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Harvey Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1962, Page 1

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Harvey Tribune (Newspaper) - February 4, 1962, Harvey, Illinois No action Here on mass a go Home drills one of the nation s leading educational administrators contends that the need to allay the fears of today s children concerning possible nuclear attacks is More important than fallout shelter programs which Are Likely to be a waste of valuable time Effort and Money. Or. Noble j. Puffer superintendent of the Cook county schools the country a second largest county educational system said in an interview on disaster survival programs in the schools that the current craze for the construction of fallout shelters has a questionable effect on the attitude of youth. A the atomic bomb scare Breeds restlessness a he claimed. A it is also conducive to the attitude of me first. If we can teach our children to think of safety in the Calm Normal course of instruction and to think of the safety of others we will go far in causing them to think of the Well being of children in other fallout shelters for schools Are of Little if any value. Or. Puffer said. Quot in the event of an attack parents want their children Home with them and our efforts in planning survival disaster programs Are directed toward that mass go Home drills for school children Are playing a Large part in the school program for disaster survival in Cook county or. Puffer pointed out. Quot i have urged All the school districts in the county to conduct these drills with the same Calm regularity and routine Given to fire drills a he said. Quot no undue emphasis should be Given to the malt a go Home drills. They should be presented to the children and accepted by them As Ordinary school procedure a the Only school District in the South suburban area which has conducted a go Home Drill for school children is the Homewood school District consisting of five schools. Slips of paper were sent by the teachers at the Homewood schools via the students to the parents informing them that school would be dismissed five minutes Early on the Day of the Drill. Parents were asked to be Home when the child arrived and to record the time of arrival on the slip of paper. According to reports less than five percent of the children took longer than 15 minutes to get Home. This result was regarded As near phenomenal cooperation since the school buses did not run that Day the idea being that realistically school buses could not run during an actual attack. Some parents met the children part of the Way Home but the majority walked alone. Homewood police provided some traffic control hut Here too Only a minimum could realistically be expected other school districts which were checked in the South suburban area reported that go Home drills had not been conducted. Harvey school District 152 reported that they have conducted fallout drills the students have been sent into hallways and other relatively Safe places away from the classrooms. There have been no go Home drills and none is planned. The school District is cooperating with the ocal civil defense and so far civil defense plans have not included sending the children Home. Markham and South Holland schools likewise have had no go Home drills neither has ascension school however. St. John the Baptist school has cooperated with the con Elrad Drill and another Drill on the pattern of fire drills last december. Or. Puffer said. Quot we Are not completely overlooking the possibilities of fallout shelters and some school districts have already submitted plans which include them in their disaster survival programs. Difficulties have been pointed out however concerning the turning of schools into fallout shelters Many of the one Story Glass structures Are not readily available to turn into shelters even if such a thing were satisfactory. Most of the school districts have no Money available to build shelters. Funds for maintaining the school during Normal conditions in most areas is proving difficult much less the addition of a fallout shelter. Civil defense officials Are stressing that they will make every Effort to get the children Home As soon As possible. Or. Puffer said he Felt that much of the fear among school children concerning nuclear attacks could be allayed by a greater emphasis on current events in the schools. He advocated the organization of current events clubs in the High schools open to All students for informal discussions Quot Lack of knowledge has always bred he stated. A youngsters should he Marie aware of How much our government and our allies Are doing to prevent a Harvey Tribune just a Friendly phone called 3-0564 can mean extra easts for you sell anything with a want and vol. 72�?no. 10 published sundays and thursdays at Harvey Illinois second class mail privileges authorized at Harvey Iii. Harvey Illinois sunday february 4, 1962 on is stands 10 cents Pir copy this Issue h pages 72nd year of publication a Austria subject of last forum program retail sales dip sharply in Harvey the Harvey Optimist club will bring Down the curtain on its 19th annual Community forum tuesday night when Willis Butler presents his film lecture on Quot Austria in four the musical prelude to the program which begins at 7 45 ., will be provided by the Harvey Grade school band. Profits from the annual venture Are channelled by the optimists into their fund for work among the Community s boys. Butler is a former network Harvey retail sales dipped $2 3 million during the first 10 broadcaster and lecturer at months of 1961 below the comparable period of 1960. According Northwestern University s school to figures disclosed by the Harvey association of Commerce and of speech and presently is rated inc jul try As a one of americans popular this 5i 2 per cent decrease is principally accountable to sales speakers drops in the categories of automobile food and apparel sales. He has been making motion the half cent sales tax collections for the City of Harvey pictures since 1940 and appears Fri win a walk accordingly declined during this 10-month period. A $6,600 de regularly for the National Geo controversial officer who crease during 1961 Over the same period in 1960 amounted to a graphic society the geographic Camp under fire from the state Ner cent change society of Chicago and other.,o 3 Pii Triu manse. Department for alleged anti an analysis of the sales declines made by the Harvey . Leading lecture groups. I communist indoctrination of Points to two principal factors one of which was the slowdown j Austria the subject of the soldiers in Europe will appear in Industrial business which resulted in a dip in employment Butir lecture is a Beautiful at the Arie Crown theatre me and consequently a tightening of consumer spending in the area country although today it pos Cormick place on Friday feb. Second the rash of new stores in the outlying parts of the har messes Only one third the area g at 8 vey retail Market caused a thinner spreading of the retail Dollar did during the Days of the p. Rally honouring during the year. Of i Ine Unican y with optimistic prospects for better conditions during 1962, the . Sees a in the retail sales picture. 1 he continuing population increase tries touch her Borders on the r i j Loul uu1u,1s ovary chairmanship of general East and South yet in Robel Wood Usa ret and toys Freedom. Communist sol a Fairma Phlp of rear Diers Are Ever near however ,. ,. R i the following tables were prepared by the Harvey Assoc Jand for 10 years following almiral a station of Commerce and Industry showing the retail sales expert Quot -----i.--. Net fences for 1960 and 19g1 cite need for school facilities in dist. 147 w Alker to speak at rally Industrial business she Austro hungarian Empire. A Genera Walker was ann0unced is in the unusual position of re possible improvement having three communist coun he of Quot not t he Hon a non Olaf inn inn Roach 1 _. I. J if Flora i it 1 k up u fid i t he Hope in the area is expected to bolster the building business savings North. And the realty Field As Well As retail and other general business Fields in this part of Cook county. Comparative monthly Harvey retail sales first 10 months�?1960. 1961 i960 1961 january. A 3.661.238 $ 3.791.890 february. 4.070,658 3.575,326 March. 4.231.260 3.805,292 april. 4.352.008 3.974,639 May. 4.311.870 4.127.089 june. 4.563,760 4.397.620 july. 4.193.422 3.569,685 August. 3.732,918 3.813.613 september. 4,486.092 4,255,811 october. 4.334.878 4,307.107 totals. $41,938,104 $39,618,072 change $ 2.320.032 Harvey sales tax collections �?5i 2% first 10 months a 1960. 1961 1960 1961 january. $ 17,019 $ 17.810 world War ii they patrolled the tickets transportation and parking a City of Vienna. Tickets to the rally arc Avail butlers Story is of a Strong a fat the Harp a Tribune and people who have created some bus transport Uon has been a. Of the world s finest music who d or h05purchasing prepare some of the world Sfin-itlcket5 1 the a apr Ramy est food and who enjoy some of tickets re 00 and he the world s finest scenery. Ir0und.,rip transportation is included in the film Are spec Jim the by we Pap Thorn. T Moalli al of in 1 1 11 of i a 1-1 i i Tim #4 a til we a n a a t ton township High school parking lot promptly at 6 In the heavy Snow this Winter May have produced a lot of problems for the adults but its been just great for the kids. Snow cleared from the walks reas at Calvin Christian school in South Holland has been piled up in two huge Mounds and As the photo above shows the children Are enjoying the White stuff. Who a got a Toboggan in the austrian Alps by Ameri-1 assessor s Mobile unit at town Hall for week Ca s official Winter olympics order to building Down 11% february. 18,945 March. 19.181 april. 20,307 May. 20.268 june. 21.246 july. 19.735 August. 17.464 september. 21.106 october. 20,366 totals $195,637 comparative retail sales according to classifications first 10 months 1960. 1961 arrive in time for the the Mobile unit of county opening of the doors at 7 . Tax assessor p. J. Cullerton general Walker quit the army will be parked at Thornton in 1961 without retirement pay township town Hall 333 East after serving 30 years. His con 162nd st., South Holland begin Trover Sial and highly publicized Ning monday february 5, and reason for quitting was that the it will remain there through state department officially for february 10. Hours will be of omitted parcels picked up bade him to continue his Quot anti 9 . To 4 30 Jacobs also stated that his of will be he said j communist troop training pro the Mobile unit housed in a fice Bas Aerial photo maps of Jacobs explained that the Cost a Survey of housing construe amp ram overseas. 35 foot Long trailer has been be entire area of Thornton of the Aerial maps was paid by former president Eisenhower visiting townships around the ship encompassed by school the High school and elementary makes travelling downtown in ent tax discrepancies hut a necessary and chief Deputy Check of county records will be Sieja has the Complete author needed in order to verify them to to Correct discrepancies in Quot chief Deputy Sieja and 1 mediately. I am Happy to join will do much of this checking the county assessor in inviting while the Mobile unit is Here real estate owners to visit the and we believe that the number 16.8471 17,88/ Tion in the Chicago Metropolis. A a.,18.614 tan area shows that during 1961, has stated that the government county since the program began District of the High school Dis school districts together with 20.020 Home building reached its Low should delineate More clearly last november and real estate strict i Hose maps Are being the township and up Arp Hap a that military officers can and owners Are Welcome to ask any checked to find omitted parcels pm to have these Fine tools with cannot say while former presi questions they wish concerning taxable property. Of the 36 which to work. He commented 18,351 per cent Ess Han 96d and 3i Dent Truman has emphatically their tax Bills. They must bring Square Miles involved my office that a 20.571 per cent below 1959. The City said he supports without Quali their last tax Hill or the prop Bas completed a Check of 18 Aerial 20,037 0f Chicago declined 15 per cent fiction the muzzling of military erty Index number however. Square Miles Jacobs continued years ago and More Man seven 21.315 is annual level since 1949. 1 1,575 the 24.416 unit volume is six similar Survey without maps was made seven the unit is under the direct supervision of Edward Sieja. 1960 1961 general merchandise $ 4.119.831 $ 4.566.485 food 12.586.322 11.726.819�? drinking and eating places 2.504,637 2.453.230�? apparel 2,567,766 2.31 7.698�? furniture Etc. 1.190.933 1,019.204�? lumber. Building Etc. 809.938 806,310�? automotive 9.466.208 7.729.705�? filling stations 2,111.895 2,006.968�? wholesalers mfrs., Etc. 4,344.07.9 4 481.387 All other 2.426,492 2.390.678�? total $42,128,101 $39,498,484�? $189,027 while the suburbs dropped 11 persons. Iper cent. Unincorporated areas stirred interest realized a gain of 15 per cent Walker s government criticism chief Deputy assessor who is Lover 1960. Stirred citizens committees assisted by deputies George change in the South suburban area throughout the country to his Murphy Howard Gran bar John 446.654 the 1960-61 comparison of Home defense. In the education and gr0gan and Ted Zientz. 859,503 building is As follows Blue is-51.407 land <1961 31 Homes at $488,-250.068 970, i960 47 Homes at $738,-171.729 000 Chicago Heights <1961 255 3.628 Homes at $3,261,520. <1960 536 training of the men under him general Walker was using what was called in the 24th infantry division a the pro Blue program. This called specifically county assessor Cullerton reports that this Crew has uncovered several million dollars Worth of unreported construction in other areas to Date. This he pointed out that these million dollars in taxable prop Aerial maps show Many appear erty was added to the Rolls. Or. E. Scott Heads Ingalls med staff at s6.677.560 Dolton tor the orientation of military or e. In. Scott. Homewood. Has been elected president of 1961. 193 Home at s3 337 759 personnel in the scope of world Quot Ork 15 in add on 0 it he installs memorial Hospital medical staff for 1962. Succeeding by studying the Tampa prs who come to seek in or. Loren e. Mandernack Harvey. 104.927 137.308 i960 236 Homes at s4.980.015communism, 35.814 East Hazel Crest. <1961 3 Homes philosophies objectives and exit it a at on about their property. A pension of appraisals. Hazel Crest go. To View business development i960 175 Homes at $2,069,136 Hazel Crest it 1961 it 119 Homes unquestioningly at $1,762,200. I960 329 Homes Ders. Or. Scott received his Bache same term Are vice president Lor of science degree from the or Herbert e. Fisher. Harvey 1 commenting on the coming of University of Chicago and his Secretary treasurer. Or. Herb differs the Mobile unit Thornton town doctor of Medicine degree from Ert Janson Homewood Exeen Jacobs the Chicago medical school. He Jve committee. Or John a he asks military personnel to said he taxpayers of this completed his internship at in Kuzera Posen and or. Freder think for themselves instead of township Are indeed fortunate galls memorial Hospital in 1943. Weiss Harvey. At $47,200, i960 2 Homes $30,000 Evergreen Park 1961 a think for selves 47 Homes at $816,000. I960 79 walkers philosophy Homes at $1,301,300 Harvey from the military Norm in that ship 1961 189 Homes at $2,037,479, chiefs of service of the med at $4,794,595 Markham 1961 the business development al and developmental programs. 129 Homes at $1,289,700, i960 the expressed decision of High usually it a Kep in the group of the Hazel Crest area chamber director Vern pan 82 Homes at $854,900 mid Lothi or echelons that i May not pro building in the Loop chamber of Commerce will hold Ega. Owner and operator of key an. Its first meeting treat Quot luncheon following or that county assessor Cullerton or Scott was a flight Surg Nas a nested the Mobile unit to Eon Jne air Force in world Cal staff for 1962 Are Anesther general Walker said. A it is spent a Eek Here. Lax rec mris Var ii from 1943 to 1946 Fol ology. Or. John Cunningham county owing this be returned to Pri Harvey practice will be 1961 138 Homes at $1,924. Vide my fellow soldiers with ave arable for inspection and any vate in Harvey. Or. Cyril general practice. Or. M. Gallati Homewood Scott was recalled in 1950 and Medicine. I or. Thomas Noble at a dutch club cleaners Bremerton Pla 900, i960 138 Homes at $1,890, the degree of information that er0>�?T found can be corrected served in the korean conflict Harvey obstetrics. Or. Norman thursday at a. Is in charge of the division. 750 Oak Forest <1961 298 1 consider imperative to their at on it e immediate Field inspect for w0 years again As a flight h. Sherman Park Forest a the Dixie governor Motel. East Panega said discussion at the Homes at $3,236,800, i960 217 morale and capacity to survive. Tion can also be Oto amed where surgeon in the air Force. He theology. Or. Johnathan b. Hor Hazel Crest. Feb. 8 the meeting will be the first around meeting will Center Homes at $2,552,200 Riverdale. In my position. I May not ques be essay a new i neighbor 1961 13 Homes at $204,740. Tion the authority of that de a normally was awarded the air medal and Rell Harvey taxpayer must Bronze Star and also was dec Raymond paediatrics. Or. Of a series of monthly gather program where local merchants i960 20 Homes at $328,500 vision. But a lifetime of train bring his problem to my office rated by the korean govern e lesser Park for Ings where businessmen in a offering prizes and coupons will South Holland <1961 219 Home ing directed toward defense and but before i can take action i ment. He returned to private radio gov or. Michael in Zel Crest and surrounding com Welcome new residents of the at $3,678,392, 1960 27 Homes survival cries out against the must Check the records at the practice in Homewood in 1952. Do it via Harvey aur Gerv or. .11 i at $4,541,165. Wisdom of county building. This unit unities will discuss promotion area. Other officers elected for the Robert Field Blue Island. Ask new building repairs the Board of education of school District 147 announces an election on february 17 for the purpose of issuing $650,000 in Bonds to build additional classrooms for the students in the District. This is the second time that this has been placed before the voters. The voters Defeated this Issue on december 9. 1961 by a Small margin with a Small number of voters voting on the Issue. A the Hoard will be faced with the problem of curtailing the school program and placing students of double shifts if this Issue is Defeated at the polls a spokesman said. The amount of Bonds ask a to build the classrooms is the same As asked previously. However the Board has reduced its request for an educational rate increase from 21 cents to a 10 cent increase. The Cost to the average Home owner in the District for both of these programs will be approximately $9 per year. The Board proposes a new building at 155th i. And Hoyne ave. This building will consist of eight classrooms Multi purpose room kindergarten material Center room principal s office general offices boiler room storage rooms Etc. The estimated Cost for this building is $320,000. An addition is planned for the Lincoln school at 141st and Honore ave. This addition will consist of seven classrooms kindergarten nurses office maternal Center room Etc the estimated Cost of this addition is $162,000. The renovations of the old Mckinley school at an estimated Cost of $69,000, and the old Washington school at an estimated Cost of $46,000, Are also a part of the building program. These buildings Are basically sound however the windows Are in need of replacing floors need replacing doors and trim and also plumbing Are in bad condition. Equipment architect fees and Legal fees of $53,000 make up the balance of the $650.00 the architects have estimated the costs of these improvements High in order to be sure of a completed Job. The Board will Issue Only the amount of Bonds needed to Complete the improvements. The total enrolment in the District is 1920 pupils at the present time the enrolment five years ago was 1448. The Washington kindergarten now has 104 pupils enrolled there Are three basement classrooms being used and there is no More emergency space available. The Board of education and superintendent Are appearing at Public meetings in the District schools to exp am the needs

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