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Herkimer Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Herkimer, New York 4�?evening Telegram mon., . 13, 1982 Telegram opinions voters say no to parochial id political experts May Long debate the Overall implications of the november elections but one message from the voters was Clear no parochial id. In two referendums on opposite coasts the people expressed Clear and uncompromising support for the principal of Church state separation. Public Money for Public schools and private Money for private schools. Hie elected officials in Washington should carefully examine these results and consider dropping their discussion of a Multi million Dollar Federal tuition tax credit program for parochial and other non Public schools. Californians by a 61-39 percent Defeated a proposition that called for a constitutional amendment which would have allowed a state program of textbook Aid to nonpublic schools. Hie program was in operation until 1981 when the California supreme court struck it Down As an unconstitutional violation of the Church state separation. Hie California referendum is especially significant because it comes in the nation s largest state. Political decisions there often have nationwide implications. It is also a state in which parochial id lobbyists have worked diligently Over the years. On the other Side of the nation. Massachusetts voters by a 62 percent to 38 percent margin Defeated a plan to weaken their state Constitution and allow Aid materials and services to parochial and other private schools. Fihe Massachusetts vote is especially significant since More than half of the population is roman Catholic meaning of course that a majority of roman catholics voted against the measure. Phis then appears to be a final refutation of the old line that opposition to parochial id is the result of ant Catholic bigotry. These two referendums Are Only the latest of a string of some 14 popular defeats in stale parochial id issues going Hack to 1967. And again the voters have said no. Surely Congress and the White House will understand this message from the people and Lay aside the proposal for Federal parochial id once and for acid rain virtual elimination of funding for a scientific study of the source of acid rain recently led our congressman rep. Donald Mitchell to complain to president Reagan As Well he might. Phis entire problem which is threatening the future of the Adirondacks along with new England and much of Southeastern Canada has been repeatedly underrated or completely shoved aside during the present administration. Under pressure from Canada and our own Northeast the Washington leadership which had been try ing to ignore the matter completely came out with the statement that nothing could be done until the facts were established and then named a study commission. Phis commission it now a it ears turned out to be considerably More Independent than had let Een planned and was it seems beginning to Zero in on some of the same conclusions As those reached earlier by other scientific groups. Since w Ashington does not want to take the Steps to end the problem As these would Lead to a run in with the powerful Ohio Valley utilities which Are primarily responsible a claim of the need to curtail government expenditures has evidently made a Good excuse for dropping the whole thing. The obvious earlier Hope was that the commission would take a Long time possibly years to come up with any conclusions hut evidently there was reason to believe a Rex it it might be made considerably earlier. Hence the decision to Cut Hack on funding. Liis is a piece with the entire pattern which has let Een developing. The interests of the Northeast seem to he set aside increasingly in favor of those of the West and Southwest. Also there has been a Strong inclination to drop measures designed to insure air and water purity apparently with the idea that such regulations have been holding Hack the Economy. The present state of the Economy however is hardly to be blamed on such matters and the Ohio Valley smokestacks Are hardly essential to economic revival. Residents of upstate new York should Back up congressman Mitchell with their own protests against this Short sighted policy with its serious implications for the future of the whole area. Die acid rain has already wiped out fish in a Large number of lakes and is now starting to kill forests in this state and or Mont. How much longer Are we going to have to tolerate this Blind disregard for the welfare of a whole Region a the i i inc. Telegram in our 85th year of ser Vic e to the area 111 113 Green Street Herkimer new York main office a news dept 866 2320 a Dver Hsing and circulation 866 2222 t he evening Telegram i pin 181440 i is published daily monday through saturday except holidays. _ _ second class postage paid at Herkimer n y 13350 0551 Send change of address notice to Box 551, Herkimer n y 13350 Frank r Lockwood publisher 0551 David j. Colburn managing editor Robert Depietro circulation manager Barbara Ultis advertising manager Russell a James composing room Foreman to Mcevoy press room Foreman Alan h Jacobs accountant subscription rates by Carrier one week $1 25 including holidays by motor route one week $1 30 by mail in new York state one year 569 of six months $34 50, three months $17.25, one month $5 75 by mail in other zones one year $72 00, six months $36 00, three months $21 00, one month $7.00 mail subscriptions Are not accepted from nearby communities where Telegram Carrier service is maintained mail subscriptions paid strictly in Advance your Carrier will be Happy to collect regularly on any Day you wish wednesday through saturday notice of your Telegram has not been delivered by 5 30 p in monday through f r iday and 4 00 pm saturday please Call your Carr Ier it you Are unable to reach your Carrier you May Call 866 2222 and ask tor Telegram service service until 6 00 p in monday through Friday and 5 00 p m on saturday business office hours 8 00 a in to 5 00 p in monday through Friday saturday 8 00 a in to 12 noon the evening Telegram reserves the right to edit and or reject any copy submitted for publication either As news Stone letters to the editor or advertisements Ilion office 39 w Clark Street Call 894 2220 established nov 1,1898 the Community newspaper for Herkimer county u Washington merry go round lame ducks Are bowing out by Jack Anderson Washington there Are 55 lame ducks on Capitol Hill this week 39 of them show Down by their constituents. The rest retiring from Congress voluntarily As Luck would have it most of the 39 losers have supported some of the most outrageous special interest legislation Ever concocted it remains to be seen whether the powerful lobbyists for these Bills w ill still have their ducks in a Row during the last weeks of the 97th Congress except in a few close races there is no certifiable connection Between the incumbents defeat and their record of support for the moneyed special interests a notable exception is the Case of rep Gary Lee r n v. Whose primary loss was clearly traceable to his support of legislation favored by the used car dealers and the american medical association but an examination of the involuntary lame ducks voting records by my associate Tony Capaccio at least creates a healthy suspicion that the voters were expressing dissatisfaction with their congressmen a role Asen Thusia Stic water carriers for business and professional lobbyists. It suggests that members of Congress would be Well advised to Stop thumbing their noses at the consumer. The following examples Are instructive last May the House voted to Stop the Federal Trade commission from requiring used car dealers to inform their customers of any known defects in the cars the aril thirty one of the 99 Defeated incumbents voted in favor of the used car lobby the congressional action incidentally was declared unconstitutional by a Federal judge so the Issue May come up again in the next Congress the american medical association will be continuing its Campaign to exempt the medical profession from Etc oversight but its lobbyists had better Hope for Quick action 26 of the 39 in voluntary lame ducks Are of. Sponsors of the exemption measure. A in september the House barely Defeated legislation pushed by the drug Industry that would have Given it special treatment on Patent Protection by extending the life of patents on medicines and thus helping to keep drug prices High the legislation is Likely to come up for another vote this session 23 of the Bill a sponsors were among the losers who wont be around to vote on it next year a finance companies and Bankers Hope to push through a measure that would radically change the bankruptcy rules. The Bill would require a bankruptcy applicant to estimate future earnings from All sources before filing if the figure is High enough the applicant May be barred from filing the Bill a most ardent Champion is rep Billy Lee Evans. A a. He was beaten at the polls As were 39 other sponsors of the legislation. A the Beer Barons have been trying to get Congress to legalize the Industry a distributorship monopolies. The National Beer wholesalers association formed a political action committee called six Pac to pour out hundreds of thousands of dollars in Campaign contributions while its chief sponsor rep Jack Brooks. A Texas. Won re election handily. 30 other congressional supporters of the suds Industry woke up the morning after election a with the crushing hangover of defeat there were five losers who supported each one of the listed special interest measures reps. John Leboutillier. R n v Eugene Johnston. Inc. John l. Napier. . William Wampler r a and Wayne Grisham. A Calif maybe the special interest lobbyists w to try to influence congressmen should follow that old Rule of the marketplace caveat emptor a let the buyer beware a modern memorial etching the 57,939 names in the Black Marble of the new Vietnam veterans memorial a one of history a most ambitious lettering jobs would have been virtually impossible without the computerized technique that was used. The names were first typeset by computer from casualty lists then blown up into photographic negatives these were then used to apply a Light sensitive emulsion which etched the names onto the Marble slabs finally the impressions were sandblasted producing Gray letters i -66th of an Inch deep a single old fashioned stonecutter charging $5 to $7 a letter and doing 20 letters a Day would have needed 162 years and la weeks to do the Job. Instead the Memphis firm that did the workd completed it in Only three months using a handful of workers and saving the Vietnam veterans memorial fund at least $750,000 spreading Sunshine How Many Federal bureaucrats does it take to assure the investment Industry that the government will be working with it to update regulations in the future if the investment people Are gathering in Bermuda the answer is three. The event was the 24th annual meeting of the National association of Small business investment companies whose members loan Money to entrepreneurs under supervision of the Small business administration. In at Tendance for the six Day session earlier this month were sea administrator James Sanders Edwin Holloway associate administrator for finance and investment and Robert Lineberry Deputy associate administrator for in vestment. Asked Why it was so important to Send three top officials on the Bermuda junket an sea spokesman said the association had asked for them he added. A we done to pick the Virginia Payette political satire has la vyers sorely afraid by Virginia Payette and it came to pass that three journalists have scribbled a wickedly funny political satire on a the begetting of Ronald Reagan a a and their lawyers Are sore afraid at least they should be but they re probably too weak from laughing to worry Over much about suits from any outraged politicians. This a be Gatting a is a sequel to Quot the begetting of a president Quot which was recorded by Orson Welles a happening which to everyone a Surprise won a grammy nomination furthermore also to everyone a Surprise nobody sued. As you might guess this gospel according to Lincoln Haynes Michael Malone and Myron Roberts takes you through Reagan a Long pilgrimage to the presidency a pilgrimage they View with less than reverent scrutiny you la never be Able to pinpoint the political preferences of these three Wise cracking men. Because they go after everybody Reagan Nixon. Ford Carter and Kennedy boy. Do they go after Kennedy the Book is written in Semi biblical style but there a nothing sacred in the contents behold a few excerpts on How Ronnie made it to the Oval office a for 40 years the liberals ate the fat and drank the Sweet for they had the Keynes to the kingdom and the conservatives wandered in the wilderness of the Sun Belt. Whence they followed the Supply Side until they came to the wicked City of Jericho . A now Jericho was Straily shut up and girded round with thick Walls of bureaucracy so that no new ideas went out and none came in. And within the democrats laughed and danced. Quot but it came to pass that the republicans multiplied Yea even unto a moral majority. For where there had been commandments in the number of to. They made propositions like unto 13 a Chiefest among them was Ronald who spake a shout for the lord Gap hath Given be the City and All the Silver and Gold shall come unto the Treasury i it us Lay out a safety net for the truly a now the Republican Capitol corridors were in the counting room. And the land flowed with Mink and Money. And Ronald was anointed King. And he decreed that the Rich should pay no tax toll or tribute a then Ronald sliced the welfare Rolls thin and when the poor cried out he threw them a Laffer curve for this was the gospel according to the Law of the Well the boys go on like this for a while until they come to Jimmy Carter who a walked up and Down the land crying a my name is j c., and in a running for they take a swipe at Gerald Ford too a when he fled the Nixon Camp he looked Back and forgave Richard his trespasses wherefore was he turned in to a pillar of the party. And the people gave him the watergate and Jimmy was chosen. And so it came to pass that a Square sat in the Oval moving right along. A now there arose a Star in the West called Ronald albeit he was of the second magnitude and was known for a attitudes. And he moved from left to righteous. Wherefore the republicans praised there san outrageous chapter on Kennedy called the ted commandments but in a not about to quote by of it. Yea verily if the authors Arentt afraid of the Tel Laws i Arn a and the Day of the election was at hand. And when the Roll was called Down yonder. There was a landslide and the Mountain fell of pc. And there was an exodus of the Liberal tribe a and thus it was that Ronald foreclosed on the Rose Garden for Yea verily the Money changers were Back in the one More thing i take it Back about there being nothing sacred to these Fellows they get in a few Nasty digs at Rosalynn and Amy but its hands off. All the Way. On Nancy Reagan although ill bet they were sore tempted by the possibilities of Josephus Quot coat of Manx colors Quot in be covered Only the parts that can be printed in a family newspaper but if von want the full testament it la Cost you $4.95. A slightly higher a decree the scribes a for the truly the forum David j. Colburn editor for opinion amp comment Lehrman feels his ads weren to on to enough by Joel Stashinko associated press a Riter Albany. N y a it May sound outlandish but funding still available for tuition assistance by Virginia pay Ettl Well guess what after All that uproar the government did t Cut student Loans As much As it threatened to but a lot of parents who done to read the newspapers Haven to caught on yet the result is their kids did t make it to the College of their Choice settled for a Junior College close to Home got a Job or Are hanging around the House driving mom and pop crazy. All because the families remember Only the juror kicked up by president Reagan a proposed budget cuts a and did t keep up with what Congress did to them a to put it Bra Fly the legislators refused to go along Visith that. Kind of scr Impink and lift Many College Aid programs in the budget they sent to the White House the president vetoed it and the Senate promptly overrode his veto. So there a still Money around for tuition help even to students from High income families but David Bayer head of federally guaranteed Loans in the department of education says applications Are Down Quot Between to and 20 percent from the record $7.8 billion loaned out last College officials say that a partly because families with adjusted Gross incomes Over $30,000 hesitate to fill out a a needs test and partly because the big fuss Over or Reagan s original proposals created a mass confusion about the truth is subsidized Loans Are still available for origination fees of 5 percent graduate students can borrow $5,000 a year up to $25,000 minus what they borrowed As undergraduates Ard they have from five to to years to pay Uncle Sam Back they pay no interest for the first six months after they finish their education and 9 percent after that. Undergraduates get the same Deal except that they can borrow Only $2,500 a year for a total of $12,500. Now about those Rich kids eligibility for guaranteed student Loans is adjusted for tuition expense so a student from an $85,000-a-year family might qualify if he goes to a College that costs $12,000 or $13,000 a year. Even families w Ith $100,000 incomes Are not automatically ruled out if they have two or More children in expensive schools for Aid done to they might qualify As Long As they own a too Many like yachts9 a week in business telecommunications keeps on changing by James Peltz a business writer new York a the alteration of the worldwide telecommunications indu Stry picked up steam this past week and As usual Many of the changes revolved around american Telephone amp Telegraph . For at amp to the result w As a Trade off allowing it to enter new markets while letting its competitors invade what formerly was the company a private Reserve. The Federal communications commission voted to dissolve two 18-year monopolies affecting the worlds biggest corporation first it allowed at amp to to enter the International record Market a where telex Telegraph or special data transmission services can be made to overseas Points. At the same time the acc decided to let the International data carriers compete for the first time with at amp to for International Telephone traffic. Companies already Active in the transmission of data such As telex include International Telephone amp Telegraph corp., Ria global communications. Western Union Telegraph and Sci communications corp while they Are adjusting to having at amp tas a new competitor at amp to is Likely to see Competition on the overseas Telephone Market from Sci itt and Western Union Telegraph a All of which now compete with at amp to for Long distance Calls made within the United states. At amp to will be a formidable competitor of course mainly since the pc a new rulings a will allow it to be a More fully integrated Carrier of both Domestic and International Quot services said George r. Dellinger who covers telecommunications for the investment firm Rotan mosle inc. In Houston. The acc had imposed the restrictions Between voice and data transmissions in 1964, when it feared that the fledgling International data carriers could be forced out of business by the More established at amp to. Now those companies can withstand Competition the it a staff reported. In other business news this past week a wholesale prices Rose 0.6 percent in november follow ing a 0.5 percent Rise in october the labor department said the latest increase was credit to sharply higher costs for natural Gas Ana Home heating Oil. Wholesale inflation for the year stood at a moderate annual rate of 3.7 percent. A Chrysler corp. Reached tentative agreement w Ith the United Auto workers Union for a new contract for the automakers . And Canadian workers. The agreement was expected to end a 5-week-old strike by 10,000 Chrysler workers in Canada. A president Reagan proposed giving Farmers surplus Grain in addition to Cash if they substantially Cut Back production of crops during the next two years the plan is aimed at lowering Grain stockpiles and the size of future crop subsidies paid by the government. A first time claims for unemployment compensation benefits fell by 56,000 in the week ended nov. 27, to 598,000, the labor depart ment said. But the drop was due mainly to the shortened thanksgiving Holiday filing period Castle in Spain a summer Villa on the riveria9 there a a kicker in Here though any family with an income Over $30,000 has to submit its income tax returns along with its application for student Aid How confidential be in school files is anybody a guess. If that bothers you you can always take out a a Parent loan at 12 percent for As much As $3,000 a year per student up to $15,000 each these Are available from private lenders regardless of your family a income and backed up by state agencies the drawback Here is that parents have to Start paying it Back in 60 Days but they can stretch the payments out from five to to years. And by that time the kid ought to be earning enough to write the monthly checks himself. Here a another tip if your income is borderline say around $31,500, you might escape the a needs test by taking out an individual retirement account. That will bring your income below the Cut off limit where no snoopy questions Jere asked the big universities Are scrambling to develop new endowments for student Aid and the smaller colleges help out where they can Short of cutting tuition of course. One exception Fairfield University in Connecticut actually does just that operating on the cheaper by the dozen formula it offers discounts to Brothers and Sisters of its students on w hat you might Call a a sibling Saver plan. The University of Delaware a sends its computers looping for scholarship Money. Mary Holmes College in Mississippi urges churches civic groups Mulu Idi Vida is to a adopt a students for $1,500 a year and Beloit College offers a moral obligation scholarships a free tuition they a like to get Back eventually in the form of tax deductible gifts to the old Alma mater. And lots of Luck to dear old Beloit. As a lat resort a student Dan always hit up grandma and grandpa for tuition dough educators Call them a hidden resource a which May be Why old folks take so Many cruises. So they can stay in hiding Lew is Lehrman does no to think enough of his commercials were on television in new York Over the last to Days or so of his unsuccessful gubernatorial Campaign you remember Len Man he a the Guy humorist Russell Baker called a a Wor id class television nuisance one Day in the new York times Lehrmann a the fellow who so amused or exasperated the new yorker Magazine that it published a cartoon showing a Parrot chained near a television set squawking a a in a Lew Lehrman Lew Lehrman for governor a Leader to make new York Safe again i m Lew Lehrman i new Lehrman listens Quot Lehrmann a the Guy who shelled out about $8 million a much of it his own Money a for television commercials during his $14 million Republican Campaign for governor Lehrman seemed to be on television in 1982 More than Merv Griffin despite that Lehrmann a staff insists their Man May not have been on television often enough and is Busy documenting exactly How Many times Lehrman ads ran in the waning weeks of the Campaign and on which stations. If they Arentt satisfied with their review says Lehrman spokesman John Buckley a there is certainly the possibility of Back in february Lehrman hired a Manhattan based firm named Sam to Purchase his Campaign advertising time on television and radio stations around the state. This was no Small feat Buckley estimates that the firm bought More than $5 million Worth of air time for Lehrman ads. A fms duties included such things As making sure stations had videotapes of the advertisements in hand and were paid in Advance but Buckley says its the feeling of top Lehrman strategists such As Media consultant Roger Ailes that particularly in the last week of october Sam May have failed to buy a fall available air time for the cop candidate s commercials. Those were the instructions from multimillionaire Lehrman Buckley insists a a fall available air a we were notified by some of our people around the state that they were seeing More commercials than ours a Buckley recalls. That worried Tho Lehrman Campaign which Felt throughout the race that it had to do things twice As big As Cuomo to have half a Chance at winning. Buckley says Lehrman operatives around the state suddenly turned into Media buyers at the end of october driving videotapes from station to station to augment the buying Sam had done Bob Frank one of the owners of Sam disputes the Lehrman line a the Lehrman television time throughout the state substantially exceeded the Cuomo activity during this last period a says Frank of the week leading up to the nov 2 election Frank says his firm actually warned Lehrman when Cuomo suddenly hit with a near tidal wave of contributions the final weeks of the Campaign mounted a big television and radio and Blitz himself when Lehrman authorized Sam to buy More time for the gof candidate a called a additional weight in advertising Lingo Over the a a based time the company had purchased weeks earlier Sam promptly did so Frank maintains at the heart of the dispute appears to be the Lehrman Campos Contention that Sam had carte Blanche to buy All the time it could without waiting for further authorization Sam is hardly some Fly by night operation. It served As a Media buyer for the last three Republican presidential candidates and is the largest such Independent company in the United states. Buckley said it is a considered one of the Best Media buyers in the Frank said the company believes a a misunderstanding Quot is at the heart of the differences with Lehrman and suggests that the candidates top aides might not have been a accustomed to the terminology of the advertising business. A we plan to meet with or Lehrmann a representatives at a Mutual time and place shortly to discuss the details a said Frank whose aides Are compiling a report of their of n on the Lehrman a account. A i think that once they see the report they won t feel better about the election but see we did a Good Job for them Quot Frank says. A we have a lot of respect for Lew Lehrman. He would have made a great one group you la never hear complaining about Lehrmann a 1982 spending spree is the television and radio stations throughout the state. Christmas seems to have come Early for the broadcasters this year. Quot they Jid come across with the Money did no to they a said Jerry Puccio a sales manager at Pix to in new York City of the Lehrman Cuomo Campaign. Will Lew Lehrman be broadcasting a Man of the year a a he a got my vote a said Puccio

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