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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 1

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Harrisonburg, Virginia In the Valley Hospital study Park blooms food fetes 10 21 Baruj weather rain 195 meal taxes May Rise City seeks Way to boost Revenue Byeff Mellott new record staff writer increases in the meals tax and the transient occupancy tax Are under consideration by Harrison Burg City Council to increase reve Nues for the cites during a work session Council discussed raising the meals tax from 1 percent to 2 percent and the transient occupancy tax from 3 percent to 4 a meals tax is levied on the Sale of food at commercial primarily and a transient occupancy tax is levied on Motel and hotel first Reading of an ordinance to effect the tax increases is scheduled for May an estimated is expected to be raised from the tax schools Are to get recycling efforts Are to get the remaining the additional schools is Short of the Cut from the school boards original budget request of school officials want full funding to pay for 11 new teachers to handle a projected enrolment increase of 100 the proposed school budget is or percent More than 198990s the revenues from the proposed tax increases will boost the school fund budget to for an in crease of an percent increase from Harrisonburg tax rates on meals and transient occupancy will continue to be competitive with other cities in the the tax increase would make a proposed increase in the cites monthly garbage fees from to in Council considered other ways to raise including raising real estate taxes from 72 cents per to 78 cents per May 1990 433 2702 unrest mounts in Baltic cities soviet loyalists strike Back new record photo by Allen lit Len nose to beak Glenna this years poultry Festi Val gets a closeup look at a 40dayold Chicken ready for miss Gibson is a graduate of Shenandoah College in win Chester and the daughter of Kathleen and Willie Gibson of Stephens a soviet loyalists converged on the secessionist parliaments of Estonia and Latvia on and one Baltic Premier broadcast an Appeal to stave off a coup attempt As pro testers raised the Ham Meran sickle Flag Over his office come Here to save Estonia prime minister Edgar Savisaar said in a Tallinn radio address As a crowd estimated at up to took Over parts of the too pea Palace government building and a Square there is a coup attempt he said in the monitored in Moscow and transcribed by the estonian news Agency soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze warned of anarchy in the three secessionist Baltic states As he prepared for a round of meetings in Moscow with Secre tary of state James Baker thousands of estonian residents rushed to the Palace and restored the traditional White and Black Banner raised last week when parliament restored a prewar in dependence Calm returned to the City by estonian reports finnish to said Large pro Independence crowds remained around government broadcasting stations Dur ing the night to Block any takeover it estimated the an to Independence crowd at to and the secessionist demonstrators at a similar confrontation occurred in the latvian capital of where for the second straight Day whistling and jeering soviet soldiers tried to muscle into the parliament building but were blocked by pro Independence video segments from the Cable news network showed men in Green uniforms wielding clubs against i but it was unclear whether the men were soviet soldiers or lat Vian Security Aris top aide to latvian president Anatoly said unarmed soldiers and military cadets aged 1822 gathered outside the building of the latvian supreme see Page 2 strikers push Chamorro to quit considers Nicaragua a government workers occupied buildings and demanded the president resign tuesday during a strike that crippled Public the vice presi Dent accused strike supporters of trying to topple the police fired tear Gas into three government buildings to drive out strikers who began a Satin one week fhe workers returned later the Jas was no of in creased army the protest its biggest Challenge Sthol president Vidleta Barrios de Chamorro took office april 25 after defeating the sandinista to National the strike is for but it is becoming Clear it has political one of the demands voiced tuesday was demobilization of the Contra the work stoppage quickly spread through the Public workers threatened to Cut off the capitals electricity and tires were set ablaze in front of a Hal dozen government loudspeakers blared sandinista revolutionary slogans against Chamorro and her vice president Virgilio Godoy said on the radio that the sandinista Are trying to Over throw president shouts of Start packing your the and not one step Back flew through the streets of humid Telegraph and telex communications were cutting off most of Nicaragua from the rest of the communications workers allowed journalists to file stories but denied service to telephones began to fail tuesday morning and by midday it was virtually impossible to Call into the the strikes Are one of a series of crises to Rock the government since it was most of the government workers Are sandinista left Over from the previous gov Sonia a labor said the strikers wanted a 200 percent pay a subsidized food rehiring of a labor Leader fired and the demobilization of the con Public transportation in Managua was reduced to about 20 buses driven by pro government both electrical and water ministries were occupied by Appeal for loan Washington a the Bush administration said tuesday it consider ing Nicaragua urgent request for a million Short term my country is president Violeta Chamorro said in a Friday Cable to president Nicaragua reserves Are insufficient to fulfil our obligations coming due in the next 30 said citing a 70 percent per month inflation a copy of the Cable was obtained White House spokesman Marlin Fitz Witer said the administration was look ing into possibilities of doing something along the lines of what she requests As the1 push for passage of Bush entire million nicaraguan Aid request commission favors ant terror strikes Washington a a presidential commission said tues Day the Federal government should respond to air terrorism by preemptive or retaliatory military strikes As it reforms failed efforts to ensure that the skies Are the convened to investigate the 1988 bombing of pan am flight 103 Over also called for a system to notify Passen Gers of credible terrorist threats and said the government should take More seriously the possibility of terrorist strikes in the United the seven member commission proposed a halt to a key Faa pro Gram to combat terrorism the installation of sophisticated Thermal Neutron analysis Tea machines at 150 High risk airports around the the groups handed to president Bush on said the bomb that destroyed pan am 103 on 1988 is believed to have weighed half or less than the amount the Tea machine would reliably detect but the Lockerbie in which 270 people on the plane and on the ground May Well have been the headed by former labor Secretary Ann included two other former government figures and four members of nine months of investigation and five she told a news it became Clear that terrorists were Able to place a bomb on pan am 103 not because some one thing but because the aviation Security system addressing military the report recommended a More Vig Orous policy that not Only Pur sues and punishes terrorists but also makes state sponsors of terrorism pay a Price for their the report recommended Plann ing and training for preemptive or retaliatory military strikes against known terrorist enclaves in nations that Harbor inside budget Summit president Bush opens the Domestic budget Summit by saying the Economy is not As Strong or secure As it should be Andy a Ino action to trim the inaugural Bonus tickets sales from Winders inaugural Ball reportedly could have totalled More than which Wilder can spend she y philippine Outlook and philippine officials say the United states May have to relinquish at least one of its two largest military bases in four victorious seniors Lead Eastern mennonite to its fourth straight Vic Tennis area news business classified ads j j8 34 comics obituaries Elizabeth mount Elizabeth John crossword j3 22 editorials movies Skyline sports 10 29 new record photo by Michael Reilly searchers get refreshments from the Harrisonburg Rescue squad Chain of events attacks on kids Spur needless search suspect found after committing suicide by Eric Gorton new record staff writer an 8yearold girl was pushed off a Cliff in George Washington National Forest monday evening the first in a series of bizarre events ending with the discovery of a suicide victim Rock Ingham county sheriff Glenn weatherholtz the suicide victim was responsible for pushing the girl off the Cliff and for sexually molesting a 6 year old girl and a 9yearold girl Between monday night and tues Day the sheriff the body of Larry Knicely was found in a car about in the riven Rock area by James Madison University Stu dents who were going weatherholtz Knicely asphyxiated himself with exhaust the sheriff also a part of the events that began about monday was a five hour search tuesday for a girl who reportedly fell into a Hole and Hurt herself and for a woman attending to the sheriff the on second Mountain in the Rawley Springs area of Rockingham involved about 50 people from the Harrison Burg Rescue the Bridgewater Rescue squads tac tical Rescue the Blue and Gray search dog team and the George Washington National said Walter Leader of the Rescue squad tactical a Forest service helicopter that was spraying for Gypsy Moths near the search area also grooms the search was unnecessary because of events Early tuesday but the Rescue squad did not know weatherholtz a Harrisonburg who accompanied Knicely and the three girls into the called the sheriffs department at and said Knicely had pushed the 8yearold off a Cliff and disappeared with the other two of therholz the sheriffs department issued a bulletin to be on the Lookout for Knicely and the two shoplifted clothing just ruins itself new York a in an at tempt to deter increasingly Crafty a growing number of clothing stores Are turning to a sort of doomsday device a tag if tampered squirts the garment with an indelible the theory sometimes you have to ruin a dress to save if thieves know they cant sell it and they cant Wear then they wont steal says Don whose company makes one of two such the other is called and heres How it the Are strolling through a department store when you see an Anne Klein Cream Linen suit for that you must you notice a White plastic disc about two inches in diameter clamped on the skirt like a Sand it bears this warning forcing tag open causes permanent Ink sprays injury can occur from broken Metal and since grenades Are not customarily attached to you disregard the you you can always remove the disc in the safety of your own so you take it into the dressing stuff it into your and head for the you step out of the but when you get the dress Home and try to pry the disc off with a your hands Are Sud Denly squirted with red and yellow Ink that also stains the the stain wears off your hands in a few but repeated trips to the dry cleaner fail to eradicate the dress three vials inside the Dis tag were rigged to break when it releasing three Teaspoons of a Bio logical stain that interacts with the cells of natural fibres so it cant be washed according to Robert Dilonardo of Security tag systems in which makes if the garment had been Purchas the tag would have been cleanly removed by a sales clerk with a Small device bolted Down next to the Cash

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