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Havelock Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jul 3 1890, Page 1

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Havelock Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 3, 1890, Havelock, Iowa I m a Enterprise. U St in a . , Pocahontas county Iowa july 3, 1890. In Havelock Enterprise. W. S. Cox a a or roil. 1 ?0"i a Quot to orb Eaumont at have Ock. Alonlo Tosov Adviotis ins or Job work Given to Lilin will lie honoured by Quot a j j Bruce. Or. W. Davis is by Ealing North town. General director y a Washington towns Ihu due Story. . . Donahoe justices of Thoi Icicco. S. It. cleric. .1. C. L of the ii also Thor. P. H von 0. In. C07,r,i� s and j. W. Look a trustees. 11. . W. East. No. 8 . 12 i i . N0.20 l Quot it. Let of . Frt. 10 i i . 1vest. No.,7 piss. 3s3p.m. N0.20 Frt. 8 38 . Frt. 8 30 . A. F. Plakke at. Cutuil Cllia. Mkt Odist Llev. F. L. Moore pastor. Services every other Bundy comr Aeno Jiff april ,j800. Unit i Tuet Likun Llev. Stacey pits tor. Services every other sunday com Nien cing april 13, in fill. Quot Jan Ion sunday Sci ool eve cry sunday miscellaneous. L. D. Elton amp co. Pal has in a general a Fuli line of dry goods groceries boots shoes hats Caps amp notions. We sul Loit Asl Reot your Piil Rondao and by ditto please. A Quot comic and see us. C. H. Roberts House mover. Will give special attention to heavy Bill dings. 1 Liao Lizul Votos of experience and can Iru Arante Sale Fallon. 1. O. Address iia Velock Iowa. Geo. Johnson plasterer Mason to do All kinds of Lori in his line. Satisfy onion . E. N. Spry Etie ?te�8f and pain a a a a will a Ivy la a opt Tutt Cantlon a hot Cito Inu. To �11 work in to Hutc statist action guaranteed. A c. H. Collins Quot a cups on Jund Clyde Coal a id buys Grain. Quot Quot for Luse cd Oil Mills Quot Quot i. A Quot it to Najj b Aoi i Citko. A Gawf re or l Quot a cd ivs la a of local interest. Of was was Al. D. Eaton amp co. Have put in a refrigerator. A a. J. Allen of Pocahontas. Town tuesday. A Mike Bartolli of Pocahontas town saturday. A born to or. And mrs. Vertebra a Sony All doing Well. A Geo. Casidy of Des Moines was Towie wednesday. Al j. Stearns was up from , last week on business. A Rev. Moore and family returned from spirit Lake monday. A Quot a. Thomas and l. D. Eaton received a car of Salt last week. A or. Philips a Cousin of the Phelps has been visiting Here for a few Days. Al. 0. To Lionton of Pocahontas was in town Friday for a few minutes. A Philip Lamble is attending the soldiers reunion at Lake City this week. A John sic and wife had the misfortune to lose their infant child last Friday. A Rev. Kees had one of his two year old Colts Cut severely on a wire Fence to week. A miss Newton has a vacation until after the fourth at her school in pow Siatan twp. A i Harley beam of Wolfe was in town sunday and took supper at the Iii Ikley House. �?s.,p. Thomas , and daughter Ella started for Camp meeting thursday. A our town school closed Friday after a very successful term with appropriate exercises. Be. A Llu Seand family Are contemplating a trip Ovici Andton their old Home in Northern 111. John Barth sold his Fine trotting horse to some horse buyers last week for the of s150. A Geo. Clinton and Quot wife returned to their Home it Joliet after a few Days stay on the ranch North of town a Chas. Genheimer received his car of lumber from Lacross last week and will proceed at once on is barn. A Man from Mallard is putting up an 8x10 original package House. This surely is a disgrace to our Villiage. A our Baptist services will be changed from 7 30 clock to 2 30 of Loeup m. To better accommodate elder Kees. A John Grofe s children who hav6 been attending school in Powhatan have returned biome for the vacation. Is. I. Koda makes and Sells from cows 50 to 58 Potnis of butter per week. This is a pretty Good showing from 7 cows. A a e think that if some inventor can invent Somia thing to give the Mosquito the lock jaw lie will be richly rewarded for his trouble. Quot a trios. Philips came very near los ing his barns Corn cribs and. All his out buildings from a Are originating from some riot bailed Hay. Mrs. Mckibbon s Little daughter sister of Geo. And j. , departed for her Home in Quot Grundy co., after Al Short visit with Friend and relatives a Chas. Clinton has Beekil raising his House on the Farha putting in 11 foun Dation cellar and Cistern and otherwise improving the convenience if not the Beauty of the place. Or. Stowell from near Pocahontas we presume is tie heaviest butter maker in the county. He markets every week about 011,0. Hundred pounds butter i wow ii lie to hear from Ottem a baby girl came very near losing a linger the other Dayi ll6r Yas cutting in Grovind and she tried to rate out Dit when tue hat Cliet came Down take end very nearly off. Ilire race rss a was in the outlier Day lie said that he made himself a a Aci red Promise that if he Ever got to town he would never sleep Ano Hier night without wire screens on his House and Ifie poits Are he made another vow be a married Man before the week was out. A next Ridalis thet ourth of july and slave log a lir pose a to celebrate a grand style. Illige foot a a eve. Clifton of Akron was in town a few hours tuesday on his Way Home from Camp meeting at spirit Lake. He is visiting his daughter mrs. Atherton at present. A Large purses for game of Ball foot races horse races greased pig largest display of fireworks gorgeous procession of rag muffins Best orator in the county Are a few of the attractions at Ilav Loek july 4th. Come everybody. A mrs. L. M. Eaton will read the declaration of Independence at have lock on july 4th. This will be appreciated by All who Are acquitted with mrs. Eaton As she is a splendid Reader always knowing How to please her audience. R machine oils of All kinds at All prices . Cox s. Our hotels will Furni Sli meals at 25 cents on july 4th. Milk cans and milk pails All sizes and prices at Cox s. S. P. Gliomas has received a car Load of Ilour which he will sell at prices that will catch the Trade on Ilour. For lame Back Side or Chest use Shiloh s porous plaster. Price 25 cts. For Sale by a w. Core. Come to the Entwit Fesij office for your Sale Bills horse Bills or any kind of Job work you May want at lowest prices. Avants do a partner with from $1,-000 to s3,000to enter into a Good paying business. Address Box 54, Havelock Pocahontas co., Iowa. W. S. Cox has received his car of furniture and is prepared to show As Good a line of furniture As any store in he county at prices to suit you. Our Stock of Binder twine has arrive cd. Ave Wir sell you a corp feet of twine for less than any other dealer in the county. We mean business. Come and see. Yours truly. A. S. Cox. The the desultory Reading. Host so chill of inc Millns courses no pretty i Liro idiocy. Imp. Balfour has recently stopped Noldo from political ways to Tolivor an address it the opening of a Tiowell Rary in which to won the approval of All True Book lovers by saying a Good word for what is ii Niong Tho Golf elect known by the con Teino thous torm it is Tho solemn conviction of Tho Grad grinds of Tho world that to Morois no Reading which is of any advantage to a Man unless it is arranged in courses and devoted to Homo spoof in end while Tho Truo Book Lover Tho Man who is born with Tho literary instinct and conviction knows beyond Para Vonture that this Reading which Lias Boon stigmatized As desultory is Tho most valuable of All and that it is Only by Tho Good which is won by following it through Tho winding ways in which it loads As through o labyrinth that one is Able to got from formal Reading any Hereof it wha Tovok Tho first principle of Reading should to that one is profoundly interested therein. It is worse than useless to Force one s self or to Force others to go Over Tho pages of any Boole we Iii does not of itself hold the Reader. be necks sary. Now and then to go through a course of Reading upon a special Subj oot As one does any ther mechanical task but to labors under a Complete misunderstand chg who supposes that by so doing he is increasing his intellectual culture. To May for a moment increase the Nassim plated facts in his mind but this is Al ways a hand France. To mental Progress rather than a help. The genuine love of books is perhaps a thing which one must be born with to enjoy it in its fullness and it can after a be largely cultivated. At least there Are few people who can not inter est themselves in Somo sort of Reading in they Are but placed in a position Roach the books which Are adapted to their minds and what is quite a important to their temperaments. What is known As desultory Reading is after All. If one Only examines Trio matter a Little closely Reading what is adapted to Tho condition of the mind at Tho moment. It is taking Tho mental food which one can digest instead of dieting Tho mind upon indigestible things which have some time and some where been supposed to to Good for minds of different sort in a different condition. Most Reading courses Are pretty nearly pure idiocy a stringing together of Good books into a perfectly arbitrary and unwholesome composition. One might As Woll weigh out Tho food to be Eaton meal by meal for a year to come. Tiibi appetite has Moro to do with it than theories and is a better Guido unless it has been most foul dealt with. The Way to read is to read and if person turned into a Library can not bet Ter ind out what to read than anybody can Tell him he is either too Young to to trusted Alono anywhere or mentally diseased. The mind is its own gauge and in it does not work Well it 1� very Seldom that any outside exp Eldont can be made to Servo instead if the if. Tempt Bonado it results in something which is not. Cult Roi at lea8t,_-bo8toto a Tournor. A grew pigs and b Colts. Crash views of Trio i Lumous Palo Alto trn Liili Kiriu. Quot Why do those California bred horses both Trotters and a Inners develop Suomi tremendous Speed at an Early ago and then retire for the rest of their lives Quot that is a question that has Boon put every horseman of note in the country but not one poem Sable to answer it. Gentleman a horse fancier and now and then a buyer at Tho California sales being much interested in Tho phenomenal Trotters that come from that Region went Down to Palo Alto to sea Tho famous Stanford Breeding farm. Talk about Prince and princesses of effete Monarc los being reared in velvet and fed from Gold spoons Tho nearest approach to that in this Groat to Public is this Equino principality at i Alo Alto. Soon As the babies have forgotten their motors comes Tho beginning of their life s work. The loading Lualter and a soft rubber bit inept in the Moutri for half an hour a Day is the a b 0. Then comes Tho kindergarten track to discover if any of Thom Havo a natural gait. Ilaff a Dozon Are put into the sawdust Circle at onco. A Man stands in the Middle with u Long whip which to Waves furiously but no one in Over permit Tod to fool its sting. All Start around Tho ring first in a Coltis i Cantor and Thon some Little Pupil Moro promising than Tho others will Striate a rpt. Soon another will do Tho same. An a ippol or a Lump of sugar is Tho Reward of Merit. Usually before Tho class has finished All of them will to jogging about on a Trot. Thon a now Batch is taken and in a few weeks forty or fifty fillies and As Many Colts have Gono through tie Ici Dergar ten course one of either sex is handled and fondled. The Colts and fillies Are relent Rossly parted moaning time and never see each Otylior again except at a distance. Coeducation of Tho sexes is frowned upon at Palo Alto. Tho Little ones Are very Amo and follow one around like a lot of Cottons. If you Stop in Tho Addock instantly surround you like a lot of chattering school girls and begin to search your pockets with their Vel Votry noses for a bit of fruit or sugar. Not one is Over scolded or permit Tod to to frightened in any Way nor is Tho whip Over used except Asaba goof authority when the infant aristocracy is Iiri Dlo trained and thoroughly tractable say at til no or ton months and from that to a a Yoav old comes the Glrst introduction to harness. It must to Romo Nierod that this time Tonso Yoi Ingster Are to the non critical Eye almost full grown horses. Thor logs Aro Strong their bodies Well filled out their necks plump their eyes Bright and intelligent and their Coats Shine like Satin. All this la the result of the forcing process. On Tho a Stanford farm Tho two year old Colt looks like the Woll matured horse of five in Illinois. At one and one half years old begins their had work on Tolje track. It is then that Tho most promising Are selected for a yearling record. A building is Sot apart for the Quot kindergarten Quot a great canopy covering a sawdust ring an eighth of a mile Long. This is when Tho Little weanling six and eight months old Are brought to to taught their first pipes. Trainer Gallagher gave me the his tory of Enol and the life she led there for to years is the life of All of them. When Finol was sex months old a he was brought in with Twenty other lillies from Tho pastures in which their mothers roamed. The weaning process is quite easy. Tho Youngs tors Are steamed Grain food at once. In the morning a quart of stained Barlo a mixed with bran in the evening two quarts of ground Barley steamed and moistened with Lime water is about their Dally diet. That is pretty High food for weanling. When i was a boy on the old farm in Pennsylvania it was a pretty Lucky Colt or fully that Ever saw any tiling but Hay of grass until it was two years old. But at i Alo Alto the babies Are stuffed with Grain from the Start was there in tuly and Thero was no Green food to speak of Wotli the exbom Tion of Groon Corn tops of which Tho Little often had three diets a week. Even then it was chopped in a steam Cutter and mixed with bran a Chicago Lleraldi lands Sam teen free of charge to intending highest Market Price paid for cattle Blue lined envelopes. A Huttt loner exp Litlie Viliy Lioy Aroko coloured Jii Alde. Quot Why Are triese envelopes Blue on Tho inside Quot was the query put to a stationer the other Day. Quot for a Tovy simple reason Quot was the reply it Quot one of the great results to to attained in making envelopes is to pre vent tra Flarency Many White papers Aro so to Paront Liat by careful scrutiny Hohf cents of Juoh envelopes May to . For instance lot us put a Sheet of paper with writing on it into this on slope. Let us also insert a Bank Chat cd. We will now Seal it and hold it Toto Light thus. Thero you can not Only see the Bank Check hut you can al8oroad Many of the words on tiie Sheet of paper this can be prevented either a but getting very thick and High priced envelope which is not transparent nor scarcely translucent or by taking a cheaper Grade of which is Blu on one Side now. W quite a number of. Blue envelopes is envelopes which Are blue9i thi s. H. Gill. P Gill amp Potter . A a a general banking business transact land loan and insurance agents. Buyers and shippers ii a Choice lot of improved farms amp wild ii or Sale s r Thomai Deal Erin also ice up in at ele a i Ull visor Trout of Wall paper and Mien a a i Oak Ells Moons at lowest living Pri and takes i butter and eggs in exch kor Jiosi Cjon Dlhos at Suomi ratio us will plei Iau in u Ito i Iii he will be glad to see you when pc the Village. R to Curry a Large Stock indic i at very Low prices cull undo us is lion annl Kiiji any Hank in till line. Asci fac Liioi a Maiai Steed. Garland j Tinwai a by ii wire Nai we sell Ai cheap be Quot Quot Quot Quot a a look lit a Good 6-Ioot Pimp now i j Tim time to Quot cans and milk rail Supply unit i Itta h0l and a o. S1uw0b the harness i i crops on hand and Ina Kos to Oit Loi i saddles bridles cougars pad even it Lillig ill Jimiy Lino at Pricco to 3urt Tlly Lon. Edbis Aai Kasra a Smieja Ixo a amp meat a a a a sell thai

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