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Hays Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 3

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Hays Daily News, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Hays, Kansas Hays daily january Page three Powell due Back in Washington this weekend Washington acc talk of Compromise in the fight Over the seating of Adam Clay ton Powell in the 90th Congress spread saturday As the Harlem Democrat headed Back to Washington and next weeks show powells office said tie was due Back in the capital this weekend after fishing and Sun Ning in the Bahamas for weeks and had scheduled meetings with several unnamed i divid House democrats caucus at 10 monday to organize for the new session and powells Case is High on the the fight Over seating him will take place tuesday when Congress con the harsh probability that he might be denied his seat or tossed out As chairman of the education and labor commit tee has eased a bit in the Light of two recent developments speaker John Mccormack came Back to town Anc made it Clear he had Little sym Pathy with the ant Powel which is being led by two Junior Lions Van and the executive committee of he democratic claims to have 145 of the 48 House democrats As Mem decided Friday to take an official Handoff policy on the the speakers attitude and the ack of any firm policy by the Argest single group of House democrats seemed to Clear the Way a some Hing Mccormack is known to be fervently Van deerling Effort to unseat Powell is tied to the contempt of court conviction jail sen facing Powell in new York because of his failure to pay a civil judgment against under one Powell would be seated conditionally for a certain period of during which he would have to Clear up the court he would retain his chairmanship in the the general feeling is that Powell will have to stir himself in the few Days remaining and help arrange any Comproni ise that will keep him from being dealt with who Contin unc irom Page 1 in a coalition under Appeal in the latest elections the major parties secured Over 92 per cent of the there has Al ways been a potential right Rad ical vote of about 10 per it would seem that you have done no More than collect under one Label those who had previously voted for the splinter righting do you intend to confine your Appeal to this 10 per cent extremist element or will you try to make a wider Appeal to the German elector ate of course we shall choose to make a wider you must realize that a very Large Section of the German population is disenchanted with Hitler and what he stood that is but a National policy still has great Appeal in Germany you will have to As we would say in some of your skeletons in the cupboard i know Strauss if you abandon your righting radicalism in favor of a More generally acceptable nationals is there not a danger tha somebody like Strauss minister of finance Franz Josef Strauss might steal your Thunder that is he said on what Points do you an Strauss differ what in particular he is More for free Trade than i that is hardly a difference that will have Tiuch sex Appeal with the if Strauss were to become Chancellor in would you throw in your hand and work with him i do not see if he Pur sues the right we should not work you claim that the is not a nazi but int in True that you Are the heirs of the nazi party and the is exactly what a nazi party would if it wished to remain within the Law we Are a democratic we do not want a if you said you wanted a dictatorship would be declared it quite that is not Why we do not say this is not a political move it is what we i stared at him Long and you do not believe me 1 shrugged and answered Only time can jews As far As i know you Are not on record As condemning the mass murder of the jews by if you had been hitlers adviser at the time and he had asked you How the jewish question should be solved Man How come it is so holy it was a Christian a you Are going Back to the Days of the emperor Charles v but further to the be of the red How do of Call him i think you mean that is 1937 frontiers in your View what Are the frontiers of the German Reich the frontiers of this would include parts of what is today Poland if there were a free plebiscite in these areas would the people vote to be part of Ger Many certainly not they Are not Why then do you want it because it is part of the Ger Man want that what the last War was All about i agree maybe we Are a bit Pendency from the Reich Srul Organ of the you owned the paper but Only because it was More convenient for tax Pur funds where does the get its funds from Only from its members and local party membership is 3 Marks 75 Ohe Mark for the local one for the regional party and one for the Headquarters surely you must have More finance than that to be Able to carry on any responsible Campaign do any businesses con tribute business any Large sums would become known and the Trade unions would make a fuss but of course certain Mem Bers pay 10 in which Case 8 go to the local organi one to the regional head quarters and one to the party finance has been one of the questions we Dis cussed at our last the recent Campaign was expensive arid Cost us half a million was raised by the local party Organ came from the head office at the moment we have a deficit of about you claim Many Young people support your what Evi Dence do you have for this our membership is of this 45 per cent Are under 36 72 per cent under 45 the rest Are the old is the same True of your Vot ers it is they Are older i shall be going to Munich and Nuremberg and should very much like to meet some of your More teachers threaten go on strike monday Chicago a about goo Junior College teachers have struck the Chicago Junior col lege and Many of the of elementary and High school prepared for a strike such a walkout would be the first in the cites Shanahan to be honoured a a break fast honouring Elwill Shan cites elementary first woman to be elected High school teachers threaten Secretary of stale in do the same will be held monday by Lahoma local Cook county co Dennis of the National Fedora teachers on the picket line David Simonson assistant to the president of local american federation of confers with president Charles Cogen of the National teachers Union while pickets walk in front of Chicago City the american federation of teachers began a strike thursday closing Chicago eight Junior a lege teachers Union called of Republican women and Days strike at eight Junior cold Glenn Cogwell of a spokesman for the Coli the breakfast will be Jay Leges estimated at least half guests will include Doro thy president of the National federation of Republic Cai Secretary of slate Fank Jordan of California and Secretary of slate Frank Marsh of several state officials also will Junior College students stayed away from the teachers struck after the Chicago Junior College Board turned Clown demands for an increase of smaller j classes and a lighter course i in another dispute Over wag1 the Chicago teachers in which claims to represent pay newsboy before my interview with von Thadden a Friend had armed me with the information that party newspaper deut sche a Schrichten had referred to my Grandfather on january 29 in the following terms with the passing of Churchill the last of the men responsible for the second world War is and on february 12 1965 the War criminal Church ill destroyed the anti bolshevik Fuhrer and saved the Sovie russian sir Winston your newspaper has referred to my Grandfather As a War would you agree with this i do not know of i be Lieve it said he had a responsibility for the this int the your paper called my Grandfather would you say tha is a fair description of him maybe not but he had responsibility for the you mean by the fact that h did not give in to Hitler shall we say that title what would you have answered i would have suggested that arrangements be made to Deport them from the you would have opposed their mass murder and you would condemn it to Day yes during the recent elections your speakers seem to have concerned themselves a great Deal with deploring the increasing crime rates and with assertions that girls can no longer walk the streets without being these Are surely that no one would Dis Pute it is still necessary that they 1 should be what exactly is the political program of the we believe in the incl Visi ability and Independence of the 1 German what in fact is the meaning of the word it does not translate itself does it mean no it Means More than that it Means holy did not want War with eng land of course he did not he wanted to get everything without a but his motives were he wanted to de stroy but before he could launch a War against Sia he had to Deal with Czecho Slovakia and if he thought Britain would stand aside he made quite a mis didst he yet you still Admire him not for his his mistakes were the mis takes of a maniac perhaps this is if it were not for his mistakes we would not have so much difficulty wag ing our Campaign have you always been full time in politics i joined the Deutcher Reichs a less successful forerunner of the in you were never in business would that be pos Ible you must see Wing commander How do of say one below Wing commander Squadron Leader yes that is Leader Hauptmann who is in the air Wing of the he is 31 and ran our Campaign around Nuremberg just like a military As i got up to leave i took a closer look at some Small rated photographs hanging on Lis office they were of a ovely Castle set amid lakes and i asked him where it that is my Home in Pomer Ania now part of when were you last there at the end of 1944 and then again briefly in 1945 when i was a prisoner of the As we Shook hands i could not help feeling that this Man no austrian House Painter with a Chip on his shoulder who might set the world nor any nazi beast that i had tracked Down to his merely a Mil mannered Man who had a hankering More for the Days of the Kaiser than for the third and who hoped one Day to regain his estates in polish ruled he was certainly a great Deal More pleas ant and reasonable than some of his younger militant it is very difficult to tie the Down As a nazi Organ for the moment they have not shown themselves to be either openly antidemocratic or As far As they Are concerned Germany jewish problem was solved by hit Ler and there Are today no More than jews living in the i had my financial Federal instead they vent their racial prejudices on the foreigners working in Germany where one can distinguish the new nazis from the old is in the fact that a very Large proportion of the old nazis today recognize the mis take they made and belong to one or other of West Germany major democratic the includes a very Large number of members who refuse to believe the truth about Hitler and they seek to excuse his actions and the actions of Germany under the third in this Way they give themselves away As Neo next Shadow of comedians son injured great a the 11yearold son of comedian Alan King suffered injuries to his left leg Friday night when he was struck by an Auto while crossing a Boulevard 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