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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 7, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Pack six Sec. B ked Ryder the High Point Enterprise pied on i Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina team work by Fred Harman Blondie Danwood just sot3ack p2cm a a Wadlington i bolk3jt a Cwick pm to Erv por it my Park it in camphor balls Dagwood Friday april 7, 1939 by Chic y01 _ y did we get mis patent1 r s a. Sio we found out bouncing Quot soap was invented by a Soldier Dusing the revolutionary was we also found out a great great we so ent Twe rest of uis<1 i great grandson life Sving to promote j it then wis son tried it and after we mis grandson r still Tuin it was a Good idea is still going around trying to sell it to some manufacturer i it a a1 r log a j ilk in a a Mandrake. The magician Gold is where you find it in y Al a a quote our boarding House with major Hoople or costs one Buck a step up a to Quot the two pants combination a it Wall doll me out for sunday wows about reaching Nito Twat nest \ of easter eggs you found at Miramar Park and helping an old Friend do to climb you la have the suit for Security and just to show you hh1 kind of a Guy i am i la Yake the extra pair of rompers top your hands of i you la loan me n the smackers i hmm laps nothing would give me More pleasure but every Farthing i possess is tied up in a stupendous peal a that is still in Quot the embryo harrumph 15 that a rent in your Vest or just a spot of egg 2 com Imti a to Ute t in be. Y. It. Or out our Way so you want your old Job Back Well i dont know twines Are a utile Slan l right too i two out by j. R. Williams we was until wife i twats where Hes wrong started Givin Bridge teas an imy son j Kee pin company with a Bank it Ain Tover the poor Guy is Gonna be made miserable the rest of his life now thet his you were pretty Well presidents daughter family. Has got used to j afro j a. Felt fixed after you inherited thet five thousand dollars j a a i to Kinda glad its All Over t luxuries rein the necessities Stead of h necessities Selnt a luxuries f so Ibec of tilt or a sea y m if the busted social ladder Wil a l Alley top what s this by Hamlin to now c Helms to a a vol of ibo extor Arefe a. Breath Tavano scientific Ftp Seq nent is under was. Wms i trim to badge the a Jap or time. He Doc att a St i think we got lox Etc no with that a die Calesa we sent the sough the time machine / Welc. Get out Quot the pal Ojector. Ust n cd be we d a t la Lek of the Wach be a Kex no up for. \ another expect went v sit Vil j w no-0 i s if the is Success a Etc Well startle j i Vonder the entice it How fac. Back Sentif in in time use look Good heavens prehistoric Man a i told you. Doc your time machine its a world Doc we have got something % a t a a a a. Mrm my . A. Vav. By Lee Falk and Phil a Quot me Sissy baby scared to go with master him said need me. Me no go. Sissy baby me. Huh note. Maybe by \ v him wrote to be 1 saying him by my it a forgive d i v1 leave the country within a hours or you will leave in a Box not note for me. Note for him / he did t told me somebody try kill him he Dion told me about note me let him go alone when him need me. My you let him go alone is serious we have to catch him and bring him Back pcs in r where do you think you re going if its any business of you in a going trea Sui i Hunting. Who a yol r Ca 45t \ meanwhile in the bayous a _ Mandrake is stopped by a Strame freckles and his friends fresh volunteers by blk Fyk Send our blood donor. ? seconds count. Now miss Menley we would t Nave time i / i 7 our last Chance but remember this wangle kid tried to put Young my goosey in a ditch a my goosey might wave been on that table himself i you mean Dudley wangle tred to w Eck freckles car p yes a and if or goosey refuses to donate his blood Fok a transfusion Mes within. His rights com. T m my. U. It put Vici or maybe so Bur that the Way i was raised no Donald Duck the last Roundup by Walt Dis Tri if -rn1 a Tok liar hts 4-7 in it a n xxx Aji 1 \ m cd v in a a la j by. Is oar boots and her buddies breaking Camp by Mart \ to not my by pug is. Ini. Ogi a of \ i i Mot Hnot. No Sok Handy i Yoo n pos i it a it Asoono yoga o say Busl an get Asoono Ataya 1 i a Yang hard it a a got we. Got to oots to it it Ady a Voy by waving Ouye an h009. A s to j a i 71 x i vow thy Antty Tao a Yong a to to Ano Asp Jaxn ua9yth Njg. N us Ltd Oao Yoo Baa j Ofca to too go Ahn ext to soc a oot thy v Hao k it \ up Wash Tubbs something up his sleeve by it . A la t m my a % up Oft by Crane Stu up \ some of cup \ Moo Rev Jerk Ixo. Well vow s \ Otto say Rowdy the night \ Aiho Towt a be a club to Sixes 600t ei6 Tor olo these j times Sake Aud v Tif / get me a nifty j08 via a Burly a or x. V p olo tunes t of Well you Kuosin wow it Sake Sas they is. Vou Wiebe a Sar Howey old Mav is still Alic a Gal has gotta groan we about \ make a livm4hash t swe Twat s25t.ooo Sci hooked me for in a breach of Promise suit., Stop Caluag me to ave \ of. Twat to it i us listed. Fifi. You re \ he boy Friest smart. You got brains. \ what was you i could Tura a two said / Savia about bocks sour was lf.,. / a thous at was Twat built \ Gorilla eyeing me Vinh you won t let Nour Uncle Phil Don t worry about the pot. Kitty he drink too much promised me punch. Will you / he d watch a Durling his step its quite Strong sir / True to form what Day Mepen Strong where come from we dip Cuc bread in stuff like this fat Hil skin t Coin the night so bad. Flossie / is still i guess he / Toung. Tom re Al Les the v hell do spot mickeys sum pin to in the same gum things up vet by Lank Leonard no Hope he Don t show nov i know it l fire. I m try in it Knobby he s t Tell. It finish / not right i Quick but a he can t last. He seems it if that Bird is tired of v As Good As x now am i think he is

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