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Hays Daily News (Newspaper) - December 13, 2012, Hays, Kansas A4 t thursday dec. 13, 2012first amendment to the cons tune Congress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibitink3 the free exercise thereof or abridging the Freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to Petite n the government for a redress of grievances Hani knocks radio pranks Are anything but new. Some Are funny some not. A few Are intended merely to Shock such As the lbs broadcast of War of the worlds a which sent the nation into panic in 1938. Many listeners actually believed a Martian invasion was taking place. In a Rik Diurni that works Liard to Caj Ture Al eting attention the Rosip Ltd tuition is fierce. Voli Etolier on air ranks have gotten any better Over Lime is debatable. What is known is they remain a Staj be of most stations Oil rings. A recent stunt by two australian disc jockeys Lead the potential to rank High on the Long list of historical pranks. In Mieir a a gotcha Cju est led into the insatiable appetite for All things Royal by impersonating i been Elizabeth 11 and i Rince Charles. T he radio duo were Able to connect to a nurse in the room of the hospitalized and pregnant Duchess of a Jam it ring \ even with intentional poor British accents the djs pulled it off. In hey convinced the King i Kalward a dlr a Hospital employees to n veal confidential informal Iii about the a a Ute morning being suffered by to la a firmer Kate Midi Feton. Interest in her of Flitton is Gigli. I he first child Horn to Kate and husband prick a William would he third in line for the British throne. The Buzz created Liy the successful hoax was immediate. News outlets around the world picked up the Story As an amusing Insi Glit into the Royal family. I he aussie djs were a hit. A and then amusing turned grisly when one of the nurses was Viiu Ufa dead. I free Days after falling for tie prank and putting tie Call through to that Diu Hess room Nurs Jacintha Saldanha apparently committed us icicle. 1 he fallout has Lieen Swift. The djs were pulled from the air the station promised a hefty payment to her survivors criticism and hostility arrived in Syroney from around the Gloc the Hospital is re examining its privacy policies the australian communications and Aleclia authority is considering an investigation Scotland Yard has been on it since the event. We do not believe the djs committed any crime i hey be arguably guilty of bad taste hut that a to be expected because of their Hosen a Mission. Vav to s to blame will he a question Long after is. Saldanha is buried. Well leave that Lor others to debate. Rather we d like to use the Opportunity to comment on the options available to anybody who suffers. First off everybody does. Hie world can be and often is a Mcniel place. I Wen Trio so who appear to Lead charmed lives we Sale with their own demons. 1 Low one resolves the conflict encountered Oil a regular Lias is is an individual decision. Many turn to religion. Others find Comfort amongst family and friends. Some shield Thimis Ives with therapy or self medicate with alcohol drugs or behavioural App inches. Still Many Are left in isolation. Whether a wilful act or la k of capability such individuals Fie Lieve themselves alone against the world. Seemingly Cor Nercil by circumstances beyond their control Suic Ide is a common result. Riu world health organization estimates almost 1 million people die annually from suicide. Its regularly in the top 20 leading c auses of do ath worldwide in All age of jackets. For people Ages 15 to 44, Suic Ide is the third leading c Ause of death. C l piously not All Suic ides can he pre Etc a. When an individual has the l oth the desire and Means to turn anguish into Csc St Rue live a it Tiou it is almost to Stop. If no warning signs arc Given surviving relative s and friends Are left with no answers. But if warnings Are Given pay c at to do Iii. You might Only ire Able Ter Oiler a c ear Brut that might he enough. If you Are tic one with Suic Idal thoughts know you re not alone. Read i out find n list in some Maimi a hut know it will get better. No matter the insult the injury or impossible situation Frise skies lie ahead. Every dark period is pc allowed by Light but orly if you allow yourself to see the Day. Life is a rdc tri Ahly hard. Acc pling this truth Al crw s Orre to apr rec Date the go cml tires Ribiat Muc h More. Editorial by Patrick Lowry making a a Ference in a hungry world during the holidays Many a Icasas families will celebrate by sharing a meal together. While feasting with loved ones we should remember that hunger is a reality fac c d by too Many in our country. We live in the worlds wealthiest nation yet nearly 49 million americans struggle to put food on their tables. This year 1 in 5 children in our country will face hunger. In Kansas alone More than 14 percent of our neighbors Are ulcer Triin about where their next meal will come from. The Good news is that Many Kansas organizations arc actively working to put an end to hunger. I St year i visited Wichita Scargill cares Complex a food Hank that is helping fill the hunger Gap in 86 Western Central and South Central Kansas counties. Thanks to generous contributors from around the state and with the help of thousands of volunteers this Wichita food Hank provides focal for thousands of Kiu sans. It is the primary source of food for hundreds of hunger Relief agencies throughout Oral Kansas including soup kitchens food pantries shelters and senior delivery programs. The food Bank also partners with local schools to provide food and supplies to students who Are not receiving Sumii client food outside of school on a regular basis. Jerry Moran from the Senate we file hunger is a problem facing too Many americans the pangs of hunger Are Felt by Many More across the world impacting nearly a billion people. I have travelled to regions of the world that suffer from severe malnutrition such As Sudan where More than 90 percent of the population struggles with poverty and food insecurity. We must address the immediate needs in our communities but i believe we also have a responsibility to help put an end to hunger in developing countries through responsible investments in food Aid and development. In Congress a bipartisan coalition of senators committed to fighting hunger and fax cd insecurity Are working to raise awareness and address hunger issues Bot i Here at Home and abroad. As co chair of the Senate hunger caucus i introduced an amendment earner Liis year to set aside funds for development Aid programs that reduce hunger in poor crisis prone communities and to help people provide food for themselves and their families on a Lon term basis. My amendment which was included in the Senate passed 2012 farm Bill follows the adage a give a Man a fish he eats for a Day teach a Man to fish and hell eat for the rest of his yet building resiliency in at risk countries takes time and there Are immediate needs that must be met. In october a state and Naumana a nonprofit Charity headquartered in Al Dorado teamed up to Host swipe out hunger the second annual state wide in of packaging event. I had the Opportunity to again join dozens of volunteers to bag More than 100,000 packages of food. The food will be sent to the Horn of Africa to assist in the famine Relief efforts and will feed several Hundred thousand hungry a eople. I was impressed by the number of volunteers w to gave up their sunday afternoon to help assemble meals for those in need across the world. You too can make a difference. This Holiday season i encourage you to remember those who Are less fortunate by donating to a hunger Relief organization volunteering at a local soup Kitchen or contributing to a local food pantry. You can also look for opportunities to help in your local Community by visiting or . 7 his Christmas i Hope you will be mindful that it is a More blessed to give than to by working together we can make a difference in a hungry world. Sen. Jerry Moran represents Kansas in the . Senate. The def Tonaus represent the institutional voice of the Hays daily news but Are signed by the author for the Reader s information quest editorials Are from Ottier newspapers and do not necessarily represent the views of the Hays daily news other Content on this Page represents the views of the signed columnist cartoonist or forum policy please limit your submissions to 600 words. They will be edited for length and clarity they must include a name address and daytime Telephone number we Reserve the right not to print a submission. Mail them to Reader forum the Hays Dally news 507 main St., Hays is 67601 you also can Send them by a mail to please include an address and daytime Telephone number. Reader forum leading the Way i St week this newspaper printed an editorial criticizing Kansas a photo id election Law. T he editorial was both misguided and misleading. Three major errors need to in corrected. For starters the editorial got the facts wrong. 4 he editorial claimed that there wire Only 75 known instances of voter fraud in Kansas since 1998. Actually the number is much higher. There were 235 documented cases of voter fraud in Kansas Between 1997 and Thi end of 2010. Was the problem endemic in every Corner of the state of course not. But it has been a very serious problem in several counties. Wyandotte county f in exit Nile had main than 50 cases. That a Why i proposed and the Kansas a gis Laturo adj item Kansas s a cure and fair elections a t in 2011. T he Safe act combines three elements 1 a Weiju Irementa that voters present photo ids when they vote in Fierson i2i a requirement that Absentee voters Jire sent a full Drivers License number and have their signatures verified and 3 a Pumie of citizenship Scipi Irementa for All newly Rog Siert d voters. Kansas was the first state in the county to Combine All that c refit runs. The second error in the editorial it concerned the 2012 Elei Tion. The editorial noted that Zero cases of dec Tion fraud have been in 2012 so far. Nonic ask idly the editorial then declared that this proves the Safe act was not no c c Essaiy. N the contrary the reason that thu re was so Muc h less voter fraud in 2012 was proc Isely in cause the Safe a t made it so Muc h Hanlet to c heat. That is exactly what we Hook d pc it a. Indeed the 2012 election was a huge us Cess fair the Safe act Izui Tor them Ople of Kansas. T he photo id Romju Irenc it went very smoothly and the reaction of voters was overwhelmingly positive. A total of 1.18 million kansans went to the polls. And Only 838 people forgot or declined to bring their Phot cd ids with them. T hats 0.07 a recent of the voters or less than one in a thousand voters. All of those voters were Given provisional Ball cats and 306 exercised their option to bring in a photo id after the elec Tion to make sure that their ballot was counted. That a who re the editorial made a third error. T he editorial declared that the remaining 532 voters were , a rdc Nied their most fundamental right As Citize hardly. The editorial fails to mention that those voters were Able to East provisional ballots and could have a resented their photo ids to the county clerk or Elc a Tion Ollice to make their ballots count hut they chose not to. My Ofhie is conducting research to confirm whet Lier or not Thijse 532 a cites possessed Drivers licenses did we have act to discover a single voter who did not possess one. In other words not a single a Kutson was disenfranchised a. Every one of the 838 voters had the Opportunity to make his or her ballot c out. Indeed it is even permissible to get a free photo id Afler the elec Tion and then Jcj use that new id to make ones ballot count. Furthermore the c editorial ignore s the fac t that every year of kansans cast provisional f r which the voters cannot take subsequent Steps to ensure they Are counted. For e example in 2012 More than 3,700 people who were not registered to vote had to East provisional ballots and More to Iii 800 jux Ople i filed to sign their Advance ballot envelopes which rendered their ballots provisional. Under Kuisas Law those provisional Voles cannot in counted. But of course you done to hear Liberal editorial writers complaining that voter registration requirements or signature requirements disenfranchise people. All elections involve rules to ensure that ballots Are cast fairly and securely. If a person does no to follow the rules his or her ballot May not count. But at least the photo id me allows each voter a second Chance to bring in his or her photo id after the election. The Bottom line is that Kansas a Safe act makes it easy to vote hut hard to cheat. Mid kansans like it. A 2010 Survey Usa poll showed that 84% of kansans App Jve of proof of citizenship at the time of registration and 85% of kansans approve of the photo id requirement. According to the editorial these Are a a irrational fax hints of View. However the fact that such an overwhelming percentage of kansans sup sort these re firms suggests that it is the editorial writer views Are irrational. Other states like the Kansas Law too. Two states have already Ropi a Kansas a Safe act. Alabama has adopted our proof of citizenship provisions and Pennsylvania adopted a version of our a Protection fair Absentee ballots. And More states Are Likely to adopt the Kuisas null Al in 2013. Kuisas has emerged As the state that leads the Way in preventing voter fraud. That is something to celebrate. Our state has taken commonsense Steps to make our elections More secure. Anti no likly was disenfranchised. Finally lets consider one More fact Alx iut the 2012 elections in kiwis is. During the primary then were three elections f r the state legislature that were decided let a a margin of fewer than ten votes. One was an exact tie that had to lie decided by Coin toss. In the general election two More races were exceedingly close one race was decided by 17 votes and another by 21 votes. When the margins of Victory Are that narrow election Security is at a Premium because it Only takes a handful of fraudulent votes to steal the election. However the Safe act ensures that even in such tight races we Are absolutely certain that the outcome is accurate. In sum the Safe act gives Confidence to voters and candidates alike that the system is fair. And that Confidence strengthens our Republic. Kris w. Kobach Kansas Secretary of stat consistent values it me see if i understand the thesis of sundays editorial by Patrick Lowry. A Man whose Core values Are conservative runs for Congress and campaigns on those values. He gets elected with 74 Krc ent of the votes in 2010 and surprisingly votes consistent with those values and Campaign promises. How a freshing. Because he is a realist and honestly l believes the Federal government cannot be sustained with its tax and spend full so de Alread March toward socialism Tim Huel Skarup finds himself out of step with the Washington establishment. And in jury concludes congressman Huelskamp is an embarrassment to Kuisas. Why even elect a Kansas congressional representative for Elii ency lets just ask John Boehner to vote twice once Lor Hio and once for Kansas. Apparently i wry would have us avoid embarrassment by raising the debt ceiling and Infin Tum Imd printing More Money in put a a Tufty. I can think of people who truly Are an embarrassment to their office or their profession but it is not Tim Huelskamp. Pat Coyne Hays

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