outfielder to Send him heading for Charleston w va., his Winter Headquarters. Highly whimsical Poffenberger will just go when the notion seizes him and that is often. Those poor Flatbush citizens would be pitied if they just did no to love Guys like that. Winch reminds me that shorty Over at the Eagle was Larry Mac Phail a orderly for a spell in the army. While shorty does pc say so in so Many words he sort of thinks Macphail is a Little Odd. A a sometime ago Marse Grant wrote that Jake Harris the old Bov himself got stuck which was news. Bikie was stuck when Virgil vow unloaded a Batch of his Bat on Quot the old Tov himself a a a Bine Grants reporting was slightly in Cor. To had to apologize. Yow did no to sell Fakir the bats he have them to him Haw. Of course the use of the word a guts does no to exactly jibe with Golf but that a the Only Way to describe Bobby Dunkelbergers play in the North and South finals. Going to the 35th Hole and one Down Bobby a tee shot plopped itself into one of those numerous Sand trails that flank the greens on the championship course at Pinehurst. I opponent was on. Bobby pitched out of the trap More than fifteen feet from the Hole and then Sank the putt for a regulation three to win the Hole and even the match. His second shot Ironim to t6 also found it Way into another Sand trap. Meanwhile Frankie Strafaci was four feet trom the pin. I undaunted to Al pulled his sunday shot out of the Sand and sent the Ball on tile Fly toward the Hole. Its course was True but a hairline off the Ball hit within an Inch of the cup on uie Fly and rolled on off the carpet ending Bobby a Hopes. But those two Tough shots nut of the Sand both of Hora from behind took plenty of ii it because that lefty Riisom s Arm has gone sour that Broadway Jack Doyle has established the cubs As slight favourites Over the reds in the National league chafe apr Iii football pills hardship on athlete a practice games recon # ing the Hung for look at a next fall s outfit1 by let Row Middleton new York april ii. Up in lingering idea that football is All sport will he dissipated by a it i to any of the More advanced Bai i founts. The Btu shoulder is Are at it hot and heavy and a atmosphere is the real Mccoy me not very thing. Practice game with other Colic have become a recognised it of a he Spring athletic pro Ftp on. A coaches merely sullied their meal tickets to Brush a but unproductive Intra squad in macs. Nowadays it in t surfing to see a team travel 200 Les or so for a a a practice game Ted before a respectable crowd the cheer leaders and All the fixes. It s att very easy to explain a coach says Quot we have to do modern football is so Complex Caus to be taught in a Short time. Oper timing and play execution let be perfected Union we have in Spring it ills and scrimmage Der game conditions. Squads Are Large it takes More time to nose the players a sad managers be the game graduate managers always be to publicity think the games a die up enthusiasm for the fall Ison poaches like to play out a opposition for three reasons i it gives the squad an inc. No 2 their own second Strink i used in Intra squad frays Are roughly familiar with the first in formations 3 freshmen in May make the team As Sophocles in the fall get a Chance to in their stuff or Lack of it in High Competition. While Here and there an editor has raised his hands in Hor a at Spring footballs growth. Only real opposition of any in att ii is in the a Ivy league of 1 East. But with teams like Colgan Stanford. Army and by on Ivy schedules there mis unit Chance the opposition i amount to much. You do not. However hear any Ming cheers from the Spring favourites win at Pinehurst Barrier cops 11 Neh i St april Llu up a Keener Competition was sex Pec time to Lay in the North and South Tennis tournament after tile favourites All came through the opening round without an a Imit. A f Uller of Salem maes., bet ame Tho no. I mail in Ute tourney when Archie Henderson of Ltha a i Hill who won tile mingle title lust year was prevented from entering. Euller advanced to tile second round yesterday by default of Rill Hulme of Philadelphia. Ariton Hood of Brooklyn n. no. Ranking play Cir on the University of North t a Rollish team easily eliminated Arthur wll Sou of new Yorko of 0-0 in the opening round. Harris Everett of the University of North Carolina Florida state Champion encountered a hard Battle with Allen Ellade of Washington la. Cd a now of High in int. But won 10-0, 10-0. The women a singles Competition will Start today. Hubert Barrier High Point City singles Champ came through in easy fashion with a tt-2, 0-1 Triumph Over Pat Winston another i divers it y of North Carolina lad. J. I. Roger sex Champ lost to Don Neil c Arolina Sophomore Star 0-1, 6-1. Sports couches. Instead you hear. A yep. Young Smith would make a Fine second baseman or Quarter Miler or stroke oar but he s a Fine quarterback one of the More philosophical master minds was easier. A we can to kick Quot he said. A football pays the Bills for bowl keep in trim m women keep your figures streamlined. B owl a mex relax and exercise to keep fit and win strength. Rowl ducks and ten pins Arcade Bowling alleys Arcade building Thomasville chief retains 17-Man Crew Ray Boles to report the Enterprise Bureau 8 Commerce Street phone 535 Thomasville april manager if Homie mans of the Thomasville mommies announced today that after two weeks of Spring practice and three exhibition games the squad was being Cut Down to seventeen players for the remainder of Lite Soring practice. Players who failed to make the Grade this year will return to their Homes during this week with several planning to return Here next Spring for another try out with the mommies when they have had More seasoning. Jimmie said that among those being released Are several that showed Promise this year but were unable to fit into the Tommie picture at this time. Among the seventeen being kept Are seven rookies and the remainder veterans of last year. Roy Lee Boles a Young right handed Pitcher from Guilford College is scheduled to report for practice tomorrow to make the squad total eighteen. Boles received an injury to his throwing hand two weeks Ano and was unable to report at that time. Th1 hand has healed nowt was retorted and Boles will he ready for action in a few Days. Said. Of eighteen will he Keim the squad of eighteen will be kept with perhaps a few changes until 30 Days after the first gem1 of the regular season when it will Cut Down to fifteen to meet North state league requirements. Among the veterans on the de creased squad Are pitchers Ray Lindsey boots Miller and Paige Dennis infielders Earl cd Onnor Ted Mueller and Bob Parker outfielder Jim panty and Catcher Jimmie mans. Rookies who have made the Grade through their playing of the past two weeks Wardri pitchers Johnson and Powell infielders scam. J. Stewart and Armstrong outfielders Bovender and Young catchers Cox and Deaton. Among the rookies. Art Scalli. Who was acquired front the paid. By state league has probably proven most outstanding his play in the infield has been marked by sensational plays with hardly an error chalked against him in the three exhibition games lie is pc by and fast on the Field and seems to have a Good Ann. His Hatting at the plate has been unusually Good for a Rookie. Scalli will probably hold Down the position of second base until the arrival of Barr Shealy near the end of tile training season. Parker holds to Short Stop at Short Stop Jimmie is holding Parker a Veteran who saw service late last season As an understudy of Yan Harrington j. Stewart and Armstrong. All of these boys have Heen playing Good Ball and will Buttle for the Short Stop position although one of the three May be shifted to second or third base for try outs. In th1 Outfield it seems certain that Bovender will hold Down the position Ai left and Young at right. Both of these boys have been playing Good Ball with Bovender having the Edge on hitting records. Cox and Deaton will understudy manager mans behind tile plate and will he used a Pinch hitters at the present time. Johnson and Powell have both been pitching Well and with the arrival of Boles and with Dennis Miller and Lindsey will probably constitute the Tommie pitching staff. Of course none of these boys Are certain of starting positions on the line up at the beginning of the regular season but. By their play. They have earned a place on the Tommie squad for the present at least. Manager Jim pleased Man manager maus today expressed satisfaction of the outfit As it now stands. The crop of rookies was Good and with a few polishes Ami minor changes the mommies should have a Good Hall club again this year. The team has lost two of the three games played this so far this year in Spring exhibitions but it was pointed out that both games were played with a Large percentage of rookies who were being Given their final Chance to show their stuff before the squad was Cut. Both games that have been lost were with a team from a higher rated league. The players that have mad the Grade have Good records at the plate and. From data Nee appearances the mommies will again rely heavily on us hitting strength although the addition of Powell and Johnson to the already impressive pitching staff will give the team strength on the Mound. Zink. Mueller elected to Lead Carolina outfits Chapel Hill. April to a George Zink of Ballard Vale mass., will Captain the 1940 University of North Carolina wrester a l Ler of Charlotte will head the swimming i Aru. They were elected captains at a meeting last night of the Monogram club. Prep stars Wise to what they can get in Dixieland by Jerry Broadfield Nea service sport writer Chicago april the Gold Rush of 49 was in a Westward direction but the new Gold Rush of Tho sports world is swinging into Dixie. Any High school boy who cat pack a football will Tell you that. Southward lie the opportunities for boys who because of financial limitations Are Able to gain a College education Only through athletic ability. From the East and Midwest in particular comes the Wail that Southern schools Are raiding other sections for athletic Talent in a manner unprecedented. As a result. The South May become the leading athletic District with a subsequent weaken ing of the big ten. Eastern leagues his other i on Ferencek. A a without placing the Fin Griffith Ger of blame on the South or any Section of the says major John l Griffith big ten commissioner of athletics a the athletic recruiting situation has grown to such serious proportions Fiat the National collegiate athletic association in desperation soon will be forced to do something about. It. A unchallenged recruiting is the first step to the paid player our big menace a Suthers colleges Filiti two or three suggestions to work do missionary work but if other the paid athlete in on when it meets this May. I conferences can profit by our a time will result in a decline of intercollegiate football. The logic is too apparent to far seeing ath i Letic Heads. St Heimle Quot Vlake a w Ili la Ive Tro ble a smaller schools won t he Able to get material a Griffith warns. A it May be that n. \ a. A. J members will to forbidden to schedule violators a schools that pay their athletes. A there Quot some talk of tossing j the Mons of the National Collegia athletic association altogether. That would be a terrific one Bone of Contention probably will he removed by deriding that it will e Okay for coach s and athletic Heads to actually go out and line up jobs for the boys. There has been a Rule against this in the past but the spirit of the Law has been broken so much now that All hypocrisy will be removed to allow institutions free rein in placing athletes. As it is schools such As Illinois Iowa and Indiana Are located in Small towns where Job opportunities hardly can compare with big City schools like Minnesota Ohio stalk and Northwestern consistently successful in athletics. A however a Griffith remarks dryly a i done to think Well Ever approach the convenient set ups of Southern institutions. Some of our athletes go to school on scholarships but that is because they first had Good High school averages and were leaders in extra curricular activities. The percentage is woefully but every prep school Star is Well aware of what he can get from some of the big Southern colleges free tuition books room and Board laundry and spending Money ranging from 12.50 to $10 a w Eek. A a a in t Mui h they won t include things Are done on a lavish and open scale in Dixie where the majority of scholarships offered by a University go to athletes. Just about 50 per cent of the Talent at larger Southern colleges come from other states. And a big portion hails from Illinois Wisconsin Michigan Ohio Indiana and Pennsylvania big ten territory. At one school they went so far As to canvass the business District for donations for athletic scholarships at others farm systems have been instituted whereby outstand j Quot some of them already have Given club to hold Over their Heads it up football and others will soon Means they he allowed have to. Schedule making will be to enter track basketball Swain i come difficult. Schools will be Ming and All other National tour forced to play certain teams will fitments sponsored by the n. I never or Able to schedule a. A. I and Tho answer Griffith will says Griffith Only Hazard a guest. A to not a please done to think the big ten a acting As its spokesman but the is assuming a holier than thou n. A a probably will have attitude or that we re trying to ample so much the oldest of the 70-Odd athletic Lux prep stars Are brought to the leagues in the country the West amps for a couple of weeks pm i conference is probably the during the Spring and summer most rigid in its administration of j looked Over carefully put through athletics so rigid in fact that their paces. Griffith hints the Loop fathers May those who show Promise Are be forced to loosen up a bit. I scholarships told to report wherever a big ten athlete has the following fall As freshmen. A part time Job. Griffith a office the others Are sent Home keeps a file on the number of 1 thus do the efficient athletic hours he work and the amount i i Tidi save time and Money in of Money earned. This guards experimenting with the unproven against athletes receiving salaries i a it Lyle. Without putting in actual time on sat a Griffith. A i Raa fraid the Job. I can to and probably never will i match that sort of thing a few jobs a a la. Ble a but then. It always was hard this system will be retained but to beat Southern Hospital Ltd. O k o s s i Ai i is ii ii ii a it ii Roundup Klow Iii Tow to r on of ii by Eddie Drietz Oyster cat her Birds actually do Force open Oyster shells with their Hills. Otherwise team front looks the Sam with Dave Barbet managing this is the fourth in a series of inter City league preseason Art ides. By Weh Ley Hayden Burlington april Llu with a slug important exception the terrible towers from Broad Street will co into training for th1 ensue it Diamond season in what has been styled a North Carolinas fastest Semi pro circuit a with the same Crew which last season captured not Only the Industrial league title but the District semipro Tiara. And to make up for that deficiency there Are Battery additions which May provide the heeded spark. The exception is of course. Ray Scarborough the fireball collegian from Wake Forest whose Mound exploits had the expert gasping All Over the stat As he Garner i in victories As against two setbacks under the Tower Banner going to Neh Ark the gossip is that Ray will go to Newark n. J. A Yankee farm that this season sent Charley Keller to Gotham As the year s no. I Rookie. But that a not exactly a pact of this Story. Of greatest interest to Diamond fans of this Section is the importation of a brother Battery in the persons of g. And w. In Davis a pair of lanky Dia monders from Thomasville and Yow another Mounds Man from mock Judson. Other additions to Ute squad which is scheduled to Start its practice this week Are Hoton. A High school Catcher from Pomona and Almond an infield Prospect. The Success of the club May depend a great Deal upon How Well Bill Davis and Yow come through for until Scarborough joined the firing corps last season the towers were a bit on the weak Side for clunkers. Davis Wall and lost seven for Thomasville during the Early part of last season and finished the year with the Tail end Newtou Conover club with a record of nine wins and four losses. A right hander. He uses height to give plenty of smoke and a deceptive Hook. The club will operate to a great extent on an Independent Baals this year divorced from Mill sponsorship except for equipment with which to of Start the season Mill officials indicated this morning. Probable person x i although final details have not Boon ironed out its probable that Dave Barbee tile sex major leaguer who led the league at the plate Here last season both for percentage and Home runs will he Hack at ills old stand at third base in the Guise of playing manager. Dwight Wall last years Pilot will replace e. E. Chapman As business manager. The Only other Absentee than state . Meet today in big five Diamond War Charlotte april Llu if a t Hick Doak a n. State baseball team beaten by Wake Forest was the underdog again today a it moved on balt i his for a Rig five clash with coach Bunn Hearne undo Fate i tar Heel Tho wolves found Ray soar i Ort tug i Don Ltd Mound Are As invincible yesterday As lits season record of five win indicate. Scarborough gave up just two hits one in the eighth inning and one in the ninth and whiffed eleven a lie won 2-0, Green hurled manfully for state hut a emitted Bouche i hit to score a run in each of the last two frames. Duke Stalwart were no match for t Annie Macks american leaguer and went Down 10-2 with several former Blue Devil furnishing a log share of til philadelphian punch. Smit ii and Dean who went to the a direct from the Durham Campus let coach Jack Coomb boys Down with six lists and Wagner and Imbler also from the Campus boosted the score till timely Bingle. North state conference affairs saw Elon drubbing Guilford 2a to to la noir Rhyne outscoring Catawba 12 to i and East Carolina teachers romping Over High Point 22 to 0. Davidson Tennis team bested Guilford h to i i and Wake fore to net men had the Long end of a 0-0 count with Joyola of Baltimore today card baseball n. To. Stale at North Carolina High Point at e. T. A Tennis Atlantic Chri Tian at pc t. Cd Loyola at Guilford Elon at to Mir Lily be. Five veterans form r. Mount nucleus red sox counting Oil i a Sci pro league pitchers Rocky mount. April 11 to a with Veteran of Piedmont league wats on hand to hold Down live position the Rocky mount red sox should open the reason Pili 19 with a club Pable of holding it own in race for the Pennant. Manager Herbt Brett who the red sox to third place season and to the finals of league playoffs feel that he St a it the Campaign with Cattie led last the will a stronger team than the one hero Luat Spring. The live veterans leave Brett with pitching As the Only problem to he solved. However there Are 19 Likely looking hurlers in Camp from whom he must select a Ruff of six to replace last seasons Fine corp of which stun steely is the Only returning member. Rocky mount fans have Heen cheered by the return of Jake Plummer and Alex Petrushkin to the Outfield. These two players led the club in hitting for �?T38 with average of .353 and .333 respectively. Also Back with Brett Are Eddie Walls steady second baseman and Fred noisier Scarborough from last years outfit is j. B. Roach who joined the club late last season after playing with maid Mills in la thai club folded. Veteran Catcher who divided the Backstop duties with George Lacy Hist summer. i n tips to shortstop Bill Adair who batted .29 8 for Winston Salem and who was a standout with b s defensive play Lias Heen purchased front the twins and looks like a sine bet for one of the infield positions probably at shortstop. Brett in t worrying about first base where Albert flair a Fine fielder with a .345 batting average made with Moultrie in the Georgia Florida league is performing Wel in the training Camp contests. Tommy Reed a Power hitter is the Only third baseman Here. A started at the hot Corner for the sox in �?T38 but finished the season at Moultrie aside from steely George Kadis a Southpaw who won nine and lost six for Durham in �?T37. Is the Only Pitcher with Piedmont learns experience. However the cals c and d farm clubs in the Boston red sox minor league system have advanced some promising boys for Brett a inspection. Also included in the Large group of pitchers Are die Pace and Hugh Kirkland who made All America honors at the National Semi pro tournament last summer. J new York. April qp> a j Rice in getting ready to show you one of th1 hottest football club i in tin country of the processors done task three of Jimmy Kittsy Star linemen too Many embarrassing questions. Right Quick now and Lefoie reaching for the records who played right j Field for the yanks before babe Ruth it a a Chap named Gilhooley. Nova and Baer Are due this week to Start getting ready for each other. Tip if Freddie Hutchinson flops hts a Pitcher. Detroit might stick him behind a plate. A was a Catcher in High school and could hit like a fool. Johnstown looks Dandy and i will win any tin.1 they ask him i to. Ditto. Fighting Fox. A Good one to wit ii is a Sleeper at Bowie named Woods a. Washington sports writers say the senators Are two years a Wax a a that it will take them that j Long to stagger in via Cuba and Venezuela. Or. Eddie Anderson has put an entirely new spirit into the Iowa Surgi Camp i. But done to look for any Miracle the year As he a to Cellule with Indiana Michigan Wisconsin notre Dame Purdue Minnesota and Northwestern in that order. Now Orleans pro i motors Are trying to talk Jack Torrance the Well known Baton Rouge cop into trying a ring comeback. Correction Umpire Bud Newman he a the Otic who can to hear what you Call him will he in the Southeastern not the East Texas league this season. Most mammals have 13 pairs of ribs but certain whales have nine and us is us Aatu Bas 24. One shrewd Follower of the bang tails has his Derby dough Riding As follows. ,. 20-20-20 on Jalapa Clown in the future books at 15-8-4>$20 on Elchico at 5 to also a ten spot on Buffalo Bill at too to i just for the fun of it. Old lefty Grove probably will go Dew Nfn baseball As the Only Guy for who two Toller Guy paid too grand and both got their Money s Worth. The latent from Hub is that his shoulder is o. K. But Iii Arm still ii a half dead. Of you have a ticket on either Sartell. Dean or Galan you be a swell Chance to win the Chicago Hospital sweepstakes. Bronko Nagpur gel has Given Iii trying to Reform wrestling ,. He now is featuring As varied an assortment of strangle holds incorrigible Knees Rabbit punches and free style use of either forefinger for gouging purposes As any grappler in the business. Rill Corum of the journal american sties out his neck All the Way from Augusta to new York and picks the red sox to beat out the yanks. Because i so Many pro football teams Are training in wisc on n and Northern Michigan this year Jim rip mommies drop exhibition to of. Airy 5-3 extra inning struggle lost on errors Bovender. Stern slug the Enterprise no Reno 8 Commerce Street phone 535 Thomasville april the Thomasville mommies dropped their second Spring exhibition game in a Row Here yesterday Iii an eleven inning thriller with of. Airy eyeing out a verdict. The mommies came from behind twice in the extended game to tie the score with the visitors but did not seem to pack the winning punch to get out in tile Lead. A several excellent scoring chances were muffed notably in the tenth inning when the leases were loaded with Only one out. It. Atry purposely passed first baseman Ted Mueller to fill the bag then Bovender and Armstrong struck out in rapid succession. Hapless minis Whaley Rookie third baseman emerged As the a a Goat a of the game when after Poling out a two Bagger in Tho Tommie so half of the tenth inning and scoring on Canty a single to tie up the game for the second time. He muffed two rollers to third in the first of the eleventh to let the winning runs on base. Stern third baseman led the batting for it. Atry wih three out of four while Bovender loft Fleider for the locals was the Only Tommie Chip to collect More than one hit. Getting a double and single out of 5 trip to the plate. Art Scalli. Rookie infielder who is fast becoming a favorite with the fans a the Star of the Tommie defensive play and played Fine Heads up Ball at second base. Mueller Canty and Bovender also play Good games. Manager maus used three Pitcher in the game. With Johnson and Lindsey hurling Good a. F. Stewart tin third Pitcher got off to a bad Start in his Only inning. The eleventh and was unable to redeem himself the game a played at Finch Field Here Between intermittent gusts of wind and dust which covered fans and players alike with coating of Silt it. Airy collected ten hits and the Tommie nine. Score by innings was is follows it. Airy r h. E. 2.0 too no 12 a 5 to i Thomasville 010 Ooi too 10�?3 9 i indians meet Mack men Fri. Earl Mack bring Parent club through for feature game of Spring special to the Enterprise Lexington april la the feature game of the Lexington indians Spring training season will pit Earl Macks a a a squad of the Philadelphia athletics Acain of the locals Here Friday afternoon on the Holt Moffitt Diamond at 3 of clock an athletic farm the indians under the guiding hand of Catcher Joe Bud Are fast rounding into shape for the Spring classic. The tribe has already taken on two training foe and a a preliminary of the Friday game the Birdman will meet my airy of the by state league there tuesday afternoon. Another barrage of athletic farmhands rolled in Here Over the week end and Are ready for service. However they must prove their Worth but offhand one big Pennsylvania lad. Congdon. A Catcher looks to have the Good although he will have his hands full in trying to wrest a Job from reserves George Pratt or Clyde Holder. The remainder of the Spring training schedule follows Mayodan their. April 15 Statesville Here april 17 Statesville there. April 18 Reidsville Here april 19 House of Dat Ltd Here. April 19 night Reidsville there april 2 l Mayodan there pril 21. The indians open the regular North slate league season with the Thomasville mommies Here april 2e a a a heavy Guinea pig believes Galento won t lose by k. 0. Richmond va., april i up a Natl Brown the former Washington heavyweight who Lias met them both squared off Here and let Fly his left handed prediction that Joe Louis wont Knock out Tony Galento in june. said nut in a the referee won t let it go a tar As that. Galento a worked himself into a frenzy and actually hates Louis. Hell come out swinging with his left and Louis will go to work on him and it wont Ink him Long. Ii a made Louis mad with his blabbering and Joe a got no love for him. That a bad for Nat in a been in the ring twice with each of them and is one of the charter members of the a a in Vebi in the limit with Louis club. Ley of the Menominee Herald Leader is trying to get up an Arctic league for exp tation games. Latest Blurb from she Jack Roper Camp carries a picture of Dick Donald capt omd i a manager of the next worlds champions. Also it inflicts i Roper will Louis in four heats

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