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Herkimer Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - February 27, 1991, Herkimer, New York Remis retires from Ilion electric a a Page the vol. No. Xiii no. 99, wednesday february 27, 1991evening Telegram Herkimer Ilion Mohawk Frankfort newsstand Price 35 cents routed iraqis Cut off As they flee Kuwait City apr with iraqis shattered occupation army in chaotic flight Allied forces moved today to reclaim Kuwait a capital. On the rain darkened Western front . Forces were said to be crippling iraqis Best troops a and preventing others from making a desperate break toward Baghdad. British prime minister John major said Kuwait City was under Allied control and kuwaiti radio reported Allied troops were entering the City in a a Majestic . Military officials in Riyadh said earlier that an Allied Vanguard had arrived in Kuwait City but that they did not yet consider the capital liberated. However the kuwaitis clearly ii Mem Guido sentenced to 25-year maximum Herkimer a Donald Guido was sentenced to a maximum term of 12v\ to 25 years in state prison this morning by county court judge John Bergin. He had been found guilty earlier this year in county court of first degree rape second degree rape second degree sexual abuse second degree unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child. The judge dismissed a kidnapping charge during motions prior to sentencing. The charges Stem from a july 1987 incident in which Guido lured a newspaper Carrier into a car in Oneida county and then drove to Litchfield in Herkimer county where raped the 13-year-old girl. Building principal called up by Navy West Winfield a the it. Markham High school principal has been called up for military duty. Jack Skahill a naval reservist said tuesday that he has received orders to report to Bethesda md., no later than March 8. He expects to leave Early next week to Complete required checkups and procedures before leaving for Maryland where he will await further orders. He does not know How Long he will be gone but said his orders read a for one year or the Skahill is a corpsman. A native new yorker he had been a teacher and school administrator in four states before being named High school principal Here in july 1987. School superintendent or. Brian Bower said Harry Bosch associate High school principal will assume the High school principals responsibilities. A Well have to make arrangements to going to have someone pick up Harry a responsibilities a he said adding that he hoped to have a better idea soon How Long Skahill will be gone so he will have a better idea How much help will be needed. Forum on thursday to discuss drug use Ilion a a program about drug abuse will be presented thursday feb. 28, at 7 . At the bion United methodist Church second Street. The family oriented program is free and open to the Public. It will be presented by members of the Herkimer police dept. Classified. .13,14,15 comics. .12 dear Abby. .12 editorial. .4 obituaries. La police news. .3 puzzles. .12 sports. .6,7 television. La weather. .2 Albany . Apr Here Are the winning numbers selected tuesday night in the new York state lottery daily number 6-9-2 win four 1-8-0-6 pick to 6, 14,17,18, 21, 23, 31, 32,36, 39, 44, 46, 49, 54, 55, 56, 59, 66, 73, 77. Did. Amid wild rejoicing kuwaiti troops hoisted the country a colors in downtown Flag Square a the traditional site of celebrations on National Day. A Pentagon source said . Marines today secured Kuwait a International Airport South of the City. Marines in m-60 tanks fought iraqi Armor there on tuesday. Far bigger tank Battles were taking place to the West in Iraq where . Armoured forces were engaging iraqis Republican guard. The allies have reported relatively Light casualties for such a huge operation but they were mounting. The French today reported the deaths of seven american soldiers operating under French command including tromm school chief plans to retire West Winfield a it. Markham school superintendent or. Brian Bower will retire at the end of the current Calendar year. The school District Board of education accepted Bower a retirement notice effective dec. 31, 1991 a during a meeting tuesday. % % it the Board voted to authorize Board presi Dent Sandy Scholl to execute an agreement with Bower shortening his contract by six Bower months. It had been scheduled to run through june 1992. A a it a time to move on a Bower said this morning. He has no specific plans yet but said a i definitely plan to stay in touch with the education business. By doing it announcing his retirement this Early it gives me time to look at Bower was involved in negotiations with the it. Markham teachers association on the contract approved in 1988. The three year contract followed a teachers strike in 1985 and Steve Schiavi association president described that agreement As a a real win win As part of that agreement a number of committees and teacher help programs were set up. During his tenure the District has also been looking for ways to solve its space problems but the Board recently decided to postpone putting a building proposal up for a vote because of doubts about state decline accelerates Washington apr the Economy contracted at a Steep 2.0 percent annual rate during the final Quarter of 1990, the government said today. Economists viewed the decline As confirmation the first recession in eight years was under Way. The Commerce department said the decline in the Gross National product a the nations total output of goods and services and its broadest measure of economic health a was the deepest since a 3.2 percent drop in the third Quarter of 1982 during the Depths of the last recession. It was the first quarterly decline since the Economy Sank 1.8 percent from april through june in 1986. But that downturn did not extend into a second Quarter and thus did not qualify As the beginning of a recession generally defined As two consecutive quarters of negative growth. The current decline however was widespread including a $19.9 billion drop in consumer spending on virtually All items ranging from cars to clothing. And most economists including those in the Bush administration say the Economy continues to fall during the current Quarter although at a slower Pace. Many of the nations top business economists say the failure of Consumers to resume spending is the biggest threat to economic recovery. Officers. That increased to at least 11 the . Death toll in the ground offensive. Baghdad radio claimed today that the iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait was completed a by the first Light this Allied commanders said the iraqis were fleeing in Masse but that it was not known How Many remained in Kuwait today. A prime escape route for iraqi troops could already be Cut off. An Iraq military communique today said Allied paratroopers had landed at an air base near Nasir Yah 175 Miles South of Baghdad on the euphrates River. Capture of the City would Seal off routes running North toward the iraqi heartland from the Southeastern iraqi City of Basra a since Allied bombing raids have knocked out Bridges across the euphrates. On the Battlefield the number of iraqi prisoners was climbing so fast that . Military officials said they could no longer keep track of numbers beyond the 32,000 total the command reported late tuesday. Surrendering iraqis shouted a Salaam Salaam a a a peace peace Quot a As they raised their hands. One . Official described an incident in which an iraqi tank and armoured personnel Carrier came upon a . Humvee stuck in mud. A they helped the humvee get out of the mud a and then they surrendered a he said. Iraq is seeking a cease fire but a majority of . Security Council members Are insisting that the Baghdad government accept All 12 Council resolutions on the conflict before a truce can be considered diplomats said. In addition to calling for an unconditional iraqi withdrawal the . Resolutions Call for Iraq to pay reparations and renounce All claims to Kuwait. . Commanders described the Road North from Kuwait City to the iraqis narrow Southeast Corner and Basra clogged with retreating iraqi vehicles which . Pilots were attacking. In the fourth Day of the allies blistering land assault . Military officials in Riyadh said today that the fierce desert warfare since sunday had knocked out 26 iraqi army divisions a about 260,000 men a and 500 tanks. With the drive into Iraq by More than 100,000 . And Allied soldiers the focus has turned to Saddam a Best troops a the Republican guard a and the bid to trap them East of invading Allied units and South of the euphrates thereby cutting off any escape route. In a Battle inside Iraq West of the kuwaiti Border one tank division of the 10-division Republican guard was All but Defeated said . Military officials in the saudi capital of Riyadh. Far above the desert Battlefield Allied pilots intensified their bombing missions moving into what is Likely the final phase of their 6-week-old air assault. A i think we re past the Point of just letting him get in his tanks and drive them Back into Iraq and say in a sorry a said it. Col. George Patrick an f-16a Pilot from South Carolina. A i feel fairly punitive about area residents Iraq can to get off easy by John Mcgraw Telegram staff writer Ilion a Saddam Hussein should not be allowed to escape with his army intact to fight another Day residents and veterans said tuesday. As Allied forces tighten the grip on the collapsing iraqi army area residents do not believe reports of enemy withdrawal. Instead they want Iraq Defeated to the Point of no return for the safety of the Region and to Complete an objective. A the is not surrendering a said Andrew Oldfield a member of the Michael s. Pliseck veterans of foreign wars Post in Herkimer and am vets Post 777. A we have to take it away from him or he will rebuild and be at it again. We have to go in and get him just like we did a world War ii Veteran Oldfield draws parallels Between Hussein and Hitler. Quot ifs a religious War a he said. Quot Hussein was picking on Israel and they Are not even involved. He tried to Start a religious War. We have to Knock him out of Power i am glad we have lost very few men and women. I have nothing against the people of Iraq ifs at the bion elks club As men shot Pool on tuesday evening some echoed the same sentiments. Quot we give in. We have to keep going a one Man said. Employees of the bion water department huddled around a television set late tuesday afternoon hoping for the end of the War intently watching news reports of the combat action. One employee Janet Darling hoped that reports of iraqis withdrawal from Kuwait were sincere because it would soon mean the close of War. A we should fight on Quot said Geraldine Marquissee. A the deserves what he gets. Why should we let him get off easy a Vietnam Era Veteran Donald Sterling condemned iraqis torching of kuwaiti Oil Fields and reported atrocities in Kuwait. A we should continue on. I Don t think the boys would be Happy. Our people were sent in there to risk their lives. We should remove Saddam from Power Quot Sterling said. Quot i think we should go get him and punish him a bion resident Dave Pettengill said. Merger study workers should be offered jobs the merger of three school districts has been under review for several months. The study committee has completed its work and an informal voted will be held in the districts feb. 28 to assess support for the concept. This is another in a series of articles examining the issues. By Donna Thompson Telegram staff writer Richfield Springs a All current employees of the Richfield Springs Owen d. Young and Mohawk school districts should be offered positions in the new District if the three merge according to the merger study report. The sub committee which looked into staffing said that in the Case of a merger tenure seniority and salary step placement should be carried Forward and negotiations should begin right away to resolve differences in wage Scales and fringe benefits. The committee reviewed the existing agreements and summarized the major discrepancies Between them. Differences in the 1990-91 salary schedule were noted in the report As Well. Among them were a step 2 $20,353 at Owen d. Young $20,930 at Richfield Springs and $17,408 at Mohawk. A step 5 $21,712 at Ody $23,075 at Richfield Springs and $20,213 at Mohawk. A step to $24,306 at Ody $26,650 at Richfield Springs and $24,888 at Mohawk. A step 15 $27,927 at Ody $30,225 at Richfield Springs and $29,890 at Mohawk. A step 20 $31,824 at Ody $33,800 at Richfield Springs and $31,812 at Mohawk. Longevity payments Are built into mohawks salary schedule. At Ody longevity pay is $605 after 14 years $1,210 after 19 years and $1,815 after 24 years and at Richfield Springs longevity payments Are $585 after 15, 20 and 25 years. For graduate hours Ody offers $1,343 at 30 credit hours a $424 masters stipend and $45 per hour up to 60 hours. Richfield Springs offers $43 per hour in groups of three hours with no limit and a $430 masters stipend. Mohawk offers $34 per hour in groups of three with no limit and a $318 masters stipend. The instructional staff at the three districts totals 196.7 with 5.4 positions through boxes. The non instructional staff totals 112 including several part time personnel. Assignments in the new District should be made by the new Board based on qualifications and inter ests within the appropriate tenure area according to the staffing committee. The committee is recommending that the current staffing Levels be maintained for the first two years since All schools Are to continue to operate As is until new facilities Are completed. In 1992-93, the program committee has proposed the addition of several positions to improve the program and for budget purposed the finance committee added 5.8 positions for that year. Study consultant or. Edward Huntington recommended that if a merger occurs employees should be covered under existing agreements until a new agreement is reached. A for budgeting purposes the committee was Wise to recommend that salaries and benefits will move toward the Best of the three existing contracts a he said. Aggressive Herkimer a Doug Vaughn 42 dives after a Ball during a volleyball match with visiting Mohawk tuesday night. The magicians continued their winning ways in the Central Valley conference with a convincing 3-0 Victory 15-13,15-7 and 15-4 and remain in first place in the league. Telegram photo by Steve Tooney Home delivery costs just $1.75 a week. Call a kit spiff amp

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