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Hays Daily News (Newspaper) - September 2, 2015, Hays, KansasA4 opinion w wednesdays ept. 2, 2015 f first a amendment to the c institution c ingress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the Freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. / w Alling off the u. From Canada is a legitimate Issue for us to look at Wisconsin gov. Scott Walker said on meet the press during the week end. Thatus right Canada. Why Stop there if immigration from the North is As big of an Issue As Walker claims he should examine Walling off the East and West too every in let Bay and Harbor All 12,500 Miles of coast line. After All the u. Census Bureau reports immigrants from China and India Many with student or work visas have overtaken mexicans and even those Pesky canadians As the largest groups coming into the u. Expensive yes but weave got to get Tough or show were As Tough As Donald Trump. This is of course a ridiculous notion As sen. Rand Paul said about the Canadian Wall. The u. And Canada share the longest International Border in the world at 5,525 Miles traversing forests mountains and great lakes. Where Are you going to Plant All that Chain link and razor wire out in Lake Supe rior it cant be walled off. Protecting that Border a snot been an Issue since the War of 1812. The threat of terrorists infiltrating our country from the North though a concern is often overblown. As the Globe and mail of Toronto noted in its account of walkers comments the most famous incident of a terrorist crossing from Canada was failed millennium bomber Ahmed res Sam although several american political figures through the years have repeated the erroneous claim about the 9/ 11 hijackers coming from the North. Canadians dont appreciate Idle talk of a Northern Wall. As the Globe and mail reported a third of Canadas Gross domes tic product comes from Trade with the u. S., and Border measures that took effect after the sept. 11, 2001, attacks caused a Ripple effect that still a snot completely subsided. Canad an defense minister Jason Kenney told an Ottawa news conference that of course we would vigorously oppose any thickening of the Border. There Are legitimate concerns with Immi Gration policy and Security at the Southern Border with Mexico and there Are thoughtful proposals and the need for a healthy debate to address those concerns. But a taller Wall and stricter enforcement alone will not solve the nations immigration system. Solving that will require sensible and humane policies that hold accountable the 11 million people Al ready living in the United states illegally but also taking Stock of their value to the nation. We agree with Paulus assessment. The Kentucky Republican who like Walker is running for president told the Boston her Ald there have been a lot of dumb ideas put out. One that the mexicans will pay for a Wall which was probably the dumbest of dumb ideas. It is sort of like everybody is now competing to say of no ill put them in Camps. Of no ill throw them out. Of no ill put everyone in jail. And ill have an electric Fence and ill do this. And its like you know the biggest thing we need to do is have a functioning immigration system with a Good work program. The education of a presidential candidate continues. We Hope Walker finds a higher Road of his own choosing rather than continue trying in vain to pass Trump on the right. It would make for a More meaningful conversation about real problems that need to be addressed. Editorial by the Milwaukee journal Sentinel Walker and the Wall i n recent months i have read the terms and details of the proposed nuclear Deal with Iran and listened to the testimony of numerous senior administration officials responsible for crafting and negotiating it. Informed by this information As Well As classified intelligence analysis i believe this proposal Falls Short of its goal to prevent Iranus nuclear weapons capability. Back in Kan Sas during August conversations with Many people from across the state have Only reinforced my conviction that the world can and must do better than this potentially dangerous Deal. Kansans Are not alone in their opposition to this nuclear Gamble. Concerns about the shortcomings and consequences of this International agreement the joint comprehensive plan of action have Only grown since the Deal was announced in july. In both Chambers of Congress there is bipartisan opposition to the Deal. Moreover the opposition is not merely partisan or limited to Congress. Many retired military leaders and former top Obama administration foreign policy officials have joined the diverse chorus voicing concern about the unaddressed risks presented by the Jap of excessive sanctions Relief weak enforcement mechanisms diluted inspection scrutiny and an accelerated expiration of restrictions on Iran. Worry is widespread this nuclear Deal concedes too much and secures too Little. The Jap of fails to adequately dismantle Iranus nuclear infrastructure while Reward ing a government that finances terror and proudly threatens America and our allies. It relinquishes americans negotiating leverage such that we Are in a far inferior position if Iran Ever resumes its nuclear dream. The proposal has frightening costs. The result of its full implementation would make Iran a legitimized and enriched nuclear Power a state sponsor of terror on a direct path to nuclear weapons capability. The Obama administration claims this Deal is Good enough because if Iran plays by the rules their nuclear weapons development is restricted for a few years. If implemented the Jap of also would result in hundreds of billions of dollars flowing to Iran while lifting restrictions like the conventional weapons and ballistic missile embargoes. Meanwhile the Deal permits iranian development of an Industrial scale nuclear enrichment program priming Iranus nuclear program for breakout once restrictions Are lifted if not sooner. But it remains unclear whether or not International inspectors will be Able to effectively determine if Iran attempts to make a bomb in secret As tried in the past. The critical yet secret Side agreements struck Between the International atomic Energy Agency and Iran appear to be dangerously weak allowing Iran excessive flexibility that might prevent inspectors from gaining appropriate Access to military Sites where Covert development May take place. Despite Calls for a serious review pro Cess debate about the proposed nuclear agreement has taken an unfortunate turn toward the ugly. In an Effort to accrue support for a weak Deal that the majority of americans oppose president Obama has resorted to name calling and Fearmon Gering. The president has gone so far As to say the Only alternative to this Deal is War. This wild claim represents a disturbing conflict with previous statements administration officials made throughout the negotiations process. The Obama administration was either misleading us then or has since changed its Story to justify their new messaging push. In any Case the Specter of military conflict should never be used As a tool to manipulate Public opinion. Congress has a responsibility to serve the interests of the United states not the United nations. We should reject any Deal that fails to enhance american National Security or further american interests around the world. This Deal not Only de lays addressing the Iran nuclear problem for a decade but puts our country in a far weaker relative position and Iran in a far stronger absolute position in any future diplomatic engagement with Iran. The Obama administrations stance that the Jap Oaks current form is the Only available diplomatic option represents a troubling departure from precedent. Congress has rejected or altered hundreds of International agreements throughout american history. The refusal to consider any alternatives is an attempt by the administration to negate the role of con Gress and muzzle the voice of the Ameri can people. We must not accept this. Given the importance of nuclear non proliferation and the terrible costs of yet another foreign policy failure in the Middle East both Congress and the executive Branch must be allowed to fully participate in this process. Congress will do its part in the coming weeks to continue to highlight outstanding questions and vigorously inspect this defective proposal. If our goal is to end Iranus nuclear weapons program forever we must demand an agreement that does More than provide Iran a generous economic boost in return for a temporary nuclear hiatus. Sen. Jerry Moran r kan., represents the state of Kansas in the u. Senate. A after spending four months in the Sand Hills of Nebraska 60 head of Doug Zil lingers Momma cows returned Home in mid August to the Short land grass of Phillips county. Moving out of the floor trailer and Down the Chute the fall Calvers hurried toward the Green knee High grass. Fat and Sassy they quickly settled in and went about the business of contentedly grazing. They re some Good looking cows Zillinger said As a smile crossed his face. They ave shed out their old hair during summer and in a few weeks begin to put on their Winter coat. Ism really Satis fied with the time these girls spent up in Nebraska. The Sand Hills is cow heaven. This Region of mixed grass Prairie in North Cen trial Nebraska covers just More than one Quarter of the state. Depending on the weather grass is Rich Green and Boot High by mid april. The Sand Hills sit atop the Ogallala aquifer. Temporary and permanent shallow lakes Are common in Low lying valleys Between the grass stabilized dunes prevalent in the Sand Hills and provide plenty of water for thirsty livestock. Thatus one of the main reasons Zillinger settled on this grass land area when faced with the Choice of moving his cows to grass or Selling off his Herd in 2013. We were in a three year drought and lost some grass Zillinger recalls. I wanted to continue in the cow business so i told my wife in january of that year ism going out to look for grass and ism not coming Home til i find some. After a couple months of searching the Phillips county Stockman located and contracted grass for his cow Herd. He wanted land roughly the same Altitude As Home and similar grasses familiar surroundings for his cow Herd. Three years later Zillinger plans to take More cows North in 2016. The work ing relationship with Derek Schwanebeck who owns the Grassland he custom grazes has developed into a win win for both parties. Schwanebeck likes to limit grazing on his family is land to fall Calvers no bulls and no calves. Eight cattlemen with herds ranging from 300 to 24 head summer on the Grassland. This summer the Grant county cattleman pastured 1,020 head of cows. Schwanebeck also runs 400 cows of his own. We provide grass during its Peak growth period Schwanebeck said. Our program lasts four months includes High intensity grazing and then the cows Are gone. We carefully manage our resources move the cattle and we never overgrazed this land. Just importantly Schwanebeck chooses to open up his Grassland to other Stockman who can Benefit from grazing the Sand Hills land. Living on the land where the cattle Graze he watches Over the cattle daily. He wants to ensure their cattle leave Grant county in better shape than when they arrive. I want these stockmen like Doug and their cows to Prosper while they re up Here under my care Schwanebeck said. If they re improving their Bottom line ill be doing the same. Stockmen Are always always Welcome but never obligated to come up and look at their cattle he says. Yes its a Long trip up to Grant county More than 300 Miles and a six and half hour drive if everything goes right. Zillinger made three trips in three consecutive Days to bring his cow Herd Home. The Phillips county Stockman plans to travel North to the Sand Hills again in april his fourth trip. I really look Forward to bringing my cattle up there Zillinger says. I Hope i can bring More up next april. I feel really comfortable leaving them in Derekus care and knowing have one of the Best sources of Green grass and All the water they can drink. John Schlageck is a leading commentator on agriculture and Rural Kansas. Born and raised on a diversified farm in Northwest Kansas his writing reflects a lifetime of experience knowledge and passion. Iran nuclear Deal concedes too much return from cow heaven the editorials represent the institutional voice of the Hays daily news but Are signed by the author for the Reader s information. Guest editorials Are from other newspapers and do not necessarily represent the views of the Hays daily news. Other Content on this Page represents the views of the signed columnist cartoonist or letter writer. J Ohn s Schlageck c commentary s in. J Erry m Oran u. S Enate guest editorial

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