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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Herkimer Democrat (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Herkimer, New York Utica. W hat we propose to do. G r e a t a l. E o r genes boo Abbes and gaiters. F o r t e be x t l x t r Jujj i i i e w & c o m a m m fat h a Tow h Sto r a t he Tim e h dome for a reduction a o f o w great Ito pc of goods for menus and boys Wear sad be a Dater Joed tha t i t h a l a b e r e d c e d l a v prices can do itto w prices will do it and they Mph he inca we Masa the j l it e b e t in b al. The a t daring Tho next in to Daya oar Stock of m e n a n d b o y boots shoes and Eal tells o f ally Leo jul be entirely a t the mercy of the trading � s d it l o n. To a Large assortment of goods of our Orfi to have bought largely in the Eastern and new York Market?., during the e , so tha t How our and store rooms Are in comfortably crowded. 46s p r in e j m r e b e e n p c t to t h e e Good t i m I r e v r e to e l l a Coder on arrangements for the next sixty Days m e m n t a lae Orteg men and Isyss to p230i3 ii id buying c Tiv in boots Anil shoes for Oue year to seep them supplle.1 for the next All to ask a Chance to prove this assertion to them. In e Stock we now offer a t Ault unprecedentedly Low turns Cona isto of 300 pairs men sewed Patent leather Congress gaiters. 200 pegged 250 sewed Paten t leather Oxford ties. Doo pegged calf 3c0 enamelled 600 merchant a East shr of 200 gent Patent leather Sewal boots 200 pegged too French calf roots 300 " gent Gall Balmoral 300 boys a calf Balmoral shoes 200 Patent leather Congress gaiters 300 calf 300 " calf Rosans 300 Kip country m merchants Wui find upon a visit to t h e e j p to o w of t o h Ethe a t Gooda can he bought of u.?, a t whole Sale jul t shoot advantage Nasty they can be bought in new York or bos this excitement our Stock of goods m the ladies and childbbn3 m Upland our Etore will cont Bue to be 3 of old & Jace for ladles to Trade. In we ? to r c o r t e c r Ito dozen of car an d Ite the a t no t oho half has been to t i Yon of Tot Soo Saad hocs. Nobody el3� can can Styli them of find and cheap s3 i a w Bxs f new York. Also a heavy Stock of Gable Tjas a floor oilcloth curtain drapery Oil cloth curtains any fixtures w a l l p a p e re e d p r e a d sa-c., a. Iio cities m a i misty flour pork Ham lard Salt Stone Ware wooden Ware a. E Ither in i Tyler o f b a r make aus Tyhof stoc r rec new of cd. M id poin t w Ith Coo Aido Rabl Pride t a dozen premiums to a Talish our position k e w t o r e. Dix ass o p a l l so r to a t w ii � a � a in a t t t f h e t a i l ? d d t sen t f w e d o o w e m re o y h y i c x a n. We Gna Faytee Hll r a did laes. To c in How thre dip Lomas an knowing our he Albriz m Tan to Staade offid Toaone in bar Mirofe Takwi. Wiir i w e believe in ichor to m in o tit o f the c Ity renew y orig l a Elm Bari lacks we in Tif r the e a Isdo Cem Ehtan. I i t f re wines liquors London alms and of blebs w e Challenge criticism. Can find a t our store during the e coming Harvest the e Best Sample of b y e w h k e y Ever offered in this part of the Cou n try also very Fine Akwa Tot package to Voia waste. Eggs. Butter cheese or &c., taken a t the highest m Arket prices in payment for goods. A ilk bb03. & Hanahan Ssu Eneree t., tibeta Block and 7 Catherine St., Utica. C r t j g e e t x i t m e k A Complete Vasor Tenient at about half the sual prices paints oils Dye stuffs a. Farming utensils hoes slip Ala Spades Forks a. Trunks carpet bags Alises feathers window Glass and in tact everything wanted in a fam ily to e a to r in k o k w e a rat figures indicated in the following it St of a j f l i la j e t dress goods from cents and upwards. Dree Silks from 25 cents cent led Maslin 6j i Cetta p a p e r f to m 5 c e n the p w a re. Fine sugar at cents. F i n e m o la a a t 3 8 c e n to a n d p w a re. Calico bleach Cotton Hose 63� cent. " a Job i i Oil at new York prices no. Most k kinds o f farm Erst p reduce to k e n in sex e k a n g e for g oods a t c ask b e h i f j b t t b r o y h e r f i p r o v e a l l t b in g r i a i i t l h o l d t o t i l e f i to o d. Lyoch. J. C. Mckenzie in a f o k t y years Post coat Intel himself exclusively t l a l l i f w Nho or or edit and if in coir a d b Trio or. I to their full b4ti.ractiod. They to of Ftp i in sing from diseases i a a usual a tune of the treatment of Praia. To e e Osco 8b 4 residence no. S i hotel Etc to a Toca t h i e h c t t t k e e p e f t n new Furnett re pm list p e e p a b e d from an improved Rede b3? j t ii Rii Toj o f the a Limo Nikii Jorat twin i la Juji. cd the i Cimler new York k fraiture la caters and i a i Tista makers to a to a hts t in Tom Wurm for removing a a Tab Otto Fitt Tny to w in tis i fits c x t o l i e c j o e w i e. Bum m or a r r in a l t e w g o o d 8 life & Abeles m a in t r e t La w a los. A \ a Laege arrival of season x x ble goods inv a � examination. Look a t our new Boom b l a c k silk Only one Dollar per y Ard 2 inches wide. F a e m e b v r your cheeses adj Jet l Ife & a belts y Ard w i d Only 5 1-2 cents. Hldi Desdy Selling for 18 1-2 cents. M e r b i i .4 c p r i n t n j 3 w t y e Only 121-2 cents. L a d i e. Call Sandboe o m 6c Cottom Hose also our 4c Irnen Cam l rec Baadke reliefs. Tha Best time c loth a v e t in g so e n to c k y j a n Scott Oradei a fall Assorto . F a n c y c a in e r p r in g Lyte e. Come All iad look a t our a of cum. Avia Ting o f Ewery new"sx0c c ,Coa?l3t.,--------- new style to be found in Market. Fou Herkimer co. Rills Herkimer co. Mills Herkimer co. Mills meal and Oats and com Mcsland leu com Farmers i it has the in Ler it has the beet Miller i thus the Best Miller i custom & feed custom & feed i custom & feed in Herkimer county. In Herkimer county in Herkimer county to do your Custin grinding. To do your custom Iron Dong. To do your custom grinding. In the county or state in the county or state in the county or tale give him a Tria l. It will pay Yon. Give him a trial it will pay you. Give him a Tria a i t will pay you. Lots a ii.?, april 14,1802. And one prot and save one profit. And save one profit. A. Rat Bun a & co. S p n r o 0 x 4 o a. 3 5 1. We ire offering our Stock of pc Ash new goods a t v e r y l o a p r in e Sand Only ask a la to look in and Saibi y Ihnn Velvea before Pur . To of show on goods Riih pleasure and no charge. L1p_e & Abel. L m l r . J n n o 21& 92. X i � j b i e h in a t l f Aud mop co shoe tag Ting g Aiters kid Gaiter and of fed and Morocco Bau Noraye s Wear la 6a varied or. M aim i m f a e if the m Allis a few Erato Swey Foa a Bald buy your Roeu a run m e r k f m e f t c o. M i 1. L. S 1st. I t fresh ground. 2d. You get pure feed. 3d. Yon get it ground Fino. Eth. You can buy the be apes. 6th. You can buy the do pounds ase Heap a by the too. Etli we buy Stork. 7ch. We buy Large ii utities. 8th. We buy for Cash. St tvo Sei for Smur profits. 10th by Selling for Cash Only we Are not compelled to add an profit for bad debts l l t b. By Selling Large i t can be sold a t Small a few reasons Why the Fanner should t,4kptfran ,41.x to tins h e r k i m e r c o n t y m i l e 1st. They have the l Miller in the county. 2d. I hey do the first work. 31. They make the Bei i flour. 4th. They make the Best by Euzbe it flour. 5th. They grind feed the finest. Cab. They no ruin Merom w inter 7ih. They always grind wrists same Day. St. Thus saving one journey to the Farmer. St. You can Tak a Tuu Load and rest assured it will All be found the same Day. J � j r r j , bound men per 1�� 9f. Corn alms 90 goals to Corn 100 Oats be Oats seed p e r Bush. 47 . Jim.--2, 18u2, Mays Cline column. Up h e canadians buy Cir Skub Vegeto Ulk e m b r o c a Tio n. Austrians try Cline Voe Twible embrocation. Both Home and foreign nations find a cure in using c l in e Reo table e m b r o c a t to for the certain and speedy cure to that Rilet Natii p a in in t h e Sid be a c k or Sto m a c h cramps Burns w o n d a c. T r t it it Connot fail o n by 25 a n d 5 0 c e n to p or. B o title. O n by 25 a n d 5 0 c e n to p or. B o title. E 3 v c k0 c a. 1 m 0 3 r. Refunded if it fails to Yive will Birciw Oil a cold 4ud Pru a to the Settinio m of fit pm and Emuth tha t ually follow a cold which Alv Taysi rack the Ray Iem always be Quink Cui Triump t in highly necessary ther Foti Fiat the v by be in ume. One or two May prevent d �. Thru Olive come Taitus and save of trom the Usu Melv sir ave Flod news from Home ail agree hear Inhat Tivey Saive the undersigned citizens of i tic ii liar aug used Cliness veg Emble Ambroci Tjon in our fun imbues and quaing it a salutary remedy can Reeoma Genii it to the ii Blic , being an article for family to Lio nut wish to Nuder Rau any other worthy nod Cine Bui ran truly Aytha t we never before live found an i ii in to tins Vogel Alile embrocation. Svlrts.,. M.,. _ ill Mcloughlin a vhf sirs j. Walker a treet. M rss. Mctavey third at. 1. Van tile Burgh � Lusk. Court St. Jolius Shott Genesee treet. Star a Irine Richards hotel Roberts g Catharine " Ann Hill Varick St. Walsh yay to St. R f w from Lutle . L i i. Brown a y Seymour a. H. Curtiss Peter Conyne. J. W aters l. P. Knapp a. A Illus m. Wilsey m . L. L. Brown j. B. Fowler mrs. W. Mikius mrs. L. 51. Ballou miss Fannie Schaffer ice Tel a. Stuur Bijj from Frankfort n. Abram Petrie. Barney Caster Withiam howell.lemuell4 Weh a Lars Ball . Rufus l. Itobi Sou mrs. H. Fish. , Ohio february 10. Or Cunk r enclosed you receive one Dollar please Bend me two do Cis. of your Ems Roditou. Send immediately. John j. Jones. Boy August 23,1861. Cell Nova vegetable embrocation a sure remedy for head ache and pains in the stomach and worthy of All commendation n in Ift. From professor Vallui teacher of modern languages what Slown Seminary my. B. Our a sir i have made numerous Appici irions o f your vegetable Anfaro Catnott for Toothache and ague in the face w Ith Una form and almost mutant aqueous Relief. I t has been used in Ray family for sore Throat swellings Brudos w Ith most satisfactory results. H. Galia p. fits search 6,1862. My b. Cd e respected i r please fend me three or four dozen each of the a Mallet bottles. Youro truly John e. . Say Coli june. 1st. 1861. Cllne3 vegetable embrocation cured of a severe sick headache in a very Short Tim e. H. Waller. To m h a n a h Esta red my. s i r for the Benefit if suffering Liu m Anity i seemed it a duty to inform tui o f the a miraculous be pet received from your vegetable to Bror Atlon. A Liori Broc Tiou for similar Case w Ith a chef a re red n bottle for me and by the time i bad used one three shilling bottle m y hand and Arm Kras restored to a natural and healthy Paketa f Lozon. Dec., 27th, 1801. %. Ass l l Kesi tactfully Jonrs ,kc., dam. ?. Ham., the above Yianios Are from Well known Reed Wrable Citi Zons of whom into Matious can be Lead in pm Eren Ceto Fth. Astonishing cures tier firmed. T h e b a r d l o Che f f e r in g. Ain Wyaskee pome love losing of Brave who fought for this our nation Bot something better i will sing Cliness i Imus Cimbro Calion the cures Medicine has Wraught computation it Yourd lie free from aches and , lust get Cliness . For Burns Ansi sprain Otis just the thing allays All Irr Ita Tio n lieu mutism of sting this wondrous embrocation. Twill bring Sueh roses to your Cheeks a d i l t he a r n e j i i t i t x x 3 r 3k a Joyinne to business m All various Oram uts a t Hiom at ind the juror Nurmi main and am . Site the Benton Little Karin. Y., Bei a a stauty Imd has if Muzea Superior Quality h o r e o t g t h i n q. Pm g be h a r n e i. Of Diserens style also Fino ii Toni Caius sub a labs a Darr Likness gov minx sank5 and apr Csc Basmi bkimp3-, lab Hauppa vat tvs 4 a a Ogot Ber Wlthttslch-Ortico-a3-ase.8ualiy Toa Iid Ian to do Erie shop. The an Csc Riber feb ceal Dent from a practical and thorough years w Ith thebe Knees tha t he will be Able to execute a l t orders in a it a p t and w o re a m to k o m a a n e r. A Trie d by him will be warranted equal m ?3 o f a nigh on j durability to the beat Ever male. Neal Jop Ledger him � self 4o sell cheaply the in Alitar o f work can he bought in in slate any of the Ai Iove a article made to order o r repaired on nonce part Leniar pains taken in making flame Ooi hrs and f i t baddy to n libera Trona re of his friends and Hoik Ste r a Neir Cottor. Falls december 2 8 ,18ss George h. C a r v or. The la Rubt assortment and x the n e w m i a of hats 13 at fiefs Chen a mpg enable j e m b a e a fio try one bottle j one bottle of c l in e yes Tabib embrocation Frico 25 and 50 cents per mile. N. larger bottles contain three times the amount of Llie smaller. Prep and Nast Wuo Kiaus Asi p.ct., by 3 b c i l i i a am o p l i b to c Kluis an. Y4�� sold by dig gusts and Broca keepers . I i m e r i o a i i. W a t o l i e a. T to t m n. C Ien a Belto Bool a i t w ill m Glass save Tho piece of the a t expensive out Glass bottle. I t w i l l m e n d in o r Don t throw away shul broken Ivory fun it easily re i t w ill m China your broken China ups Ami be made Good i t w ill m Ai Arble that piece Saioc cd out of your a Marble Lanue cull he Jiu Oil str ii Cir i t w in l m porcelain no m Atter i tha t broken i la her diet vol Cost but a Lii Ling a still my saved Sli Illing Earseil. I t w in l mend Alabaster Liat costly broken and you c.- t Rua Icli i trend i tit will never show when Imi together a l b a n If icily mend Bone Coral lava and to fact exc Rythma hut Alc fals. Any article cemented Wii i Ameli Toan Cement cd Lee Vav i not show wait to it lae Coteil. E x U a o los. Every housekeeper should Loivao a Supi ily of towns & Leys Amerie arcement 1 Ork Liu i t .-.0 to have in lilo . New i to k exp Iris. I t ready lhi.=n oin mends it to very Booty i draw Deal. A we have tried it and fed it useful m our ii. Wylei of tikes / t Imes. Economy wealth. $1 00 per year saved in every family by one Ottlo of Juie r in a c e m e n t g l e. S e k p k. K i i p l k very Liberal Weedu Etuin to whole Alft buyers t e r m g a so. For Sale by All druggists to i to storekeepers Genie Rule through Tuut the Tomitry. J o h n & c h o h e y sole maaut.ieiuier.1, 78 w Illia al t r e e Corner of l the Rlph ree N k w y o k l My Octant to House owners. I m p o r t a n t t o b i l d e r. T b a l l w Hom the m a y c o n c e Ina n d i t con c e m e v e r y b o d y. John Fps & ?kosli3xs, improved gotta Percha o b m b h t h o o f i n the most durable roofing in use it fire and water Kooi. The Cost truly about one third that o f i in mid twice durable. Tills an icle has hero tested la new York City and All iia Ritsul the United s5iates, Oma Diu Lio buildings generally. Government buildings &c., by tin Liri Cipal , a architects and others during the past tour years and has proved to be the cheapest and most of Tanbir Yowko in be i t in every respect a free. Water Wasai Hen and time poop covering for roots of ill kens. 7 hts the Only Saal Erlat manufactured in the United states which combines the very desirable properties of elastic y and d Urabi liw who cd Are uni Versay Yacknow Dedge possessed by g v t t a p e r c h a a n d i n d a r o b b e r. No heat required in Malang application. The Lex phase of applying it trifle an Ordinary Koo can he covered amt finished the same Day. Stereos a thinking o f roof boards nor wliat43vtr. Liquid Gutta Percida Cement for coating m Eta Isfalt Kimis when exposed to the Caiiou of the weather and for preserving and let a the oui Ooms Silion Knoin which will Success fatty resist extreme o f a Clinta Jor any tensile time when applied to metals to Winch it adheres Lormilia i a body equal to of of Onu uary much , Ami will last three times ions and from elasticity not injured by tie contraction and of tin and Otlyn r Metal Idder thai it a of the weiuli.-. I t will not crack in cold or Ron ii warm weather and wih g t t a p e p v c h a c e m e n t for or. Serving did repairing tin and other Lelal roofs it every or ascription. From g Reat elasticity the not ii tired by the contain Tion and expansion of metals and will not crack in Eold or run in w a m weather. These materials Are adapted to All climates and pc Are prepared to Supply from any part of the comity. 01 Short notice for Glt fat i Ercula roofing in Rolls ready prepared for use and gotta de Cha Faient in barrels w Ith full printed directions Lor application. O g j e j t t w o l o y t e j d. Fee will make Liberal and Safi factory arrangements with responsible parties who would like to establish a Luc Alire and permanent business. O r t e r m a r e c a h. W can give abundant proof of n in w Mclalin Iuri Vor of our improved 6m to Seveno Iliili Saud roofs in new York City and Vicinity. J o h n a o l. E sole mandf.ictcker-. W Lio la in in w a r e l to n e 7 w Ilin m t r e e ton for of pct Street. Full ease riptide circus airs Hurt prices will p a the n the d n o v e m b e r 1st, 1859, f T j Jophe Mea sures Are athe Tho distance round the neck b to the y Oke c to a the e sleeve d to distance around the body under the armpit e to the length of the skirt. B a a i i 4 0 c r = . Patented improved of Neh Yoke h i t i t so q y Ember 1 5 9 f. A Neto style of shins wan anted to fit. By sending die Ai Iove per mail w e can the 11 4 Erict lit of our new cd he And e turn by sex b d p wholesale Trade to Turki the Toni Tifnee a t w h o l e a l e & r e t a Ina t l o w e r p r in e t h a n e v e r health o be g h a a f & t a y l o Bat i Glicr o f our Uince stores f f i to w h Lynip Senle mid r Toffi t i la b w a b it Iota la Ai a 1 0 3 c h a t h Fil h treo t Beu to t e w r o m i r w i n g t o t h e g r e a t h e c l i Wiloh 5.110 Trade we have r. Cebu. Iniltr.�l with Pii Cru Vingris both soc -5. In a j5talo of Nat Piva am a Aii i Ilc Ivory of the i , Litzlb Pillion or Husik in Perun by ate m i Well Seahm letter i t Kriis to Helfet Habus w yrs ii men Ami to Eure Lliam. It a main the abhor View i Oil Mairi mucin. And Bow by Eho Ojea iwo nor. It How to Eurt Tsou Ruhse now to Cuie a Pii Iliria. And like Recei pud the Reid Odin i used. How to cure Pine i Kearis nervous irritation i e spot Deuey 1jo.soi memory Averrie Iii Toad in be cart Fox married ladies in certain fiauauoji�,_e5hould not use. Them for Reao see Recu Wuth Cali Box. P Rice. Sent by ii Mil to All parts of the world. "1000 mooch All have a Reir Esafe. N. B. Pm in fast a Diri Useo can he cured a t Home had drehr5mga letter to or. J. Teller enclosing a re Mutaru a. Me4icine securely pm Ikea from Obsen Alio feet to an part of the world. A Case warranted. No charge for advice. N. or boy i implied notice headdress All letters to Tel lbs m. D. No treet. Ubans. N. J d r. L i a c r o i x p k i v a t e k e d i c a l t h e a t 1 5 e djs logical Tiew of marriage. O p e n a g and 130 engraving a y t j k j i Price Only 25twe.vtv find cts. Sent five of postage to All parts of Tho in iou. On the infirm Lucs of youth and m maturity disclosing Llie secret follies of fifth Ages. Mus Iii debility , depression of spirits palpitation of the heart Soic Vijai imaginings involuntary Chi Sions. Butyl lungs defective memory , and with cond Iima and who Are conscious of having hazarded to Iii Young Hen Rio Are troubled with , Gicic Riili ii ised Liy a Lead habit in youth the effects of Lii Cut Are Deij Arment of professional practice of r the past Twenty t b p or a n w h need a co medical adviser Wiki regard to any of those complaints to Wlinich their delicate organization renders hem liable Are particularly invited to consult . Tvs eur Arrao married ladies Ulios health will not admit or who have no desire to in .aybcoht.ainedasabove. I t a per etly Safe preventive to Eorio Eption. And has been extensive in de during the last 20 . Aricere diced to $10. T h e e c r e t o e y o d t h n v e in e d. A treatise on the cause o f premature decay a solemn warning. J t published a Book showing the inside aug pro West or Srot Zoh amunds i Cums and duct sloping the whole Progress a f the Murase from tha commence men to the night and on sundays Tromp to 0 r. Medicines with full directions sent to any Parto f the United dental. \ 1 7 in e a r l y p h y i c a l e e g e e r a c y a m b r i o a h p e o p i i b. J n i p b l h e d b y d r. S to n Eli Luician to the t to y l n g and h hygienic in a Realise on the causes o f Early physical decline o f Amer ican people-7 the cause o f nervous debility con sumption and Maras . P e work one of High moral tone i w Ritten in Cua Ste be t thrilling language my appeals i rec try to the e moral consciousness of Aix and Gray d1a. , detailing scientific and reliable aids Ami treatment for cure. I t will be sen t by mail on receipt of two 3 . Pae kits and fail not to Send and obtain this Book. &3r yous men 1 fail not to Send and get this Book. A Hesi you too should a t once secure a copy of this Book a w o r d of so l e m n c o n Scie n t to a d v to e to t h o be Ivha w in l r e f l e c A class of prevail to a fearful extent in come jul n it door begat least 100,600 youth of both sexes annually to an Early grave. Those diseases Are very imperfectly Uii de stood. Their external manifestations or an nervous debility Hel ration and exhaustion mar sums of wasting of Llie l of the whole body shortness of a Ragi ing o r Imri cd breathing on Osce Ndinga Bill or of Lilit of stairs great palpitation of Tho heart asthma Broil elicits and fore Throat shaking of the hands and . Aversion to society and to business or to d y Dit Miess of Eye sir t i, memory a illness of the h Ead Keur Algie pains in various parts of the body pains in the Back or limbs i. Bago dyspepsia o r indigestion of the bowels deranged sections o f Llie kidneys and Osiier glands of the body Leuce Rhoss or Fleur Albus a likewise Epi Lepsy hysteria Apay nervous spasms. Now in ninety nine cases out of every one Hundred Ali the above named disorders and a Host of others not named consumption of the lungs and the a t most insidious in i wily form of con.= of the spinal Nerres known takes do sales and takes Mese Terica having to e in Seal and a Fetn in diseases of the Pelvic i Seera. Hence the w ant o Success Oil the part of old school practice in treating sym oily. Or Andrew Stone physician to the Troy lung and hygienic institution now engaged in treating this class of Viil be forwarded Oil april location. I05ff=-cousuuipt1o2i,-3.�tirrh Ami diseases of the a a Well a t the Homes path her a t so it hour and a t Sneh Piave in the Eom Pam dim to ii a.9 the Captain o r commandant shall designate in Cruws to to posted in three Public places in such i since. in d a Sand tha t such Cai Uain o r commandant f idea r,.ung it ill fast Iii .1. I Roadway coins umlaut. The aforesaid Gommi Imants of t com Phanhv will of Rhu ill proceed to give the e re Quint notices of the time and Piai e of their crop Cchiv a p.irade8, and will in All respects comply Willi the said general order and the a militia Law of the t i kissed april 26d,lsli2 .tm03 a 1rescoit. Brig g en., commanding 17lh e. l in � in 2 t j f o t i c e. Merrimer county sheriff office x x ,.s Mittice Hei Ehy Given Purina it to the tins mate Aud tie follow log notice from the Sicri by m tap. 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