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Hays Daily News, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Hays, Kansas Who Are Germany new nazis and what do they want editors note political experts the world Over Are pondering the significance of the Strong showing made by the in the latest German Fol lowing is the first of three articles on these righting rumblings in written by the grandson of sir Winston Only the scion seems to be following in the footsteps of the old War he has travelled Miles in Africa on journalistic assignments and has covered the War in Vietnam for the British in this series he shows the adventurous and inquisitive spirit of his great by Winston Churchill Germany am Adolf von Thad please come we Are alone in the building and we shall not be the steel Entrance door of the fourth floor Hanover office slammed behind reverberating in the silence of the empty a Grubby Little card beside the Doorbell proclaimed the office to be he Headquarters of National demo Kra Tische Partei better known As the West Germany new min nazis had recently concluded their first party conference since their november successes in the local elections of Hesse and Herr von the party a tall solidly built Middle aged slumped exhausted onto a As he lit a cigarette from a packet of players Navy Cut on the Able in front of he declared with some faction the parly was founded Only two years Al ready we Are the opposition you did say the opposition parly that is with the coalition of Christia demo crafts and socialists in the free democratic party a conservative bul democratic group will be Fin we shall either be the opposition parly or a partner who turn to Page 3 sunday edition Home of fort Hays Kansas state College the week is brighter if you go to Church each sunday volume Xxxviii full service of the associated press Kansas sunday january 1967 26 pages including comics 10 cents number 50 Docking becomes 3 8th governor of Kansas tomorrow two americans Topeka a traditional pomp and the ceremony will Mark the inauguration monday of Robert Docking As the 38th governor of the 41yearold Arkansas City banker will be Only the seventh Democrat to hold the democratic leaders say they Are trying to make his inauguration one of the most exciting in 106 years of Kansas the program includes a a the a military command a luncheon for an open House at the executive a recep Tion at the statehouse and a interspersed will be caucuses to choose party leadership for the legislature which Convene at noon there will be a reception Sun Day night for the democratic party Century an organization for heavy contrib the inaugural gets under Way at 11 monday with the Parade from the statehouse my Docking turn to Page 4 Pope vows to continue peace efforts Vatican City a Pope Paul i vowed saturday to continue his Vietnam peace efforts and called on responsible Lead ers to heed he said if this came the new year would bring a March toward speaking at his annual meet ing Wilh diplomats from around the world accredited to the holy Pope Paul declared we will not cease to work according to our possibility for the Advent of a just and durable his delivered in did not mention Vietnam by but he spoke in terms unmistakably reflecting his feelings about the Southeast asian he thanked the 59 diplomats present for their governments sympathetic reception of his initiatives for the Pope has appealed Many times for an end to the Vietnam fighting a year select messages to Pek Hanoi and Sai gon urging none of these governments is Diplo news to feature tax tips column its tax paying time again am As a service to our readers the news will carry daily a ques Tiongan answers series regard income lax i Wim Viet trip undertaken with approval of government Washington a two private american citizens Are reported to have gone to Hanoi to invite a number of North vietnamese to a meeting at Geneva in May to examine the requirements for accompanied by a mexican they have been to Japan and plan to visit phenom on a similar a spokesman they undertook the trip with government leading to speculation that they might bring Back word of prospects for earlier talks aimed at Manchester Book discloses Juk was urged omit Dallas from fateful trip by Relman Morin new York a presi Dent John Kennedy was trying to Patch up what he considered a Petty dispute Between Texas politicians when he met his death in William Manchester reports in his Book the death of a president itself a subject of the feud indirectly involved vice president Lyndon John Manchester describing Kennedy feelings about the three Day tour of Tex Man solve this Petty dispute himself were Hubert hum As in writes the Prospect was unappetizing and vexing to the chief exec it appeared to him that Johnson ought to be Able to re the trip seemed to be an impose Manchester also writes that five highly placed democrats advised Kennedy some in strongly worded warnings not logo to Dallas on the the atmosphere in Dallas had be come highly charged Wilh in f 1 a m m a t o r y statements against the Book As Manchester quotes one of the Fulbright of a Kansas As saying to Kennedy Dallas is a very dangerous i go dont you the others who urged Kennedy to bypass the Book prey of House whip Hale Boggs of ambassador Adlai Stevenson and Texas National committee Man Byron quote cd him As saying the Revi Sions involved Only words and in no Way affected the hos logical accuracy or Complete Ness of the the first instalment reports Johnson in san look Magazine is serializing j Hal an altercation of some kind the death of a president and these reports appear in the first of four totalling 000 the Magazine is schedule to reach news stands next tuesday John Kennedy with Drew her objections to Publica Tion by look after editors made some she has authorized the Pas sages that appear in the Maga a spokesman for Gardner editorial another described Johnsons expression As Furi the report of the episode remarked thai the vice president sound mad and she asked her Hus flared Between Kennedy and band what the discussion had been 11 look place in a hotel room that just Man adjoining Kennedy and she heard raised Man Chester he Johnson did nol define the nature of the the Book precisely what was said is Johnson controlled his celebrated temper in his chiefs but in the words of one Man on duty he left that suite like a the feature can be found under the heading tax tips be ginning in today the local irs office has announced Hal in has for a nominal copies of your Federal income tax and tax guide for Small for copies write to the inter Nal Revenue Box the office is located at 1012 East 17th magically represented at the the Pope spoke in reply to the Pope turn to Page 9 meetings aimed at reactivating Akda scheduled meetings aimed Al reactivating the Western Kansas develop ment have been scheduled for Cimarron and Hill cily this Leigh Warner of association said the Hill City meeting will be held at 10 at the Kelly Steak House and the Cim Arron meeting will be held at 10 at the 4h in a Leller announcing the meetings Warner As you May know in was organized about 20 years for a num Are of years it was Active and accomplished a great Deal for our part of the although inactive now a Skeleton organization has been maintained Wilh the Hope Hal the association might again become although they talked with state department officials be fore there was no sign that they were acting in any Way As representatives of the Johnson a stale department spokes Man was asked if the depart ment approves or disapproves of the he answered it is not a question of approving or Dis approving this project they Are not going on a Mission from the United states to first word of the Mission came saturday from the Man aging editor of the Edward who said in a statement William Harry Ashmore and ambassador Luis Quintanilla have travelled to phenom penh and Hanoi to invite persons in both cities to attend and participate in a convocation to examine the requirements for peace the convocation is being sponsored by the Center for the study of democratic ins Titu Baggs and Ashmore Are directors of the the con employment at record High in personal incomes up James Baird is nominated Hays student named Academy alternate James r has nominated James son of and Gene Baird of 2305 As third alternate to the air Force who will be 18 is a Hays High school Baird was notified of the appointment by Telegram Satur clinics planned on Federal wage Law Colby and great Bend will Host iwo of eight regional clinics to explain recent major changes in the Federal wage and hour Law to be held Between 11 and the Colby meeting will be and the Colby meeting will be 23 and the Greal Bend meeting will be cosponsoring the clinics Are the slate Chambers Kansas retail coun cil and the Host City chamber of among the several topics to be discussed Are who is Cov ered under recent extensions of the Law minimum wage requirements maximum hours Al Lowed at regular Rales what const Lules overtime and the extent of new coverage to Slu minors and handicapped warmer temperatures High saturday 20 Low saturday 14 record High 71 in 1948 record Low 3 in 1909 year ago today 40 and 28 fridays High 28 gov weather station nol quite so cold Sun Day with fair and two turn to Page 9 first Kansas tax refunds mailed Topeka a the first 1966 Kansas income tax refunds were mailed Friday by the slate department of rally against imprisonment of 3 gis ends with scuffle l cite Tell l t Rie Inal our Oose of the Rleonard department g As set out i its said refunds were sent As set out in fewer than m persons and averaged around which axe said is about what we sex he noted the department As of thursday night had received was As follows to promote the general welfare of the people of Western to encourage their to stimulate expansion in manufacturing and Loen a a demonstration by 90 col lege slide nos and others pro testing the imprisonment of three soldiers for refusing to fight in Vietnam ended in a scuffle Between a demons razor and a spec Lalor the held in front of the Gate at Leavenworth where the soldiers Are being held in the disciplinary followed a five mile March in bitter cold by the sympathy the Loren wat factoring and o in t and that the courage the development and of processed in a conservation of the Mineral and natural to extend and improve its transportation a and to Foster and protect the agricultural and live Stock originally War diminishing Ner pointed the association cold sunday i embraced the 46 counties which refunds were processed Ingle axe has estimated re funds will be made to taxpayers and will total around 9 an High sunday 25 to Low Sunj Are traversed by and Are West a Niht around oms apparent suicidal explosion kills six injures 8 Las a a three Story mule was virtually destroyed saturday by an apparently suicidal Blasl Hal killed six persons and injured the downtown area was rocked at by an explosion police believe was touched off by someone firing a Bullet into police said the Blasl cent reel in room 214 of the orbit registered to a and Paris of they were driving a car Wilh Florida License dist George Franklin said a charred Caliper automatic pistol was found in the Alley behind the Motel close to a severed human he said two rounds of ammunition of the same Caliper were found in the Florida said a Wallet with identification cards issued to Paris and containing an Arizona permit to carry explosives were found in what remained of room the Wal let also contained a California Drivers they Franklin said in appeared someone had fired the gun into the dynamite taken to the Motel detective Paul Gulas said however that no suicide not apparent turn to Page 9 Marty Earl of each was arraigned on a charge of common Bond was set at the March and the Demon which was held in a Light were guarded care fully by slate sheriffs deputies and except for an occasional Catchall or thrown egg the rally was comparatively the Exchange of blows Between Walson and Ehart came As the demonstrators walked to their cars to they had parked Topeka reached an Alllice High in Kan Sas in and growth in per Sonal income exceeded the National average for the first nine months of the the figures appeared in the annual report submitted Satur Day to William Avery by Jarvin chief economist of the office of eco nomic employment in 1966 averaged up cent from in unofficial estimates on per Sonal income in the first nine months of 1966 showed a per cent the National increase was per the report gave no estimate on income in it noted the 1965 estimate was up per this was below the National rate of gain for the fourth straight the National rate in the 196465 period was per cent the gain in employment included new workers in the largest in employment turn to Page 9 Wellington sailors die in flaming crash Hays firemen answer 123 Calls during 1966 Hays firemen answered 123 Calls during according to the annual report Given slur Day by fire chief damage caused was estimated Al considerably lower than the 1965 total of in 1964 the figure was the biggest offender in 1966 was trash and grass fires which accounted for 46 there were 27 motor vehicle a two Navy men Home on furlough died today in a Flam photographers have Field Day in Berlin Berlin a Wesl Berlin Amateur photographers fell Over each other Friday night to take pictures of girl models in a new nude the studio charges and and a Shuller Bug can slay Laking pictures until closing Normal hours Are to be 4 to 1 for the premiere three girls who said they were striptease dancers alternated in stand ing poses for some 50 men who jammed the Small Cham pagne was served in Honor of the occasion bul henceforward there Are to be no rental cameras were available and quickly processed Pic Tures Cost 75 the room was dark when the Chester says Kennedy but Hes in in thai november the Book describes Johnson As a political it says he had heard the groundless bul Persi Lenl rumours that Kennedy might drop him from Juk turn id Page 9 Mansfield says lbs used dignity Washington a sen ate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana said sat urday that president Johnson has conducted himself with dignity and decorum in a controversy surrounding the Book written by William the death of a Mansfield said he has no knowledge that five prominent democrats strongly advised the late president John Kennedy not to visit in no vember 1963 because of fear of antagonism to him this disclosure was made in the first instalment of a four serialization of Manchester Book by look there have been Advance re ports that some of Johnsons actions have been criticized by persons quoted in Manchester As time goes on there will be a lot of some True and some reflecting on that tragic Mansfield i think we will have to leave it to history to form its own judg Mansfield turn to Page 9 within the Only stand poses Are a student at metropolitan the cars before the j state College in was Many of the students left in a knocked to the Pum chartered v c 01 me room was Wiren uie my one car crash on d d departed to nine Miles North of the victims were Richard and Robert Thomp both of they were so aligned on ships at san trooper Jim Thornton said the car left the Highway on a struck a exploded and then pups to face death unless Homes found need a dog cum leu Eta me presently being boarded at the or Aulo attempted to Slop Al a City dog Pound behind the water Stop sign and Slid into the in treatment Plant on Vine Street Meled and kicked he was re the who gathered Dennis close of Wesl Are three Lemale part Michael 518 sued by police who dispersed Al for the walk 7th reported to police Man Shepherd and part Wesl 2ist was treated As an 1 i i i 4 n a is i in t Hoci inv i i tinny i to i flip v the jeering composed largely of youngsters of High school Walson and the theft reported four persons slightly injured in accidents four persons were slightly injured Friday in three Deloss 2301 canal complained of bruises but was not following an Accident Al 1110 officers said the Ramsey car and a car driven by Frank 720 West 12th collided As the Reifschneid to the military were Greet rally turn to Page 4 urday thai a Hubcap and Chrome police policy is to destroy Al Halley memorial rim were stolen from his car clogs Hal Are not the Hospital following a wreck in Friday night while the Auto Only charge is the impounding the 1400 Block of Hall his parked at his Frank i 1327 Lawrence was but not police officers said the Downs Auto was northbound on Hall when it Slid into a parked car owned by Adolph Grabbe 513 West 14th Downs was charged with careless police said cars driven by Sharon 416 East 4th and Robert Mcgrath collided at 7th and Park As the bean Auto pulled away from a Stop miss bean was bruised but nol police How to keep h puppies in and Banner of found in difficult to photograph a Liller of 11 Cocker Spaniel pups be cause they kept wandering out of this is How the banners solved the Nana photo i can touch the but

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