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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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Herkimer Democrat (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Herkimer, New York Progress of the War. The 0reat Battle of wednesday. A correspondent of the by. Tribune with m e d i a n is Carniv gives the Follo iving account o f the great Battle of wednesday Battle f help of . My. T wednesday evening sept. 17, t he greatest l i t t l e o f the w a was fought to Day lasting from Daylight till dark and closing w without decisive result. The Ivole � c e t o f Mcclellan and Lee were engaged for fear Len hours. T w o Hundred thousand men h m t fought w Ith the utmost determination on both sides. Neither can claim a Complete Victory but Mcclellan has partially carried the rebel position holding most favourable renewing the attack and holding a the ground which was gained a t any time during the fight. All oar own dead and wounded and Many of the enemy is Are in our hands. On the left o f the rebel position Hooker Sumner and Franklin have crossed Antietam Creek and have driven the enemy from the ground they chose to cover their flanks in front o f our batteries and troops have steadily advanced and occupy to night a Range o f Hills considerably beyond those first taken. On the rebel right they have lost the Bridge Over the e Creek which w As carried after a Bard fight and Burnside has crossed with All his forces. T he result o f the Days fight therefore is that the rebels have everywhere lost ground their position is contracted both flanks attacked with Success and their rear and Only line o f Retreat seriously threatened. A after the Brilliant Victory on sunday South Mountain near Middletown Mcclel Lan pushed his army rapidly Forward Send ing cavalry artillery out on the Hagerstown Road Burnside through f o x Gap to the Sharpsburg Road and the rest o f his forces through Boonsboro to Keedysville and thence toward Sharpsburg. On the Crest o f the Hiu this Side o f Sharps Burg the enemy were discovered in great Force. Their troops had been brought Down from Hagen Stern up from harpers ferry it o f the army Lee Jackson held in Virginia and a i h ill and All tie Best generals left Avith them were there and with a of their Best troops. Except occasional artillery contests the armies faced each other in quiet during the rest of monday. On tuesday there was no movement our Side till Tow Ard n ight t he rebels had kept their batteries in position but their in Fantry was withdrawn from View and it was stir Uncertain i whether they Ivere retreating or reinforcing. A t a t four in the afternoon o f t u e a y o n Bueno corps attack the enemy is left and occupy a position on their flank. H e crossed without opposition sent Forward cavalry skirmishers who were speedily driven Back and then advancing with his whole Force about six w Ith artillery and infantry. Darkness ended the fight w Ith slight loss to either Side h ook or carry ing an d holding thew Ood from w hich the enemy is fire first came. There were constant alarms during the night the hostile pickets being close to each other a along the line. Early in the even ing the rebels took to fighting among them selves and several heavy volle3--s were delivered there before they discovered their mis a t Daybreak the fight was Rene Ved suddenly and vehemently both sides opening fire to Gether. The number and position o f the rebel batteries the evening before had disclosed that they were in great Force on the right and word had been sent to Mcclellan to and ring the night. D Titt nine in i Vance Sumners corps do ii did not arrive on the Fiel morning. Mcclellan is plan o f Battle was briefly follows Hooker was to Cross the Creel the right As before stated , Franklin and Mansfield to co operate with and sustain the attack. In front the batteries were to push Forward with infantry supports and an Effort to be made to c a n y the Heights on the left. Burnside a is to Cross the Creek by the Bridge and attack the rebel right moving on Sharpsburg also which was in their rear and thus Cut off their Retreat. Pointer and Sykes were held in Reserve. The plan i f Success Ful must result not merely in the defeat but the destruction or surrender of the rebel army. T he ground is Peculiar. The rebel line was formed on a Crescent shaped Ridge which in front slopes Down into an undulating Valley irregularly broken by connecting ranges o f Hills. Behind the Crest the rebel Force Lay in uneven and Strong positions sheltered by ridges and Bills and is Peci Auy Strong on the flanks. Antietam Creek a Stream too deep to be forded except in very few places sweeps by the base of their position and protest it from assault. Mcclellan is forces were first formed in front afterwards thrown to the right and left. There is Little or no ground on our Side equal in height to the rebel position Hooker sustained unpaid do the attack on the rebel left Force nearly four Hovirs. H is line had been formed the night before and fought to Day in the same order. Ticket tvs division was on the left Meades Pennsylva n a reserves in the Center double Days d i vision on the right. These terms Are o f course to be mide stood As referring Only to hookers line not to the whole Field. There w As a riflery a t All Points. Meade gained ground on his first attack. Ricketts also w ent Forward through the Woods in his front and Doubleday w Ith Bis guns held front against a heavy cannonade. M Eade advancing finally m it a heavy body o f fresh troops Thi of n suddenly and vigorously against Bim and was driven Back Over part o f the ground he had just won. Rick etts line was at the same time hard pressed and became deserted. Mansfield who bad Over the Creek the night before w As or into tire Woods to Ricketts Suppi and har Tsuffis Bri Ide part o f double Days com e i dered c Field took the greatest part o f his troops Ricketts help but they were unable to extend their line and in the Effort to push for Ward his men Gen. Mansfield was mortally wounded. Gen. Hartsuff advanced to the Relief o f Meade w Ith the 12th and 13th Massachusetts and another regiment. The Penn Sylvania troops were retiring in haste and some confusion. Hartsuff seized a Bridge in front o f the Field Over which the rebels were pressing and held it in splendid s Tjie for More than half an Hoar against a greatly Superior attack h is men behaved most gallantly standing on this exposed found firing Stead ily an 1 a Havering once. Gen. Harf Suft w As very soon severely wounded. H is troops f Eminem their position and finally by the e precision and rapidity o f their fire compell Fig the enemy to Retreat instantly advanced in Pursuit while they bad been engaged. Hooker ordered up Craw Fords and Gordons brigades to their support Hartsuff retained the Advance and Crawford and Gordon foe owed in support. A rebel Battery on the i by which bad been most annoying by an end lading fire w As about the Sam e Tim e silenced by double Days guns and Jho Oher ordered Bri whole Hue feb rata t he rebels were driven through the com of Field again into the Woods beyond whore they could not easily be dislodged with out artillery. Gen. Hooker who All the morning had kept him self under and generally in the Liot tast o f it Iode Forward to examine the ground in front in order to Plant a Battery. A s he Rode up the Hill he became a con spirit Ous Mark for the rebel sharpshooters 5 their fire increased very suddenly and Gen. Hooker was w funded in the left foot a Ball passing entirely through it. The wound avas excessively severe and painful and he Wais compelled to leave the Field. Three men Weiye shot Down by his Side at the same moment he w As w funded. Up to this time the attack has been a Suc Cess. The hardest fought ground w As in the undisputed Possession o f hookers troops and the last order As he was borne from the Field w As that Crawford is and Gordons should immediately Advance and Cairy the Woods to the High t the w Hole line had gone Forward w Ith the wildest cheering and everything looked like a Complete and speedy Success. A t this fortunate moment Gen. Sumner arrived of the Field at the head of his Veteran clips. Pursuing the convard move m ent he led his men immediately against the rebel line and to the support o f Crawford. Sedge Wicks division the Flower o f the Penin Sula army advanced on the right. Richard son and i Ench at a considerable interval on the left. T he first Volley from Sedge Wicks troops was tremendous but it avas Vansav ered by a heavier one. Craawford had found the rebels in great Force and Sedge Wicks flank also became exposed on the left in consequence of the Dis Tance Between him and the o ther divisions. The rebels perceived their advantages and at the same time pressing Crawford and attacking on Sedge Wicks flank broke Croaa Fords line Avrich fell Back in confusion on sed Gavick. The 34th new York on the left Avert forced to give away at the same time and the Woods a Ere yielded to the enemy. Gen. Sed Gavick avas severely around eco in the shoulder leg and wrist hut refused to Leav c the Field till his division retired. Gen. Havard then took command and ordered the division in the rear. Major Sedgwick Aid o f Gen. Sedgwick avas shot through the body but is not de. Many of the regiments suffered most severely. The 15th mass., lost nine out o f the prisoners say they Ahvay like to meet sea Enteen office is. Col. H inks of the e 19th a regiment o f zouave with red trousers As they make distinct Marks. In evidence of like ours was certainly creditable to its com Man div especially considering the pc Light a Lille it was being consummated. One things havea Craa is in its Fiji or a they had Antietam Creek in to Weir front about half the length o f their line Over a huh our troops could not Cross but at one Point. It was at Gen. Pleasant tones Cit vary made such a splendid dish across in 4ho face o f a fire from several batteries planted to sweep it from different a ints an Dahich rained a perfect Shoaa or o f Shell while our troops a Cre Cro sing. Most of Tolje Shell fortunately did not explode. " a s soon As the cavalry Avert the were followed by Gen. Sykes division regulars in support o f three batteries Avrich silenced the rebels at this Point and relieved Gen. Sumners corps from a fim from Avrich they Avold a e otherwise been compelled to jail Back. Some o f the most desperate fighting Ever recorded in history took place on this Field. In passing Over the ground to Day the Evi Dence a As Manifest where the deadly contests occurred the dead and dying lying thick in roads a Here they had fallen. On the enemy so Center three lines o f Battle had been formed from a Point a est o f the Hagerstown Turnpike the Road Andt several Fields near to the Boonsboro turn Pike about half a mile and these lines a Ere almost As distinct As when the living masses still formed them the dead lying so close As to be nearly within reach o f each others hands along the entire distance awhile in Kings and the rebels although maintaining their ground for a time were compelled to give Way their loss being frightfully Large. Dur years brigade Avrich opened this attack lost about half o f its Force but maintained its position until relieved by fresh troops. This brigade lost 432 in killed and wounded out o f 850 Avaio a ent into action. T he ene mys loss in killed at Liis part o f tic Field avas at least to o to our one and Many Avero of the opinion that it Avold a Crage the same Alloa or the Battle Gro Imd. This is accounted for by the fact that our men fire High awhile the rebels seem to he particularly strutted to fire Yoav. C r mass., was killed. Col. W Istar 1st Cali fornia avas sea merely Avo add the 34th Neav York could gather Only thirty four men Ashen rallied. French and Richardson meantime held a position Well to the left and less in Advance and kept it. Genii. Richardson not Long after was severely abounded in the shoulder awhile leading a bolting regiment. Gen. Dana of severely. Gen. Obliged by this reverse to Avit draw his lines to their first position adhere he held them firmly. H e had been exposed during All tie action to the hottest o f the ii c. Col. Re acc of his staff avas wounded in the Arm capt. Audenried in the leg. Gen. Franklin arrived Avith his corps about one Oclock sending Gen. A Locums division to the left and in front. Gen. Smiths was advanced Over the same ground which had just been lost. His Gallant Maine and ver m ont troops Avent in at double Quick driving the rebels before them and on the fences and beyond the avoids and again took the Point this time not to be Given up. This was accomplished by 3 Oclock meanwhile the forces in front of4be whole line had been gaining some ground. Hard fighting All along the e line had continued at intervals through the Day. French and Slocum Wei eaves Tavard the Center. I t was time to hear from Burnside who had been Long delayed in his Effort to carry the Bridge. A t 4 Oclock Mcclellan sent orders to Burnside to Cross a t once a t All hazards and capture or silence the Battery in front. The Bridge avas captured in Gallant style but Avith loss o f col. Kingsbury and 500 killed and abounded. Burnside Ashen once across advanced on the rebel right along the Sharps Burg Road and up the slopes o f the Hill. A position o f great importance was carried at first by his impetuous attack but avas after Ward abandoned As the rebels acre Able to bring ten heavy masses o f troops from the Center and left h oppose Burnside. Our attack on the left having ceased for the time Sumner and Franlklin were ordered by Mcclellan to hold their own and the and Vance o f Burnside was relied on to decide the the Day. Darkness was near before be avas Over the Creek and the forces against him too Strong for his number. H a therefore avas obliged to Content himself w Ith defend ing the Bridge and his position beyond and the final attack avas postponed till to Morrow. T he fire on both sides died away gradually and at 7 o clock the Battle was Over for the Day. Its result i have stated above. I t w As everywhere very desperately contested and the logs on both sides is very Large. Ten generals on our Side Are killed and wounded. Battlefield of Antietam sept. 20. Yesterday our hues advanced towards the enemy when the discovery was Matle that the whole had retreated during the night leaving their pickets along the entire line so As to prevent us gaining a knowledge of their movements. Those left behind Generady surrendered As soon As appeared. I t seems that rebel reinforcements were expected on Friday but they did not arrive and consequently it avas decided to Cross the River As they were in no condition for such a Battle As that o f the 17 the. So they began leaving at dark thursday Naglit and the rear o f the line passed through Sharpsburg just before Daylight yesterday. They states All those w to ape opposed to the of the Union unless it can be restored Avit Hout slavery All those Avo refused to go to Yar and fight for their country and Avo threaten to Avit hold men and Means from the i Sid est unless he shall adopt the abolition policy All those who have successfully pressed him to Vio late his sense o f duty and expediency in his treatment o f the of egad question and All those who was to civilization by arming the negroes i t is quite Clear that the democratic party will Nea or get into Coaver by the votes o f such a la those men who denounced the presi Dent for the removal o f Fiu or Orr Froin Liisi military commands because he could int see his military Genius and could not a Ihk a t the corruption and k Nameiy that Prea ailed in his departments and wished to Sec this Republican idol a military dictator elevated upon the ruins o f fin overturned government Avill a ote against him. They will do it because he teaches obedience to Law submission to constituted authority. A la the shoddy contractors All the plunderers and harpies Avaio have fattened Ripon the Public distress All the g Eorge b. Amok Gas t ii Loav w eeds o. B. All those men who hat c used their influence Avith the Poa vers that be for a percentage to procure lucrative contracts for their friends All such fail vote against him. The democratic party w ill have to fight both them and to Weir plunder. T hey will hardly array themselves under the Banner of a chief Tain so pure and patriotic As Sei Atoun. A la those Avo have been in the habit of denouncing democrats As traitors a Iii vote against him. Those who accuse Odis loyalty a party a hich is represent Tell in tie Field by a majority o f the common soldiers and nine tenths of the Ablest generals whose Faith is shared by such Gallant and pm Fristic soldiers As hive Leck mccleeei3r, Beki Side h Ooi Osk Corcoran g rants btriitt., w ool b a vill hardly have the Good sense to support the democratic ticket. They Aasu continue to Denottice better patriots because o f their Tavui Short comings. All those politicians w to for months past have been crying up the abandon Zient o f party while they have been grasping Aff the offi pcs a to have been denouncing. Party awhile they have been concocting parly schemes and promoting party ends Abiff vote against him. They have not got honesty enough to vote for a ticket put Forth upon a platform As Broad As the Coustie Tatiom which has in it not a single Paiit Isan Fca turf a fled a hic is characterized throughout by Iffe most undoubted loyalty and patriotism. Lastly. A la those Quap Dau d democrats who have abandoned off air party Kesaji. They have been die appointed a their am by Tion or because the Joti Ayrf smelt the Odds of the Republican flesh Pitej Avill Yold him. W e Kave a v e in few such in this county. There Are doubtless such elsewhere. N Oak this is. But a Brif m is l has plan o f a e whom the dem in Rollo p w Sharpsburg Battle seems to i i be been com w ill have to contend at tie of Ming Fele Cioti a Lete. The position gained by h poker and a it _ Stoiner Cut off their Retreat by Ava Yip the Fords above them. The Hill fought for by Burnside a Ouid have Cut them off from the Shepard Tow Ford Hai owing that the re it of -rtf.-,----.1-- to. Suit a High Lbw thought possible before Ano i or great Battle. The refer bad of an so them of but this Aat Large a that o f the rebels in the face of one i Pola or to a Compisi skedaddle before i t a us gained by Foree a t Shepard Toam might have headed t t t i a As not in Mcclellan is democrats 1 do not be Shear inc cd tiie a a to thrice is he n n n Wjt h Ritti Hon uary it a Sony news re a Haig cies it the War in the Southwest have competed the temporary abandonment of Northern a Basoa and Middle team Essex by the uni of forces. J t i j rebels. The fees Dent b boo ligation. The radicals have finally Eia Elled the president to yield to their abolition policy g a in s t Lily of exp Effemey. He has resumed paper Wea Brif find War is a up on As vigorously aim he at slave property can Ity h e is in the e hands o f a faction a Liose ideas Are preg Nant o f Only mischief and Folly and the nation has cause to expect Only disaster from this last act o f Modem Radical statesmanship. The injuries inflicted on the National cause by the extreme measures o f legislation o f the last Congress was Imi Pense i but even that a is Wilt gated by the supp Oseff fact that president ing any Good and in a measure could pre vent much o f Ibe evil Fth a t would necessarily result from their strict enforcement. He avas supposed to be goes tend by Constitution al a news and by that practical sagacity Avrich taught him that vindictive enactments looking to the annihilation o f fist property rights could have no Oiler effect than to Combine As one Man every individual who had a Farthings interest in any such property and All who by education and association respected those rights As second Only to those of the person Avrich Are recognized us the first to be protected bylaw r this proclamation strikes directly at the Only friends the Union bad in the slave hold ing states it renders nerveless the arms of those Noble patriots in Kentucky Tennessee Maryland North Carolina and Missouri Avo have resisted the torrent of rebellion at the peril o f their lives and the sacrifice of their property and Avit Hout whose Aid the fed eral armies must have been quadrupled to Bat a occupied any cosside Itable portion o f their territory it places in a false position and Avill demoralize i f not Render useless Over one Hundred thousand soldiers in the Union army from those Stales it contradicts and Stul tidies every Man Avo has Given is Aid to this War As a. Contest for the supremacy of the government As made by its founders it destroys the Hope o f the Best friends o f the Republic for the suppression o f i Ebel Liou and the Early restoration o f peace. And to gratify Akhom the men Avaio have had no desire for a restoration o f the Union a it w a s Avo hate scoffed at the idea o f maintaining the Constitution intact and gloried in the reflection that for nine teen years they have preached disunion and taught that the Constitution is is a covenant Avith hell it Buff Isdr off mgbfleh"unan4 Nam Matt Andi ill a Ted majority he not rally objects to a re Noruin Tafou Olfort w it be Raap in a Werfal j3pfoe to air Dyer the delegates elected is Feemi Ifo of orig Ai to the . Ither Isford t a t these Wabski Alaura Infix the did my Hare before the can Fentie Tii Ough the friends q f or. Elm will be the Choice of whichever Taaff Profe the Goveri nuent at Wash n As aet Auy falling to pieces and by its ave Akness and in capacity offering itself a prey to the first Strong hand that m a venture to seize it. T his is not the sentiment of radicals abolitionists a Lone a such o f party or o f prone Isle sink into insignificance by the Side o f the terrible Einuis which the country is rapidly approaching. Men o f All parties Avo love the e country and who would see it saved by constituted authorities tremble with Apo Ehen Sioui Aheu they Sec Thos authorities utterly incompetent to the great task that is devolved upon them. Hitherto of resident it noon has Given us no constitutional administration. H Rhashad no Cabinet in any just sense of the word. In Stead of surrounding himself by the strongest Thi Ablest the most powerful men o f the a Tipri and calling on them to share the respond Bil tics and the functions o f the executive the greatest and Best o f his Pride Sessom have done or. Lincoln made use o f his Cabinet to dispose o f his rivals for the i esl Dency and reduced Ida secretaries to the condition o f clerks ostentatiously ? overloading himself yith the responsibility for to Weir Shert comings and deriving not the slightest Benefit for him self Orthe he has a Sui live to control Iii his beam whole action and conduct and Itiat too avowedly without any fixed and stable policy but cedi Dilg to the e shift ing drifts and currents o f Publio sentiment and the c h a n g judgments arid apriels of his pm n mind. W hat do our Republican friends think o f such language As the above 1 is it truthful i f Soj then the country in Vertlie guidance of a weak and incompetent administration must be trembling on the verge o f ruin and aria itchy. But w e Aje More hopeful than there erratic supporters of the administration w o think the people Avirl commence the work of reformation at the approaching elections by a Arning Pur renders that there is a disposition and a determination to remove from authority incompetent and corrupt n person the the Gondi Sessman. T he Mohawk Conner o f last week gives out a symptom of jealousy Loav Ards the county a up Alferson in respect to congressional Hymi nations this thrust Means anything very wicked at this time but rather is a a Lank put oat for future. I w e quote l he District w ill soon make Choice o f a a our Jonal candidate. From Wlinich sen ? Jefferson co loner because o f Riu Merical superiority. Should a new Candi Date be put of Ira v Ardin our judgment it Avold he Youey torn Hemmer and Leavis w a Savorth Avill in Case o f his Nom option Nashville in cloy Proskey by the the of licit Etem Dutsis no gown ties of be United unanimously Agilee upon and support a candidate from one or theother counties every instance in political Lii Story Avill Shoal that general for secures the largest sync o f offic Lul patronage. Thus jetties re ?.%-Rvillagcs control the Rural districts Ami unless plei Kimer and j i w is. Are United for Mutual political p r e a a t to n ,. Jefferson county Avill naturally Julo the Tavo. When Lucaa is and Jefferson Couf aties Avert United As on Conics atonal d District Jeffer a managed to secure the Mem her o f Congress for we be Lieve ten year seigred the appoint wifi it o f its citizens in a very instance aufrere a appointee w As to be m Ade in t l a. T i in t Customhouse officers and l i t House keepers along the River St. Lavrench and the shores o f the Jakc App mid from w w e l l Ssu mail a Phat and rail Road. Jpn Dersofi has claimed jau4 received All Avail Nefos of Airbed by a ref flute Union o f Lewis and Herkimer counties. Foe old adage forewarned forearmed can. Be made apr Fiacable at tins Tufick and secure to us . A /. ? we hear nothing o f senators Iii timer and Wade except that they Are candidates Forre Cletion were Are the Yum ipg these critic ii thine both of. These joined senator w Ilson when in Congress in he Uysase Abiff Isth is nany and his Naea Voi to if rave k m t do i Ofie Hundred and fifty thousand w m Wheir fire the a Pimp a m they helping All Lyal or Are Thev helping Phillips and g file y to Stop them a Leoo Lamarion of Mano Paplon he the Pec i i Abraham Lincoln pipe indent o f the i no Ted o f americ q and commander Iii chief o f the Arm y and Navy thereof do hereby proclaim and declare that lie Rafter As heretofore the w aria Ilab e prosecuted for Iju object o f practically restoring the Cim Slit u tonal relation Between the United state and the people their a in Avrich state that rela Tion is or May be or . T hat i t is my purpose on the next meeting of Congress to again recommend the and Ojudun of a practical measure tendering pecuniary Aid to the free acceptance or rejection o f ail the slave states so called the people adhere of May not then be Iti re Effion against the United states arid a which states May Theu have Volun Tarity adopted or thereafter May vote Harily adopt the immediate or gradual abolishment o f slavery Avi thin their respect in Lim its and thu tithe Elfors to colonize per sons of Africa i descent w Ith their consent upon the contine Fil or else adhere with the previously obtained consent o f the govern ment existing there Avill be continued. That on the first Day o f january in the year of our lord 1803, All persons yield a slaves in any state or any designated part of a state the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United states shall be then thenceforward and Forea or free and the executive Gorver Anent o f the u United state.?, including the military and naval authority thereof Avill recognize and maintain the free Dom o f such persons and w ill do no a c t o r acts to repress such persons or any o f them in any efforts they May make for their a c to a l Freedom. That executive Avill the first Day o f january aforesaid by proclamation design the states and parts o f states if any ple thereof respectively shall Nate in which the people i then be in i rebellion against the United the fact that any state or the people there shall on that Day be in Good Faith rep resented in the o f the United states by members chosen to hereto at elections a herein a majority o f the qualified voters of such states shall have Partick sated shall in the absence o f Strong counter ail ing testimony be deemed conclusive evidence that such stale and the Jie Ople thereof have not been in re Bellion against the United states. T hat attention is hereby called to on act of Congi Ess entitled to an act to Lake an additional Ai Ticle o f War approved March 13th, 1862, and al Rich act is in the words and Fig ures Follo Avig a e it enacted by the Senate and House of representatives o f the United states o f America in Congress , t hat Here after the Fol leaving shall be promulgated As an additional article o f a my for the Goa frument of the army of the United states and shall be obeyed and observed As such article. A la officers or persons in the military or naval service of the United states Are prohibited from employing any o f the forces under their commands for the purpose of re turning from service or labor Avaio May have escaped from any pc soil for Akhom such service or ichor is claimed to be due and any officer Avo shall be found guilty by a court martial o f violating this article shall be dismissed from the service. Section 2. And be it liar tier enacted that this act shall take effect from and after its passage. Also to the 9th and Loti Section of an act entitled a n act to suppress insurrection to punish treason and rebellion to seize and confiscate property o f rebels and for other Pur poses approved july 17, 1862, and a vhf Iii sections Are in the words and figures Fol Loav in g Section 9. And he it further enacted that All slaves o f persons Avo shall Jere after he rebellion against the g o a e m m in t from such persons or deserted by them and coming in Deil the control of the govern ment o f the United state., and a slaves of such persons being Avi thin any place occupied by rebel forces and aftera Ards occupied by the forces of Theu nixed states shall be deemed captives of War and shall b e forever free o f their servitude and not again held As slaves. Section 10and be it further enacted that no slave escaping info any state territory or the District of Columbia from any o f Tho states shall be delivered up or in any w a leaded or hindered o f his Liberty except for make oath that the person to Aaroni the labor or service o f Subh fugitive is alleged t o be due is his lawful Oak Nef and has not been in arms against the United states in the present rebellion nor in any away Given a id or com fort thereto and no person engaged in the military or naval service o f Tho United states shall under any pretence aah fever assume to decide on the Validity o f the e claim o f any person to the service or labor off any other person or surrender up any such person to the Cut Nair on pain o f being dismissed from the service. And i do hereby enjoin upon and order that All Pef bps in gag in Milf any and naval ser vice o f the United states do observe obey and enforce Witlin lid r esp Yetive spheres o f service the act and sections above vec Iteck and the executive Avill in due time recommend that a la citizens of the United s tales w to Shah have remained Loyal thereto throughout the rebellion shas upon the restoration o f the constitutional relist Ion Between the United states and their rest Yective states and people i f their relation shall Haa e been suspended or disturbed be compensated for All losses by acts o f the e United states including the e loss o f slaves. In Avi Ness Allie roof i liar Cheiu unto bet m y hand and caused my Seal Oft heu noted states to be affixed. D one s i the e Ify o f washing lonrfhlk2125 Day o f sept Iasi a the e year o f oui Loifer 1862, and of ther indeic3jdeiico of o f United states the4ighty-Sfevemill b y the resident of a m. 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