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Hays Daily News Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 2

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Hays Daily News, The (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Hays, Kansas Fast two the Hays daily news published by publishing 607 main so published daily by kept saturday Ciao postage paid at 87801 Bate of subscription by per by Elx per of one postage de livery in the City of one All late Cristion Mutt be paid i Advance in accordance with Portal prank a Bluher and 198919s8 prank publisher Albert editor Charles Gilbert Teresa of Floe Patricia society editor Jack editor gone editor Glen Newt editor Lawrence sup John Jay editor John and Bob in the immediate offing Are not Only the dog Days of but also the primary Day of reckoning which will give an Extension of political life until november to 50 per cent of the High on the interest Agenda is the gop vendetta featuring Leftenant John Crutcher and eatery oper Ator Rick Harman for right to be plastered in the highly advertised no vember main go by Robert Docking in the tussle for statehouse custodial basically there int much to choose Between the pair of August principals although Rick May have a bit More going for him in that he once rebounded the Ball or shot the baskets for k state in a manner to gain National on the other in Addi Tion to ably pounding the Senate Call to order Gavel at the past two John is widely travelled and counts his friends by the number who have seen his travel in this respect each has his and our Choice for the Republican gubernatorial nod and we do not hold same of intrinsic value would be Crutcher of this selection is based strictly on a matter of John is a mid Drew extender whereas Al though at one time hailing Hoisington As his Home on the is for All intents and purposes a far East with roots in Johnson much is being made late in that a number of fourth in their publications have honeyed up to our observations tend to Vericat such seems to a geographical determination of All these estimable sheets Bell subscriptions on the rising Sun Eide of and Are naturally enamoured of one of the elite residing on the right Side of that strip of Sun Flower state Concrete separating the sophisticated from the Only known As Highway loyalty to the Boondocks where Stalwart men bleed and toil and sweat and weep to make ends meet sways us to one of our ilk in preference to the honorable idol of the schemers and connovers Down yonder As a mat Ter of self determined have but a grudgingly accepted we of the setting Sun West As seedy country in other respects there is Little to choose Between the front men of the in it is six of one and half a dozen of another in the old both have shown a proclivity to cuddle up to those groups and forces wanting something that can be Given Only through the medium of Money More than is in both Are of the opinion we which Means they Are prone to pro More with the temper of the people being what it is in this re we cant help but wonder what Harman can mean when he says he is certain state taxes will have to be in creased and Crutcher comes up with the assertion increased taxes cannot be ruled both have a tendency to agitate the Public from this Corner Crutcher and Harman Are making Robert Docking appear More the hero every especially so when the guv lays it flatly on the line by word and action not possible for the resources of any state to meet All the desires of certain groups for More funds and higher the Docking philosophy of Liv Init within cur resources is More Pala table to troubled ears and makes More to troubled purses than All this nun Init around about a tragic need ii1 Refre Why we worry we know if there have been times in the history of our country when responsible people have been More More frustrated and seemingly at wits end than this sum Mer of possibly times just As exasperating have before How for our two the present will do for one to get at the major worries of the people of the big first we contacted one in position to know front running congressional candidate Keith Sebelius of Norton who is Fine tooth combing the Boondocks country to get the pulse of the people on matters of momentous generally we folks Are Hays daily july furrowing our brow about the things that Are causing cranial palpitations from coast to apparent from every says is the virtual total disillusionment with the National Leader Campus violence and usurpation of authority have had a profoundly shocking in there exists justified conviction that Basic morality has ceased to that the once valued ethics and stand Ards of conduct Are no longer of related to the above is a belief that the spirit of Good Law enforce ment agencies have been broken by supreme court rulings which in some instances almost make it illegal for enforcement officers to arrest Crimi the vexations of Vietnam rate High on the on observes the Norton the people apparently Are just hoping and praying that present negotiations will bring it to an unanimous opinion is we went into the conflict on a no win let the thing build itself out of All proportion and that the North Viet knowing is playing us from every Angle at the Paris and the almost non existent Price of wheat is on every ones on the farm and on main indications Are the growers will not desert the certificate Al though they Are not Happy with the the Farmers Are seeking something better and More it is generally conceded the inde pendent Oil Industry is in an unbearably Tough spot and will face death by malnutrition if a Severance tax is imposed or the tax allowance persons in and Many not directly connected with the Independent drilling Industry vociferously endorse Meas ures to rather than disc our this activity so vital to of big concern in Western principally in the Southwest is water in that area there Are no major reservoirs for flood con reclamation and in addition to the people of the Southwest Point out the need for recreation to provide for Young people and help to keep them from going and so Sebelius sums it there Are other things of principally but these Are the Basic Rolla at eighty for a full Hal Century editor Rolla Clymer of the Al Dorado times has been a Kansas he still kindly and blessed with horse sense he is the unquestioned Dean of Kansas tuesday last Rolla celebrated his fourth score on the occasion of 80 years he wrote eloquently and touchingly of four fifths of a 60 years of it As ramrod and guiding Light of the and still he looks to the concluding a review of the events of a memorable he writes and one Day after another has passed and the years have rolled up in their mass until find myself stand ing at the threshold of the ninth decade of this is a difficult fact to comprehend but it arouses no i am in reasonably Good health and Happy to be Able to sit at my tripod each Day As i have done Over the Long the prophets of a new Day attempt to beguile me with their but i am con tent to follow the hard won lessons of the past and revel in the Rich memories of Stalwart living and i am not yet ready to write thirty on my newspaper thrilling events Are Hap pening every i dont want to miss any of the future stretches out Beckon singly i strive to follow its its not a particularly Gay but its the Only world i have i am loathe to leave until the master overseer bids me Lay Down my and perhaps May be privileged to sail the sounding furrows with beyond the Sunset and the Baths of All the Western Rac Overly simple respite from the criticism that americans have grown soft May be americans have Given hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign fought in Korea and paid the highest taxes in peacetime history and undertaken conscription to keep a standing army in Europe and main Tain bases All Over the they have done everything their National leadership asked them to for these reasons and Many most americans join in rejection of the hair shirt economists who con Sider Comfort a somewhere along the line there must be recognition of economic one of which is that you cannot spend More than you this truth has been brought Home to americans in dwindling Gold now repeat real at the dedication of a Pickle Plant at Isleta a Pickle exec utile without hitch or twitch of the Tongue flawlessly observed Pickle packers predict prodigious Pueblo pro predicted primarily on product vietnamese Navy to receive m16 rifles Saigon a the they did not say How Many namese Navy will get its first i weapons would be distributed in shipment of rapid firing m16 rite initial but added that Fles from the Navy Monas additional m16s arrive they officials announced will be handed out to replace j carbines now item by Viet namese Navy defense secret a Jurk Clifford said Durer a Here earlier this month Steps would be taken to equip More South vietnamese military forces with m16s As quickly As letters editor i wish to take exception to your editorial in the july 22nd Issue of the Hays daily news not As it Gerald candidate for first District congressman on the Republican has not misrepresented his experience in any As you he has had four years experience in Washington and he has been an administrative assistant to sen Ator each time i have heard him discuss his i have heard him several times he has been careful to Point out the length of his experience with both senator Carlson and representative you question the accuracy of the in formation he is presenting the citizens of Western i do not believe this is fair of you be cause i think he has proved him self to be a very honest and sin Cere in fact this is one of his primary qualifications As a candidate for the office of con Gressman from the first Dis Bill 2909 Hays Bob Dole sends key issues to Kansas delegates Topeka a Bob has sent a sum Mary of key issues to Kansas delegates to the Republican National who is seeking the re publican nomination for the listed these problems he said the gop must approach in the election Campaign ending american participation in the Vietnam creating a priority system for Federal education and Job opportunities with states and Pri vate Enterprise carrying most of the new approaches to solving farm raising living standards of both Urban Rural modernizing and upgrading postal controlling sharing Federal Revenue with the reforming the military today America is Drifting at Home and and imaginative and resourceful Leader ship must be said our party has perhaps the greatest Opportunity to fill the transplant patients condition listed grave London a Gordon Fordes new heart was reported pumping efficiently today but surgeons said the condition of Britain second heart trans Plant patient remains the National heart Hospital issued this bulletin almost 24 hours after the operation on Forde the patient remains seriously although his transplanted heart is working his present condition reflects his grave preoperative which was characterized by recurrent bouts of coma from an inadequate circular for is the 28th person to receive human seven others the heart came from Derek 32yearold paint sprayer who suffered fatal brain injuries in an Auto crash in Lon Don surgeons warned that the most dangerous time for Forde could come late today or Sun Kansas guard units end summer training Wichita a units of the Kansas army National guard Are Enro Ute Home after two weeks of summer Camp at Camp troops of the 226th and 891st Engineer battalions left Camp Friday morning in motor con Voys and Are scheduled to arrive overnight bivouac were to be made in Iowa and units of the 891st Are based at Clay manhat Abi Beloit and Junction the 242nd Engineer part of the 226th is stationed at Wichita where the battalion is if yours it but chances Ria built if it Cost you less you must have been to Dennis the menace to your Good health Molner dear Molner lately i have been Reading about Vita min some near miraculous results and cures have Ben v1 by detecting and deficit if such been obtained i sigh diseases As heart Dia Why is not More generally known about this method of treatment please comment on the pros and cons of Selfin Itiat de Vitamin therapy and of the if of taking too seems to me in a bit hazy on it that there were some claims being made by somebody that heavy doses of vitamins could cure of lot of that May be what you have in dont believe everything you vitamins dont cure heart they have Little to do with they Arent a remedy for hypertension and Are not a deterrent to dont get me All these conditions one or another Vitamin May be used As a diet Ary supplement when i have the highest respect for and the discovery of vitamins was one of the classic advances in health but like anything else in this you must use great things for the purposes which they can accomplish and not delude yourself by believing the some of the cures which Vita mins can bring used to seem Little Short of miraculous such things As scurvy cured by Vita min pellagra Beri Beri Vitamin rickets Vit Amin a and but keep in mind the Funda mental fact All of those diseases were caused by Lack of those particular making up the deficiency was the Correct that is the one thing that must be kept in mind about Vita they Are necessary to the proper functioning of the just As food and air and water Are they Are not Medicine any More than water is like the other get Ting too much is not one needs enough food to prevent but getting too much food never cures anything it just makes you of the various Only two become toxic when you get too Vitamin a and and it takes quite an Over dosage of them to cause but Trou ble with them is As for the once you have taken More than the body can use of store the rest is merely discharged from the body doing no harm except to your but doing no vitamins Are Chemi cals which assist or make Possi ble body they have to do with Luster of the skin and health of the eyes and various other and intestinal the amounts have been and in general very Small quantities suffice and Are tabulated As the minimal daily require Vitamin deficiency results Usu ally from dietary omissions or restriction the one exception being pernicious which is controlled by dietary omissions occur with faulty eat ing habits Peculiar likes or Dis dietary restrictions May be imposed in conditions such As food and the so much Money is thrown away by people who routinely take vitamins because they Are Good for that the most economical Rule is to take them Only if doctor sees signs that you need dear Molner what would Normal pulse beat be for atom an 80 years a Range of 80 to 90 beats a minute would be dear Molner what is the most important sign to look for in Throat diverticulosis is a bulge in the digestive to become More familiar with the write my dont let diverticulosis throw enclosing a stamped envelope and 25 cents in Coin to cover Cost of printing and Molner welcomes All Reader but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received he is unable to answer individual readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever Bishop named head of Oklahoma area Oklahoma City a Bishop Paul Kan Sas was named head of the Oklahoma area of the South Central conference of the meth Odist Church he has been supervising the Oklahoma Kansas and Missouri conferences of the evangelical United Brethren Church which merged with the Bishop Milhouse Success re tiring Bishop Angle Smith As head of the Oklahoma Bishop Mcferrin Towe of Topeka remains As head of the Kansas area and Bishop Eug Gene As head of the Missouri the assignments of the Bish Ops Are for a fou year for finest color to Soe Tempo it May be years Betfert anyone makes color As Good As Ria or Sells As Low As i 1 matinee i evening doors open doors open direct pram be to Tenet Hemer a seat 0tk Conlu Ryfke Pratt not adults students child 4sw now showing phone 6259567 off and on main Street by u a Hays housewife whose Home does not have air conditioning but does have a Fine Supply of old records for the told friends last week she has Dis covered a Way to beat the the children Are All away on vacations or Are in Camps Here and there so there is time on my hands and i sat Down one Day last week to consider the problem of the electric an Doest seem to do much on these torrid Days but in going through a pile of old records found a sheaf of them that haunt been played for what with the new Rock and Roll and the other crazy music which is held in such High re Gard by the Young folks the music i found was Christ Mas music frosty tunes and Jingle Sleigh rides in the skating on the White christmases and on and every bit of it wintertime melodies can soon spirit one away to the land of Christ Mas Snow covered Fields and i tried out a few of these records and found myself As Cool As a Cucumber by the time two or three of them had poured out their cheery wintertime it was a real Success and i Laid aside a dozen or More to play after i have just finished the dishes at when you Are weary and hot you might try it sometime she chirped As she looked up recipe for Popcorn the Stork left a son for and Paul Jacobs of Hays at Anthony this Chicken smothered in onion rings is really Good eat ing and simple to to serve four use 2 Chicken breasts 1 Large Sweet onion sliced thin 3 Tablespoons of butter 1 Tablespoon Lemon juice Salt and Pepper 1 Teaspoon Worcestershire Start oven at 350 but Ter shallow baking rinse Chicken and Drain place in cover with onion Dot with butter and Sprinkle with Lemon cover and bake at 350 degrees for 45 uncover dish and bake until tender and usually 15 minutes or a Little Long rail accidents new Delhi the first five months of 1968 marked one of India worst spells of rail nine major Acci dents resulted in the death of 162 persons and injury to More than to station Kays Channel log Linus tie Suonh sorted 0 Buna c Burwinkle c discovery 88 0 the face the nation c sunday news special 0 the Story c r Navy documentary c lab ii Florida land development c Rome for attorney general c North american soccer c Boston Atlanta Tennessee Tuxedo c Amateur hour c 21st Century c c pea Golf championship c Lassie o gentle Ben 0 de Sullivan show c smothers Brothers show 0 Mission impossible c Panorama 10 a Abc sunday night motto Jekyll and Hyde agriculture today c 740 Abc cartoon Porky Pic Captain Kangaroo candid camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy of Diek Van Dyke love of life ii lbs Moraine with Mike Wallace search for tomorrow llr4b the is 00 As the world two newlyweds game c House party to Tell the to nth lbs Newe c Edge of night secret storm c Mike Douglas c Merv Griffin show c 840 lbs evening Newt with Walter Cronkite c 8 too local weather sport Guna Moke c Lucy show c All american College c family affair c premiere playhouse c Panorama Hogane heroes insight sign off news agriculture today c Abo cartoon shows bugs Bunny Captain Kangaroo candid camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy of May Bent Lek Van Dyke love of use 11 is lbs morning with Mike Wallaec 1140 search for tomorrow the guiding Light weather As the work two newlyweds game 0 Roni party 8100 to Tel the Nih 1j6 cps c Edge of night Mike Douglas 0 Merv Griffin show 0 840 lbs evening with Walter or Onkle 0 local of Teather Daktar c International Showtime 0 Good morning world 0 lbs news 3ur of Black America Panorama the big movie my gun is Quick Robert Bra Whitney but its not the Federal deficit people do anything to keep Cool in wreck near Goodland takes life of Man a Charles of died Friday 2 hours after irs pickup truck and a car collided four Miles East of Goodland at an intersect Homas was a member of a Crew paving interstate 70 ugh an Edna of brews Driver of the car was Hospital attendants said condition was shows this week at the Fox july the Bible Stephen Ava Richard John Hua Peter july the devils brigade starring Wil Liam Cliff Vince danger route Jack Sharon at july to sir with love starring Sid Ney Judy Christian Roberts and Suzy August double feature Kona coast starring Richard Boone and Vera the Devil in love starring Vittorro Mickey Rooney and Claudine riven tonight thru it Didoy technicolor you1l and up mid Sheffl Sdiey Poitz to station Kkt Channel log sunday july on god it the answer revival Tea the answer Herald of truth frontiers of Faith Lido this to the life 11100 meet the Prmt 0 13180 heritage of the humanities All Star insight sunday Cinema v Shadow in the window Everglades Campaign the Frank Mcgee report animal kingdom sportsman Friend Walt Disney world of death Valley Days Bonanza Vickers Golden special with Ella Fitzgerald Ksn news Ksn weather Ksn the Joe Pyne show sign off sign on Kansas today to party line today show Ksn Newa weather today show 0 snap judgement c doctors House Cau 0 concentration personality c 10 do the Hollywood 0 jeopardy c Eye guess c Abc Newe report 40 i too Ksn noon Newa Elmer Childress show lets make a Deal c Days of our lives cd the doctors another world you dont say c the Hatch game c Abc news the major Altro show o Perry Mason Huntle Brinkley report g Ksn news the monkeys the champions Abc comedy playhouse i spy Ksn news c Ksn weather 0 Ksn sports show 0 sign off july t sign on Kansas today to party line today show Ksn weather today show c snap judgement c doctors Home Call 0 concentration personality c 10 to the Holly Wood squares 10 la Apo jeopardy c Bye Gums 0 Abc news report Ksn noon Newa Elmer Childress show 11180 left make a Deal 0 Jujj Day of oar 0 the 8 to another world Sjo tog dont say c j2s the match game 0 no news of Jeanne showcase 68 fair

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