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Herkimer Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - May 10, 1986, Herkimer, New York Smithson by Bob Kelder it Mai it grm staff writer Ira in Robert Smithson was asked Friday by three members of the Ilion housing authority Iha to vacate his n London towers High Rise serves As executive directs of the Iha and he complied Robertson chairman commented afterwards the action took place per the judges decision. We were lust carrying out the wishes of the Board expressed on dec. La a the chairman explained that the counsel for the Board in the pending lawsuit atty. James Huyck Iii of Herkimer got a decision Back Friday from supreme court Justice John Tenney indicating Smithson that would have blocked his dismissal. Tenney discounted Smithson s claim that a slander suit he brought against Board member Melvin Sitterly was improper basis for the Board s 4-2 decision last dec. La to terminate him. Meanwhile Smithson a attorneys Jack Manley of Ilion and Richard Decatur jr., of Troy decided a couple of Days ago to Appeal Tenney a decision. Robertson along with Sitterly and Board member Jeffrey Rheinhardt appeared at Smithson s office yesterday and the chairman asked Smithson to leave nothing to say contacted later at Home by phone Smithson declined to come to the phone but his wife told the reporter that he was without any comment to make at this time. A they asked him to leave and he did so a she said. A we have nothing More Robertson said the Iha Board plans to meet at 3 30 p m monday to select a new director. Sources have indicated that the two finalists Are Arthur Dunckel and Jeffrey Whittemore but Robertson decline to directly comment on that report. Two other sources revealed the names a the Board has made no decision As yet a Robertson said. Quot there could be two More in there too. We have a number of applications and we Haven t sat Down As a group and discussed who is who a the chairman said the Board will probably go Over All the applications again on monday. He estimated the number to be to or 12. As for Smithson a removal yesterday Robertson noted that the termination was done at the Board meeting of dec. La so no special meeting was needed. A we just carried out the judges decision a he reiterated the Contro Ersary All started at the dec la meeting with the 4-2 vote to terminate Smithson. He received two 30-Day extensions after that the four were Robertston Sitterly Rheinhardt and Board member William Mcgraw mrs. Leola Reynolds and mrs Jeanette Patterson were the two who from Iha position voted to retain Smithson during that session. The seventh Board member. William Hilts did no to join the Board until some weeks later and so did no to participate in the vote. Mrs Reynolds commented yesterday on Smithson removal a we herself along with mrs. Patterson and Hilts i weren to informed that Bob be there yesterday the four Board members seem to be running the whole she added a Rheinhardt called it a bureaucracy in the paper on thursday but they made All the decisions the three of us Are not informed. A mrs Reynolds continued Quot i think it is a Rotten shame for a Man who is doing an excellent a personal she concluded a a it a been a personal vendetta from Day one. I m hot in a very upset a Justice Tenney in his decision last week entered on the slander suit Issue saying that As Smithson serves at the Board s pleasure an adversarial position with the Board would make it difficult to carry out his administrative duties. Sitterly As a Board member is an employer he noted Smithson in a statement a couple Days ago defended his stance saying that All he did was stand up for his own rights and it was held against him he said the Case does no to even consider past performance. He also noted that the whole Case was determined on his slander action which does t have any Impact at All on the other three who voted against him on the other hand the four Board members who voted to oust him feel that the judge s decision vindicated their decision meanwhile Smithson still has pending in Federal District court a second Case where in his attorneys Are asking punitive damages against four of the Iha defendants in the sum of $4 million. Robert Smithson vacates office inside today postman kept his rounds vol lxxxvii1 no 161 d evening Telegram Herk 11 Crk i Mer Ilion. By saturday May to 1966 f Frankfort stumped Over handling of Village controversy by Antone c Lark Telegram managing editor Frankfort a a tree stump has become the focal Point of Contro Ersary in this Village pitting the mayor and one Village trustee against one Village employee and a Man who used to work for the Village. Dennis Fiorentino 32, of 327 first ave went to the Village Board on april 17 asking Village work Crews to remove a stump from in front of his Home setting off a Contro Ersary which is still not settled Fiorentino contends that the Village removed a tree stump from the property of trustee Joseph Christofaro and is asking for the same treatment As the Village official in an unusual move the Village Board voted 3-2 to approve the removal of the stump by Village work Crews but the vote has Only added to the Contro Ersary and has not resulted in the stumps removal the Board s unique vote initiated a Battle of words Between mayor James Romeo and Francis longed Village supervisor Over lights streets and sewer work Crews Congelo said the mayor told his work Crew not to remove the stump Romeo confirmed the report and said the Board s vote was Hasty and the Job was not a priority item leave it a the ordered the men not to remove it. He also told them not to take any order in reference to stump removal from me if i ordered them to take the stump out they were to report to him and not do it a Congelo said Romeo said he intends to bring up the stump Issue at the Board s next meeting on May 15. He contends the stump has become a political Issue and not merely a question of removing a dead tree a when Dennis came to the Board meeting he caught the Board off guard he had 15 or 20 firemen backing him up i believe the Board was Hasty in making a decision i told the Board after the meeting to think about it Quot Romeo said. Romeo said he did t think it was necessary to go through Congelo in order to talk to the Village work Crews. A i done to see where he has any control Over the mayor i Don t feel he has the right to Stop me a the mayor said Romeo contends that Congelo and his Crew pulled Christofaro s stump without permission of the Board he said the stump should t have been billed a it does t matter who it longed to a he said stipulation Fiorentino contends the Board not Only voted to remove his stump but made a stipulation that Christofaro pay for Village labor costs for the lob done at his House and that Fiorentino would do the same Christofaro still has not paid for the labor contacted Friday night Christofaro a first term trustee said he plans to pay labor costs for the Village work a work he said was the result of a request to the Village two years ago when he Wasny to in office he said the Village s equipment broke up part of his sidewalk in removing the stump he contends that technically the Village should repair the sidewalk however he said that would set a Bud precedent. He said he will pay the $350 to $400 necessary to replace six sidewalk slates broken by the Village s equip ment As Well As the $157 labor costs for the stump removal a i m getting the Shaft both Christofaro moaned Fiorentino. Now a student at Herkimer county county College was a Village employee in 1981 when he supervised a work Crew that Cut Down the tree in front of the Home where he and his family have lived for the past two years he said he tried to trim the tree in front of the House Back in 1981 so the Village could run a Power ii be through he said the Homeowner at that time asked him to Cut the tree Down so he complied now As owner of the Home he wants the Village to Complete the protect he started no obligation Romeo and Christofaro contend that Fiorentino bought the House with the stump already in front of the Structure they claim the Village had no obligation to finish the Job a it should t even he brought up Romeo said maws in Brief Walters tying the knot today los Angeles a Barbara Walters plans to marry Lorimar executive Merv Adelson today during a Sundown ceremony the couple s spokeswoman says. About 80 guests Are expected to attend the ceremony at the Home of friends in Beverly Hills Barbara Brogliatti said Friday. Is Walters is co Host of the Abc to newsmagazine �?o20-20.�?� Adelson is chairman and chief executive officer of Lorimar Tel pictures which produces the to shows a Dallas a and Quot Falcon another of Adelson s shows a knots competes with "20-20.&Quot it is the second marriage forms. Walters 54, who has a teen age daughter and the third for Adelson. 56. Who has three children in their 30s they have been engaged for about a year. Herschel Bernardi dead at age of 62 los Angeles a actor Herschel Bernardi Best known for his Long running Broadway role As tevye in the musical a fiddler on the roof and As the rumpled cynical it. Jacoby in the a Peter Gunny to series died Friday he was 62. The versatile actor suffered a massive heart attack shortly after waking up Friday morning said his sister in Law Sophie Bernardi a the never knew what hit him a she said a the went real fast a besides his acting Bernardi s smooth voice was a popular feature on numerous television commercials he was the voice of the Jolly Green giant and for 20 years he read Charlie the tuna s lines on starkest spots. Robbers often flub getaway researchers say South Bend ind. A most Bank robbers Are incompetents and Are Likely to botch their getaway according to two researchers who found that gangs today mainly want a Short hours clean work Good pay and no most robbers Are impulsive done to like violence and Don t plan their crimes said Terry Baumer and Michael Carrington of the Indiana University school of Public and environmental affairs at South Bend a some people have no idea of How to Rob a Bank. A Baumer said Friday. One Man in his 60s got a Friend to drive him to a shopping Center robbed a Branch office then went across the Street to Call a taxi. When the police arrested him. He was at the curb drinking a Coke waiting for his cab a lawsuit seen As threat to religious Liberty new York a Church state experts on Friday saw a threat to religious Liberty in a lawsuit at tempting to revoke tax exemption of u s roman Catholic Bishops and their social action Agency because of their actions against abortion. But abortion rights groups said Catholic Bishop had gone too far in promoting political candidates who agree with their stand against Abor Dean Kelly Church state affairs officer of the National Council of churches said the lawsuit attempts a an unconstitutional restriction on the free exercise of religion a tragic reversal of our tradition of religious Kelly whose organization embraces most major protestant and Eastern orthodox churches said religious bodies have not Only a i Light but a duty to try to implement moral ideals in society a uneasy parents evacuate children s a for jul a v no Oki in Vin Ihle Sti of Ilic Tkv and Jessie Icker of Frankfort on a stump that has became the focal Point it Contro tsars in the tillage. The stump is in front it a House owned in Dennis Fiorentino who has asked tin tillage to remove the stump because work tews ret Cutis removed a stump in front of a Village officials a haute. Despite Hoard Apptt Al of such a move removal it the stump has been delayed leading it further problems Liel Wren the i and a Village Emp Lovei Hie two children shown playing Are the children Utah hard and Susan Wicker i Telegram photo by Steve too Nev i Fiorentino contends he never thought about bringing up the Issue of stump removal urn ii or saw Village Crews pulling the stump in Iron of Christofaro s Home Quot when i saw them doing it for Christofaro i said it he can have it done i w ant mine done fun in to said he denied that being a member of the Board of wardens of the Frankfort Volunteer fire department has anything to do with bringing up the Issue Romeo and Christofaro have had problems with the Board of wardens since the Board voted last year to close the upstairs of the fire department due to potential liability problems this is not an Issue to me it s a Chance for the fire department to bring up a Little bit of turmoil Quot Chris Tomaio told the Telegram the confrontation Between Romeo and Congelo also ii Giros to Lake pal t of the attention of the Board at its next meeting Congelo has been a temporary appointment and the decision on his future is expected to by discussed he said he has gamed 500 signature from people supporting i position in the Village state tax official criticizes Federal tax Reform program Herkimer the commissioner of new York states taxation and finance department is critical of a Federal income tax plan that would eliminate deductibility of state and local sales taxes on Federal income tax returns in Herkimer Friday As part of a tour of differing parts of the state. Roderick g w Chu called the Federal fax Reform plan a a tax on a tax a a he said even though the loss of sales tax May amount to a Small loss financially for individuals it sets a bad precedent a once you Start justifying yourself where do you St Ipp Chu asked Quot a once you sell your scruples Dow n the River you done to have any place left to Chu contends that traditionally states and local municipalities have had the first crack at a tax Revenue he said tax Reform would change that a self professed non politician Chu has been responsible for bringing some big changes to the states tax derailment. For one thing under his leadership the department has Pur chased a $67 million computer system which now updates the stale a tax collection methods and helps catch tax evaders under his leadership the state also last year implemented a lax amnesty program for tax evaders which he says paid off handsomely the legislature has also stiffened in allies for tax cheaters since he has in in office Chu said the state s amnesty program helped do two things first it put a number of previous tax evaders on the tax Rolls and forced them to be honest taxpayers and secondly it was a practical Way to get the message out hat it Doest pay to cheat Chu contends that wit bout fund Cou Ector from the amnesty the state have been Able to Ai Ford a tax Cut appointed commissioner at the age of 37 the youngest tax commissioner in the history of the state. Chu maintains the internal Revenue service could learn a few lessons about tax collection from new York he said the irs loses Atmos $100 billion a year in unpaid taxes almost half of the annual Federal deficit Roderick. W Iii tax Leader visits pc. Fire forces families to flee urged Friday night abruptly switched it Hampstead Cap up to 3,000 families were warned to Hee. Some for the second time in five Days from a two mile wide fire that continued its March along the coast today after charring 25 550 acres of Forest officials said the fire which has burned since monday has been blamed for at least one death and one injury officials said weather forecasts held no Hope of Relief before tuesday for Crews fighting the fire which Mary Ann George. Pender county dispatch supervisor said was five Miles Northwest of Hampstead Early today the evacuation of families most from the Hampstead area in Southeastern North Carolina was but the Blaze abruptly switched course and the evacuees some of whom had fled once before a w Ere allowed to return a it was t mandatory so its hard to say How Many stayed and How Many did leave a said a George sheriffs cars with Public address systems blaring drove through the area Friday urging people to leave fourth Nasa failure disclosed Washington a the failure of a fourth Type of i a space vehicle this year has come to Light at the same time Nasa has bowed to the wishes of a presidential panel that outside experts supervise the redesign of the Booster rocket that destroyed the challenger the associated press Learned Friday that a Small Nasa research rocket misfired april 75 Over the la s. A my missile Range in White Sands n m while not an Accident of me magnitude of the Jan 28 explosion hat consumed the space shuttle challenger the Small Nike Orion had a record of 120 straight successes a scientist working with Nasa said it followed failures in he formally reliable Nasa Delta arid air Tutere than rockets Moscow a the Kremlin reported sharply decreased radioactive emissions from the chernobyl atomic reactor but trains arriving Here from Kiev were packed today As uneasy parents brought their children farther away from the disaster site in its latest statement on the atomic Power Plant Accident issued Friday the soviet government said work continued a to eliminate the con sequences of the april 26 non nuclear explosion and fire at the Plant 80 Miles North of Kiev a an intensive Cooling of the reactor has been under Way in order to lower the temperature of the Active zone and has helped sharply to reduce the emission of radioactive substances a said the statement distributed by the official Tass news Agency. Officials of the International atomic Energy Agency on Friday said the Accident at the four reactor Plant was by far the worst in the history of nuclear Power but said soviet specialists were getting it under control the officials from the Vienna based u n Agency said Small amount of radiation were still emanating from the Plant despite a Many binned shield Quot of Sand and other materials dumped by helicopters on the stricken reactor the fire in the reactor s Graphite Core however has been smothered they said the soviets will a men Tomb the reactor in Concrete for a years Long Cooling process the atomic Energy Agency officials told a news conference in Moscow soviet officials have said two people were killed in the Accident and 204 hospitalized. 18 in serious condition however. East european journalists said on Friday that a soviet official had told them a third person had died from radiation exposure however us Bone marrow specialist or. Robert Gale told the associated press he had heard nothing about a person dying of radiation sickness the doctor who has been in Moscow for a week said he was continuing to care for victims of the chernobyl disaster about $4,000 residents living within an 18 nub radius of the Plant were evacuated beginning 36 hours after the Accident about 250,000 children Are also being let out of school Early so they can leave Kiev in the past four Days women with Young children have poured off special trains coming to the capital from Kiev the soviet Union s third largest City with 2 4 million people Moscow s Kievsky railway station was thronged again this morning with arriving ukrainians Many of them mothers and Young children one woman in her 50s who had just arrived said Many Kievan were trying to leave with their children weather saturday near 70 Northwest Miles an hour. Mohawk Valle t sunny and mild id winds highs five to to 45 North winds five to to Miles an hour. Sunday a mix of Clouds and Sun Breezy with highs in the mid 60s. Extended forecasts Eastern new York monday through wednesday dry through the period seasonable highs Iii the 60s a it is 35 to 45 numbers Albany n y apr the winning number picked Friday in new Yorkus daily number lottery game was 4-5-5 the a win four a number Waso-3-4-3. Index area news 3 Church not in it 2,3 classified Aas 8 comics to listing 9 crossword 8 editorials 4 Horoscope to living today 5 obituaries 3 police bloc 3 snorts 67

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