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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 2, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 12b High Point Enterprise tuesday april 2, 1974 Olio answer to previous Puzzle across i Southern state 8 tributary of the Ohio 13 venerated 14 one of the pilgrims 15 Stowe character 16 new zealand Parrot 17 peruse 18 cultivated 20 preposition to soak flax 22 poisonous element 25 autos 27 renovated 31 percussion instrument 32 cooking utensil 33 italian capital 34 medicinal Plant last it for i 36 treat Lake 37 female spirit Irish 39 rave 40 stipple 42 chemical suffix 45 Lone scout a it 46 exposed to danger 50 leather thong 52 manuscripts a 53 uncooked 54 rigid 55 repeat 57 Lance 58 gives Confidence to Dohn 1 chafe 2 son of Jacob bib 3 Ellipsoidal 4 musical note 5 Ann oyers 6 acts 7 Baranof Mountain 8 european Swallow 9 Island it for 10 jewish month 11 ancient persian 12 present month a. I 19 biggest 20 concerning 23 expunged 24 breakfast foods 25 Genus of Trees 26 presently 28 hackneyed 29 exude 30 English River 31 chatter Coll it 32 Hammer Heads 38 assistant 39 hashes lightly 41 corrodes 42 hops kilns Var i 43 Pace 44 sea Eagle 47 Sandaran tree 48 appointed lot 49 female sheep i pm i 51 King of Judah it bib 52 feminine appellation 56 Symbol for ruthenium ask Andy to ask a question of Andy address postal cords not letters a to ask Andy Caro of Tho High Point Enterprise. To sure to include your name ego Nome of your parents and address. Valuable prizes ors Given to those Whoso questions ors selected for Tho column. News Papen Enterprise Assn i i 2 3 4 a 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 a 16 17 18 19 a a 2 1 by 21 22 23 24 24 26 27 28 29 30 31 i 32 i 33 34 i 35 i 36 37 38 i 39 40 41 42 43 44 i 45 a 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 in 53 54 55 56 57 58 2 Randolph educators John Maddocks left new president of the Randolph county Assn. Of educators presents a plaque recently to retiring president mrs. Mary Ellis. The presentation followed the group s annual banquet in Asheboro. Other officers installed by county school superintendent John Lawrence included j. Worth Younts jr., first vice president Thayer Tyson second vice president mrs. Jane Andrews Secretary and Karen Kipp treasurer. Mak school report a Jacoby on Bridge experts hard to locate by Oswald amp James Jacoby How did South manage to get set two tricks at this three no Trump contract the answer is that South was an expert and when experts go wrong they really go wrong. His nine of diamonds held the first trick and As you can see he could now count on three diamonds three hearts and three Spades. Of course he needed finesse in both diamonds and hearts but they were right there staring him in the face. South was sure of the Diamond finesse but did t want to risk the heart finesse if he did no to have to. So he led a club at trick two. West ducked and Dummy Sio lost East s Jack. East red Back a Diamond and West s King lost to Dummy Sace. South came to his hand with a Spade and led a second club. West won this trick with the Ace and cleared the Diamond suit. Now South led out his last two High Spades. West North a 10 8 5 v k j 7 a a 6 3 a q1072 West East a 63 a j 972 a q to 3 9864 a k 10842 a 75 ak4 �T�.18 6 Soi til i a a kq4 a a 52 a q j 9 a l 5 3 North South vulnerable West North East South int. Pass 3n.t. Pass pass pass opening Lead a 4 chucked a heart. It now looked to South As if East held the guarded Queen of hearts and the King of clubs in addition to the last Spade. South led his four of Spades. East won led a club to his partner and West s two Good diamonds completed the two trick set. The purest Metal yet achieved is the Gray White Metal germanium. In 1967 a purity of 99 999 per cent had been achieved last tuesday the seniors met to discuss graduation. Five committees were selected to begin work. They were last will and testament prophecy senior week senior picnic and the class Day program. The Beta club is now Selling Popcorn to raise Money for the state convention. At their last meeting they elected officers for the 1974-75 school year. They Are president Debbie Cecil vice president David Lee recording Secretary. Him Shelton corresponding Secretary Terri Culler and treasurer Sarah Murphy. A Bike a Thon will be held on March 30. This is sponsored by the health careers club to raise Money for the March of dimes they Are also planning an easter party for the children at Mills Home on april 8. Also at easter the youth for Christ club will be taking easter baskets to children who will be staying in the Hospital Over the holidays. Eight Ledford speech students participated in the Carolina District nil contest hosted by Myers Park High school in Charlotte this past Friday and saturday. The debate team of Don Lilly Billy Mcbride advanced to tuesday Ledford High by Jill Jordan Semi finals in Etem and Ricky Swaim posted a 3-1 record in preliminary rounds. This qualified them for quarterfinals where they were Defeated by Lakeside a. On a 2-1 ballot. In original oratory. Sarah Murphy and Chip Speaks advanced to Quarter finals. Michelle Luck qualified for Semi finals. A Iraneous speaking while Patricia Todd advanced to the final round where she ranked fifth. Brian Lakin qualified for the final round in dramatic interpretation and was presented an award for third place Winner of the contest. The Carolina District of the National forensic league is composed of schools from North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Tennessee and West Virginia. Our baseball team began conference play this week with southwestern Randolph As their first scheduled game. Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Julie Bunker age 12, of grand rapids Minnesota for her question How do lizards differ from salamanders zoologists Tell us that lizards Are reptiles and salamanders Are amphibians. Both tribes Are cold blooded creatures that have lived on Earth through hundreds of millions of years. At a Quick glance a Salamander looks very much like a smallish Lizard. But actually their squat Little bodies Are very different a and so Are their life stories. A Lizard has a scaly skin Strong enough to shed the rain and protect him from drying out in the Sunshine. He is a warmth Loving reptile. The Salamander has a soft skin moist with Clammy mucus. It can absorb dissolved oxygen from water and from moisture in the Damp air. But it cannot protect its owner from dry air and Bright Sunshine. He must live in moist Shady surroundings preferably near a Stream or Pond. He is called an amphibian because life is shared with water and dry land. Chances Are the Lizard has claws on his tiny toes. The salamanders toes May be tipped with soft Little pads but he has no claws. The lizards 6,000 or so reptilian relatives include All the snakes and crocodiles the turtles and tortoises a plus the nine foot Long Tomodo dragon who weighs up to 300 pounds. The salamanders 3,-000 or so amphibian relatives include All the frogs and toads a variety of Dainty Little newts plus some Lazy mud puppies and hellbender. Just a touch of your Finger can Tell you which is which for the lizards scaly skin is dry and the bumpy looking skin of the Salamander is moist and Clammy. But the really insurmountable difference lies in the Way they live. And their different family life styles Are related to the Long stories of their family Trees. Way Back in devonian Days some 350 million years ago a few fishy creatures flopped onto the dry land. Most of them perished. But a few managed to gulp Down oxygen from the air a and survive out of the water. They were amphibian ancestors the very first backbones animals who left the ancient seas for life on the dry land. However Only the adult amphibians performed this bold Miracle. They returned to the water to Lay their eggs. Their hatchling lived through a fishy stage with Only Gills to take oxygen from the water. When they graduated to the adult stage the Gills were traded for air breathing lungs. The salamanders and other amphibians still Lay Jelli fied eggs in water or moisture and go through a fishy childhood. The first reptiles arrived on land several million years later. And they Laid eggs with Tough shells Able to survive out of water. Their Young ones hatched with air breathing lungs ready to live All their lives on the dry land. In time the successful rep tile clan produced the remarkable dinosaurs that dominated All life on the land. Most reptiles still Lay eggs though a few give birth to live Young. All the amphibians still Lay soft Jelli fied eggs like those of their ancestors. And the eggs plus the first fishy stage of life must be spent where Gills can take oxygen from moisture. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of Nar Nia to Holly Williams age 9, of Gastonia North Carolina for her question which planet is closest to the Earth on january 23. The distance Between Earth and the planet Venus was about 25 million Miles. This is the closest that any planet can come to us a and it does no to happen very often. And when it does happen the other planet is always Venus. Our second closest planet neighbor is Mars. Once in a great while Mars comes As close As 35 million Miles. As the planets swing around their orbits those on the inside lanes keep catching up and passing those in the outer lanes. This is Why the distances of All the planets change from moment to moment. After january 23, when Venus came within 25 million Miles it began moving farther away. During Early january the distance of Mars was 78 million Miles. By the end of the month it had moved As far away As 106 million Miles. Mars can come As close As 35 million Miles a but Golden Venus can come ten million Miles closer. A a Western size in Steak House sirloin $ 169 tips i la . Steak amp eggs 6 . To 11 . $1.39 to $1.69 Tok out service banquet rooms available 800 n. Main pm. 885-8454 Security guards lipped with two Way re diet Deer seek end Niflot watchmen Adit will pr0tict r4%.ltpv,�?~do7 Davis patrol a watchman service 126 n. Main High Point . Coll 886-4025 help stamp out Lazy Money. Rate maturity annual yield Type savings 6%% 2v2 years $15,000 minimum 6.98% certificate 6v2% 2 years $10,000 minimum 6.72% certificate 6v4% i year $5,000 minimum 6.45% certificate 5v4% anytime o Ann amount 5.39% passbook a of savings and dividends Are left to compound Over a full year on these new. Higher Rote certificates Federal regulations require All financial institutions to invoke a 90-Day forfeiture of earnings if withdrawn prior to maturity and the earnings on the withdrawals revert to the passbook rate. Let a savings expert help you plan for the future with a savings plan to fit your budget. Perpetual savings 14 2 4 and loan association a a. Wit Malim Mimm moist o aet maim in of hotel e a a a it be sure you Are registered april 8 last Day a a eels ter May 7 primaries City and for county Bond election of you have been a resident of the state of North Carolina and of the precinct for thirty Days and have not registered to vote you must Register on or before april 8, 1974 to vote in the May 7 primaries City and county Bond. Of you have moved from one precinct to another since registering and have been a resident of your new precinct thirty Days you must Transfer to the new precinct on or before april 8, 1974 to be eligible to vote in the primaries City and county Bond election. Change of party affidavits must be made on or before april 8th, 1974 to be effective for the May 7th, 1974 election. Registrars will not be at the polling places on any saturday prior to the primary. Only registered democrats will be eligible for democratic primary. Only registered republicans will be eligible for Republican primary. Independents will not be eligible to vote in primary Only on the Bonds and Board of education. Polling places will be opened 6 30 . To 7 30 . May 7, 1974. You May Register or Transfer at the Board of elections office City county bldg., 222 s. Hamilton Street High Point . Monday thru Friday 8 00 . To 5 00 ., or with any of the following registrars by appointment Only at their residence precinct registrars no i no. 2 no. 3 no 4 no. 5 no. 6 no. 7 no. 8 no. 9 no. To no. Ii no. 12 no. 13 no. 14 no. 15 no. 16 no. 17 no. 18 no. 19 no. 20 no. 21 810 Ferndale blvd. Mrs. Eula a. Robbin 1102 Council St. 230 Woodrow ave. 609 w. Farris ave. 1001 w. College drive mrs. Hattie Leach. 205 Underhill St. 1019 e. Green drive 1409 Wendover drive 610 Clover drive mrs. Margaret c. 601 Hedrick St. 604 s. Elm St. 1402 Regan St. Mrs. Eleanor l. V 1005 s. Elm St. 328 Connor place 417 Royal Oak ave. Mrs. Mary f. Hubbar 3627 Westfield St. 2418 n. Centennial St. 213 Moore ave. Soo Lindale or. Mrs. Frances w. Koon 3409 Langdale drive mrs. Arlene Foster 103 Rollingwood or. Phone polling places Central High gymnasium Ferndale Junior High school Kirkman Park school Emery Wood Baptist Educ. Bldg. Providence St. Entrance Mon lieu ave. School 882-2172 William Penn High school City county bldg. 222 s. Hamilton St. Northwood elem. School Johnson Street school Tomlinson school Guilford county bldg. 258 s. Main St. Brentwood school Blair Park club House 1901 s. Main St Oak Hill school vow Post 1960 302 w. Burton St. Oak View school 889-2336 Northeast Junior High school Allen Jay High school presbyterian Home Oak View Grange Hall lanyard re. Union Hill school 206 Triangle Lake Road. The Board of elections office will be open on saturday april 6, 1974 from 9.00 . To 5 00 . Monday april 8, 1974 last Day. 8 . 6 30 . Of you Are Uncertain about your registration status inquire at the Board of elections office or Call 886-4498 Guilford county Board of elections c. Patrick Adams chairman 8-11 a ,

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