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Hereford Reporter Newspaper Archives Nov 15 1901, Page 1

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Hereford Reporter (Newspaper) - November 15, 1901, Hereford, Texas Hereford reporter vol. I. No. 39 Hereford deaf Smith county Texas november 15, Itoi $1.50 i r year our experimental station 4 i a attention has been called in previous issues of this paper to the Effort being made for an experimental station in the Panhandle and More especially at Hereford. Our committee a and to be further specific a Ford. Our population is increasing our country is filling up with a people who Are unacquainted with conditions Here who must revolutionize their methods of farming followed pointed to meet with the Board appointed to locate the station recent elsewhere and at Best Many of them by provided for met in it. Worth j make serious mistakes and meet on the 6th. With said Board on Loca j we failure and disappointments lion and presented the claims of toe at detrimental not alone to Panhandle and did so in a credit j individual but to the country Able Way not forgetting to let the i Appeal in All its Beauty Power and grandeur. To him Only can heavens free and unobstructed air and Sunshine t Here tidings Jay peace. To him Only can Home and the companionship of those we love with the singing Birds laughing Brooks fragrant Flowers and All the myriad of blessings the free enjoy bring Blissful Joy and appreciation they so richly Merit. Never until it is lost does the burning yearning for Freedom strike such terror to our quivering hearts and makes its every pulsation one great and soul absorbing petition. Generally. Let us make a hard Liberty Liberty of god Board know what particular Point in fight for the assistance of the state the Panhandle they represented. Randolph Clark acted As spokesman for our committee and created by his talk quite an interest in our Section of the country on the part of Many who were strangers to the actualities or possibilities of the Plains. While we failed in securing the station sought for the delegates As a whole did succeed in attracting the attention of the committee on in this formative period of this Section of the country and reduce to a minimum the mistakes and failures by giving information that could otherwise be gotten Only by the sacrifice of the individual. In the meantime Farmers stockmen merchants and other business men should organize and Lay Well their plans to secure this station. It is not too soon now to begin this or location to the extent of agreeing to j a animation since continual meeting attach to their report to the Legisla and interchange of thought will be Ture a memorial to that body setting necessary to get before our minds Forth the necessity of further approx our real needs and thus the Moie my life my soul my All for Liberty far better never to have been born than to go on to such a Fate. Better never to have lived than to leave behind you such a record. To the straight and narrow path Lead conscientious and Law abiding lives lest perchance the time May come in your lives also when you meet the living death a Penitentiary Wall. You May be Ever so penitent but cannot appease. You May atone in sackcloth and ashes yet an awful sentence stands frowning upon you with arms outstretched Over outraged Law and order. To the least and last jog does this grim Justice demand satisfaction to last quivering Pound of flesh must the debt be paid. For clemency and mercy we May have Hope but Only through this divine attribute made Manifest in a pitying people. To my Many friends Here and elsewhere i want to say that i have no Hope except their promised intercessions for my Par it is not the people or the Laws 1 Don and to renew to them Ray i that Are to blame when such evil befalls you. Nothing but your own erring and misguided self. O men and boys o friends and acquaintances be warned in time. Keep Mise to continue in the future As i have in the past except the one unfortunate Blunder an honorable and with gods help an upright life. Robert e. Williams privations for other stations. Now that we have the attention turned to stations of this kind and that the Plains has had a Large proportion of consideration let us begin at once to Lay our plans to land a station on the Plains and More particularly in deaf Smith county at the right time to the right ready so that at once greater Mutual benefits would be derived by the ready cooperation with the station should it be secured. T 1 retribution. The thoughts of a misguided Man the transport t i o n of cattle the following terse lines written by Robert e. Williams alias William Teel were found inscribed upon the Walls of the cell in which he h e problem of the proper transportation of Cattie is like Many other questions connected with the treatment of dumb animals essentially a modern question. In times when each country must feed its own and the Only Way of getting cattle or sheep or horses from one place to another was to drive them in herds under a drover the problem was in one be True to your god yourself and simple Way. The animals could the prospective porch arrived at their Destin to the interests of the fore to be very Ca with the Advent Over was Lere. L used Ailway your fellow Man. Shun evil companionship and be not be driven but a certain distance each Day without definite injury found Only in those places where which would probably be visible to was detained at the county jail pre Sqq jaw an j order reign Vious to his removal to Huntsville i be not easily persuaded into ques to those who May Chance to see turntable places and reckless conduct. This from one who knows whereof remember such friends can Only he Speaks honesty is the Best policy upright conduct the Only Road to a Good conscience the respect and esteem of your fellow Man and happiness in the life beyond this Vale of tears. Dishonesty and lawlessness will surely bring Dishonour degradation misery and despair. Of that i could Send the words in letters of fire throughout the wide world driving living conviction and repentance to every wayward heart cattle trains be possible to trans Ive Stock round the by in less time than Cross a state. The Texas steer and lanes him in Chicago in a space of time which must seem to his bewildered brain like an eternity but is in reality but a few Days. His treatment in route cannot Well be so concluded on last Page. J in can bring you to grief that heeding their evil insinuations and bad advice will Brand your soul with blackness and your name with shame and infamy. I the victim of such know by bitter experience that there is Only one Road to a Good name and a free and Happy life. Law cannot safely be transgressed nor right trampled under foot. To the Man Only who has suffered its loss can the Sweet word Liberty i a. Stringfellow Kume How. Do. Wholesale and dealers in pc All kinds of hardware it Call and examine our line before purchasing i i r our Stock of harvesting machinery full and Complete and we can and i will save you Money. Rorm w of two Minu rms Mimi

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