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Herkimer Evening Telegram Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1982, Page 2

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Herkimer Evening Telegram (Newspaper) - December 13, 1982, Herkimer, New York 2�?evening Telegram Monde 13, 1982 Reagan pushes for my approval Washington a president Reagan has All but formally abandoned the a dense pack Basing plan for the my missile As he fights to win congressional approval to build the first of the new nuclear weapons White House and Pentagon officials met with Senate Republican officials to try to come up with a Compromise and head off a vote against buying the missile when the Senate takes up the defense spending Bill today. The House last week voted Down 245-176, Reagan a proposal to spend $988 million to buy five of the giant weapons Reagan has named the but the House left nearly $2.5 billion in the measure to study the missile that is Central to Reagan s plan to modernize americans nuclear forces. House members made Clear they did no to like dense pack which would Bunch the missiles in a 20-mile-Square world scene j polish exile recalls Day of crackdown Chicago a one year ago today Andrzej Jarmakowski stood in a Small crowded cell in a polish prison listening As a voice on a tiny Loudspeaker broadcast the obituary of the Independent Trade Union Solidarity. It was the first Day of a journey that eventually led him into exile 5,000 Miles from Home like hundreds of others who fled Poland following the martial Law crackdown Jarmakowski has watched his people s struggles from a foreign land today More than any other Day he will remember what happened in the Early morning darkness of dec 13. 1981 a the Security men came to my apartment just after Midnight a Jarmakowski recalled speaking through an interpreter a they told me to pack up and come with them that martial Law was imposed and i was going to jail Quot a they took me in a Van. Just me and a few Security he said. A through the window i could see lots of other vans almost a motorcade it was All the other people who were being rounded up and taken to Orison Jarmakowski. A 30-year old history professor was arrested for his work with Solidarity he had grown up in an atmosphere where opposition to the government was considered natural even for children during student strikes in March 1968. Jarmakowski was a teen Ager but he joined in. A a went out in the streets and threw stones at the militia. Everybody did As an undergraduate at Gdansk University he was involved with a dissident group that aided workers fired for striking. Later while an assistant professor. He helped publish an underground Magazine but like better known Union Leader Lech Walesa. Jarmakowski climbed into the spotlight when he scaled the Fence of the . Lenin shipyard in Gdansk in August 1980. In the Heady Days that followed what started As a symbolic protest against the firing of a dissident worker blossomed into a strike the demands were the most Radical put Forward by workers in the soviet bloc free Trade unions and curbs on censorship and the Primacy of the communist party. A a we started distributing leaflets at 5 a.m.,�?� Jar Makowski recalled a a we finished by nine and by 11 we were thinking of More demands the response was enormous so we thought a let s try More a a the government yielded on aug 31. In the euphoria that followed there was no thought that Solidarity might have gone too far a we were convinced that we weren t asking that Jarmakowski said a a we realized the govern ment might take some action. But we had passed a Point of no return. We could t Back though the government of Gen Wojiech Jaruzelski gave hints of a crackdown its timing was a Surprise. Jarmakowski said Solidarity leaders expected it closer to Christmas when the Union would have trouble organizing new strikes. Jarmakowski an organizer of Solidarity a first a National Congress and later a director of its office in Gdansk was taken to a prison near the City the prisoners subsisted on a meager diet a a a we talked about How Nice it would be to have a Good cup of soup a he recalled a and found bitter humor in the governments pronouncements area near Cheyenne wyo., on the theory that incoming soviet missiles would Knock each other out. Dense pack also has numerous Senate critics who say they have the votes to defeat the procurement Money. But Reagan seeking a Compromise last Friday urged production approval and said he was willing to look at other Basing plans a next year As we have More time id Welcome a vigorous debate on the Best Way to base the missile a the president during a Brief Oval office news conference a if the Congress wants to debate and discuss and see if there Are possible other options that could conceivably be improvements Over this. We re willing for a there s plenty of time to decided on a Basing plan. Reagan said in his weekly radio broadcast saturday a what we need now is a Clear positive vote on the missile itself to go Forward on production of the the president says the missile is needed to make the soviets bargain for control if Congress refuses the buy the weapon a we move a major incentive for the soviets to stay at the i bargaining table and agree to weapons reductions Reagan s Case for dense pack was damaged last week when Gen John w Vessey jr., chairman of the joint chiefs of staff revealed that three of the five chiefs opposed the plan because of technical disagreements. Although Reagan later said the chiefs agreed to support whatever plan he picked congressional officials late last week said Vessey a statement had All but buried dense pack it is extremely unusual for Congress to approve a military expenditure opposed by the joint chiefs said the sources who declined to be named sen Henry Jackson a Wash after talks with Reagan said he supports a proposed Compromise under which the production Money would be voted but could not be spent until Congress approves a Basing plan sen. Ernest holdings d-s.c., a Leader of the anti my forces forecast approval of a plan similar to the one espoused by Jackson a a we re not looking for a confrontation a he said if the Senate does approve buying the weapon the defense Bill would have to be sent Back to the House for another vote Coffee Day a about 5� local restaurants. In cooperation with a vibe. Are currently sponsoring t Offee Day. The proceeds of which will be used to Benefit physically handicapped individuals going to t amp Goodwill. The regional easter Seal Camp waiters and waitresses in participating restaurants solicit donations of at least one Dollar from customers. In return. The customer receives a Coffee Button which when worn to a participating restaurant on wednesday. Dec 15. Nett the customer to a free cup of Coffee Here. County administrator Victor nor Man wears the Coffee Button and receives his free cup of Coffee from Green Street cafe waitress Kowalczik Susan insurance changes sought Albany by. A life insurance companies have Long made Money by betting that nothing very bad will happen to a lot of their customers at the same time. Now some of those same play it Safe companies want to Start taking a few More chances with their investments S.C. greater investment Opportunity is but one change the state s billion Dollar insurance Industry wants in Congress seems unlikely to adjourn on schedule Washington a after two weeks legislators have done Little of the work planned for their lame Duck session and Capitol Hill leaders Are All but abandoning Hope of adjourning the 97th Congress on schedule Friday in the Senate leaders Are trying to choke off a filibuster preventing consideration of president Reagan s proposed Nickel a gallon hike in the Federal gasoline tax to finance High Way. Bridge and mass transit repair jobs. A vote on a move by Senate majority Leader Howard la social Security group says Reagan must act Washington a members of the social Security Reform commission say president Reagan must act soon if he wants to use the panel As a a whipping boy to push an unpopular but necessary Rescue plan for the system through Congress without an agreement around the state Empire state weather by the associated press Arctic air holds its grip on the Northeast and As a cold fair weather system moves offshore new York will begin a slow warming trend the National weather service in Albany said. The weather system moved Over the state last night. The sky cleared in Many locations but there were still a few lingering flurries in the St. Lawrence Valley and Lee of the great lakes. Temperatures in most of new York will Bottom out from 5 below to 5 above except around new York City where it will be in the teens the weather service said those temperatures will fall very Little or even Rise some tonight they should reach the 30s and Low 40s tuesday. Cloudiness with a Chance of flurries in Northern new York is expected the slow warming trend won t be too noticeable today. Temperatures will reach the teens and 20s. A Light Northwest winds will become southerly by this afternoon a storm system in the Northern Plains will move into the upper Mississippi Valley tuesday. From there. It will move toward the St Lawrence Valley South winds will be on the increase and the system May bring a Little Snow or rain wednesday up to three inches of Snow fell on new York City with a liitle More on Long Island there were Only a few flurries further North in the catskills and lower Hudson Valley. Backed by the White House for a blueprint Congress is unlikely to find its own timely solution to the problem of mounting social Security deficits they suggested the panels chairman and a top Republican senator also agree that any plan must include a mix of higher payroll taxes and lower Cost of living increases to keep the old age fund from drying up in the 1980s sen Robert Dole. R Rathe chairman of the Senate finance committee said sunday he doubts the panel will reach an agreement at its final meeting next Friday Quot unless the president decides to take a look at social Security and become actively Dole interviewed on lbs tvs a face the nation a said he has been unable to get Reagan on the Telephone to Confer with him on legislative business Alan Greenspan chairman of the 15-member Reform commission said there already is tentative agreement on the panel that the Way to solve the $150 billion to $200 billion shortfall confronting social Security Over the next seven years is through a mix of higher payroll taxes and lower Benefit hikes Greenspan appeared on both Abc news a this week with David Brinkley and Cable news networks Quot news maker a if both the speaker and the president could agree on the outlines of a specific solution that would pretty much carry the Day a Greenspan said on Cable news Dole said a it seems to me we re going to have to have a mix of taxes and Benefit reforms without cutting the level of present benefits if we re going to satisfy democrats and republicans on the commission and in the Dole said the White House should realize that the political a Center of Gravity has shifted closer to Capitol Hill since the Republican losses in last month s elections. Baker jr., a Tenno break the filibuster and take up the measure was scheduled for this afternoon on a 79-10 vote last week. Conservative republicans opposing the tax increase lost an attempt to postpone debate until next year. The tax hike will pass in the Senate predicted Senate finance committee chairman Bob Dole r ran a it May not be until new years eve but it will he said sunday on lbs news Quot face the meanwhile the House will be taking up a Stopgap spending Bill that includes a $5.4 billion democratic package of help for the nation s unemployed As Well As a Chance for members of Congress to raise their salaries. Republicans say the president will veto the Bill if it reaches his desk in its present form technically failure to pass a Stopgap spending Bill by Midnight Friday will leave the bulk of the Federal government s agencies and programs without Money a a a i m still planning to be out on the 17th, but senators should be on notice it May be difficult to do that Quot Baker told his colleagues As the Senate recessed for the weekend. When Congress recessed for the november elections. Final action had not been taken on to of the 13 regular appropriations Bills necessary annually to keep the government in business. Congress has been at work for two weeks now in the Post election session but none of the to remaining spending measures has been sent to the White House. Democrats to elect new Yore a the 300-member democratic state committee was expected to select William c. Hennessy As the party s state chairman today. Hennessy 55, who is Mario Cuomo a Choice for chairman resigned last Friday As the states transportation commissioner. He would succeed Dominic Baranello who resigned at Cuomo a request Hennessy an Albany resident has not held party office before however he emerged in the last Yaar As a leading political operative upstate for gov Hugh Carey and was one of the first democrats enlisted by Cuomo when Carey announced he would not run for re election body found Niagara Falls n y apr the Frozen body of a state University of new York at Buffalo student has been found at the Bottom of a Gorge near Niagara Falls authorities said police said Lawrence a Dugan 21, of Framingham mass., apparently was on a Solo bicycle trip into the Niagara Frontier state Park last week when he tumbled from an observation deck and fell 200 feet to his death he was found about noon saturday by searchers from the Park police and by University investigators the search began after classmates of the Sophomore aerospace engineering student notified University officials that he had failed to return from the trip. Officials said he appeared to have died from head injuries an autopsy was to be performed but it appeared to be an accidental death according to Park police officer Joe Palmieri. Sheared i Christmas i Trees from Arn ottos tree farm marginal rd., Herkimer near thruway amp Mohawk St wholesale retail the voluminous regulations which have guided the companies in new York since the 19th Century a we have found that the states regulatory legislation has become increasingly unresponsive to fundamental changes in the marketplace Quot reported a special panel appointed last year by gov. Hugh Carey. A we believe that insurance regulation in new York is More detailed and More restrictive than in any other state a Carey agrees the governor has sent Bills to the state legislature proposing major changes in the Way the state oversees the insurance Industry it remains to be seen however exactly what effect S.C. a deregulation Quot a if its Ever approved a will have on Consumers the people who buy the policies and pay the premiums one study has shown that new yorkers pay on the average about 15 percent less for their insurance than the National average. Another study shows that insurance companies in new York make on the average about 15 percent less than the National average in profits the ultimate Success of the commissions recommendations will Likely depend on which group of state lawmakers wins the Battle Over what one commission opponent called the a consumer Issue of the new York became the first state in the country to begin strictly regulating the insurance Industry in 1892 that action came after years of Industry abuses prices for coverage were being illegally fixed by some insurance groups. Other companies a particularly life insurance firms a were making S.C. bad investments that they ended up going bankrupt. New York last revamped its insurance regulation practices in 1939 what survives today is a regulatory scheme As confusing As Many insurance policies. For instance the state still sets the Price of insurance coverage for private automobiles but companies insuring commercial vehicles set their own rates. When Carey announced the formation of the special panel a year ago he noted that Quot statutory and regulatory requirements which were appropriate in another Era May no longer be the commission a com posed almost exclusively of insurance Industry officials a spent $250,000 to produce a report several consumer groups have branded a Quot wish list Quot for the insurance Industry among other things the commission recommended doing away with most state restraints on their in vestment practices. Life insurance companies in particular the commission said should be allowed to make somewhat riskier investments in Fields where the returns could be higher the panel also urged the easing of state controls Over a Range of items which Are generally left to a company a discretion in other Fields a S.C. As salary Levels for company officials and the awarding of bonuses to successful salesmen the commission also proposed a a freeing the states insurance department a from the Burden of 1 considering numerous requests for prior approval a that seemingly innocuous statement Means the commission wants to do away with the decades old practice of having the state insurance superintendent set rates for Auto health and Home insurance. In the place of depart mental rate setting the commission proposed allowing rates to be set by Quot Competition Quot in the Market place. Quot a free and openly competitive Market place is the Best climate for any business especially in a highly competitive Industry like the insurance business a said John Becker president of the Independent insurance agents association of new York most of the commission s recommendations have been sent to the legislature by Carey the recommendation for doing away with the rate setting Powers of the state insurance superintendent however has not yet gotten the backing of the governor or any influential state legislator. That provision is also opposed by state insurance superintendent Albert Lewis who stands to lose a Good Deal of Power if his rate setting function is stripped away. However about half the states in the country have abandoned rate setting for most kinds of insurance coverage. Opponents of the commission s recommendations say the 1,085 insurance companies licensed to do business in new York Are doing just Fine financially without big changes Quot everyone is predicting continued growth for new York insurers without regard to whether investment decisions Are eased up Quot said Melvin Goldberg a lawyer with the new York Public interest research group according to estimates by the state insurance department the companies doing business in new York list assets of nearly $500 billion. And state officials can Only recall two instances in the past six years when firms actively holding insurance policies of new yorkers went bankrupt. A a the Industry is doing Fine just Fine a insisted by pig executive director Marilyn Ondrasik. Quot the profitability a at least of the life insurance Industry a is a great Deal less than it was two decades ago a countered Benjamin Brewster of the state association of life underwriters. 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