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Herkimer Evening Telegram Newspaper Archives May 20 1983, Page 1

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Herkimer Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Herkimer, New York The evening Telegram vol xxxv no Ito twelve Pagels a the people s choices Herkimer Ilion. N a. Friday. May 20, 1983 pin 191440 25 Sio copy Kain makers i \ in nov Knohr it thai if it on Wash in Ltd Wax your Cai it s sore to bring on lain. So if Nom want to Bla me \ a \ s and a night s rain on someone Vian Nasypany left and Joe i Ariel of the Herkimer i ire department Are prime targets As they washed and polished engine number one Early yesterday afternoon. It photo by Steve Toone it barrage it h storms leaves seven dead by the so related press a barrage of tornadoes bombarded Houston nod other communities in Southeast Texas and Central Louisiana Early today killing seven people injuring dozens and u rocking hundreds of Homes. The seven deaths Pius i drowning reported in flooding in Mississippi pushed the death toll to 14 in two Days of severe thunderstorms twisters and flooding across the South entire communities in Central Louisiana were left without Power today and Many roads were blocked As the twisters toppled Trees and Mobile Homes thunderstorms roaring across Dixie on wednesday local lines if can ring tonight Frankfort the Frankfort fire department will hold their annual memorial Day program at 6 tonight at memo Nat Park Are the a hush the Junior it lass at Herkimer senior High school will sponsor a car Wash from to to 4 All Village residents encouraged to join department Iii honouring All deceased Frankfort Volunteer firemen plan Nett saturday. May 21, at the Agwa Gas station on state St. Herkimer to biliary plans dance Schuyler the How Schuyler fire dept. May auxiliary will Holt a dance 1,1 at the West Frankfort fire by. On Newport Rudd 21 from m . To j music will in provided alive. Magic Shote set Utica the team of Ray and Mary Amendolare will perform a combination of balloon magic escape artistry and illusion for visitors to m u be urn natural science this saturday 21, at 1 30 . The children s of history Quot history and May lion fit action set Middleville tie Evv. Corey Hose Middleville Volunteer fire department will hold a Benefit auction and bake Sale at 11 . On May 21 at the Middleville file House North main Street Albany. the number thursday in new \ anthers Dante daily numbers game was 325. The win four Nimiller York s was 1060. A picked weather tonight will be Cloudy with a 40 percent Chance it showers and Low temperatures of 50 to 55 degrees. Bain is expected inside saturday possibly heavy at times with a Chance of a thunderstorm highs will he around 65. More rain is Likely sunday with highs in the 60s and Low s in the 40s and 50s. There is a Chance of showers monday and tuesday with highs continuing Iii the 60s and lows in the 40s and 50s i hut Hies in i ii it litmus among the Many High school june graduates will he six sets of twins who w ill also by receiving diplomas from Herkimer county High schools this year for an account of their experiences in being a twin and some of the confusion that goes along with it see the living today news on Page it. Hmm season opens they la be off and racing at the Mohawk bicycle to to Cross track tomorrow morning weather per mitting As the highly successful Bax track begins its second season of operation at to a in tonne Row. For More on this and other Aiea and National results see sports pages 8 and 9 area news classified ads comics to crossword Date Book editorials Horoscope 3 10 11 to 5 4 to hospitals today obituaries sports state news Stock Market world new s 3 5 3 a 9 2 3 2 economist decries doubt by Bob Kelder economist Haig bahian told the Small business Council of the Herkimer county chamber of com Merce last night that he expects to see the Economy improve Over the next year and a half or longer hut warned that americans must beware of being a psyched out Quot by doubts. Speaking at a dinner meeting of about 60 Council members and guests at the Beardslee Manor Little Falls. Or bahian said we must become believers. A Why is there so much doubt about How Long the recovery will last Quot or Babian said. A what happened to us americans used to he optimistic All of a sudden we re afraid we re doubting Thomases Quot these psychological changes have teen transpiring Over the past 15 to 20 years he said As an example he said americans were told the russians were tumblers and do anything right he added. A now they Are challenging us it hurts our psyche we were All brought up to believe America has the greatest Industrial set up in the world nobody could mass produce like us suddenly we find its not True a similar thing happened with the atom bomb. He noted America thought it was the sole possessor of the bomb but Over the past to years has had to bargain the Oil Supply problems with rising prices also Shook us up he feels. Speaking further of the arabian Oil producers or bahian said they put Large amounts of their new Lound Money into american Bank and the Hanks started to lend it to Mexico Brazil Argentina and other countries by Tho millions if the Oil producers suddenly want the Money Back it creates problems including High interest rates Quot see How silly it gets a he asked Quot a e can to afford to have those countries go bankrupt Quot one Day the picture is Black and the next Day its White but we must keep a straight line it does t mean but he said people get nervous the Stock Market fluctuates and anomalies or deviations from the commonplace become common he added. Quot its difficult to get a handle on what to believe when nothing seems to work As its supposed to work he said that not since the civil War has there been so Many structural changes in the american Economy but i see a prolonged period of Progress Quot he said Quot some will lose jobs but the Economy is a cruel arbiter its highly impersonal Twenty per cent in the height of the recovery had trouble meeting their food he went on. Quot and what of the other eighty per cent0 they were buying to games if that s not an anomaly. I done to know what or bahian said the rules of Success and failure in business Are changing but he added that he would take the positive approach and move ahead rather than contemplate possible failure. Recovery is Here he insisted. Hut whether it goes on beyond 1984 boils Dow n to the Federal budget deficit he predicted that the decline in unemployment will be slow. Staying at about eight per cent he added Quot inflation in the first Quarter of this year is Zero we be been a rust red to things roaring along interest rates have another percentage Point to come he said housing recovery is Good and will improve the Federal budget deficit will to a big Issue in the next National elections he feels. Quot if it appears to he going Down from the present $191 billion the american people will have or Babian referred to the growing Quot enormous participation of women Quot in the Economy he said 50 percent of the work Force will by women in the next decade in a question and answer session following his com merits or bahian said he is not anti Union but said they will have to change in con duct in the coming years Quot it s impossible to bring new raw Flower into the negotiating position like management did in the last Thev can to demand More than they can produce. The Economy is a great arbiter Quot As for foreign imports he said some things like japanese cars Are just better. A we can to penalize efficiency if we do the american customer pays the penalty if it weren to for the japanese cars american autos would t he added. A we can to preach tree Enterprise and be afraid to accept its challenges on the International he said the Day May come in the Distant future when countries will let other countries produce what they can do i letter or Babian currently serves As Chiel economist and directing editor of the research Institute of America As Well As timing it i professor of economic it race f nicer site economist Speaks a the Small business Council of the Herkimer county chamber of Commerce hosted a visit by or. Laig Babian chief economist and directing editor of the research Institute of America during a dinner meeting thursday \ at Beardslee Manor. Little Falls. From left Patrick Tyksinski. Chairman or bahian Walter la Olimski. Co in in ii n in a Lions rom Iii it be chairman and Ary Luther chamber president or. Babian Nave an optimistic View of the Economy Fin the routing year of mole. And thursday unleashed More than 30 twisters and up to h inches of rain in places chasing hundreds of people from their Homes Texas civil defense officials reported three people dead in Northern Harris county near Houston and sheriffs deputies said two were killed in a Tornado that struck new Caney and Porter in Montgomery county North of the City. A Waller county she Rifle a dispatcher said two trailer Park residents a 15-year-old Imit and an 8-year-old girl were killed As tornadoes blew away their Homes. Quot both bodies were found 50 to 80 feet from their trailers Quot said the dispatcher who declined to give his name Waller county lies immediately Northwest of Houston residents in West and North Houston reported "12 to 15�?� tornadoes sheriffs Cpl. Tom Twardowsky said hundreds were left homeless in the Northern Houston suburbs of Spring and Klein where Homes and businesses were a roofed. Caswell said. Power was reported out throughout the area emergency shelters were set up in new Caney Klein. Hempstead in Waller county and at a Houston apartment Complex where 153 of the 513 apartment units were reported damaged a there is a serious flooding danger in the area today a Caswell said Quot there is none now. But More heavy Rains Are forecast and with the rain we be had till now. Any More would cause at least a dozen people were injured officials said tornadoes also smashed through much of Central Louisiana demolishing scattered Homes and buildings with the heaviest damage reported in Sabine Natchitoches Lasalle Winn and Caldwell parishes Stone confirmation expected in Senate Washington a Richard Stone appears on his Way to Senate confirmation As president Reagan s Central american troubleshooter despite initial misgivings about his work for the fallen government a i Guatemala. Stone. 54. A democratic senator from Florida from 1974 until his defeat in a primary election in 1980, was nominated by president Reagan on april 28 As special representative to the troubled Central american Region the Senate foreign relations committee was holding a confirmation hearing today with some committee officials predicting Sharp questions about administration policy in Central America but no opposition to the nominee. A a there were questions raised Early on but they have not materialized into formal opposition a said sen Richard Lugar r ind. An administration supporter a there is no known opposition in the committee to him a said an aide to a democratic member speaking on condition he not he identified. A unanimous or nearly unanimous recommendation from the foreign relations committee would virtually assure stones confirmation by the full Senate. Stone was nominated alter rep. Clarence Long did chairman of the House appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations asked for such an emissary As a condition of approving additional military assistance for Al Salvador initial criticism of the nomination entered on Stone s role As a registered agent for the guatemalan government of Genfi Ernando Romeo Lucas Garcia. A regime widely denounced by human rights organizations Stone a member of the International Law firm of Proskauer Hose Goetz and Mendelsohn was hired by Guatemala on f be 13. 1981 part of his Job was to promote negotiations bet Ween Guatemala and the former British Colony of Belize which Guatemala claims As its territory he was also supposed to improve Guatemala s relations with the United states which Cut off military assistance in 1977 because of criticism of Guatemala s human rights record Jet returns from Cuba r world in Brief a prescription for disaster Miami api president Reagan in another Campaign St vie trip. Said today Congress will be writing a Quot prescription for disaster Quot if it fails to give arms to Central America and will be held accountable by americans if the Region Falls to leftist revolution in a speech to a cuban american audience. Reagan also described Fidel Castro a government As Quot a new fascist regime responsible for repression and terror in a two hour trip Here. Reagan was having lunch at a cuban restaurant in an area known As Little Havana and speaking at festivities marking Cuba s Independent from Spain in 19112 policy reversed Washington a in a major reversal of the Reagan administrations 2 year drive to ease business regulation the office of management and budget approved continuing a requirement that textile companies install ventilation equipment to limit worker exposure to Cotton dust sources say ii decision thursday by Agency director i Xiv id a Stockman overturned the recommendation of Christopher , bomb administrator for information and regulatory affairs said administration sources talks to open new York a Man who hijacked a a new York bound Eastern airlines Jet was homesick and missed his wife and three children in Cuba according to a passenger who served As his interpreter Quot he explained to me that he was lonesome. He was sometimes on the verge of tears a a Amy o Brien said thursday night after flight 24 arrived safely at Laguardia Airport from Miami nearly so hours late after timing forced to Havana Chris Mazzella Anfu by spokesman in Miami said the Hijacker seized in Havana Quot had a family in Cuba and Wasny table to get them Hack to the u Quot we really can t say for certain whether he had a bomb Quot Mazzella said after agents interviewed passengers and Crew members in Miami mrs. Of Brien a cuban native now living in Law draws line Dallas apr Union workers have sacrificed enough and the big three Auto manufacturers must a do the giving in the next round of contract talks says the new president of the United Auto workers. Quot we be Given All we re going to give we re tired of being blamed for the Industry a problems a Owen Bieber the first of a new generation of Law leaders said thursday. A a in a deadly serious when i say its their turn to do the the former vice president of the a awl a general motors corp department was sworn in thursday at the unions constitutional convention in Dallas after his overwhelming election by delegates the Day before. The 53-year-old native of the grand rapids mich., area replaced Douglas a. Fraser 66, who retired because of Union rules prohibiting re election of officers after they Are 65. It is possible talks will begin Early at Chrysler corp. This year Bieber said at a news conference adding he intends to get a seat on Chrysler Board of directors. The unions pact with Chrysler expires Jan. 14 Bieber said he wants Laid off pm workers at Fremont calif., to get jobs in a pm Toyota motor corp joint venture proposed fell 14 the agreement is now being reviewed by the Federal Trade commission. About 6,800 workers were Laid off Early last year when pm s Fremont Plant closed indefinitely the new venture there will create Only 3.000 jobs. Asked whether he supports workers being called Back according to seniority. Bieber said a you can to answer that question yes or no and realistically meet the requirements of the Start up of a he and former labor Secretary William Usery who is Gmys labor consultant in the venture Are to meet next wednesday tentatively in Detroit to discuss the matter besides Fraser six other top leaders retired this week they along with Fraser. Were the last to work directly with the late Law president Walter Reuther in the unions earliest Days in the 1930s. Bieber said he will continue the a awl a forceful bargaining stance and push for legislation requiring a certain percentage of . Made parts in cars sold in this country. Bieber negotiated the first concessions contract in Gmys history last year saving the no. I automaker some $2 billion through sept 14. 1984. Pm had lost More than $760 million in 1980 Jamaica the West indies said the Hijacker who told her his name was Carlos Arias carried two Sticks of dynamite Quot la looked very convincing to me Quot said mrs of Brien Quot he told me he had gotten the dynamite rom an army Abc news reporter Bonnie Anderson who was aboard the air plane said the Hijacker Quot was carrying a Small package in front of him that appeared to be two different tubes covered with a yellow plastic and on top of them two Jack Barker spokesman for the f ederal aviation administration in Atlanta said. Quot it came through to us from the aircraft that the Man claimed to have a bomb. Whether he had one or not i Don t know he stayed in the Cabin he did t go into the the Jet was diverted soon after it took off from Miami International Airport at 2 19 . Bound for Laguardia Airport in new York said Eastern airlines spokesman Jim Ashlock Washington it a it Itie Bell system facing divestiture by Early next year is opening labor contract til iks w Ith three unions representing More than 630,000 employees representatives of management met separately thursday at a downtown hotel with negotiators for the communications workers it America representing some 50u, Joo 1411 workers the International brotherhood of electrical workers with Loo Kio members and the telecommunications International Union which represents about 30,000 people. At amp to is scheduled to divest itself of its operating Telephone companies by Jan i. 1984 restrictions rejected Washington a stockholders in the Xerox corp. For a third consecutive year overwhelmingly rejected proposals to restrict the company a business operations in South Africa the proposals were put Forth at thursday s shareholders meeting by the United Church of Christ the american lutheran Tureh of Minneapolis the Public employees and teachers retirement systems of California and other groups to protest South africans segregationist policies in a proxy statement to shareholders. Xerox said the firm opposes South Africa s system of racial separation known As apartheid but feels a a business should not intrude i the internal affairs of any Host dissident sentenced Moscow a dissident writer Leonid Borodin has been sentenced to i to years in a labor Camp to be t allowed by i Ive it Ais internal exile the official news Agency Tass said the report thursday said a Moscow City court convicted Borodin of charges of anti soviet agitation and propaganda Borodin 45, had teen arrested in May 1982 Tass reported earlier that he previously was convicted of committing a a dangerous state crime Quot but it gave no details syrian reversal sought by the associated press . Special envoy Philip a Habib is pressing efforts to reverse syrians opposition to the israeli lebanese troop withdrawal Accord by seeking support for the agreement from f egyptian. Saudi and jordanian leaders Habib his planned visit to Damascus scrapped by a syrian Rebuff conferred w till egyptian and saudi officials thursday and plans to visit Jordan As part of an urgent Middle East shuttle to soften syrians intransigence. Syrian president Hafez Assad a government has vowed to sabotage the agreement signed tuesday by Israel and Lebanon after months of negotiations. The Accord Calls for Israel to withdraw its 25,000 troops from Lebanon when Syria and the Palestine liberation organization pull out their forces. While not a formal peace treaty the agreement also ends the state of War Between Israel and Lebanon in effect making lebanese president Amin Gemayel a government the second in the Arab world to recognize Israel Egypt and Israel normalized relations in 1979. Syria and the Plo contend the Accord threatens lebanese sovereignty endangers syrian Security and damages Arab Solidarity the syrians have said they will refuse to withdraw their 40,000 troops from Lebanon and have vowed unspecified retaliation against Gemayel a government for signing the pact. In other Mideast developments a Plo sources in Damascus said thursday that a rebellion by 320 Plo troops in Lebanon opposed to the moderate leadership of chairman Yasser Arafat has been quelled. The sources who asked not to lie identified claimed commanders had stopped the mutely without violence. A in Rome lebanese foreign minister Elie Salem conferred with his italian counterpart f Milio Colombo As part of a f european shuttle to get More troops for the multinational Force in Lebanon. The Force is composed of 5,400 ., italian French and British soldiers a

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