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Herkimer Evening Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 5 1983, Page 1

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Herkimer Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - January 5, 1983, Herkimer, New York The evening Telegram vol. Xxxv no. 54 ten pages a the people s Choice Quot Herkimer Ilion n y., wednesday january 5, 196 pin 181440 25 smile copy county a views on line sought by Bob Kelder the Herkimer county legislature has received a letter along with a brochure from the Power authority of the state of new York Pasny soliciting further comments in its pending application to construct a 345 Tkv Power line from Marcy 200 Miles southward through part of Herkimer county. Written by John Dyson chairman of Pasny the letter was read at a session of the county unit on monday. Both the letter and brochure were then referred to the county planning and development committee Only time will Tell if the new communications will have an effect on the county legislators some months ago they went on record in opposition to the construction As did the Otsego county Board of supervisors. Assemblyman Anthony caste who represents both counties is also in opposition to the project. Another Strong opponent is a vocal group of citizens and officials known As protect prudent residents opposed to electric Cable transmission. Yesterday in Coop Rstow the Public service commission held a pre hearing conference to Settle procedural matters among the parties that intend to take part in upcoming Public hearings. According to Pasny officials at least 15 interested parties Are expected to participate in at least seven Public hearings Dyson opened his letter with the comment. A new York state s dependence on Oil for the generation of electricity is both expensive and perilous fifty nine per cent of new Yorkus generating capacity is produced by burning Oil and each year our open Oil Bill is close to $2 local lines foundation to meet Mohawk the Cap Tain Rhett Butler neutering and spaying foundation will meet thursday. Jan 6 at 7 p m at the Mohawk reformed Church the Public is Welcome chapter night set Ilion a the Ilion women of the Moose will hold a chapter night on child care at 8 p m thursday at Betty Travis chairman the will Lodge be co numbers came Albany. N a the number picked tuesday night in new Yorkus daily numbers weather. Inc fair my tonight is expected to be fair with Low temperatures in the upper teens and lower 20s, while thursday game was 597 the win four number was 4228. Should be sunny Ana Milder with highs in the 30s there is a Chance of rain or Snow Friday with highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s saturday and sunday will be cold with flurries Likely saturday while sunday should be dry highs will be mainly in the 20s, with lows of 5 to 15 degrees inside panthers top knights Frankfort s Jim Ferdula looked like he was going to beat Chadwicks All by himself As he scored a remarkable 34 Points All by himself last night during a basketball contest with the panthers at Frankfort last night while Ferdula was blitzing the Basket so was Chadwicks and the Maroon knights ultimately came up Short. For this and other area Scholastic sports results see sports pages 6 7, and 8. Area news classified ads comics to crossword Datebook editorials Horoscope 3, to 8 9 9 5 4 9 hospitals living today obituaries sports state news Stock Market world news 3 5 .3 6.7,8 2 3 the Pasny chairman continued by observing a this dependence on Oil must be reduced if new York state is to continue to attract new jobs and to provide a reliable and reasonably priced Energy Supply essential to a productive Dyson added a the states comprehensive Energy program is directed toward that objective and is designed to reduce dependence on Oil by 50 per cent by the end of the decade an important part of that program is the use of in creasing amounts of clean renewable and economical following a review of Pisnys entry into a contract with Hydro Quebec to Purchase in billion kilowatt hours of Hydro electric Power Over la years Dyson wrote that after the Tran Smission line is built this will save customers in All parts of the state $165 million annually. Further on Dyson notes that on nov. 19 the Power authority filed its formal application for the Marcy South line with the Public service commission pc he added. A i would Welcome your comments suggestions and participation As the licensing process begins and during the a Sci a deliberations through which a final decision on Marcy South w ill be Dyson concluded. A with the support and interest of concerned citizens and the Active involvement of Community leaders. I am confident that this project can go Forward in a manner which is responsible to the concerns of local communities and the needs of the state As a the accompanying brochure asks in big letters this question a Why do new York state residential Consumers pay electric Bills that Are 54 per cent higher than the National average0�?� the brochure answers that new York state utilities rely on Oil for 59 per cent of their generating capacity while the National average is 22 per cent it also states that the Price of Oil has increased 150<t per cent Between 1973 and today and that the average citizen uses the Energy equivalent of a barrel of Oil every six Days a second Page of the brochure outlines various aspects of the background of the proposed project such As the availability of Canadian Power safety and reliability of the transmission lines the $567 million Cost of the line. And the $165 million annual savings trapped Herkimer a Steve Menapace 44 appears to be trapped a Westmoreland s Stan Rutka 55. Rusty Ryan 13 and Cary unlock 35 during their game at Herkimer county Community College last night the magicians took it on the Chin 58-38, with Tom w nod scoring 19 of those Point also in the photo for Herkimer Are Alan Schrader 42 and Rob 53. The magicians begin Central Valley conference play this Friday against Kennedy the game will either be played at the High school or in it depending on the condition of the schools gym floor photo is Ste a Looney it Mitchell gets Post As aide to d Amato f world in Brief cardinals to by named i by Donna Thompson Donald j. Mitchell who retired from the House of representatives when his fifth term expired at noon monday has been named a part time assistant for military installations to senator Alfonse d Amato r by. Mitchell will advise do Amato on military matters and has been asked to serve As a Quot watchdog for griffiss air Force base in Rome fort drum in Watertown and Plattsburgh air Force base in Plattsburgh d Amato said. A Don Mitchell is a former member of the House armed services committee and is extremely qualified to evaluate the military budget requests and determine their effect on new York he said Mitchell s lob will consist in part of offering a expert advice and assistance in the analysis of defense related Mitchell said this morning that he will be living at Home and working out of his Herkimer office As Well As out of d amatos offices in Albany and Syracuse Quot i will be paid on the basis of the work i said Don Ali j. Mitchell Mitchell. A to eliminate any confusion about income. I will voluntarily Cap my compensation from the senator at $8. Xxx for the entire year if and when i reach the $8. Xxx level i will Volunteer my services for the remainder of the a d Amato spokesman had said that Mitchell would receive a $16,000 salary for fantastic response a the response was fantastic a said the owner of an area firm that advertised for Par time help via the evening Telegram and mid week extra classifieds a we Are More than pleased with the number of responses Quot the owner said of his and seeking sales help. A i will always use the classified because they work for get fast response by using the evening Telegram and mid week extra classifieds Call 866 2222 8 . To 5 p m daily and until to . Saturday to place or cancel your and farm Sale protest results in arrests Springfield. Colo apr angry Farmers who tried to halt a farm foreclosure Sale with an egg throwing demonstration broken up by tear Gas say they were protesting Federal policies that Hurt the agricultural Industry milk charge blocked Columbia. . A a Federal judge says he will decide by next monday whether to let the . Department of agriculture Start making Dairy Farmers help pay for the Federal milk Price support program in the meantime . District judge Matthew Perry has ordered us a not to begin assessing Farmers milk earnings until he decides whether to Issue a preliminary injunction against the charges Perry a temporary restraining order tuesday a came at the end of a two Day hearing in a lawsuit filed by the state of South Carolina and joined by Dairy Farmer groups in a number of other Southeastern states. They Are challenging an order by . Agriculture Secretary John r Block that starting last month All Dairy Farmers should pay the government 50 cents for every too pounds of milk they sell. Congress authorized Block last summer to collect the Money to help pay the $2.2 billion annual Cost of buying milk products to keep milk prices stable. The plan includes a second 50-cent assessment to be added april i. The move is aimed at reducing Federal expenses and at encouraging Farmers to Cut Back milk production the government already owns billions of pounds of butter cheese and dried milk it does no to want but Bryan Patrick stat commissioner of agriculture until last month sued Block to Stop the 50-cent assessments. Patrick argued that Only a few midwestern states produce surpluses and Farmers in the Southeast be forced to subsidize them. The states Legal Case is based on blocks alleged failure to conduct hearings and take other Legal Steps before imposing the charges. Perry issued a temporary restraining order against Block dec 21. He renewed it tuesday and promised a final ruling by monday on whether the government could Start collecting Money from Farmers before Patrick a lawsuit goes to trial later this year state attorneys claim the assessments will drive Many Farmers out of business and want Perry to Issue a preliminary injunction against the program but us a attorneys denied there would be widespread bankruptcies and urged that Perry at least allow Money from Farmers to be placed in escrow. Otherwise they said if the government wins it would be impossible to collect the Money later on. Patrick and his co plaintiffs Hope to hold off the 50-cent assessments Long enough for friends of dairymen in Congress to rescind last years Law and enact a new one ordering Block to reduce the minimum Price of milk in Stead. _ two protesters remained behind bars today and a third escaped in Handcuffs following the confrontation tuesday on the courthouse Steps which Drew Farmers from As far away As Illinois and Missouri the demonstrators were trying to prevent the Federal land Bank of Wichita from buying a 320-acre wheat and Milo farm in Southeastern Colorado owned by Jerr Wright a founder of the american agriculture movement. The Bank which owned the deed purchased the farm for about $92,000. Officials said Alton Warren president of the Federal land Bank association of Lamar colo., said Wright was three years behind in his payments. Migh limits patient visits Ilion a As a Public health measure officials at Mohawk Valley general Hospital will be limiting patient visitors to immediate family Only due to an outbreak of flu like symptoms. According to Margaret Kane director of nurses at migh the measure will Blin effect until further notice. A was a precaution we will be restricting the number of people entering the Hospital she said. A since the primary Means of spreading a virus of this nature is through Public Contact our method of limiting patient involvement with people other than immediate family is the fastest most efficient Way to control an influence is spread when affected individuals sneeze or cough up viruses into the atmosphere which Are then inhaled by the surrounding people mrs. Kane said people most at risk Are those with chronic heart lung and kidney diseases diabetics the elderly and those who Are on immunosuppressive medications such As chemotherapy healthy individuals can lower their risk of acquiring the infection by avoiding crowds during the outbreak and keeping themselves in Good physical condition she added the american agriculture movement which was founded in this Southeast Colorado Community five years ago and formed tractor Cades to Washington to protest farm policies organized tuesdays protest said Laurie Schroder of Campo colo., wife of another founder Eugene Schroder. Baca county sheriff Willard Goff said Doug Goodpaster. 31, and his father Jim Goodpaster 56, both of Vilas colo., were charged with assault on a police officer. Coff said one of the men was slightly injured and had been treated by a doctor neither was being allowed visitors because a we still feel under threat Here a Goff said the third Man arrested Kinan Burk of Springfield escaped by jumping out of a courthouse window while wearing Handcuffs coff said. Farmers began gathering More than an hour before the demonstration. Scores of tractors were parked on both sides of main Street Many with banners protesting the Sale. When county treasurer Thelma goodnight attempted to read Public notice of the auction the Farmers began shouting a no Sale no Sale a witnesses said deputies tried to leave the courthouse but were pushed Back inside Goff said he ordered the Farmers to leave three times but they refused. The arrests came after a scuffle broke out when some of the protesters tried to push their Way inside the courthouse Goff said. Deputies responded by firing tear Gas canisters at the crowd his work when Mitchell reaches age 60 in May he w ill tie receiving a congressional pension of about $15,000 per year in addition to the $12.5 x annual pension he already receives As a result of his service in the state Assembly from 1964-72. One of Mitchell s reasons for retiring from the House was to spend More time at his optometry practice and he said today this goal has not changed a but having had to do this twice before. I know that it does t happen instantly Quot he said. Quot it takes time during 1983 i will have ample time to help senator according to a d Amato spokesman. Mitchell will not have a fixed work schedule at times the Job will require a major time commitment while at other times there will be few demands a a in a looking Forward to working with senator do Amato during 1983.&Quot said Mitchell a i respect the senator As an individual and i like his style As an elected official. We both want a Strong defense posture for America we also want to be sure new York state military installations remain healthy and that our state receive its fair share of defense spending with huge budget deficits looming and Strong talk about cuts in defense spending 1983 will prove an especially critical he expects the heaviest part of the workload for his new Job will occur during the first few months of this year As data is gathered reports written and meetings and hearings Are planned and held while in Congress Mitchell worked to increase spending for civil defense and to ensure that operations at griffiss were not reduced Mitchell said of the new Post. A a it a a Job i know a Job i want to Vatican City of Pope John Paul ii announced today that he will name 18 cardinals on feb 2. In eluding archbishop Jozel Glemp Leader of the roman Catholic Church in Poland others to be elevated to Cardinal at the february consistory include archbishop Jean Marie Lutiger of Paris archbishop Joseph l Bernardino Chicago and archbishop Joachim Meisner of Berlin Glemp. W Hose Homeland is overwhelming roman Catholic has attempted to act As a mediator Between the now outlaw cd Solidarity labor Union and the martial Law regime in Poland. A car Hazard he ported new York i a government tests indicate that thousands of 1980 general motors a cars have a tendency to lock their rear brakes which can throw cars into spins. The new York times reported today the times said hundreds of car owners have complained about the condition and pm and Federal officials have known about it for More than three years but Only a traction of the ears have been recalled for repairs at company expense pm recalled some 47. Xxx citations. Pontiac phoenixes Oldsmobile omegas and Buick skylarks with manual transmissions in july 1981 As a result of the National Highway traffic safety administration s investigation Agnew makes payment Baltimore a former vice president Spiro t. Agnews payment of $268,482 to compensate tor kickbacks he alleged took while governor and vice president helps a remove a stain a from Maryland the state attorney general says attorney general Stephen h Sachs handed a Cashiers Check from agnews at Torney to the state treasure at a tuesday news conference marking the end of an unusual Case started by a group of Law students in 1976 the $268,482 represented compensation for $147,500 Iii kickbacks Agnew was accused of receiving from engineers seeking Highway contracts plus interest a recreational trip Hospital spokesman said Clark. 61. Who received the first permanent artificial heart 35 Days ago. Remained in serious but stable condition today at the umber sit of Utah medical Center Salt Lake City a artificial heart recipient Barney Clark got another look outside his intensive care room when he was wheeled through Hospital corridors for a recreational trip to his doctors office a nomination scuttled Washington a . Arms control director Eugene v. Rostow. Declaring his Deputy was ambushed says a people who done to want any agreement at All Quot with the soviet Union Are trying to take control of his Agency but the embattled head of the arms control and disarmament Agency said he is pursuing president Reagan s nuclear policies and would not follow his Deputy. Robert Gres out of the government the White House deferring to sen Jesse Helms r-n.c., and other Senate conservatives confirmed tuesday it would not resubmit Greys nomination to the new Congress. Gof woos Gramm Washington a House Republican leaders Are promising rep Phil Gramm a continued seat on the House budget committee if the conservative Texas Democrat switches to the Gap Gramm was the Only a Boll Weevil Quot Democrat removed from a committee by his party As disciplinary action for his support of president Reagan a economic policies he was to announce today in Texas whether he would switch parties Republican sources in Washington said Gramm informed party leaders he planned to resign from the House declare himself a Republican and then try to recapture his office in a special election House minority Leader Bob Michel r ill., said he and other cop leaders would Welcome such a decision and were holding open one of their spots on the budget committee just for Gramm. Whom Michel called a an articulate aggressive and effective spokesman a for conservative fiscal principles. The Start of each new Congress brings a shuffling of committee assignments by the leadership of each party since the democrats control the House they hold the majority seats on each committee. The decision by democratic leaders to remove Gramm from the budget panel earlier this week was a a grievous assault on the right of an individual member to represent the views of his constituents As honestly and openly As possible Quot Michel said a we Are ready to give him and his constituents the opportunities they he added Gramm could accept that Republican offer without resigning and subjecting his District to the expense of a special election any member of Congress is free to change parties at any time merely by declaring the new allegiance a gop official in Washington said the apparent decision to resign and run in a special election a was grammes although Gramm was the Only one of the Boll Weevil democrats to be disciplined in such a fashion he s not the Only one to be courted by republicans rep buddy Roomer. I la., said republicans urged him to switch parties too offering him a gof seat on the House banking com Mittee. One he had Long sought As a sweetener a i was flattered but i told them i was going to do everything i could to Stav a Democrat Quot Roemer said on tuesday the democratic steering and policy committee voted to give Roemer the berth on the banking committee he wanted As it continued work on committee assignments for the 98th Congress meanwhile rep go a Sonny Quot Montgomery still another Southern conservative Backer of Reagan s policies in the last Congress. Was re elected to his chairmanship of the House veterans affairs committee by a 179-53 secret vote of All House democrats Montgomery later said he a got the message loud and Clear from party members w to wanted to punish him for siding with the Republican president

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