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Hays Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 2

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Hays Daily News, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Hays, Kansas Page two stays daily january 1987 the Hoys daily news published by news publishing 112 Lith Frank publisher and 19291958 Frank Gene publisher editor Albert a Glen editor news editor Charles Lawrence adv mar Gilbert John mgr sri Jay editor published except saturday second class postage pid at 67601 Bate of by ill Iii by six per mailed outside if Kansas one year postage de livery in the City of one year All mail subscription Renusi lie paid in Advance in accordance with postal regulations on flood control again although it need not be reiterated the flood control Bonds voted up on the past year by the citizens of our Community took a solid we would nevertheless Hazard the guess that during this Good year of the lord the proposition will again come up for in View of the Money and Effort spent in surveys and studies and the unquestioned need for it would hardly seem logical the plan has been Laid to eternal rest without another Effort to inject adrenalin into its currently not zest fully beating Paramount disenchantment with the Issue As presented was that the program failed to allay fears of those on the South Side of the local Mason Dixon line if the dumping of water into big Creek West of town would cause piling of water downstream and thus insure future flooding of the area that has already had More than its share of mud and until Steps Are taken to As far As this we would be of the opinion that another Bond balloting would meet the same grievous with this thought in mind we Sug Gest the before again presenting the proposition to the first take Concrete Steps to assure a rapid flow of water below the proposed drainage Inlet and thus prevent the piling up of water that would constitute a men Ace to previously flooded sections of the probably the Wisest step would be to broaden the Bond proposition plan to include funds to clean obstacles from the Stream bed of big Creek be Low the proposed water Inlet and extending this would include the knocking Down of Trees and shoulders and other necessary if it is not feasible to provide funds in the Bond Issue it is assumed the City May Issue in a with not necessitating a vote for the purpose of continuation of flood control for which cleaning of the Creek would the problem is not Only to expedite the flow of water from heavy Rains to the North out of the but to keep it from paying a return visit to the Clearing the Creek Channel plus implementing the control plan As it was presented seems the Best Handin Glove procedure to provide As near to Tal As possible Protection until such time As the corps of engineers is Given the godhead to remap big Creek in these it is obvious no flood control project will be approved unless in one manner or measures Are provided to assure a rapid flow of flood Waters to the East and prevent the likelihood of flooding the South part of the o less than Frank one May accept the inevitability of civilian casualties in a and the inevitability of at the same one May logically question the Lack of Wisdom and foresight with w h i c h the Johnson administration handled information on this the first propaganda by communist sources sought to make capital of the fact that air raids had affected civilian residential areas on the Periphery of military Washington was silent for Days while the reds made then it was stated by the Pentagon that the damage Likely resulted from some communist directed at american falling Back to this Likely in but it was put Forth As possibly the full the Pentagon acknowledged that civilian areas of North Viet Nam have been damaged by our air it did Only after Harrison the new York times had made an inspection of the areas it is of that the effect on civilians in North vietnam1 is a con sequence of attacks on military tar even More a con sequence of criminal aggression by North it also is True that the care exerted by american military forces in Vietnam make the civilian losses inconsequential by the stand Ards of world War americans May legitimately complain that Washington has been less than giving them the facts Only after the reds have got ten All the propaganda value they can from the and Only after an american newsman was prepared to reveal what he americans have a right to expect better handling of information concerning our struggle against communist aggression in faster and faster Man strives to travel faster and still weve had horse drawn be the steam the old electric and the internal combustion driven the world War i and ii Vintage planes and the modern Day now there talking about a hypersonic transport designed to go Miles an this seems rather farsighted since the proposed supersonic on which there has been so much discus Sion in recent has yet to take to ifs in line with mans de sire to jump into the and with the hypersonic Hes looking to what is described As the ultimate in air travel in this the new called the could Fly some 250 passengers in its Dart shaped fuselage from new York to Hong Kong in two with improved models possibly hitting speeds of Miles an of theres a catch in the whole supersonic and hypersonic Pic they must have heavy govern ment with the supersonic planes development Cost being Estima Ted at with the Federal coffers bearing from 75 to 90 per cent of this there is no that the Viet Nam War is drawing away sums needed for this plane de then there is the problem of Jet what will be needed for a hypersonic plane in the Way of of traffic combating sound problems even with out the new it is estimated that the new York area airports will be at absolute capacity by the problems caused by the hyper sonic and supersonic planes will be tremendous even if special metals Are developed for the the Lead ing Edge of the hot for in will be heated to de Grees by friction while its fuel tanks will have to hold liquid Hydrogen at a temperature of minus 423 All in on these first Days of a new its Nice to look ahead at what Well have by the closing de Cades of the 20th c e n t u r even though sometimes the ideas get a bit far weve come a tremendously Long was in flight since Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers in who really is to say that ave wont have that plane by the year 2000 off and on main Street by Dennis the menace we were aghast at an old Friend one Clay who vehemently advised a Young fellow to whom he was giving pointers on Conj duct never apologize to any he quickly followed the astonishing counsel Buti never do anything for which you j would have to we Are still of the school that thinks an apology never hurts i for after All to err is unprecedented lethargy on the part of the Stork leaves his Large and enthusiastic following be with chickens the Best buy in the markets right particularly if you watch for the it pays to have on hand plenty of Good recipes for their this one for a Chick Enrice dish is particularly tasty and easily for it use Fryer or an equal num Ber of Chicken breasts or thighs which can be purchased at meat counters or in cup of uncooked Rice Salt and Pepper 3ounce can of mushrooms y2 stick of butter 1 Tablespoon of grated onion or half a garlic minced 2 Chicken Bouillon cubes Dis solved in 1 cups of water or 2 Teaspoons of instant Chicken Bouillon in same amount of flour and then Brown the Chicken in a Little Oil or vege table while it Browns put the Salt and Pepper in a greased casserole and strew the grated onion put in the juice and arrange Chicken pieces on pour Bouillon Over it and Dot with the bake at 350 for an Nice what it a Faux like is a tent i to your Good health Molner dear Molner we have a i the risk of the trait still being will be Able to control your weight when you Stop using the dear Molner is there any visible change in the veins due to High blood pressure does this condition reduce life expectancy is there a possibility of the blood pressure Ever returning to Normal without medication 1 2 it depends on the 3 very unlikely unless emotional or great Tensional factors Are involved and to learn the major categories of prostate trouble symptoms treatment How to Speed re covery write to Molner in care of this newspaper for his the Pesky pros and a self enclosing 20 cents in Coin and a self addressed stamped envelope to cover cosi of printing and Molner welcomes Al Reader but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received he is unable pc answer individual read ers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible Nan said rus hat got into a taxi but that a Check of Nuernberg hospitals established he did not ask for subscribe to the Hays daily to station kans Channel log Linus the lion hearted c Peter Pott Amui c bullwinkle the beatles bugs Bunny sunday news special c nil playoff bowl Philadelph avs Baltimore 4 00 password c 4 30 Amateur hour 20th Century Christmas in Bamo sports c Lassie its about time c de Sullivan c Garry Moore c candid camera cd whats my line c Panorama Abc sunday night movie it happened at worlds Presley dec wife and son perish in fire a Rob Ert an architect and a leading authority on the effects of nuclear blasts on Struc died saturday in a Home healthy 2yearold daughter and want another child very the problem is that i have four each has had two healthy children but each also has had an abnormal child one one and two mongoloid i have a brother with healthy Chil would it be Safe for us to have another child How much of this could be due to heredity As i wrote to another Reader sometime not All retardation is but the greater proportion of it sometimes a born nor becomes retarded later be cause of illness or but these Are in the passed on to future i cannot encourage but i respect your courage in being willing to face the dear Molner can diet pills be harmful if you take them Only As prescribed by the doctor i have taken one every morning for two if i miss a Day i eat i just dont seem to have any will the reason for insisting that such pills be taken Only under medical supervision to prescribe a reasonable and second to watch for if and when they that indicate that it is time to Stop using the thus any real harm can be shorn this week at the Fox january the professionals starring Hurt Lee Murvin and Claudia january the swinger starring Ann mar Tony on same program the last of the secret agents starring Marty Allen and Steve january 13 Friday 13 show horror chamber of faustus and the january Fortune cookie starring Jack Lemmon and Walter when a child is born retarded an inherent weakness of using without illness or Accident to account for one must begin to take when a Parent or drugs to reduce is that sooner or later you have to Stop it is important that you begin director of Moscow circus is missing g e r m a n y director of the world famous Moscow state has vanished from his troupe while on a tour of West a Nuernberg police spokesman said today the spokesman said rus hat was last seen by members of his troupe on thursday when he said he wanted to go to a Ger Man Hospital for treatment of a fire that also killed his wife and i brother or sister has such a developing some will and i stomach ailment i ill ii 1 it n sign on agriculture Early news it weather c the Deputy Captain Kangaroo the Donna Reed show the Beverly Hillbillies Andy of Mayberry Dick Van Dyke love of life lbs morning news with Mike Wallace search for tomorrow 11 the guiding Light weather As the world password 1 30 House party to Tel the truth lbs news c Edge of night we secret storm candid camera Mike Douglas lbs evening news with Walter Cronkite c local weather sports Iron horse c the Lucy show c Andy Griffith c family affair o to Tell the truth pc Ive got a secret c Panorama the big Valley Young the head of the atomic Energy commissions civil effects test group had been Active in urging that the United states build fallout shelters As a de sense against nuclear Corsbie told a Senate House atomic Energy subcommittee in that simple Home shelters would help americans survive a Hydrogen bomb at his and their Robert perished in the Early morning fire that destroyed their Hillside firemen said they had been the risk of having an abnormal child very much greater because the hereditary Factor must be it is also possible for a retarded child to be born into family in which no indication of retardation can be rarely is there any absolute Way to predict that a child will or will not be we can say Only that the risk of it happening is vastly Multi plied when retardation appears in the branches of the family rather than try to Tell that you should or take this id hampered in fighting the fire i prefer that you seek the advice because of the Hillside location and because of a thick slate firemen said they could not vent the fire through the then heavy pieces of slate began sliding of people skilled in genetic coun such service is available in University or other major medical they Are bet Ter qualified to estimate the if they advised not having i got in free j More but you did and a the next youngster was Gibson met a youngster return it would not prove the coun ing from sunday school with Selorus to be it would the same amount of Money he j rather be a Case of beating the was supposed to drop in the i collection Gibson asked j a further thought is this even what happened and was told assuming other children to be got in free that would not eliminate new Congress opens scrutiny of the Vietnam War tomorrow Washington a the i dined toward a new Congress opens its scrutiny political United but Dirksen said there has been no hard evidence and no Mansfield expressed belief that the opening has been enlarged for possible negotiations through efforts at the of the Vietnam War monday the Senate leaders demo u with a Senate committee cried unit Mike Mansfield and re pub flr111 allies anal han01 wants to used to get a to secret appraise Licati Everett Dirksen Al from the director of the Cen didst agree in separate Preses they agreed on one thing trial intelligence Sion interviews in whether the War will be a hot subject of intelligence chief Richard talks an near debate in the 90th Congress Helms briefing of Richard i russells special Cia sub committee monday Hie Day before Congress convenes is expected to include the Agency evaluation of the Impact of bombing on North the Cia has been reported As sceptical of whether the air at tacks Are damaging Hanoi will to continue the Stuart a member of the Senate Cia said Friday the present scale of bombing had not been an outstanding Success in preventing the infiltration of North vietnamese the number of troops flow ing from the North is considerably More than to were told last year would be coming Down this Symington told a news conference after returning from the War a member of the armed services and foreign relations said he was More pessimistic than a year ago did More favourably son of Ellis couple to publish 3 songs Al son of and August has contracted to publish three songs in Folio and Sheet music Homburg is a vocal music teacher at Keyser High he also conducts a guitar the music is to be published by the Quincy music publishers of the numbers Are tomorrow is a 4liine Ballad and two Folk Rock the voice of and so so the live veterans from Viet Nam return by the mystery Hill caves in North new Hampshire j Are one of the attractions of the Granite state in the summer strange carvings and the famous sacrificial table always intrigue victors to this Pardon me my rave is showing Ive seen this extraordinary motion and the Brilliant performances by its Many wonderful stars in excited and i think youll find it one of the Best pictures youve Ever Seeni its just that Good the the professional Wrt Lancaster Lee Marvin Robert Ryan Claudia card1nale in exciting color today at now thru wednesday phone a 595g7 general corporation Fox Midwest some new eating so you until january on these Towle Sterling favourites if your tote Sterling pattern is shown you can add to or Complete your set at substantial this is a limited time offer so come in 4piece place setting regularly priced from Sale Price Frorer these Are made order patterns and subject to delayed delivery w l r s Hays of liable credit jewellers gemologist Kansas sign on agriculture today Early news weather c 7 30 the Deputy Captain Kangaroo the Donna Reed show the Beverly Hillbillies Andy of Mayberry Dick Van love of life lbs morning with Mike Wallace search for tomorrow the guiding Light As the world turns password House party to Tell the truth lbs news c Edge of night 3 00 secret storm 3 30 candid camera Mike Douglas 90 lbs evening news with Walter Cronkite c local weather news c Maklari c red Skelton c Petticoat Junction lbs reports the farthest Frontier 0 lbs reports 1000 Panorama big movie Joe Butterfly Audie Murphy Channel Xiv station Kkt sign the Story Metropolis Herald of truth the sacred heart program this is the life c meet the press c turn of the Century 1 00 Usu basketball Kiplinger report Tea human Jungle wild kingdom c 30 College bowl c Stoneman family occasional wife c sportsman Friend Walt Disney wonderful world of color c landlord c Bonanza c Andy Williams show c Ksn news c Ksn weather c Ksn sports c the Joe Pyne show c sign off sign on today 7 00 today show Ksn news weather today show c Tea Sander Vanocur with the c concentration Pat Boone show c the Hollywood c jeopardy 1c Eye guess c Edwin Newman with the Ksn noon Newa Rimer show lets make a Deal c doctors House Call Days of our live c the another world you dont say c the match game c Floyd Calber with the news c the major Astro show c Patty Duke show report 1c Ksn news c the monkeys c i dream of Captain Nice c Premier the rail run for your life c Ksn news c Ksn weather c Ksn sports show c sign off sign on Kansas today today show Ksn news weather today show c Tea Sander Vanocur with the news c concentration Pat Bonne show c the Hollywood c jeopardy c 11 to Eye guess c Edwin Newman with the Ksn noon Elmer Childress show lets make a Deal c doctors House Call Day of our c the doctors another world you dont say c the match game c Floyd Calber with the news c the major Astro show c Patty Duke show Huntly Brinkley report cd girl from c Ksn news c death Valley c tuesday night at the movies the lion c Ksn news Ksn weather c Ksn sports c 1030 the tonight show c 2 of sign off

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