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Hays Daily News, The (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Hays, Kansas Has the social Security tax reached its breaking Point Theodor Schuchat has the payroll tax about reached the upper limit to which it can be pushed asked the tax foundation in a recent pub a nonpartisan group supported by big businessmen the tax foundation pointed out that Many families with modest in comes Are paying More social Security tax than Federal in come in a Man and a wife and two children who earns will pay no income tax this year but in social secur Ity in the foundation social Security taxes amounted to about out of every Uncle Sam last year they were out of every in Federal tax the original social Security tax rate was 2 per cent for employer and employee com levied against a Maxi mum of per year in the worker and his Boss each paid in per year at now the tax is levied against the first in annual and the combined tax rate is per cent this year and per cent next by Law it is scheduled to Rise even higher in future when the social Security sys tem started in the Maxi mum yearly tax was shared by employer and this year it is and further in creases Are some congressmen senator Abraham Ribicoff for example have claimed that a tax rate of 5 per cent is about the most the american worker is willing to pay for social Security Protection against the costs of old age and pre mature death or yet Federal government employees pay 6 per cent of their entire annual salaries for retirement while rail Road workers pay per cent on annual wages of or the highly paid Railroad worker and his company thus pay in retirement taxes this with their higher fed eral and Railroad workers buy bigger retirement annuities and other for both can work in other Fields after retirement without losing which is not True of retirees under social the Falcio is critical of the social Security tax because the poor contribute a higher pro portion of their income to it than do the in the words of Bert director of the labor federations social secur Ity a family Man earning a year will pay per cent of his Gross income this year and per cent by assuming no change in the scheduled pay Roll he has written in the federation St a single Man earning a year will pay Only per cent of his income now and per cent by the Falcio wants bigger Benefit payments for present and future retirees but believes higher social Security taxes would be an intolerable particularly for those in the lower taxing All wages for social Security purposes would not pro vide enough to finance major Benefit Seidman has calculated that monthly Benefit payments could be in creased Little More than 5 per cent if present social Security tax rates were applied to every Dollar of annual the in his is to make supplementary pay ments to the social Security Trust funds from the among the nations of the governmental participation in sharing social insurance costs is the general Rule and Reliance on payroll As in the United is the sex the Falcio economist has payments from general fed eral revenues to improve social Security benefits have been recommended by most of the official advisory groups created by Congress to appraise the social Security Congress itself voted to use general tax Money to pay some medicare costs and retirement benefits for people who were otherwise so the social Security Trust funds Are already being fattened to some extent by personal and corpor ate income sunday morning edition the of Lucios social Security contends these supplementary payments should be drastically to As sure needed the government contribution should be gradually raised to the proportion which exists in Many other he pro posed in the a key question for the coun try to is whether payroll taxation can go no High if the upper limit has been As the tax foundation the general tax pay ments recommended by Many May be the Best Way to bigger social Security Home of fort Hays Kansas state College volume xxxix Baus the week it brighter if you go to Church each sunday full service of the associated press Kansas sunday july car washed off Road by flooding Tom Kish stood in quiet water and pondered his ditched car last week after it had been washed off the Road by flood Waters from Halfway Creek seven Miles North of the weather Bureau said inches of rain had fallen in the area causing much Flash flooding in the Small streams which empty into the Kansas Kish had attempted to drive through the rising the car lodged against a Fence Post and Kish was ate to get a wire photo czech Leader says soviet has no right to intervene Prague a Czechoslovakia communist party chief Alexander acknowledged saturday night that there Are anti socialist tendencies and some ant soviet invectives and moods in his but suggested they did not give the soviet Union the right to threaten Dubcek mild and Cowkey perhaps an attempt to set the tone for meetings next week Between soviet communist leaders and Prague re predicted the talks will contribute to a gradual re Moval of the in charities which have shown in our Mutual rela it was accompanied by an apparent new gesture of Good will toward the soviet Mal censure of Vaclov Prchlik for urging that other communist nations have an equal voice with the soviet Union in running the Warsaw Prchlik was removed from his Post As the top czechoslovak Humphrey runs into some hecklers in los Angeles los Angeles a Hubert Humphrey brought his Campaign to los Angeles Satur preaching a message on and Progress and recon but he ran into Heck lers and demonstrators who Humphrey 3o from an Airport Humphreys motorcade travelled directly to a new Market area in a Spanish american neighbor about 100 demonstrators waved signs and chanted Humphrey go Home and Humphrey dont come heavy Security surrounded the vice a helicopter circled policemen with binoculars and automatic weapons were stationed on roof police kept the demonstrators across the Street while Humphrey visited the opened recently with the help of a business administration times a mariachi playing for the Humphrey character clues Bay dreaming Isa my escape tiresome reality while Ofaria waste has also helped a produce some of the most Imp Onano ideas Mia a rfcs almost drowned out demonstrators across the who car ried a variety of simply others were in Spanish and mexicans will not be sold to hum there was no Humphrey will met sunday with members of the California democratic presidential delegation at the Century Plaza More than anti War demonstrators Are expect Humphrey arrived from Salt Lake where he had suggested that a Compromise Viet Nam Resolution worked out by Mccarthy and Humphrey forces in the Utah democratic Conven Tion could be a Model to avoid a platform fight at the National Humphrey addressing the Utah said he Doest want the party to emerge from the National convention Limp and broken but rather United for Victory in the Baboons liver is used in operation Cape South Africa a a Young woman whose blood was cleansed by the liver of a Baboon Friday was unconscious in groote Schuur Hospi Tal today but her condition was reported showing the in which Mary Voog tvs blood was passed through the Baboons was believed Here to Bethe first time a Baboons liver was used to detoxify human a pigs liver has been used in similar who was flown to Cape town from East London last was in a coma from a serious liver complication be communist party Security offi cer a had come under severe soviet an official distributed by the news Agency said Prchlik views do not express the official sometime after trans mitting the official announced that it was Embar goed until further there was no but the Agency said the embargo be lifted talking about the coming showdown talks with the told a nationwide broadcast audience i believe that the idea of International on which we have based our relations with the soviet will come out cleaned and strengthened in the Dubcek broke into a smile when he was handed before the television camera a pile of Pap ers with Back ing his Liberal sponsors Hope to collect Sev eral Hundred thousand Signa Tures before the crucial meeting of soviet and czechoslovak party informed sources reported meanwhile that romanian pres ident and party chairman Nico lae Ceausescu is expected in Prague thursday for signing of a new Friendship Kansas collision takes lives of three persons Apall three occupants were killed when two cars collided on 69 near on the South Edge of the Kansas City metropolitan those killed were and Lee messenger of Pitts and 23yearold Oscar Miller of la with his messenger was owner of the messenger lumber and Millwork construction company in he was 62 and his wife was in her Deputy Chuck Light of the Miami county sheriffs office reported Miller was southbound in his 1968 had just come out of a curve and pulled out to overtake two other he collided Headon with the North bound messenger car in its Deputy Light said the statements of witnesses and the condition of the wreckage indicated Miller was driving at Oiga Speet 30 pages including comics 15 cents number 223 Rockefeller sees gain on Nixon new York a Nelson Rockefeller said sat urday that Richard Nixon has suffered a serious erosion of Delegate strength and his Campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is encountering very serious difficult Rockefeller predicted that Nixon would get 550 votes on the first 117 shy of the num Ber needed for Rockefeller placed his own Dele Gate total at about 400 and said it would grow by the opening of the National convention in Miami Beach he said that his strength was in the East the Midwest and the but that he had the sup port in the i dont have very Good Southern support because dont advocate the policy of hatred and racism Jand play on fear the Way George Wallace Rockefeller the new York governor said at a news conference that the former vice president was los ing support in the South because of the former Alabama Gover nors third party Rockefeller said he would not run As vice president on a ticket headed by in not standby he id rather work for 18 million persons in new Yolk but he said he would not object to having Nixon As his run Ning that would be up to him to Rockefeller about Michigan George Romney statement that none of the presidential contenders stirred any excitement in Roc Gefeller said Rome is a wonderful a very Able and birth control f directive is criticized Washington a a group of roman Catholic priests has told Patrick Cardinal head of the Washington that it cannot Fol Low his directive restating the traditional Church ban on birth the association of washing ton priests made Public Satur Day july 19 letter to Cardinal Oboyle criticizing guidelines recently issued by the Cardinal and five other Eastern the letter criticizes the Way in which the guidelines were promulgated and places particular emphasis on the portion dealing with the archdiocese had no com ment on the letter which the association called an unprecedented action in response to an earlier restatement of the Church past in its statement the Assoc a headed by the John said the letter was endorsed by the groups nine member executive committee and by 142 priest confessors in the Washington Church sources said there Are 362 diocesan priests in the Arch diocese while there Are Catholic clergymen in the Jur some of whom per form pastoral father Corrigan said signers include both diocesan priests and others who hear Confes Salina Soldier killed Washington a army Leonard son of William was listed As killed in action in Vietnam in fridays defense department report on casual Survey comment negro riots but not recommended by Martha Cole associated press writer Washington Are justified by most but they Are not recommended i this was one of the state ments in three surveys released saturday by the National advisory commission on civil dior the surveys were made by in dependent groups and published without comment by the com two explored negro and White attitudes in 15 Ameri can the third set out a profile of participants in the 1967 among their statements negro mass is far less revolutionary in its Outlook than its More militant spokesmen the great majority do not pro pose to withdraw from Ameri Ca they want equal status in 8 per cent of the negro resident sin the 1967 riot on the participated in the of the 1 per cent were from out of 4 per cent from out Side the City and 95 per cent from the a third of the White population in the 15 cities viewed riots As protests against real grievances on third emphasized what they called their criminal or conspiratorial Char and the rest viewed them in combinations of those two Points the headed by then Otto Kerner of Illi was appointed by presi Dent Johnson to study the riots which hit american cities last in a report last March the commission said the nation was moving toward Tow separate but unequal one one the appointed for a goes out of existence next the surveys made earlier this year included cities that had riots in 1967 and some that had they were Mil san Louis and Wash based on the sampling meth surveying More than negroes and Whites in the Cit one report said that 58 per cent of negroes regarded the riots As mainly a protest and another 28 per cent characterized them As partly a ten per cent saw the riots As mainly a matter of looting and similar the Survey of riot participants said while most negroes disapprove of the nevertheless feel that the riots have beneficial Monseque hcs by increasing White society con Cern to improve the Negros Stokely says negroes should wage warfare a Black Power advocate Stokely Carmi Chael said Friday night that negroes shout wage guerrilla warfare to cause maximum damage with a minimum loss of Black at a rally sponsored by the neighbourhood organized work Carmichael dont Pray for dont beg for take it with a gun the remark received resound ing applause from the estimated 600 persons packed into and standing an afro Ameri can school in the mobiles pre dominantly negro North about 20 White persons attend Black people Are not in a revolution Here in the United it Hast started Carmichael we Are Only at the beginning of a revolution armed we must create the Maxi mum damage with a minimum of losses of Black and that is through guerrilla War Johnson adviser sees possible recession Washington Apar thur president John sons chief economic says there is a real risk of a recession Early next we do not have very much experience in curing the inflation of an overheated Economy without throwing it into reverse Okun it looked As though we might be succeeding in the first half of but unfortunately we seeded up to much in coming out of that red conspiracy involved in King attorney says Apar thur James Earl rays defense told newsmen saturday an International communist conspiracy was involved in the slaying of Martin Luther King Hanes said that immediately after King was assassinated Here april Ramsey Clark called the slay ing a Oneman Ray is charged with murder in the Hanes i am Here to Tell of right now that in my judgment the attorney general of the United states is 100 per cent there is a giant conspiracy Here Ani my client is being used by the Hanes did not elaborate exec to say that he had this in formation from a reliable source and that it All would come out at rays trial next no speaking at an Impromptu news Hanes also As sailed what he called a Lack of privacy for his client and an in Vasion of his rights since his arrest in London june 8 and his return and Hanes told of threats against his own i definitely feel that my clients rights Are being Tram pled and his privacy in while i think sheriff William Morris and his people Are trying to protect my clients political they Are at the same time trampling his individual referring to the closed circuit television that monitors Ray in his jail the former Bir Mingham mayor said neither my client nor i like the idea of cameras being focused on him 24 hours a he has to hide his head under a Pil Low in order to get any he even has the evil Eye of a Cam Era on him when he uses the when i was there i went to use the bathroom and i go on this in my opinion is an invasion of his privacy and it is hurting his because he cant sleep with cameras Blaz ing on this is Hanes said threats had been made against his his Secretary and two Memphis policemen accompanied the lawyer the entire time he was in from his arrival Friday morning until his saturday daughter of senator charged in dope Case rapid a a 19yearold girl identified by rapid City police As the Daugh Ter of George was arrested Friday night on a charge of Possession of a police official said Teresa Jane was taken into custody Here in a Motel room with a youth he identified As Barry of Silver county and state Law enforcement officers who had obtained a search warrant reported finding a number of bottles and hand rolled Cigar police declined to say what was in they said an arrest warrant had been issued for one other the pair were released on Bond House Senate panel sides with Rickover in fight for new sub Washington a a House Senate committee has sided with vice Hyman Rickover in his Battle with the Pentagon to build a super quiet the joint committee on atomic Energy said saturday no valid reason has been offered for a Pentagon halt in spending for the sub two months ago and urged that All barriers to its construction be Secretary of defense Clark Clifford announced july 1 that the Pentagon would proceed with plans to build a High Speed but he said the quiet sub still is under Clifford rebuked without naming for criticizing top civilian officials in the Pentagon in his testimony before congressional commit the atomic Energy committee of a censored transcript of Testi Mony at a closed session june 21 in which Rickover lashed out again at repeated Pentagon studies and the depart ment of defense has become a huge Thicket which stops Deci the House Senate panel As our department of de sense has grossly underestimated Utt rate at the soviets Are improving their nuclear it mailed for immediate development of the quiet sub As Well As the High Speed super Rickover quiet sub would be powered by electric Turbine in after four years of the Pentagon stopped spending on it May John the Penta Gons director of defense re search and told the committee the quiet sub May not be Worth its Cost because of new soviet the committee is headed by John and Chet Farmers to get million i wheat payments a Kansas Farmers will receive about million in wheat certificate payments this the state agricultural stabilization and conservation office Here said payments to Farmers participating in the 1968 wheat program Are at the rate of per the payments Are based on the difference Between the july 1 parity Price of per Bushel and the National average loan rate of certificate payments have be gun and will be substantially completed within the next the state office fed Grain program payments will be made after wheat certificates Are authorized by the two Price provisions of the food and Agri act of this Guaran tees participating Farmers 100 per cent of parity for their share of the wheat used for Domestic North vietnamese pos to be freed Saigon a the Ameri can military command will re lease several North vietnamese prisoners in response to the re lease of three air Force i informed sources said to Hanoi has announced the pilots imminent release but at last reports they still were in North previous prisoner releases by the North vietnamese and Viet Cong have been followed by a similar release of prisoners by the showers temperatures High saturday 88 Low saturday 69 record High 109 in 1931 record Low 52 in 1933 year ago today 85 and 63 fridays High 92 precipitation weather station sunday partly slight Chance of afternoon Thunder highs around northeasterly winds precipitation probability 26 per cent sunday and sunday

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