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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives May 30 1990, Page 1

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - May 30, 1990, Harrisonburg, Virginia In the Valley Forest plan 9 rebel remake 27 on the Fly 31 207 weather 36 pages Breezy May 1990 4332702 25 cents Yeltsin wins presidency Maverick politician to Lead largest soviet Republic Moscow a populist reformer Boris Yeltsin won the presidency of the largest soviet Republic overcoming opposition by Mikhail Gorbachev and declaring the Start of russian eco nomic and spiritual Yeltsin after three hard fought ballots in the Congress of Peoples deputies of poses a substantial Challenge to Gorbachev and May Spur More Radical reforms across the who arrives today in Washington for a retains the two most powerful jobs in the country president of the soviet Union and general Secretary of the soviet communist but As president of the largest of 15 soviet Yeltsin will have a highly visible platform from which to wage his Campaign for More Radical Gorbachev told reporters he was was somewhat concerned by his onetime proteges Victory but encouraged by Zeltins statements that he would try to avoid confrontation with the soviet he is playing a political then we May be in for a difficult Gorbachev said in where he stopped in route to he called the protracted voting process a kind of a kind of and said Yeltsin was forced to adjust his position quite seriously Over the past few and has adjusted to the Yeltsin and other soviet officials predicted Zeltins election would actually help Gorbachev push More Radical it May be a Blessing in foreign ministry spokesman Gennady Gerasimov told reporters at the United nations in new Gorbachev has his critics from both the left and the and possibly it is better to have the election of a critic from the Yeltsin said at president Gorbachev will react very but then hell gradually get used to this Ine Vitabile the White haired Yeltsin told reporters that he would seek reconciliation with Gorbachev and avoid confrontation with so Long As it did not Hurt russian Gorbachev had brought Yeltsin to Moscow to head the cites communist but the two men had a falling out in after the vote result was announced in the grand Kremlin Yeltsin strode to the podium to warm applause and pledged to spare nothing health or time to get out of this crisis and Lead Russia to better his Bass voice echoing through the he called the Day the beginning of the Road to russian economic and spiritual the Way out of the crisis and toward the blossoming of Russia As a in dependent government in the framework of our negotiators Inch toward arms Accord Cox f associated press Yeltsin celebrates Washington in Las minute preparations for the superpower negotiators made headway tuesday toward reducing troops and armaments in Europe and grappled with remaining obstacles to a treaty to curb and soviet nuclear officials from both countries met in tight secrecy on the eve of the arrival of presi Dent Mikhail Gorbachev for four Days of formal and informal meetings with presi Dent beginning on they made Progress on some technical barriers to reducing european said one senior american close to the Bush administration officials deflated Hopes for unexpected breakthroughs on so Page 2 new record photos by Allen utter congressman Jim Olin left Scales rocks at mount Vernon Iron Olin above was later joined at the Mill in trance by from left Shenan Doah National Park Ranger Rick Grottoes police chief David Stewart and Grottoes mayor Eugene Iron Man Olin plods through rough terrain to visit abandoned Mill by Sharon Browne new record staff writer Grottoes congressman Jim Olin visited the abandoned mount Vernon Iron works tuesday and said Federal Money for the site is a d6th came at the request of the which is asking for an appropriation by Congress to stabilize the 100yearold Iron Shenandoah National Park authorities have said that stabilization is not in the Long Range plan for the but if Congress appropriates special the Park will do As it is since 1935 the Park services philosophy in dealing with the Iron works has been one of benign Park spokesman Sandy Rives said Rives and Grottoes mayor Eugene Souder waded through mud and swampy land to tour the abandoned Iron outfitted in hiking the group wrestled with Thorn downed branches and Slippery Hills to climb to the top of the 60foot which once was a major source of employment for area j the town is hoping the Mill can be turned into a tourist attraction that will bring income to the Grottoes we just want to preserve whats there in Stead of letting nature overgrow Souder Souder told Rives and Olin that the town has no Money to invest in the but would be willing to provide manpower and machinery to see the area made accessible to the general the old Stone building is just inside the Park Park superintendent Bill Wade has said that the Parks budget does not allow for the stabilize Tion the town is a of the area resulted in a decision to allow nature a free hand at the Iron he the town asked Olin to look into a special appropriation for the the project appears to be Olin but he did not say whether or not he would sponsor such a we need to find out what the plan is before we Start talking dollars and he the town and the Park Are going to meet to see if they can devise a plan to put in a walking Trail without spending any court accepts abortion Case counselling ban dispute to be heard Washington a the supreme court said tuesday it will decide whether a ban on govern ent financed family planning clinics counselling patients about abortion violates free speech and abortion at stake is the future scope of a Federal program with a million annual the program funds More than clinics serving about 5 million Low income women nation a Federal appeals court in new York upheld the counselling but other Federal courts ruled it in the High courts Deci expected sometime in should resolve the conflicting Rul in other action the court said it will decide whether states May impose mandatory life sentences without parole for people convicted of possessing Large amounts of the court must determine whether a Michigan the Only one of its kind in the amounts to unconstitutionally cruel and unusual gave criminal defendants new double jeopardy Protection against multiple prosecutions As it voted 54 to bar homicide charges against a Drunken Driver in new in a Pennsylvania Case that convicted criminals May avoid making restitution to their Vic Tims by declaring in a Case from Arizona that Indian tribes May not prosecute any member of another tribe for crimes committed on their let stand a ruling in an Illinois Case that Shields Public officials from being sued in Federal court for placing children in Foster Homes where they Are sexually rejected an Appeal by two Kun flux klan groups and four men ordered to pay More than in Page 2 double jeopardy Protection widened Washington a the supreme court gave criminal defendants new double jeopardy Protection against multiple prosecutions barring homicide charges against a Drunken voting 54 in a Case from new the justices said someone convicted of a relatively minor offence generally May not be retried on More serious charges stemming from the same alleged Justice Antonin in a scathing there Are Many questions and the an Swers to All of them Are the court barred a new prosecution of Thomas Corbin in an Accident on route 55 in Corbin was accused of crossing a double yellow line and striking two other vehicles headed in the opposite Brenda who was driving one of the other was Corbin pleaded guilty 24 Days later to two Misdemeanour Drunken driving and driving on the wrong Side of the he was fined and his Drivers License was suspended for six the sentencing judge apparently was unaware that a person had died in the two Days after the january 1988 the District attorneys of fice Learned what had happened and won an indictment on various felony criminal including negligent homicide and reckless the new York state court of appeals threw out the indictment and the prosecutors appealed to the supreme reinstatement of police officer urged Clarke county killing a former Philadelphia police officer who found shot to death in county nay have been staying with someone in the area and was not dead More than 44 hour when his body was police de Klerk delays visit South african de Klerk postpones his trip to the United states next month after complaints from american critics that he was being received by president Bush before Nelson obituaries Blanche John Cooley Ella Otho Corrine Weyers William Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg fall in a flurry of upsets at the French Page 27 area news 9 business 31 classified ads 13 comics 35 crossword 24 editorials 6 movies 35 Skyline 19 sports 27 by Joe Fitzgerald and Sharon new record staff writers a grievance panel recommended tuesday that former Shenandoah police officer Todd Howell be reinstated with full Back pay and according to his Charlottesville attorney Sheila Haughey called the grievance panels ruling a a Complete Vic tory for Shenandoah town attorney Steven Blatt said he could not comment on the none of its Workings Are Blatt said of the panels adding in not at Liberty to discuss the panels Haughey said the panel has 10 Days to put its decision in after if the town chooses not to implement the the Case will go to we didst come this far for she she said the panel recommended that Howell receive his Job As Well As Back pay and leave that accrued during the four months since his firing basically As though nothing had Hap she Howell was fired 27 by Shenandoah police chief Charles Haughey said the grievance panel found that Hammer had no authority to fire no ruling was made on and other Howell said the deciding Factor the fact while the town Council hired Hammer fired the town gave the Power to hire to the Council so they do the Howell Howell said he was pleased with the outcome of his four month Battle for i get Back my seniority just like i never left the All he wanted All along was to get his Job Back and Clear his that what they gave she Haughey said the panel met at 10 tuesday and asked both sides at 1 if they were ready to they thought they had heard she half an hour she the panel announced its the three member grievance panel consisted of Elkton police chief Warren chosen by the Shenandoah businessman Larry chosen by and Harrisonburg businessman Michael chosen by Pence and Howell said he and Haughey Haven Fig ured out exactly How much Money the town will owe the figure will include not Only Back pay but also enumeration for approximately five months Worth of Howell was making approximately per month before he was he said no decision was made As to interest on the Back pay or on whether the town will reimburse him for attorneys he and his attorney have considered filing a civil suit against the town or the police chief my attorney and i have discussed other avenues of Howell but we have not made any town councilman and police committee member Elmo Stanley said earlier that Howell was fired because of complaints alleging the use of unnecessary Force during an Howell has said throughout the proceedings that he was fired without any reason being Given and that he never received a copy of any formal complaint against

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