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Hays Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 4

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Hays Daily News, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Hays, Kansas Page four Hays daily january society and clubs Ann Landers answers your problems dear Ann Landers our son the neighbor saw her he began is a Sophomore in a University j to shout and i imme Miles the girl he i Clia Tely asked the Man How much Elizabeth Hosier has re turned Home from a visit in Cal in Francisco she visited at the Home of her and family and in Long with her Harry North and and Mckenna and family Are spending the weekend in Osborne with Mckennas and Mckenna and Larry the this is a privilege Law hitting the Lille girl with Tiffany and Larry left yes t Ter Day for articles for thin column must submitted soon possible alter the event takes items More than three Days old will not be pub dinner guests Friday evening Flintzer guests at the Home of miss Eva i dated before he left flies to see he thought the Rose was Spencer and Neta Bice at j him every few j he five i 406 Elm Street were miss Naomi j when he Home for no Lii him a Bill and he seemed Garner and Katherine Days and special occasions Rita j then i looked up the i fictitious name meets him at Street and saw my daughter in t t t Western Plains duplicate Bridge the Western Plains duplicate Check with her parents concerns her Mother was beating i Bridge club met Friday altering meals or she is at have never seen such a sad noon at the Bridge studio for a0111 House for lunch and dinner Little face in my master Point eve7 Day and then they go out j that night i told my son about winners were mrs Neal Burl Ifor the we get to see1 the incident and both he and Scher and mrs Lowell Hogue Verv Linle of Lum when he is his wife suggested that i mind first mrs Shade and i Nome Niy own a terrible mrs a w Larzalere second we want our childrens friends argument that was mrs Xavier Staven and mrs to Welcome but dont you i seven years ago and i have not Bob Law third and mrs nor1 think it is in poor taste for this j been inside their Home i girl to hang around so much j last week my son called and i we have talked to our son about j said they had taken the girl her constant presence and he i to a specialist because she is defends her she is the specialist Sug his father and i would j a the child had tried to evidently the girl never has to j give her Mother the Rose and Ris Artman and Square dance lessons Here at my the Hays recreation commus and the kids say Square Sion is sponsoring Square dance lessons every wednesday night during january at lie Odd Fel lows 110west 12th in your is the Best Way tested that the girl should be or As placed my son asked me if i would take How to handle this our fogies in Francis Well known Call Pear fogies or will be in everyone i give is Wilcame at 8 on wednes Day t t t cub scouts Den 5 pack 3 of the cub scouts toured the Hays daily news Friday can i undo All those Early years of abuse and fear please Tell heartbroken grand kill Rita with j her so much dear grandmother children after spending the holidays will sterlings Anc George and Marvin Thomas Duane and Michelle have returned from Burchard where they were Callec by the death Thomas Andrew Ruth Brown has returnee from a months vacation spen in North with he John or Leslie and Gerald Schmidt accompanied miss Carol Foultz to her Home in wednes Day and then went to Denver where he will be who was recently Dis hospitality that she chokes on j who Are emotionally damaged if you Knock the girl you i because of extremely harsh doings paper dolls these pretty mite sized dolls Model disposable childrens Wear designed by Margot West during press week activities of the new York couture group at the hotel the girl at left wears a red and yellow striped paper at Home the youngster at right sports a straight and simple Busy beavers 4h club the Busy beavers will have Model meeting practice today at 2 Oclock today at Scheufler Supply the practice has been changed from Friday there will be a monthly meeting at 7 monday in the Coop meeting it will be guest East Star 4h club wednesday night 27 three leaders and two parents attended a practice Model meet ing of the East Star 4h club for 4h will Force your son to defend Praise her to the skies find something to soon your son will be knocking making the tour were any Gal who is As aggressive Tony James As this one stands a Good Chance treatment often carry the scars generous doses of love new your granddaughter find her place in the i Hope you will give it a there is much to and understanding in a environment could help Dale Lyle of losing her boy Friend gained and Little to Ronald Bill Ronald Glenn Den and Mark Herrman who was a Den mothers Are Dorothy Herrman and Verla t t t Centennial club Henry Marcott will Host a meeting of the Centennial club at tuesday at her Home at 213 Circle Edward Larson will give the program on the Hays Centen Nial officers will be elected for the coming t t t birthday party Loraine Pfannenstiel was Hon ored with a party on her fifteenth birthday Friday evening at her Home on Catherine route guests were Janet Joyce Cheryl Jane Knoeber and Sharon t t t Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon my chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha will meet at 8 monday at 2717 t t t pleasant Creek homemakers his especially his j stay out of dear Ann Landers the letter about the youngster who bought her Mother a card of buttons at the dime store for her birth Day reminded me of a bitter this Story has a Good moral and i Hope you will print several years ago my grand who was then five years picked a Rose from the neighbors she the brides Ann Landers answers some of the most frequently asked questions about to receive your copy of this comprehensive write to Ann in care of this news enclosing a self stamped envelope and 35 cents in Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your Send them to her in care of this enclosing a self with a new zot guns issued to police in Petersburg charged from the service and paper dress with buttons and pockets drawn on i i ii to ii r miss spent the holidays with his and Alexius Schmidt and and Jerry Ford and Susan and miss Pat Stuart at tended graduation ceremonies for Ford who graduated wednesday from the air Force officers training school in san Ford re turned to Hays to spend a hurry get your copy of con quering the at the Hays daily news a Book that for the first time gives a Defini Tive detailed look at the history of the Volga germans and the settling of Ellis Only wanted it for her when i stamped Council Survey reveals Twenty per cent of College freshmen admit to cribbing plus 47tf Washington a Twenty per cent of freshmen in a representative sampling at americas colleges and universities admit to cribbing on an examination in the past the finding is included in a Survey of current fresh men at 251 colleges and univer pleasant Creek Extension Sites j Niht unit will at homemakers unit will meet at 2 monday at the Home of Alonzo 622 East Martin Replogle will be the assistant there will be installation of t t t faculty wives meeting by the american Council on the principal coordinating Agency for higher Educa Tion in the about 20 per cent of All first year students this fall were asked to fill out questionnaires delving into everything from How hey plan to finance their cent for women but was relatively uniform among the Var ious Public and two year and fou year colleges and other findings included 22 per cent of the students were and Felix Arn enl j a anal Elmer Kenny and Kathy spent saturday in Kansas City where they at tended the Spring and summer Market to Purchase clothes for Charnelle dress they also attended a basketball game saturday night Between marys of the Plains of Dodge City and Rockhurst of Kansas Don Vonfeldt of Russell spent Friday night at the Home of her Gilbert Kuhn and von Feldt is a patient at Anthony those from out of town who a lawbreakers will need space helmets to avoid the new liquid Bullet zot guns issued to Petersburg police Satur the weapons go squish in Stead of and they turn their victims into blubber cry easily lugged off to the Jailhouse to the device is called a Chemi Cal and it is More Bug says John weapons and you stay that Way for As Long As two two Pennsylvania firms make the and authorities in Ken new mis Souri and Minnesota have put it in its a Sel defense says the drunk who comes at you in a a Hood world family affair France was when Rudolph Leuenberger proposed marriage to Monique he did not realize that the wedding would be such a family the couple was first married in a civil Cere Mony at the City Hall by Roger the brides then they drove a few Miles to the Riou evangelical Church in where the brides grand pastor pre sided Over the religious wedding bomb than but a direct with a a demonstrator hit leaves a person harmless who loses control emotionally attended funeral Catherine services f o r Arnhold and it eventually May replace the time honoured the essentially concentrated tear is contained but you dont want to Knock him Over the Howard a Peers times volunteered to test two drops of the Young mothers Barbara mulch Barbara mulch named professor of month an assistant professor of his tory at fort Hays Barbara has been named professor of the month for de Cember by Al student a nine member committee was appointed by ask recently to resume professor of the month mulch is the first professor of the month to be named this the committee accepts nominating petitions signed by Stu dents for individual committee members Are Al Lowed to suggest candidates for the candidates Are narrowed Down to two to be voted on by All ask if no nominating petitions Are sub the committee will pre sent two candidates for mulch graduated with High honors from Mcpherson College and received a master of arts degree from the University of she has done additional graduate work at Stan Ford University and is presently working toward a at the University of two fort Hays in a pressurized Cylinder two chemical on his inches i was i could no with a press of his an j longer see Sheffield who was finer an end a Stream two feet there liquid up to 20 aiming for was a sensation in my nose the the victim erupts in j which made it feel like it was blinding his face his nose runs and he gasps and folds you feel like crawling in a Hole and pulling the dirt Over i sat Down on the floor Sim ply because i didst feel like standing Noyes Felt like numbers in a Book at their schools with the highest miss Verla and Gary figure being 40 per at Venneberg Denver Xiii onh Mac Rizvi Fps instructor to speak at Hays High pose of our showing support the protest was sponsored by the Kansas City area commit Benito instate1 tee to end the War in Germany was teenage girls now have their own schools and classrooms Here so that they j can study without suffering embarrassments of being watched and criticized by other Stu 469 future mothers have j already been enrolled in the special their t rage age is 16 10 cd log Eye catchers two Well known fort Hays gold1 College music Organiza who is known As the dior i tons will Combine talents in of has launched the concert at 8 tuesday in monocle As the new feminine Felle Star fad of rims and ribbons the concert choir of 50 voices come in the same fabrics As the directed by Donald dress that the lady is i will alternate portions of the the new fad is an Eye Catcher i program with the brass choir for said Goldi of conducted by Leland men will soon fail to j make passes at girls without in addition to established and a Day at the old fort in j education to whether they Par taken of a dietary drawings and the lowest 6 or and Rich Tor in Spanish at fort Hays j and the Hood three defense a Al per cent at nonsectarian fou year per cent said they had Victoria and Alex will speak to the Hays Arnhold Russell and High school International Johnson and Samas Norbert Park and tons club at monday were trained at Hood where Twenty four prints and draw familiar each will present an original work by Lewis also of the Fps music in the last half of the pro a male chorus will sing Sweet Genevieve with Galen As Tenor death will feature participated in organized Dale on stations in the past or and Cottom and j c 5 per cent were negroes j h moved with the highest figure being 13 juror a to none can fou year percent reported attend per cent per ing Church 49 per i Karl Venneberg has re the past cent praying and 17 the cheating figure was 24 per cent smoking cigarettes fre per cent for men and per Docking continued trom Page 1 keeping with the cites Centen Nial year will be staged by the fort Hays state College faculty wives at their monthly meet ing monday Leota Motz will speak on j wife of general George Armstrong Custer whose i famed seventh cavalry was Sta honed at t h e old fort Hays from 1866 o each faculty wife will bring an item to Trade at the fort Hays trading the theme j of the old fort will also be car ried out in the decorations used in if imps worn by Memi with the nation s Best co1 Inho min tee i charge ip8iate speakers feh2 at the the Kansas supreme court of the comm tee in Cha and Are making he is employed by were trained at Hooch a acre jugs by a University of Nebraska j Ccu i in the High school i they announced they opposed Art member Are current David Eppnger Norton in the War in Vietnam Asly being known at the Davis Hall Bongo Drums and David Bauer were court martial cd t Riata pro at fort a Namei i j cd l x l at and j part of the Fps depart discussing their v their Home at 1708 Felton social and economic s slut talons tended to five Mora to he is a past president of the Elliree years they were charged nes Oneman show is Nic pal the weather Bureau predict turned to her Home after spend Ngsi Holiday with is Dughi Tor mrs Fredrick Bender Mellon in pre re of 1111 with refusing to obey a direct order to Board transportation to i Fps debaters Given bid to Harvard tourney fort Hays state varsity de band from Arkansas City High Baters have been invited to com he 1s employed by the High ily in and Bill Bri Terese and Pera Tures near rally continued trom 1 services held for Harold Millen services for Harold Mil be for the concert presentation of the tur tie 3 Millers works include three songs of Solitude Sung Coleman exhibition work Fea the concert choir and Dirge Tures color intaglio and Allegro played by t h e prints on Copper and other met brass choir and includes charcoal draw no admission will be Thomas the a graduate of the University of has taught and the Public is graphics and drawing at Nei buy Wichita and Are their Home at 2713 Ash at the Gate who were chief Justice Robert Price mental health clinic invitational debate1 administer oaths to Docking and the meeting will begin at tournament at Cambridge the other state officers at the in the Black room of the mass Fps memorial the plan Anthony Hospital medical rained by police on the other Side of the Countryside Mobile Braska since he has sex the Crowch who died were habited widely in regional and hold at malls Aln Rulli National Art the Public is invited to View the Harvard one after his Brief inaugural g Greene Wellbrock have Ning committee for the event is f the t meets Docking will review a Vitoria composed of James be finn i Tran no at Oene Aici Etter mrs David Winter and Jim include the demonstrators heard several speeches made by their leaders in defense of the stand by the three soldiers against saturday at malls mortuary George Coleman gallery hours methodist j Are 8 to 5 monday through burial was in the Friday and 8 to noon closing Date for the exhibition is pallbearers were Tom Law opposed of mrs James be in will be attended troops at the b sent Reacher have they Are Dennis chairman Eugene snare House and assume his position James Allen Flanders and Henry both As their Fred have new York Bill Jellison Bill n competing in and Docking will nays put Davjd Fly Lyslov air Trinter and ener am he a Iii a a hanti buy anything the ten bes dressed women have been ending Long clays of suspense in Many a Home on our card of thanks 1 want to express my sincere thanks Ancl appreciation to Ancl the nurses and aides for the Good care i also to and the Lincoln school staff for Flowers and gifts i received while i was a patient Al Ila Llcy Novice the tournament is Power that after the Sion first five rounds where pairings last senior debaters Doris and Richard Scott five rounds but failed to qual Ify for the final the Best Fps record was in when a entertain the legislature at a u it luncheon at the executive Man David Diedesch Hays on Melva Lacrosse the open House there mrs Frank Wake at 3 bus transportation will Ney the from co Wigtown to Donald Russell Ancl no parking will be Lowed at the Michael Deen Hays the reception will1 Graig Hays won be from to the Wichita state University Madrid Eugene Alnena Gal the University of Pamela Ellis Kansas brass Ancl the Anna Hoxie your Manv deeds of kindness team advanced to the Quarter Kansas state University mens Ronald Osborne made my stay More nals and ranked the glee club will Accident thank 1 ups he the Khz the Bau at Frome Bison Lara Aust debates by the mis mrs will Lead Hen b squad Are planned to begin aft it i is missis or semester they will be k a donation of a couple to Eugene Hays Nav Lor the inaugural is Damar presented in area High nip pay for lne inaugural is be the Fps debaters will present asked for tickets to the Pamela Alexander Hays card of thanks words of thanks can never express our appreciation to All those who were so kind to our loved one during her five years at Hadley the Hospital and those who serve to give the debater cared for her in her last Dit ional experience before Spring democrats will choose Between mrs Veronica will be remembered great Comfort your gave we also wish to pastor Pendon restraint exercised by the i my uru Diris will Lna asked Lor tickets to the l British satirical debates wishing to watch it will Maurice Plainville for High school or will be admitted free to the Balcony Orsanna Hays debate a team from the High i of the Edwin Ellis the republicans Are expected Joseph Hays the exhibition debates will Kyj select John r Emilia Ellis acl to the John Hays democrats will choose Between Veronica Victon Joseph Kansas Michele Renee Vic Ancl Jerry Loria for the semester tournaments kindness a prosperous 1967 will de for minority Leader of Rose Ann Vic Toria chaplain the lutheran management and Secre Celestine Hays and ladies for Youril Arv Connor of the co Mirce Lon term weather forecasting1 Larry Sterling Virginia inspirational i department the children becomes increasingly wishing you gods Are reminded of this As the although there is a lot of weather Hays the Harry Krug family time comes to renegotiate their wed just As soon not know about Solt i m something to sell Tva Tad All sentenced Byj the army to hard the marchers displayed a variety of signs along the March including War is Good invest your five years of hard labor is not draft Dod these men had and support the soldiers who refuse to fight in the student marchers represented University centers at Iowa Kansas City and a group of 12 said they were members of the peace club at Bethel College in one of John we decided to come in support of these people Bethel is mainly a mennonite College and mennonites take a conscientious objection position against War on religious and we want to expand that to moral and humanitarian that is the prime Pur play duplicate wednesday night Friday afternoon it Friday a 4tli Weill Cilny in Simiu Sti Dio 335 West 8th Hays tomorrow Nite pm knights of Columbus 59 numbers by Dalline Here Are a few tricks women might practice to enhance Eye Beauty and a if you have deepest try using White make up on the eyelid above your Eye following with Darker base applied on the area immediately below the blend of if you feel your eyes Are too apply White makeup Between your nose and your eyes inner carefully blend some of the White makeup a very Short distance along the upper Eye then apply Eye eyeliner and Mascara a Frac Tion of an Inch from the inner Corner of your upper doing the right thin for your is no problem at All merely make your appointment for Beauty at Sidney Beauty College 121 East Lith Hays phone a 56528 do want Job Security can obtain this and More As a graduate of Sidney Beauty College using Salon tested techniques in our training this weeks helpful hint when Sprinkle clothes with warm it Dampens faster and More evenly than cold

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