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Herkimer Evening Telegram Newspaper Archives May 10 1986, Page 4

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Herkimer Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Herkimer, New York 4�?evening Telegram saturday May to 1986 i a or a 9 9 a Telegram opinions Story of Gen. Herkimer at Oriskany a re h Pai ii in air Pitt a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a. Sun Elreed the British Campaign i Accident Impact a big concern the nuclear Accident at chernobyl has been a valuable learn i of tool for emergency preparedness for those Conn tries fortunate enough to escape problems linked with the mishap. One of the dangers associated with any Type of nuclear facility is not just the immediate loss of lives in the Short run should the Horst conceivable thing happen but it is also the Long term impart of the radioactive fallout. The soviets claim Only Fen lies have been lost As a result of the Accident so far. Other sources offer a differing Story. Amp hat is obvious though is the dramatic impart the Accident is having on the soviet food Supply. Radiation can destroy crops and destroy hater supplies. Already the soviet government has begun to ask common Market nations to sell it additional food this year because of the Accident. The Ukraine is the heartland of the soviet agricultural Industry. The fallout has crippled that part of the Region. Merely surviving the initial problems of radioactive fallout Arentt enough. The real grim Story is the Impact of fallout of life that remains. And another unanswered question is How Long the Impact of the radioactive fallout remains. I he Sov Iet Union May have just begun to experience problems from that Accident. Worse things May be on the nay. A tip of the hat to these folks i he evening Telegram congratulates the Foli oing persons and or organizations for their accomplishments contributions in the Community this past week a the Herkimer county legislature for proclaiming april 28-m a i As a loyalty Day w Eek Iii the county. A Herkimer county bocks for holding its 13th annual open House for the Public and students. A former county administrator \ Ictor Norman for his years of county service. A Joseph variant. Chris Reilly. Richard Ventura an Nick Parrott of Frankfort Schuyler Central school for being selected to attend Hoys state conference. A Deborah Donatio of Frankfort for timing chosen iwo Herkimer county Dairy Princess. A Don Brien and Anthony Marro of Ilion High school for being selected to attend boys state conference. A Jenny Everson of mount Markham High school for being chosen to attend the Mohawk Valley psychiatric a enter v Lun Teers dinner. She will pattern As a representative of it. Markham chapter of future homemakers of America. A Jamie Scalise. Yvanne Lurk a. Jessica Tripoli. Roxanne Stachowiak and Andrea Clive students at annunciation school. I lion for being inducted into National Junior Honor society. A newly installed officers of the Home Bureau. A Little Falls footwear for donating $300 to Little Falls Hospital. A Jody Llo age of Little Falls for Bowling a 673 series in the Friday night league at Gorge View lanes. Reader opinion Monohan looks after interests of Mohawk to the editor attention voters of the Mohawk school system does no to it seem Good to know whats going on in our Mohawk school system before Dan Mono Ham got on the Board we heard Only the news that the Board wanted us to hear we should be very Happy that we put someone like Dan on the school Board it seems Good not to have a yes Man but a Man like Dan that will Tell it the Way it is we need to keep this Man where he is. Take a few minutes to think about All he has accomplished one i think about How he suggested keeping an old bus for spare parts this must have saved a lot of Money was for reasonable salary increases. Not Only has he helped you As a tax payer but think what he s done for your boys and girls one important accomplishment was proposing a student representative to the school Board. We should have this we need to listen to their problems too. Some of these students have some pretty Good ideas there Are some people who love to read their names in the paper but they re not always sure of what they re say ing remember the Public apology think it Over voters do you want to go Back to the a yes sir Quot school Board Days or do you want to be kept informed As to where your Money goes by keeping taxes Down and still have the Best education system for our boys and girls remember May 21st vote for Dan Monohan the one who a not afraid to speak his mind. Let him continue to keep us informed by working for you and your children. Done to let our system go Back in the closet. Shirley Roberts Mohawk Pray for ukrainians because of Accident to the editor in reference to Friday May 2nd, Quot Points of View Quot admittedly everyone in the United states of America has the privilege to express their opinion. God bless America. However the ukrainian people under the regime of the politburo in the soviet Union do not have our privileges they live in constant fear and cannot Call their souls their own. I have three generations of cousins living in loins which is a Short distance to chernobyl Ever since we Learned of the tragedy of the nuclear explosion i have been praying that neither a Short nor a Long term will effect my relatives and anyone a relatives in the Ukraine from the radioactivity of the nuclear melt Down but to say Quot let it Burn Quot i say Pray for the ukrainian people As i am praying for their health. Zonny Kozarewicz Herkimer evening Telegram in our 87th year of service to the area 111-113 Green Street Herkimer new York main of Tice amp news dept 866-2220 advertising and circulation 866 2222 the Nening Telegram pin 1811440 it put wed doily Mondoy through satyr Doy a a Cpl Holiday c second com pos tog paid at atrium to by 13350 0551 Sand Chang of add non to to. 551 Herti Mec by 13350 0551 Anton Clart Bath Brawer Donne Dona Hon numb Utt wooo Subuh Tab managing Dottor bins Kim accountant Bon Tarwi advertising manager competing Boom Foreman Peen Boom Foreman gradation manager subs by it pm us by Carrier one wee 51 35 including holidays by motor bout on wee i 40 by mod m new Yort state one year j73 of sir months j3 50 three months Jib 25 one month j6 to by Moil in other zones one year j76 of in months s38 of three months 521 of one month j 7 of Moil subscriptions Are not accepted from nearby communities where Telegram Carrier service is maintained Naii subscriptions Baio stat cult in adv Anci tout earner will be Happy to collect regularly on any Day you wish wednesday through saturday no to of your Telegram bos not been delivered by 5 30p in Mondoy through Friday and 4 top in saturday please Coll your Comer of you Are Snobl to reach your Corner you May Coll 86 2222 and ask for emulation until 6 top in Mondoy through Friday saturday until 5 top in business office hoses 8 too in to 5 top in Mot or through Friday saturday 8 too in to 12 noon the evening Telegram reserves the right to edit and or act any copy submitted for pub motion. Either of news stories letters to the editor or advertisements hmm Oma Ivy of Street its Ali i Nev i id to new week Brunei it Meit Imei Crotty a a a Iok by h. Paul Draheim Herkimer county historian 8th in n series after the torys joined either the Royal greens or butlers rangers their movement amounted to a virtual expulsion and what followed was a rapid building of forts in the Mohawk Valley. One of these forts was fort Dayton Herkimer designed to provide forces to Check West Canada Creek raiding parties. Nearby fort Herkimer on the South Bank of the Mohawk River. It guarded the Mohawk from the South. The stockade at Schuyler Corners built by local refuges was to protect invasions from the North. In 1776 an attack took place in North Utica Deerfield Corners and the residents fled to Refuge at Little Stone Arabia near Frankfort. In 1777 Joseph Brant an Indian chief took command of 700 indians at Unadilla and announced that All must be faithful to the King and despite entreaties from general Nicholas Herkimer in a two Day Parley refused to Budge from the decision. Quot the die was cast and the Valley better be prepared Quot according to Justice Carl w. Peterson a account. Quot Brant consolidated his strength at a great Council meeting in Oswego and All but the oneidas and Tuscarora agreed to join the British the mohawks were Allied against their former neighbors in the Valley Quot judge Peterson pointed out. Quot Only sir William Johnson alone could have prevented this historical the Story of the Campaign of new York is known to All it was the British plan to capture new York Burgoyne was to March South from Montreal to capture Albany there to be met by lord Howe coming from new York. St. Legar marched eastward As planned until he got to fort Stanwix Juk scrapbook no. 1916 where real resistance was confronted. Instead of a weak stockade he found a Strong fortress of 750 troops with supplies for is weeks but St. Legar was confident. Surrounding the fort he demanded its surrender issuing a proclamation to the Valley settlers promising them amnesty if they joined him but massacre by the indians if they remained rebellious. Under col. Peter Gansevoort the fort although not completed was defiant and raised the new Flag of our country the stars and stripes the first time to see hostile gunfire from enemy. St. Leger Scannon and forces were of no Avail and made no impression on the fort. Only starvation could defeat the Garrison. The first night at Sterling Creek East of Schuyler Corners. The next Day they crossed the Mohawk River at Deerfield and took to the South Shore up through the Flat lands. Herkimer a plan was to attack when a signal by firing three cannons from fort Stanwix was Given so that there might be a cooperative Effort. The signal was delayed and on the morning of aug 6 Herkimer pressed on irritated by cols. Cox and Fisher who wanted action charged cowardice. With first rumours of the English invasion of the Mohawk Valley general Herkimer who was in command of the Tryon county militia ordered All Able bodied men Between 16 and 60 to hold themselves ready for military duty. He caused them to receive instructions in military Drill. With the arrival of St. Legar at fort Stanwix he sent out his Call and 800 men gathered at fort Dayton. They were divided into four regiments. On aug 4, the Little army marched to the Relief of fort Stanwix. Camping the British and indians were aware of the approach and at Oriskany the Little army walked into an Indian ambush. The deadly fight Indian style ensued. It was stopped Only by a heavy rainstorm. When the storm abated the fight continued but with the american forces Quot now in Complete control from a position on High ground and in regular formation Quot Justice Peterson chronicled. A the tories and indians were forced Back and vanished into the Woods a the judge continued Quot losses were terrific and the British Advance had been Given a severe set Back Quot the indians deserted their allies never caring to be partners to a defeat. The Valley patriots had Given to this nation a fierce Battle that definitely squelched the British Campaign to take new York a Peterson pointed out. The British however still hoped for the surrender of fort Stanwix. Col. Butler again under the White Flag called for the forts surrender and again failed. He promised that the whole Valley would be put to the Torch and the residents to hawked. The seige went on. On aug. To general Benedict Arnold under orders of general Schuyler set out from Albany for fort Stanwix. He stopped at fort Dayton. At the same time capt. Walter Butler of the British forces accompanied by soldiers and indians came Down the Valley to break the Backbone of the whig revolt and enlist tory support. He had a proclamation from St. Legar extorting the Valley settlers to return to their allegiance and join the Crown forces. He planned a tory rally at the Shoemaker tavern in Mohawk news of which reached col. Weston at fort Dayton. The place was surrounded and Butler taken prisoner he was tried try court martial and found guilty of being a spy and was sentenced to be hanged. Just before the execution an order was received commuting the sentence and ordering Butler to the Albany prison from there he later escaped. In the meantime Mcdonald a forces were invading the Schoharie Valley a tory Region. Cavalry helped from Albany summoned by col. Harper inspired further Patriot support and soon Mcdonald was in Retreat. Near Quot Breakabeen and the Caval he was overtaken at Quot the Flockey Quot Irv charge so frightened indians that the British ranks broke completely Schoharie Valley became a Patriot stronghold As a result and Mcdonald s Advance to fort Stanwix was stopped. Concluded next week distributed by King features Syndicate the Ittin i Horn let the. Economic Summit win now come to orders Trade Pepiot im3de\r\ Japan raid on Libya was big political plus by Jeffery Hart a Rumor political move almost always has multiple Impact and the spinoff from the Libya raid now stretches far beyond Tripoli and even the Middle East a master politician plays his shots the Way Willie Hoppe played billiards the balls clicking around the Green Felt and producing All sorts of unexpected dividends. A few from the Libya raid i. The bombing demolished the anti War consensus of the National democratic party. Khad Afy was a shrewdly chosen target so obvious and repulsive a villain that the strike against him had overwhelming popular support among americans tip of Neill and Teddy Kennedy virtually pacifists where the use of american Force is concerned scurried to support the raid and carried most of the democratic party with them angry about the raid but isolated at the far left end of the political spectrum were a handful of political freaks like Jesse Jackson Patsie Schroeder and Ron Dellums plus a couple of Republican oddballs Low Ell Weicker and Mark Hatfield. Conservative View the political result is that the democrats will now find it difficult to oppose Reagan As a reckless Quot and a Quot warmonger Quot from now on a and with congressional elections just around the Corner the democratic front against a a Reagan a foreign policy Quot collapsed Over Libya As the president dealt a telling blow to the democrats Post Vietnam passivity 2 Libya though not a soviet satellite is nevertheless armed and supported politically by the soviets. It qualifies As a soviet client state the raid showed unmistakably that this confers no immunity. Soviet rocket emplacements were smashed soviet built planes were pulverized on the runways. The raid struck at the margins of the soviet Empire As the Reagan doctrine took a Small step Forward and the Brezhnev doctrine took a Small step backward without a doubt other soviet client slates around the edges of the Empire suddenly began to calculate the costs and risks of their relationship with Moscow. Or. Gorbachev no doubt hoped that the United states would get involved closer to him in Central America thus allowing the soviets a Freer hand elsewhere. The Libya raid upset that expectation and in turn made increased pressure on the Sandim Stas easier to bring about politically. 3. The raid shocked some of or nato allies but at the same time made them stir themselves to tardy action. Before the raids the Reagan administration had explored the possibility of diplomatic and economic measures against Libya but had met with a Stone Wall in Europe. The raid demonstrated to the europeans that if they remain passive before terrorism More and larger raids Are in the cards. Faced with those alternatives the europeans have begun to expel Large numbers of libyans Monitor the activities of suspicious character use electronic investigative Ted toques and make key arrests. Of 4 the europeans have also be i shocked by the intensity of the american reaction of their failure to support the raids. France and spam refused overflight privileges. Italy refused cooperation. Germait waffled and Greece condemned the attack. All of this made it Only Tao dear that where its own Security is concerned Europe May be compar to a welfare Case utterly dependent on the . For its military Security the europeans have turned inward abandoned responsibility and eve i self respect. The intense negative reaction from the United states shocked them into realizing that Tor american opinion it May Well be tin to re examine the nato Alliance at gtd our role in it a sobering Prospect in the european capitals. As or. Johnson said the Prospect of being hanged concentrates the mind wonderfully the raid on Libya was a i arg 1 political plus Fri kept close Eye on Rock Hudson by Jack Anderson and Joseph Spear Washington the Fri fearful that Rock Hudson s apparent homosexual proclivities could harm the bureaus image if he portrayed a a Man in the movies kept close watch on the actor throughout the 1960s and Early 1970s, according to documents in the Bureau s files. Hudson a Hollywood Star for three decades died last fall after publicly revealing his affliction with acquired immune def ency syndrome. Following his death there was open speculation of what Hollywood a and the Fri a believed for years that Hudson was a homosexual. We first reported 14 years ago that the Fri had secret dossiers on Hudson and other entertainment celebrities. According to the information just released to our reporter Tony Capaccio under the Freedom of information act the columns we wrote then set off a determined Fri search for our source. Quot efforts Are continuing to identify Andersons source for Fri material through analysis of Andersons columns to attempt to isolate a single Jurn Quot v Washington a Quot "�1 merry go round document or item which might pin Point Andersons source a states an internal Fri memo dated May 22, 1972 the a men apparently suspected that the leak came from some other Agency. The memo says a we Are checking possibility of Andersons source being at the White House or secret service through extremely discreet contacts at the White House a the Fri files make Clear that the Bureau s sole interest in Hudson was his sexual behaviour a and the concern that he might play an Fri agent on the Silver screen. As Early As 1960, a memo reported on a Hollywood party that was raided by police because of alleged sexual Quot orgies Quot on the premises. Quot files of guests names were confiscated during the raid and As a result Manv prominent individuals have reportedly been revealed As apparently participants in these orgies a the memo states the names included Rock Hudson in 1966 the Fri sent a memo to the White House that stated the actor has not been the subject of an Fri investigation however the memo did inform president Johnson that a confidential informant Quot reported that several years ago while he was in new York he has an affair with movie Star Rock Hudson. The memo continued Quot the informant stated that from personal knowledge he knew that Rock Hudson was a homosexual the belief was expressed that by a personal knowledge the informant stated from personal knowledge he knew that Rock Hudson was a homosexual the belief was expressed that by a personal knowledge the informant meant he hid personally indulged in homosexual acts with Hudson or had witnessed or received the information from individuals who has done the Fri memo to the White House also disclosed that another informal had provided similar testimony in 1971 and that the bureaus los Angeles Field office has reported the Standard rumours of that Tive regarding hut son s sexual practices. The Fri was particularly concerned about two 1960s movies Quot Chicago 7 and Quot a Fine a historian at the american film Institute told out associate Donald Goldberg that a Chicago 7,&Quot in which Hudson was to had played an Fri agent on a Kilt of napping Case was never released a memo to Fri director j. Edgar Hoover said the bureaus activities were treated Quot very favourably and accurately Quot in the film but added a however our files indicate that Roc Hudson a prominent leading Man has been alleged to be a homosexual and i or bisexual Quot the Fri was Alert to the other movie by an item in daily variety of Hollywood on sept. 5, 1967. It said Hudson was to play Quot an Fri agent who becomes involved with a jewel thoef7l the Bureau tried desperately to get i copy of the script but failed

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