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Havre Hill County Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Havre, Montana News today foreign a a National state a a county a i local a my or Iouri United press Nea service paid circulation Quality a guar an Lees a buying Market the Hill county sunday journal a weather p. 8. Weather Radii forecast pair today Twenty seventh year no. 15 Havre Montana Sunray morning june 23,1940 Price five cents temp Waterm in a \ i Iii ii Iii. >1 i ii i Iii n Iii. Or. 52 Amu huus1republicans thronging Philadelphia Churchill appeals to frenchmen to join in War upon Germany by Wallack Carroll i ii it i press staff i London sunday june 23.�? up a prime minister Winston Churchill in a dramatic Appeal to All frenchmen a wherever they May be urged them today to join Britain in the War against Germany and hinted that the new French government which yesterday signed a German dictated armistice was without a constitutional Churchill determined to fight Adolf hitlers armies to the end made his Early morning eleventh hour bid for the support of the French Empire the French Navy and air Force arid the French army of the Middle East shortly after he said the British government had a heard with grief and amazement Quot that France had Capi a Catton s Washington column possibility grows for Early peace Between Al Cio by Hiu i p Catton aka sort air stuff flt a my Mimi la it Washington june 22. A some Bort of Pence Between the a f. Of i Ami Tho i. O. La Dally growing More Likely. John l. I of in in us Noti Pae Ifie a Ever Hilt evenly have slipped out from under him. To to speak. The cd i Anil apostle of peace Sidney Hillman in now labor s Man on the National defense com Mission. Rumor la that a. F. Of Dan told in also Toke la Saome Mort of White Houtho jobs he an peace minded a Hillman and Tho two work Well together. Another significant Straw Iii the wind in the return of David Dubi a k Vrh garment workers Union to the a. F. Of l. Dubinsky la Bino All for peace to get him Hack the a. F. Of l. Had to cancel Ith cent a month tax which had been tined to raise a War cheat to fight the i o a i it Rook nation a lit in by Fri St More important than any of these developments however la the dawning realisation Here that an acre minimum Hullt in the labor movement in Juht naturally too expensive a luxury to be curried through the big defense program. Inside in that the drat fight that pop up in any of Tho important defense industries will to Tho Sig Nal for Immediato and drastic White i Louse action along Tho Linos of a make Ponce boys or else. Meanwhile a fair degree of cooperation Between the two labor already exist. Labor Secretary Perkins not Long ago named an advisory committee of a. F of l and a. I o. Men to meet with her once a week and study ways by which labor can cooperate effectively in the defense program. This group is meeting regularly Aud harmoniously messes. Green and Lewis Are absent but through their sub Oral Nate miss Perkins is getting what she wants. A Knack shifts on Aid to Alli us profound shift Iii sentiment in the Senate on the Aid the allies question is indicated by a poll just taken by a private research organization. This poll a which covered All hut two of the 96 senators showed Only 11 who can lie classified As old line isolationists. With a dozen More in a rather More moderate position working for a a strict the remaining 71 were listed Asfa please turn to Page 5 seen about the town did you a Kkt the number or or ipod scoot ors Bedur Timmi. Campaign Cadis and lifers looping for Sunshine. Lune brides and grooms being taken for a ride. Tourists going through via the great Northern looks like business is Good. Kids playing softball some future major league material. Watermelons on i Iii Market. My my u Hill i Ilow by Mem hip Bijou plated to the German peace a demands. The prime ministers hint that the French government of aging marshal Henri detain marked a a constitutional authority was believed to have been made on the grounds that the detain government never had been Given h vote of Confidence by Tho French parliament. It also was believed that Churchill was indicating that a new French government in a a exile a similar to those of Poland the Netherlands Belgium and Norway a might be established soon in great Britain. Churchill s declaration was in a statement handed to representatives of the press who had been on All night duty at the ministry of information. A Bason officer of the ministry called reporters into the press room and read them the statement in which Churchill said he had a heard with grief and amazement that the terms dictated by the germans have been accepted by the government of France the wording of the statement indicated that the terms of the French German armistice signed last night in comp Leone Forest May already have been known by the British government. No one in official quarters indicated what the terms were hut it was said without confirmation that they provided for German italian occupation of France until termination of the Blitzkrieg against great Britain. The germans also were said to have demanded surrender of All French War stores surrender of All Gold and foreign currency reserves and shipments of French Coal and other raw materials to Germany Over a fixed period of time. If a new French government is set up in Britain or elsewhere throughout the French Empire it was expected that Gen. Charlesie Gaulle under Secretary of War in the Cabinet of former Premier Paul Reynaud would play a leading part. Only a few hours before Churchill made his Apical do Gaulle spoke Over the British broadcasting corp., and announced he had appointed himself Leader of French nationals outside of France. Authoritative quarters meanwhile had asserted that reports were being received from All parts of the French Empire stressing that the French colonies were strongly in favor of continuing the War. Acc boy killed in Forest fire Yellowstone National Park. Wyo., june 2 2. a civilian conservation corps enrollee was killed and a companion injured seriously today while 400 fire fighters were placing under control the Chipmunk Creek Forest fire w in St in recent Yellowstone Park history. Killed was James Hester 19-year-old enrollee from Norwood. O. Injured was Clifford Otey 21. Akron o. Otey suffered a spinal injury. He and Hester were believed working together on a fire line when they were struck by a falling tree. Other acc enrollees late tonight were bringing Otey to Tho Mammoth Springs Hospital Oil a boat across Yellowstone Jake after he had been carried on a Stretcher for eight Miles Over a rough Mountain Trail. Hester s body was taken to Livingston Mont. Word of Hester a death and Otey a injury was brought Here by Park superintendent Rogers who. After an Aerial Survey of the 2500 acres burned by the fire during Tho last six Days reported the Blaze was a mostly cold except for j one Sinai hot spot where a Crew of go men was on duty. Other fire fighters were patrolling i trenches dug to bring the Blaze i under control. Scone of the fire in in the Southeast Corner of the Park on i the a two Ocean plateau jus North of the Continental Divide land West of the Yellowstone River. Yellowstone Lake is the Only available route to the fire. Greatest Navy Bill passed i by House by Mack Johnson United paths staff correspondent Washington june 22. I j up a the House tonight unanimously passed a Bill authorizing the creation of the worlds mightiest Navy to defend the United states and j the Western hemisphere against any possible combination of enemies. The measure granting authority to build 200 warships an entire streamlined Fleet for the Atlantic Ocean at a Cost of $4. 000,000,000 now Gore to the Senate where any action on it will Awalt return of Congress from the Republican National convention recess. It is not an appropriation Hill and the administration is not pressing for split Sec find action. Experts estimate that it would require from five to seven years to Complete the program. House action was one of the last major acts of that chamber before the week s recess and came after Congress had finished work on the big defense Money Bills for the 1941 fiscal year. So far thin session Congress has appropriated for actual defense activities $4,297,271,469 in Cash and authorized an additional $976,699,009 in contracts for defense projects. This brings the defense program this session to $5,-09,1. 909,478 which does not include such supplementary items As youth training Airport and fortress construction by the Nada and army engineering River Harbor and flood control projects. When Congress returns after the recess it is scheduled to receive additional requests for huge authorizations. The National defense commission is reported to have decided that to attain Peak production private Industry must be guaranteed Large steady orders. Accordingly the War department has drawn up tentative plans for $1,000,000,000 Worth of new factories and additional facilities fur making vital defense supplies. This is reported to he a two year program to insure in adequate Supply of ammunition powder explosives guns. Tanks. Armor air planes and engines. The Hill carried a provision that no naval vessel can he sold bartered or scrapped without specific congressional author Zakirn and Vinson said that this would pre please i urn to Page 8 the Willmes of Indiana soviet denies massing troops along Germany Moscow june 22. Or a an official soviet communique tonight denied that soviet troops in Lithuania had concentrated along the German Border. Persistent rumours of russian troop concentrations on the Ger Mun lithuanian Frontier have circulated in Scandinavia reports that German troops have concentrated in East Prussia have been denied in Berlin the soviet press today gave great prominence to dispatches from the Baltic states by the official Tass news Agency reporting great enthusiasm shown by the Baltic Peoples for the red army. The dispatches said that demands were being voiced for social reforms liquidation of anti soviet elements and release of political prisoners in Lithuania Latvia and Esthonia. There has been no editorial or official comment on the developments in the Baltic states. Tallinn. Esthonia june 22. a leftist government Friendly to the soviet Union held office tonight As demonstrations in favor of closer ties with Russia swept Esthonia Latvia and Lithuania. The new government was installed Here after a bloodless uprising by workers and socialists. It succeeded a Brief regime of several hours by a a Central executive the government was composed of Active socialists most of them professional men who had not held office previously. Were dropped from air planes. Stockholm. June 22. Or a a foreign office spokesman denied today that any foreign Power had made new demands on Sweden. There was no official elucidation of the reasons Why the Parlia ment had been summoned yester supplies a in Poret extraordinary ses France signs by Joseph w. Grigg or. United pres staff correspondent Berlin june 22. Up a France signed Adolf hitlers terms of armistice tonight at 6 60 p. In. 9 60 p. In. Mostin the Forest of comping be de tonight with thousands of and her emissaries hastened i confident republicans gather out to head off new Deal by Lyle c. Wilson United press staff correspondent Philadelphia june 22 up this Birthplace of american Independence Bulg this is the twelfth of a presenting the Republican lies that May occupy the House after next january. Six years ago Democrat Wendell Lewis Winkle began a fight against the new Deal to a a Salvage utilities of powerful Commonwealth and Southern threatened by the to a Experiment. In 1919 he won that fight emerged with $78,000,000 for the properties the government had originally offered to buy for $55,, Tio. He also emerged As one of the Ablest champions of business a and a Republican. Today this big handsome for-1 Mer Indiana lawyer is a candidate for president on a program calculated to free business of excess hive governmental control. Winkle Calls himself a Liberal says that a True Liberal function is a to strive to make men j Winkle was born 48 years ago in Elwood ind. His parents i both were lawyers and he Early developed a taste for the Law too. I helped ills father prepare a Case at in. In High school Aud College he was outstanding As a debater. Winkle was one of the first to enlist in 1917, served with the 325th Field artillery. In 1919 the Youthful attorney began practice at fort Wayne ind., then in Akron. His Brilliant work As a Utility counsel brought him to new York in 1929 and four years later at 41, he became president of the $1,-128,501,000 Commonwealth and Southern system. Winkle married Edith Vilk the town librarian at Elwood ind., just before he left for France. ,. Tile Winkles have one child. Philip Herman a senior at Princeton and recently voted a the most Likely to succeed in his class. Knox to be questioned Washington. June 22. a the Senate naval affairs committee voted today to ask col. Frank Knox to testify at a Public hearing a week from monday about his qualifications As Secretary of the Navy in president Roosevelt a bipartisan Cabinet. The committee was unanimous in taking this action at a Brief session today. Knox the Republican party a vice presidential nominee four years ago will he asked to appear at the first session after the week recess for the Republican National convention on that Day or. Roosevelt a other nominee for a key defense Cabinet Post Henry l. Stimson also a Republican will be asked to appear for the same purpose before the Senate military affairs committee. Stimson a Secretary of War under president Taft and president hoovers Secretary of state Lias been offered the Secretary of War portfolio. Both nominees Are under fire from a comparatively Small bloc of isolationist congressmen who consider Stimson and Knox they have charged in statements and speeches since the move was announced that the nominees Are to bulwark a Quot War both Stimson and Knox Are outspoken advocates of president Roosevelt s International policy and particularly his program of lending Aid to the allies Short of War. It was on the Atter phase that a Side fight on the nominations was threatening tonight to become a cause celebre. Harry l. Wooding who resigned As Secretary of War to make Way for Stimson has opposed Selling War supplies to tile ullies. Resolutions Are pending before Congress for an investigation into circumstances of his resignation and sen. Bennett c. Clark i mo., an isolationist Leader has demanded that president Roosevelt make Public Wood rings letter of resignation. The White House said that the letter was too personal to publish. Chairman of the Senate naval affairs committee is sen. David i. Walsh i mass., who climaxed the resentment against the administrations arms sales by announcing on the Senate floor yesterday that he was opposed to Selling munitions to the allies because it might involve this country in War. He has charged that the Sale of 20 Mosquito Harbor defense Speed boats to great Britain was surreptitious. Walsh indicated today that any please torn to rage 5 for considering result of nazis getting both French British fleets but t. F. Reynolds United pre xxx bite House t a Orrett pendent Hyde Park. N. A. June 22. a president Roosevelt it was Learned tonight is giving most serious consideration to the possibility that both the British and French fleets May fall into the hands of Germany and thus Force the United states to double its fighting fleets to match the sea Power of Tho totalitarian nations. Naval experts it was Learned have handed or. Roosevelt memoranda showing that America s first line of defense would he tremendously outweighed in the Atlantic by totalitarian Battle fleets should Germany and Italy defeat Britain As Well As Fiance and gain Possession of British sea units. Or. Roosevelt studied the memoranda while Germany and Italy in dictating terms of an armistice to War crushed France sought to insure Transfer to them of the highly effective French n a v a whereabouts of which is not known Here. Considering All possible future phases of the defense of the United states and the Western hemisphere or Roosevelt it was Learned is studying the possibility that events in the relatively near future May create a situation where National safety would Force this country to order naval expansion even above the $4,000,000.-000 plan to increase the Fleet s tonnage by to per sent. That authorization Bill. Approved last week try the House naval affairs committee has passed the House. Present naval expansion plans designed to give the United states the greatest fighting fleets afloat Are unprecedented in their scope and Cost in peace time. The Vinson Bill recently approved by or. Roosevelt authorizes an la per cent expansion of tonnage Over the 1934 total. The Bill pending in tile House would authorize a 70 per cent expansion Over the total authorized by the Vinson act. The memoranda handed or. Roosevelt it was Learned weighed the relative Power of americans Fleet on the basis of a Standard figure of the Survey considered the Fleet As a Mobile unit capable of Quick concentration either in the Atlantic or the Pacific. By transiting the Panama canal. On this basis americans Leuf Power in the Pacific was rated As too. Japan a naval Power also was Given a too rating projecting a balance of strength in the Pacific. The memoranda surveyed the Atlantic situation on basis of relative strength at the Start of the european War. That rating for the Atlantic gave naval strength As follows United states too great Britain Joo France 50 Italy 50 Germany 33. It pointed out however that should the French Fleet fall into German hands the rating would i ii irk in shift As follows United states i tit great Britain too italian French German fleets 133. Should the British Fleet also fall to Germany tile ratio would show United states too totalitarian Powers 233. It was understood the memoranda Drew no conclusion but implication of the comparisons was obvious. British and american sea Power outweighs any possible combination of european totalitarians combined with the French Fleet but capture of both the British and French naval units by the Axis nations would relegate the United states to the role of a strictly secondary naval Power in tile Atlantic. Or. Roosevelt a study of naval possibilities it appeared was in please turn to Page 6 immediately by air plane to Rome to learn Italy a Price for peace. Not until six hours after a French italian armistice is signed will the German order for cessation of hostilities be issued. The agreement was announced Offe Lally three hours later in Berlin and broadcast to the German people by radio. By that hour the French delegates having placed on record their spokesman s protest against the a a severity of the German conditions w Ere already in route by German air plane to Italy. If no hitches occur it was believed Here that the Quot cease firing Quot order May come sometime monday. This forecast was based on a belief in German circles that the French would be aide to negotiate an agreement with Italy with the same Speed As the French German armistice. The plenipotentiaries agreed on Franco German terms 27 hours land 29 minutes after Chancellor Adolf Hitler handed his demands to the French delegates yesterday. The armistice was signed today in the same old Railroad dining coach of the wagons lits company where on Friday Hitler received the French delegates and where 22 years ago marshal Ferdinand Poth received the germans on a similar Mission but one where the positions of France and Germany were reversed. Gen. Charles Hufziger the Al Satlan born German speaking chief of the French plenipotentiaries signed the armistice for France at the orders he said of his government. Col. Gen. Xiv Wilhelm Keitel acting for Hitler signed for Germany. Yesterday the Clearing in the pleasant comp Leone Forest where the emissaries met was flooded with Sunshine. Today the sky grew overcast As the afternoon wore on and it was gloomy in the Woods by the time the hour of signature arrived. The German announcement of the armistice terms concluded with the declaration a the War against Britain goes and so it did on land and in the air. The British continued to raid Germany heavily giving Berlin last night the first officially admitted raid of the War. The British reported the sinking of a Large German transport in the please turn to Page 8 British wreak havoc on foes London june 22. a great Britain reported officially tonight that swarms of Royal air Force 1 planes had bombed the important Krupp armament works at Essen. I the Focke Wulf aircraft Plant at Bremen the German held dutch j base of vex a Ille Soord and that the j crack German battleship Scharn Horst had been bombed and torpedoed. In addition the British announced. A big italian submarine was captured by a British trawler after a gun Battle. The air ministry said that Sev eral different squadrons of heavy bombers had carried out Success fill raids Over Northwest Germany and sections of German held Netherlands Belgium and France. T Congress approves final phases of defense program then recesses Washington. June 22. Up Congress tonight approved the final phases of president Roosevelt a $5,009,000,090 defense program. Levied $1,059,000,000 ill new Tares and then recessed until july i so that Republican members could attend their National convention at Philadelphia. The break Nelt a Pace of legislative action at the usual saturday session had All Tho appearances of the annual Rush for sine die adjournment. This time the vacation from Law making will lie Only a week and the Rush had the dual purpose of letting the republicans go to Philadelphia and to Complete notion on vital appropriation Bills before the new fiscal year starting july i. Not Only did Congress put its final approval on the last big defense Money Hill the $1,766. 917.908 supplemental deficiency Bill but tile House initiated another defense measure destined to Cost at least $4,900,000,000. It approved the 70 per cent naval expansion Biti which would add 200 warships to the Fleet. The Senate is scheduled to take up this measure after the recess when the administration will Send up requests for even More billions in authorizations to make the americas impregnable to aggression. After the republicans nominate their ticket Congress intends to return and remain on the Job perhaps with frequent recesses for Many weeks or until the International crisis is alleviated. Because of the crisis most congressmen have discarded thought of any Early adjournment. First major item to receive please turn to Page 5 in sir to nominate a presided tial ticket to Lead a third of fort to Stop the new Deal. Most of Thorn so to Bel Sieve that their 1940 opponent Osco More will be president Roo Ltd a \ i a a a a dilates eager to Challenge his recent Mastery of the electorate Are assembling Hen in a concentration of political hopefuls unmatched since the of i. I i. Of 1920. The convention will he called to or Der at 8 a. In. Most monday. The bands were assembling tel tootle and drum in Praise of the i i11<ii11.�ie who have retainer them. Coll Teleso Square Yards of red White and Blue Bunting flute a a a a Duiker City Breeze anyone who wanted to know what i a it candidate looked like when his photograph Waif blown up ii utry it than a barn door needed Only to tout the big hotels. Political events Are moving fast delegates scarcely can keel up with them. Or. Roosevelt nomination of two Republican stalwarts to his Cabinet shelf shocked this gathering in mid week but Lim Are Nark of Roj cookery. The preliminary platform Dis Qiu too in shaping a party pro Gram which will avoid bitterly controversial issues such As Sil Down strikes and specific Amend ments to the National labor rela Lions act and the wage hours act Farmers will not be deprived of j11vci Ament checks in any Plank Likely to he adopted Here. Tiler a w arum l mall Aid this country should give the allies and that May cause Nom difficulty before it is adjusted. But republicans Are out to Mark Tho democrats As a a wan party and they feel that they rat win this year if they can Mak it that appellation stick. Developments As Republican made last Day convention plan included b i. The Republican National committee voted to change party rules to deny convention representation to any congressional District casting fewer than 1.000 votes for congressional elector or Congress signal candidate. It would affect about 75 Southern Delegate seat and appeared to he a move inst gated by associates of formal president Herbert c. Hoover. \ k it a p 11 t Milt on. Man move was started in Behall cd John i. 5 Hamilton head the Republican National commit tee for the past four years. 3. An Effort was made by abandoned to compel platform Subco Mitt to make their ran ports by sunday night. 4. National committee treasurer c. B goodspeed announced party Hank balance of $230,Ooi please torn to Page 7 i Kather. Bulletin prepared by the u. I saturday june 22, 1940, maximum. Minimum temperature at 5 30 p. My precipitation for the 24 hours ending at 5 30 p. In. Barometer heading at 926.2 at 930.6 5 30 a. In. Millibars. 5 30 p. In. Millibars. 27.35 inches 27.48 i Neh a Sunrise today 4 15 a. In Sunset today. 8 27 p. In. Montan a Foh Etc Aht by in. H. Xxx rather Bureau fair today. Vital statistic limit the to in daughter Hospital. Gilbert june 22. Flaskerud. At deaconess tis it Vilt relative in thit Nenno Opert

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