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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 11, 1939, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry us Iii up unt i Nurk i h it a Kuli in a judging by appearances by Chic Young by Fred Harman Blondie red Ryder Carr s men return West amp so n it looks like am exp Oslo in kids like school Why do they All come Bunning out so past Wem it s All Oyes Ike the after Moon ? Danwood s he my. School is a lot of Pum it s just like going to a party every Dav t children All j love school Ybur re Goin it a to keep us company till the gov of emf lad agents get her Carrm a j a liter Stop listen i to that c.ra2lt cowl Wrang Ler and sell out Zeke if your killers Start any thing you la be in the Biddle of it x but my j dear you should t Peel that Way about t it Law gee mama i Don t want to go to it school j next pall j inc a a rid nth k inc while at the. Same instant Carrs men Pulde hard to his Rescue Tho spirits hold Dot on the spot by top Pat or a it Phil Davis Mandy Asp off m a it it careful with Yore shoot in i a we night v hit Capp ooh its so scary out Here. If i can Only catch up with Mandrake quickly if i see one of a ii th0se"thn65 Quot in to re rvs Quot. There a slight splash near the Bank As if some on or something had dived in a i i dts a a takes care of the str Ander who has halted Mandrake in the bayous. My oars Are stuck i can to move them / something s holding mtg of a Impi them Good boy Lothar a Tomo Nouy the empty boat behind while opt rows in Midstream the same old Dud of Slosser freckles and his friends with major Hoople our boarding House gee after what he s been through he May never be the same Iii leave now freckles a i m so glad you Peall right i i was worried to death t and Yoo Wun better notify p a a duo s folks / i Ano let pm / will., know where freckles he is i Tell a Good pm not to it Bye / worry f a Evjy you wont have to worry about him nurse he s the same / me seems to be coming _ Tai Mello rat i m Okay june please 1 Tell mom and pop i l cob \9<�?T> pest Fogt it. Inc. To m ate u s eat. Of by Walt Disney raking in the profits i Onat d Duck r Doggone it j missed again i la be right Back by Martin Hsy Vamp oots Quot what i ton\k4g around Are Voo Ovong ? i to take Rog _ i it act Kohnop a or course. Turning Back buddies no no Rog i i 50st kit ant a Well. _ that Yourl a a stowaway t we Caos t Voo Ano Hakim a talk Klig 11. Vito to Ava. About suggested Twat is. Sup Avo a Voth Voo a av0o Kio Dame is go met a to Rova Orr n it Vav my Manurva. Tell _ Yoo Twat f _ a Nhat f Vav Ste of mov a most because. Yours. A Agger n \ am avg no reason Why Voo Cam go Caluag me. Mats by j. R. Williams out our Way Rog a Why Oso Yoo of vow asm a say in this is i i 6000 la a by Crane Ait a just Cail Hae Al Al Dearie. Well. Are i were tx5 a begin lets take Voll Ai the town Mav be a couple t t k of t0it7z Coto a Xyz v la. N. Mcc 7 / it k a y some customer Watt Tubbs lets see in to Wear a red Flower a wait were. / of course the customer uht turn out to be an old f06v, but it la beat Doin fi6ures Tiu to log a Kwh Sti i smog Catt. Or by of adv sure is Aswell fellow. K Osoy i Lahaie Alloi Mno me to j a customer a for Mim while me Jis Quot a sat to off f _ re a i and t Foat a re behind the headlines Mickey finn it was so x / not vet \ Cleves of Youv mrs Foster j to Call up a but she Buskin Paula j shall As soon has Kitty a As i get read it vet a \ Home j m j la t would t \v-v6s, she will i worry about t Tom every body j it pardner 4 reads Bobby c Kitty probably busking column wont even / a and somebody s see it a will show it it a ,-1 f v. To her sure a by Hamlin no Derrick needed Alley top Wec. Companion sv.5t w Well Quot Doc the have Beek Blo i show s Over. And \ to atoms or look Nowey be i Bucco under. That got a prehistoric i p be of debris /. Girl on our. R _ y hands z \ so or a it att of by ifs or i we i by r i b a we before the scientists could reverse the forces that slammed our. Prehistoric friends nth the 20ii Century Alley oops a menacing a Short circuited the time machine. Alley. Top of 6 som i look at vex that Guy a i us huh i can t look. Teacher asked us All to do a Spring Rome so heres one i wrote Uncle Amos egad Alvin Quot disaster j has its place but Spring should arouse ideas of plotting Birds and bursting buds the reawaken i no of Mother nature Hap a re i could compose a delightful Dit Yramb for you but i fear that do you r any Good i i a a Happy boy in Spring floods take place and fire Bells Ding i can t think of anything so this Apple i you bring a Quot prong makes the major a think of other things. Alvin 1�� in my inc t m a to. U a phyfe pm it n nit my heroes Arl made not born unload All my holdings and grab those twelve thousand shares of Copper that s All to Nik a newspaper a Telephone four minute an he makes fifty to a Underd thousand dollars p amp l e of th0u5an�?T in four minutes we make 12 to is 60 -7io time say. Fifty Veary is nope i a int lived Long enough yet in

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