Herkimer Democrat Newspaper Archives September 17, 1862 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Herkimer Democrat (Newspaper) - September 17, 1862, Herkimer, New York A a Kef v a pfc pub of Jav by fat my spa ym3. C k o t y o i a u i t o e. N d p e o p b i n r a recipe s Luvito ,�su?f a r s s s s s r to " of r e s s Fla a libera l a Isco u n t will he m Ade t o Theao who and Voi t ice by the i sir Tor atty g Reater amount than it so Arr. A. Q m o v 0 b p i o r l # t o r. M s t r s i o s a m m s o o s s t in m & s. F m e m i t u 4. �. A Gnora Job the Bead. I l the silence of grief and a solemn array. Through the sad clouded git Light is Wheeling Majestic the femoral train on its w Ayna its music 13 paint Italy stealing. A i tabling meet idea Star. Uoti Odb of sorrow it mourns now the youth March Bat re to in to us never to Morrow Plai Tivel to to Gay to the War 1 Spear and Buckler reversed. Slop Ihen Jov Moye on. Its st3n0.ards and banners Low trailing ? a the Victory won Otily wailing. N of h shout now is Hoard Pla Nalory o f a Case so strange. Foward the old of the Mmith Defor b n Halo of Forward not without fladness. Ito again seeing the stranger on and he did not appear but time Pasard therein Post Sieve we weeks f lip e d f wac the surgeon received a be t the dated Athis late Imti Entys place o f residence. H e of pied &. B y the first glance at the id Seiy Witten pages within he Diat the stranger had written the Tetter with his own hand and in Ned Horn this Ubai Tho pain which assuredly wow have prevented him from wilting had not turned. The con tents o f the letter we As follows � dear s in t Wilt pot leave you longer doubt concerning the fearfully strange malady which i am about to Cathy w Ith me into the grave. X wifi give you the origin Oft us terrible evil. For a third time within a left ii Ancl. Another moment and he would i week has this fretful pain Relur cd. I will have plunged it deep into his i it longer str in with it. A t this moment hold cried the surgeon alarmed lest i am Only enabled to use a pen by placing a ? " m on the Hack o f myth stranger should sever an artery i f the operation he really inevitable alien in the let me Nerbonn it i name of heaven 1 his lips have i the Honor o f addressing doctor i he asked in a weak almost fainting voice As he approached the surgeon. Yes sir. Pardon the question. I do not live in ice St i came from the country and know you by reputation Only. I is Glubt Bot to he Able to make your acquaintance under happier circumstances the surgeon seeing that his visitor could scarcely stand on his feet begged him to rest Oil his divan. " i aug weary 5 for have not closed my eyes. I have been having a pain an my right hand to in the beginning i Felt Only a slight Pang but in a Short time it commenced to Burn with constantly increasing violence growing to be i torture beyond the reach of the slightest is deviation. I have tried every obtainable remedy far and near but not Liing relieves me there remains the same piercing cutting deadly pain. Finally i could Bear no More 1 got in a Carriage and hastened Here to you that you might free me from my torment by an of perdition the knife or Iron for i can support it no longer. The surgeon. Here ? endeavoured to end Joa rage him saying his suffering might be love come by Milder Means than the use of Tise knife. 2jo, doctor neither a plaster nor yet any palliative can relieve i t what i need is the knife. For that alone did i come Here. Doctor a asked to he permitted to look at his hand on which the sufferer setting his Teeth hard held it Forth the. Surgeon using the greatest precaution began to loosen the Bandage. Let me entreat you advanced doctor not to be overcome Hyan thing you will see. My pain is so strange so extraordinary that it will certainly take you unawares. Hesitate at nothing i Pray you. The surgeon assured the stranger that he a Only assumed v thus Man in the midst o f the esque Rienes an rhe stranger returned to he estates operation. T 1 Shor Fri afterwards perfectly restored. Three weeks had passed when the servant was again called upon to announce to the sur Geon the arrival of his singular patient the stranger who was instantly admitted appeared again with a bandaged Arm and so great was he suffering that fee t Glace he features were scarcely be cognizable. Sink ing into a chair before the surgeon had time to offer him a seat he stretched out he hand Sci him no longer master o f him self to control his groans. What has happened sympathizing to inquired the surgeon. The incision was not deep enough groaned the stranger. The pain has returned Burns More Fie Teely than before. I could not ? at first bring myself to trouble you again i lingered hoping that death would come and in Utan end to my existence. But what i nge for came hot. The pain was and still and yet i e e r i e there so in m s d 53 y suffering. ? the comte dance of the stranger was White with by drops covered his brow. The surgeon a loosed the Bandage. The wound had closed everything about the und ? emed healthy and sound As before l l t t h i m naturally. That of Ches on the marvellous a exclaimed Bretor n Yons a Vatu i v w a fearful " y e i wonder terrible seek not now ? to a me Torff Lff Toke Yent deeper t. Me to r d in f the surgeon saw that prayer. For the second t. T gain ble a pain that i could dash my head against the Wall. The Sua Geon took a Microscope oxus ruined the place and Shook his head. The skin is dear an healthy the blood courses freely in the veins there Smo inflammation no apparent Huff. The lace k precisely in its natural state. I think it k somewhat Reader. Where the strange took a Pencin from h k pocket Book and Drew a line Arou and it spot the size of a half Kreuzer. Here. The surgeon carefully looked Attis spot and began tet Ink tha s he patient was in remain Here a t in said i May be Able to assist you in a for w Days i cannot wait. Do not think sir that you have a Stu hot an be isre you. That k a misfortune o f we i Rhyon wifi not have to cure me. The place Timve indicated raises to Suchato Nyathi Liep eat its hate alone come to have it Cut oaf. Wochy a waver i will not do said the sul Geod / did he remark the countenance of faced the the same operation a u Aston Ehing alteration in the the patients pallor brightening ? to ran u h ?. A Oas a fors. Sadly he thank ii T Geon for he assistance allowed her to perceive nothing of the de. Them together. That moment Ehatt of Feii he dark Blue eyes Faw Shi with Nasare then closed them slowly. She Wae dead. She died without having time to utter a word in her own defend cry ass Cefulu As in dream. As i Mur Dfred Tievy Efeso Fife not a i r towards me. 3tely a drop pressed out o f her month Fril Nipa if a dirt oat entreat to not to Rev she had Vett m y wife n Packa o f letters to keep for her the Cem Tente Suthat she dared not keep them by or Lin had a words. W Ith marked coldness i asked her what those letters contain and. Tha ;