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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 4, 1974, High Point, North Carolina I in i m in w w in sky Story answer to previous Puzzle across i Northern Constellation 4 one of the planets 8 Vega for instance 12 sphere 13 Genus of Willows 14 Sumatran 36 reply a i 37 communists 39 go by 40sit tora portrait wintry month a 42 system 45 gift 49 sect Ion of a school o jul. P o o m i be t i Al o be o i s Al r. S i n 3 t a w amp l. To d s r Al r n m dec t Al w St o sir kill. A t i re a l. Al. A up e. L. As a a s e a. O <3 o to is i t e o u e w Al 1 it pm c Fyk in i v Al he a d b a o re o <3 <3 a pin in t use s t a we la u v Al a c Al w o r o Ell e t w i o Kyj o o a ssh i 3 a Hel e. N s ask Andy High Point Enterprise thursday april 4, 1974 3d Squirrel shrew 51 pronoun 15 sesame 52 dismounted 16 Herdsman a i i 53 proposition 18 Spring. Summer. Autumn 20 eaten away 21 pitch 22 Kiln 24 Den 26 Geraint s wife 27 place 30 hams it up 32 withdraw 34 givers 35 Remote major planet 54 Shoshone an Indian 55 Speed contest 56 vegetable 57 Compass Point Down 1 land parcels 2 iroquoian Indian 3 ritualistic offerings 4 Ursa a 5 solar disk 6 motive 7 perched 8 rigorous 9 Poi source 10 conjunctions 11 demolish 17 attentive one 19 florentine Painter ath Ogema 27 Pine like 28 extinct wild of 29 Hardy heroine 31 mistakes 33 narrow fillets 38 testify 40 Sticky substance 41 satan microorganism 42 Cicatrix 24tyndareus�?T 43 Spanish Jar wife myth i 25 King of Judah bib it 26 curves in a Highway newspaper Enterprise Assn i 44 secular 46 roster 47 Woody fruits 48 Large Plant 50 burnish i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 i i 20 21 a 22 23 24 25 a 26 n 27 28 29 30 31 s 32 33 34 in 35 36 a 37 38 hp9 40 i 41 42 43 44 in 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 4 Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Daniel Macheca age 15, of St. Louis Missouri for his question Why is Africa so Diamond Rich diamonds were discovered first in India Ages ago. In the 1700s deposits were found in South America. The Rich Gem stones of South Africa were discovered in the 1870s and later Richer deposits were found in the Congo. These treasure troves were found More or less by Accident a and chances Are someday even Richer Diamond deposits will be found elsewhere. So far Africa is where most of the Earth a Diamond supplies have been found. Nobody knows exactly where to look for them because geologists Are not exactly sure How diamonds were formed or when and where they were concealed in the Earth a crust. Hard Brilliant Diamond is made entirely from atoms of Ordinary Carbon. Scientists have used intense heat and pressure to crystallize Carbon to form diamonds. We know that crustal upheavals create Many deep pockets of intense heat and pressure where diamonds could be formed from trapped particles of Carbon perhaps similar to Coal. The rocks in diamonds Are found to provide a few clues but they do not explain the whole Story. Most of the w a Jacoby on Lancelot foils mordred plot Bridge known deposits Are embedded in ancient lava Type minerals or among Sands and gravels that have eroded from ancient lavas. The Rich deposits of South Africa seem to have formed at great Depths and welled up with lava toward the surface. The diamonds Are found in so called pipes of bluish Mineral called Kimberlite. The pipes Are deep plugs of this Blue ground from 50 feet to half a mile wide. About 10,000 tons of this Blue Kimberlite must be processed to yield a Pound of diamonds. However most diamonds Are smallish stones flawed and murky. They do not have the Clear sparkling Beauty to become gems. Nevertheless since Diamond is the hardest by far of All the natural substances they Are very useful in Industry. They Are used in cutting tools and drills in abrasive and polishing materials. These workers Are Industrial diamonds a and at least half the world Supply is mined in the african Congo. Other known Diamond deposits Are mined in the urals and Northern regions of Russia and in the mountains of Brazil. A few handsome stones have been found near Murfree sport Arkansas. But without a doubt the richest known deposits Are on the continent of Africa. Most of the Gem stones come from the mines in South and Southwest Africa. The bulk of the worlds Industrial diamonds Are from mines in the Congo and in the african countries of Ghana Sierra Leone Angola and Liberia. By Oswald amp James Jacoby the wily mordred looked Over Dummy quickly. The Normal first play would be Low from Dummy and would have left mordred one trick Short. Lancelot sitting East would win with his Queen and Lead the suit Back. Later on the defense would score two More heart tricks plus the Ace of Spades and King of diamonds. Mordred noted this As quickly As a Knight of the round table could slay a dragon. He went right up with Dummy Sace. If anyone but Lancelot the Peerless Knight and Bridge player had been sitting East mordred a play of the heart Ace followed by an attack in Spades would have brought the contract Home. There would be no Way for the defense to get More than two heart tricks. Unfortunately for mordred Lancelot was ready with the defense against that Ace play. He dropped his Queen under it. North a j 8 6 2 v a7 2 a a to 9 10 6 West East a a 7 4 a 913 v k j 96 v q8 a 875 a k 6 3 2 a .153 a 97 4 2 Soith i a k q to v 105 4 3 a q j 4 lakh both vulnerable West North East thought a while. Figured out exactly what was going on after All Tristram was the second Best player at the Square table. Then he led a Diamond. Mordred had to take that finesse. It lost whereupon Lancelot led his eight of hearts and Tristram cashed three heart tricks. Pass pass 3n.t. Pass South . Pass pening Lead Yeti mordred knocked out the Ace of Spades. Sir Tristram sitting West was on Lead. He port problem Shanghai is China a main seaport and one of the largest ports in the world. Yet by 1905 Silt had reduced Shanghai s Channel to a depth of Only to feet and authorities then predicted the port s Swift demise. Frequent dredging keeps it open. Obviously Africa is Rich in diamonds because of certain geological events that occurred there in the Distant past. Most Likely similar Diamond making conditions occurred on other continents. Who knows someday even Richer Diamond mines May be discovered in North t5h55-Imz a inflight Cine theatre Sayre Shortino Center 2200 of a 885-4427 the barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the magic stage1 Stagecoach trod near Airport 0tut 111-7414 open 7 nights each week sunday night special �?Ts00 per person dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing Quot last of the red hot lovers Quot a comedy >3. The new paunch of a Villa restaurant and Motel open under new management on 1-85 Between Brentwood amp Baker re. 6 00 . 12 00 . Owned and managed by Bob Andrews amp Pete Buck once you see Billy Jack you la not forget them. Technicolor from Warner Bros of stat a Kirin Al sur. Service i e3 25 4 held Over the Way we were shows 7 05 amp 9 15 in a those a Trinity hoi swamp Bend Are Back Terence Hill he. Ahead amp a rut Spencer a Center downtown it main St shows 1 00, 3.00 5 00, 7 00, 9 00 thursday shrimp Fry r l mar rt�4 4>r0 inti a 4s Iliili Fufla a Eli i Iii can eat Cole Slaw French Fries mus puppies. Seafood restaurant 1711 North main St. Children under 9 Only 1�?� All tie toy or boys a Gator bait 7 00 amp 9 00 Martin twin us 1801 Westchester or /885 009? 7 00 amp 9 00 a Fuqua company movie Fotinos Tor parents and Young people Thabo Ltd i of Tho tat not a to Pant nil a amp it Tho Tvett amp a hey to it Ovi by by then it farm All Ages admitted pm All Ages admitted ,.tai Oilton su99�?~�< some mat Felt Al Way a stable Tor of r restricted Lind 17 a a Vul to it ton it Pon 9 Parent a adult guar Don x Noone under 17 admitted a i it May vary in it it tags a a tat Imode is it ims tvs sul Oso a Mohon in Tim coot of Siu Mouton the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise i Elliott Gould i Robert Blake starts tomorrow color Martin twin i 1801 Westchester dr./885 0097 you be been j Coffy sized Lacula sized and \ a superfly de but now you re Gonna be i glorified unified and fixed with Pride. When you see five on Tho i Biack Hanm sine my America. There is one known Deposit in Arkansas. And several Fine diamonds have been found in eroded materials around the great lakes. Some geologists suspect these specimens May have been washed Down by melting glaciers from Rich Diamond deposits perhaps in the far North. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Linda Pinkowski age la of Gurnee Illinois for her question How do we get oxygen when the Winter Trees Are Hare the filmy atmosphere wraps around the entire Globe merging with land and sea and reaching up hundreds of Miles above our Heads. Near the surface everywhere its mixture of gases is More or less the same from Polo to pole. Summer and Winter it contains about 78 per cent nitrogen and 21 per cent oxygen plus traces of a few other gases and various helpings of pollution particles. We know that oxygen is contributed by the Alai Seffl v.iwcttt7r la to 11 a tar Green Plant world a and that Many Trees lose their leaves during the Winter makes no difference to the amount of our oxygen for the breezes distribute the Supply around the Globe. What a More a Large portion of the oxygen in the air comes from teeming Little Green plants in the sea. And the Salty seas cover the largest part of our planet. When our Trees lose their leaves forests of evergreens continue to pour out oxygen a and countless tons of oxygen Are added by zillions of tiny plants that swarm in the oceans from pole to pole. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Kathleen Mitchell age la of Schenectady new a York for her question How Long does it take a Ray of sunlight to reach us the Sunbeam that just landed on your nose set out from Home about eight minutes ago. Everywhere in the universe rays of Light travel at the same old Speed a a which is about 186,282 Miles per second. The planet Earth is about 93 million Miles from the starry Sun. When one of our sunbeams they called Frank Serpico a hippie a fag a loner. He was an honest cop on a corrupt police Force. Al racing 10 Quot Serpico 7 00 9 20 j 99 Chi actor no mint this is a True Story of the police scandal in new York could it happen in your town theatre i Parris leaves the Sun it whips across this distance at 11,176,920 Miles every minute a which is a Little faster than 67 million Miles per hour. Travelling at this fantastic Speed a Ray of Light from the blazing Sun takes about 490 seconds to reach the Earth. Actually it takes about eight minutes plus a Little longer than two extra seconds. The Light from the next nearest starry Sun takes about four and a half years to reach the Earth. A special new�?T74 edition on stage starts today at dusk fl883-4 217\drive-in theatre a last night 1st run in area adults i 50 Linda love face do zip tm2cat i Alt ii Colon at 8 07 plus at 9 48 Quot class of 74&Quot All in color cartoon at 8 pm last 3 och Yudt Quot a Western sizzling Steak House lots of specials ,-sl4,-s4? 11 . 11 . Steak amp eggs 6 00 . To 11 00 . $1.39 to $1.69 banquet rooms amp take out service available. Z 800 n. Main pm. 885-8454 z wed. April 17th thru Sun. Apr. 21 7 big performances wed april 17th -8pm thur april 18th a 8 . 19th a 8pm 20th j 4 8 pm Sun apr 21 St 5 4 6 pm opening night wed. Apr. 17 is Belk family night All seats half Price thunderbird drive in theatre 812 Greensboro Road Frankie amp Johnny go tickets a 3.50 4.50 5.50 All seats reserved on Sale coliseum Box office or Belk Uptown amp Friendly child i in Sunder Bijj ? Price thurs 8 . A sunday a 6 . Mail orders filled Send Check or w o. I. Disney on Parade it. Coliseum 1921 w it Greensboro . State desired and Emalese a stamped self addressed envelope far ticket return. Greensboro coliseum its Here a country bumpkin Roundup first run of of. A ladies and gentlemen the president has Deen shot a a where were you when this was broadcast now see the truth behind the Story time anyone with Thi newspaper dating nov. 22, 193 with the Story of the shooting admitted free shows at 1 56 3 42 5 28 7 14 9 00 adults 2.00 children under 12 .75 rated pm a must for those who dig history now a full length country film made especially for the big theatre screen not made for to featuring in alphabetical order hellos Butrum Archie Campbell Roy Clark Hank Cochran grandpa Jones Waylon Jennings Webb Pierce Jean Shepard Hank Snow Nat Stuckey Hank Thompson Freddy Weller Faron Young in color g a tat 5v�?xlabllit7hau a filmed in pad in Ca Lyciy Stampede country music Hall of Fame Las a Brae and Knotts Berry farm. Quot Road \ plus to Nashville Quot country music on Broadway a Center downtown i main St Burt lambaste Robert Ryan an Edward of executive am probably the most controversial film of our time starts tomorrow. First 8 cars each night Friday saturday amp sunday to bring in their idea of a country bumpkin will receive a free pass and a copy of Cal Smith s recording of Quot country bumpkin Quot. Also. A country bumpkin contest. Each night. The 3 people dressed most like a country bumpkin wins a 2-month pass \

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