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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Herkimer Democrat (Newspaper) - September 24, 1862, Herkimer, New York G f r i l la f y g in r s d a Wink july paper pc wished Evert to tit Ferat k. C n o x y c 5 Kkt Bito r an3 or o Prip. Rop. Ibene Horii Wius it to subscribers for t i f o a y min Ait Tancic if j Atil w Trio exin ratan Oft be . 91,to Money May be a Sld i i ersoa3 Duniy Antulio Tieu j y u i to receipt Ibe same. No paper ii trs Irre Rattes Are paid except at the option of the t be attention of advertisers it invited to the fact tit the Democrat a � larger Cintli Tiomi the Nuny Ouier Maiier in Ibe county m May be to by actual count it questioned. One Square c months. One Squarsone year. �. Is i 419 a Liberal it Sec Virtise by the Jena. H s iss i count Arm be made tit those who a for any fire tar Roo Natthan a Square. Ice june i tear a in to a l Lave to Sweet september Hough peat say partiality a trons rom to it Bill a Tauare w Oil item Ember lit Streny. And com Lineta before the baud of time to re Companie the Lopicc Tor Hie pams and Joed the poor. A pleasant loot Bath she Ach As the children Jot to Etc upon Izeir Mother so it when hey Hermi thave won. Let others choose their govt september please Tae. My from of acc a week my Rac l e 8 h e 8 t cashier of my Debth As a Bah Aeb. My dear Charles it a a question for you not forme you must decide yourself i can Only state the conditions a Ion which that decision must be founded. If you Goto College you must go with a very Small allowance in deed and you must work had for a fellow ship of some kind for i can leave you Noth ing As you know that beyond a provision for your Mother and the unmarried girls 1 shall leave nothing behind me when i go. If Yon do go to College you will enter a Circle the entering of which will multiply tenfold your chances of Success in after life it will give you a position in society of which Rothii but bad conduct on your Pai t can Dep i you and will put you in the fair Road to be come what i should like to see you scholar and a gentleman. On the other hand you accept your an Clefs offer you will have a far Lai Ger allowance As salary than i can give you under any circumstances the chances of succeeding him in a very g o business and soon becoming a Man of some importance in the commercial world. I need say no More you must choose for yourself 1 shall want your answer to Morrow in time to Post go and think it Over. Dont say anything to your Sisters or persuade you to go to Paris for the Chance of visiting you there. Such was my fathers address to my at the age of seventeen. It was a difficult ques Tion to decide Oxford or Paris 1 still i did decide and the next Day announced that de i should prefer going to College father at All events. Glad to hear it my boy though the other come would have been the cheaper for m a still i am glad to hear. It. I cant do much for you but in sending Yon to College i can do More than i can in any other Way. L i theress anything in you it will come out there if not you will not be spoilt for other things afterwards so god Speed you my boy. I Moffa h. A. C b o 0 c he r o p r i e t o r. The u m o n a n e the . T e r m s 1s o a y e a r. Volume in. H e r k in e in. A. W e d n e s d a is e p t e m b e r 24, 1862. Number 8. Clerk or rather the Nina or of my uncles business. Once or twice 1 noticed his eyes Lix the Selv tvs on me in a Way that gave me tie idea of by measuring me. I Felt annoyed at this ads dowed Little perhaps in the Toneff my voice As i answered his in quiries As to the practice of English com Merce. O a said my Uncle he Knovs Noth ing about the matter . him to recite to you a chorus from the Antigone and head repeat half the Book but of Commerce of banking he knows nothing. We shall be Able to teach him our tem in a few years if he shall stay so Lon with us. He before i came Heie i shall be years learning their use it a Miff Ikeo theirs. I have Ever sinc e i was old enough to think tone Little else but think and discipline of this kind enables me to learn in a month what their undisciplined minds would require twelve Tor. As for Ivl yer nay and his by to a As he Calls in one and 4i to College therefore 1 Wehl,"wffhomy-woaaii6 trained a strip about the length of my had and Tavo fingers Broad and wit i this i commenced sawing one of tie bars. Half an Gan the horrors c Ivey the sensation i experienced As i Drew in the god Given breath of life. I could now defy death there avas a Fountain at Avrich i might drink and live. For hours i sat close to the Hole and breathed and then fell asleep. I know not hoax Long i slept but i awoke sore and tired and Avith a horrible hunger and thirst on me. I could not have Many More hours to stay so i hoped on and tightened my Belt to ease the t. Mach. And now be Ide whilst i had pm i Felt no pain of any kind i was going mad Avith anxiety and fear. I must find some employment. And what ? in this utter darkness. But if dark Ness Why not Light f for this i must Eulai be the Hole and Avent to work again with blistered Han and in two hours had enlarged it to twice its original diameter and had consequently four times Smuc airflow my next step Avras to grate from the edges of a Book a paper powder for tinder and spreading this. On. The ground in a Heap i struck Avith the Point of my Hammer the Stone shelf above it. The Sparks flew about at the Contact but it was at Levist an hour be fore one lodged in the Heap and set it smouldering. T watched anxiously As the Little red ring grew larger and brighter in the Heap and then applying a piece of thin paper rolled to a Fine Point to the Centre of the ring Seymour the democrats and All Avo upstate even in Nola Jedi a. Hood and from this place round the Angle o f the Wall and on the Wall in the same line were three Small holes in a Circle. I avas decided at once that this was the place of some Burner fixed and afterwards removed the rough line was the Mark left by the pipe and the to Loav place must be the Hole through Avrich the old pipe entered the room. I drove the chisel into the place and found it hard very liar but still Iio Zoaa. My life Noav Hung upon the Choice o f a right p la c a i f this Hole a As filled of Avith the hard Cement Ai d the e difference of sound arose merely from Dif tev 1 ence in density then i had better try the j Avail Oater for a Brick softer than the rest but if it avas not full if those Avo should have filled it had put but a Cav inches o f Cement at each end o f the Hole then in Anotoli or hour i avas As Safe As if i a Ere free. I Avold risk it that hollow sound was so cheesy that i would Boli Evo that it must he a True guide. Bidav after boat i�i4 Ift ing his and sympathy Avith trea and my Progress less As m y control Over the son. A t least half o f All the Money a Hehli Point of the instrument lessened alien one sudden Sharp bloat drove the chisel into the Avail the length o f my Arm. The place avas to Loav. I had Noav but to drive it through the crust o f Cement on the outer Avail and 1 should live. I drove it cautiously and care full. M i disasters. Our tre , and our men to Rescue it from a position in Avrich it can neither propose peace nor conduct successful avar. And this support is freely ind generously accorded _ w Eurt is to see our Union saved our Latva vindicated and peace once More restored to our land. We do not claim More virtue or intelligence than we Avard to our oppose nor but ave now have the sad and bloody proof that we act upon sounder principles of govern ment. Animated by the motto we have placed upon our Banner the Union the Constitution and the luvs we go into the political contest confident of the support of a people who cannot be deaf or Blind to the teachings of tie last Tavo years. of Mahdi Date. Horatio Seymour is to Well Noaa u to the people of this state to require an introduction. Of the rest of our ticket the Atlas and Tagus says Danid e. L Loyd Jones has been Assembly Man senator Slember of the constitutional convention and Secretary of state in Ever a office rendering faithful and Able service and never suspected of a deviation from int Rity. He did not seek the present nomination and Only yielded to the of the political associates who had before honoured him. In his Case like that of gov. Seymours the office sought the Man. 3ir. Skinner Trio present canal comaris. Port the Albany l Cikot traitor or the Avell i question avlsher.-. Of traitors. More than half the m ,. Clave who is nominated for prison voters who have enlisted from tin.? mate inspector is a Young Democrat o f Fine talents than halt the Avold i f a t Home a ote for gov. Seymour yet their opponents solicit votes by denounce l i gently blew the redness flame i real i brightness that seemed to Pierce my brain Leethad be 0 Faarae yes that blinded me by its l Cirii a sword so Long and d had been the , i took my paper Stop from off the Gas and heard the Serpent Hiss once this time with out fear. I lit the a suing a and then sat looking a t it As Bartimeus might have done in the Joy of his Nav found sight. I had done had Light and air but still i must Bave employment or j should rave. Employment. T he thought came to me of that unfortunate sentence that had caused me to run this risk. I f i had Access to his books i a would prove that fraud was Possi ble. There they were every one not ppe missing. Could-1 prove it ? could i must my Good name depended on Proeung it. I f he were True 1 avas Felse. I set to work and Auh my Pencil Avrich i bad Avith me i Avent through account after account from beginning to end and Avell was i rewarded for i Iea rat that my Uncle supposed to be Rich had been systematically robbed for years by this scoundrel and Ivas now a most ruined and that his daughters portion invested in English securities had been sold out and the interest paid by m. Yer nay him self so that father and a tighter a Ere at the by of this Man. Hese facts i Learned from a Small locked a hours hard work produced no impression the bar and had turned zip the Edge of the soft Schect Irolli ii a qty rides. Mer t i Book that a As in a Box marked Avith 51. Ver nays name. 8p pin Fidepe had the servant been of Liis Trust in him that he had left in that master ivs Safe the whole of these purities of his nefarious investments and there they were Avith a systematic account of them in Thig locked Hook so that a Hue the. Master who tvs supposed be a oath his had Erie of thousands avas almost Bank in one Avay or another has been contributed to the a a has come from the pockets of those Avo Avill vote for gov. Seymour yet the persons Avaio live contributed it Are a a Vised of a desire to put a Stop to the a a Short of its Success. Such political Malea Orience As this recoils upon itself. It a conscious weakness Ivusich the Radical organs ought to have too much shrewdness to betray. But apart from tie damage which such ave Apons May do to those Avo use them and those Akhom they assail every honest Man True Patriot every Man Avo a breadth enough to perceive that True patriotism May exist outside o f his own party lines As Well As inside them and that the political differences which Divide patriots Are oftener off Serences As to end must regret that in these times a political Canvas should have opened w Ith such Avo locale tation and acerbic a. Governor seymours speech had its faults but happily they Avert not such As these or it never a Ould have found a place in the column of the w o r l d. His sharpest arrows a Exye feathered Avith slips from the Tribune times and Tost. They retort by Poison ing the slips of their own. Not one of them has had the fairness or the Enterprise to print the speech of governor Seymour. Our own readers before Akhom that speech was Laid yesterday know that it bristles Avith denunciation o f the rebels even sharper and severer than of the radicals who helped precipitate and hinder the end of the War. It is a shame to every citizen of this Loyal and Imperial state that any faction should be for one instant suffered to shout that party lie against the loyalty of any Large body of men Avi thin her Borders. 8he is Loyal to the Core of her heart. Here and there a traitor May hide in the folds of her garments but the shield of Gold which she has lifted before the heart of the Republic and the glittering Bayo ? nets Avith a hich her children have walled it about Are they int Raitora hands blistered be the Tongue that repeats the insult and the lie. Gov. Seymour appealed justly to the record o f the last two years in proof of the loyalty and the patriotism of Bis political friends a the president of the United will Bear witness that he has not been pressed of Era Barrasse by us. W e have loyally responded to a Ery Call on us by constituted authority. We have obeyed All or Ders to reinforce our armies. When we were in Coaver ave denounced the higher Law dec Trincu Lac principle Liat men might set up their a ills ii galust the statutes of the land is treasonable. We denounced it Ashen uttered by Northend men ave Are combating it Nowat w Hen it is asserted by the rebellious Putli. We repudiate it by submitting to a cry demand of or Gove Ramett made Avith in tic limits of right fail jurisdiction. This obedience has not been constrained but cheerfully rendered even in support of a party and policy to a High ave Are opposed we have struggled to sustain not Only Trio letter hut the spirit of our Laws. W e feel Tomt we have set an example of loyalty that Avill not be lost upon those opposed to p s. In the Empire Tate there is but one class of men Avi Iose loyalty ought justly be held in sufi Scipp. The Toneu and the presses Avo have heretofore preached disunion it is needless to name them Uliey Are marked and tic damping blot Viii not out for All their washing. Differ As a o May Furcin the principles and the policy which goal icy our has advocated in times tast we Are bound foray that and High character press of the state will bring Hiya inane Friend at the polls As it seem a Bini tin Ajr it i Eon Mvi Ion with the f i s a h y ill not take ten minutes i will pay for Republican moves off Aro you cot for the Constitution and the Union yes if slavery is abolish dem. Then you Are not for the Constitution As it is for that recon sea the Emst ence of slavery in the Union you Are is. If you Aiono you a ill go with me and take the oath of Aue Giance he old Constitution and the old t exit Republican sneaking off Avith both hands behind him pressing Down i coat Tail. Lockport adv. No Paet ism. The Boston a Trier Realis Forth into a Eulogy of the no party position of the administration a evinced in in recent tax appointments the strictness with which the Treasury department and mint no party in the appointment of collectors and asses Ora under the new tax Bui la very striking. There is no silly recognition of the old tin Elias of democrats whigs or a Union 1 _ a and though every Man appointed is actual of tie former Republic in e be owing 1this must of Coursan party yet to the fact of ind ? cannot in these table to party Predi Lection interest or objects. The abolition press once so compliment tax j to Lincoln Noav sle him the blood hound of Skavery the wet Bla Siket the Broom Slivek the Tortoise an the augur that Avont bore. They condescend hoax Ever to accept office from him. The Anli prohibitionists have called a a state convention to meet at Ejra Euse on the both inst. T Avo delegates Are requested to be sent from each ass blvd District in the state. I tax .1 Domoci uric state did the Only state in the North Wielt did not its electoral a pet for i. Lincoln new Jer by is the first state to fill up its cola of voliintcer.3 under the Tavo Call and that too without a draft ;