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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 5

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Harrisonburg, Virginia Daily May hints from Heloise dear Heloise our Oak Kitchen table is not protected with a laminated plastic so it is necessary to keep a pad and Tablecloth on it at All i saw the Way my Friend eliminated having to launder the cloth constant she purchased a Clear upholstery Vinly and Cut a Square to place Over the top of her pretty i purchased a piece for my 54inch round the upholstery Vinyl is a Little Over 54 inches so it barely overlaps the i Cut it in a Square and turned it so the pointed ends would hang Down and protect the cloth in front of the Vinyl is heavy and does not slide it cleans so beautifully in fact that i Roll out pie crust and knead bread on it As it cleans off easier than my Cut Ting Board you will need to use hot pads under hot items when you set them on the table because the plastic wont protect the table and could melt from the Gary bucker sounds like a neat idea to Heloise Send a great hint to Heloise Box 32000 san Texas 78216 Sunshine faces Heloise to treat scratches and minor cuts on childrens Knees or paint pictures with Mer like Sunshine or Happy then have the children blow to help dry the by the time they do their tears will have turned to the color dries to show a badge of courage until Bath time when it washes off and is forgotten by the William Winfree my Mother used to do this and it still makes me smile Heloise twist ties dear Heloise How often is the plastic garbage bag full but you cant find a twist tie when i put a new bag in the can i take a tie and twist it to the cans lid handle or Side it is always ready to be removed from the Metal can to Seal the bag for never have to search for a twist Doris Weber help for handicapped dear Heloise i have enjoyed Reading your helpful hints and want to share my sister was left bedridden with a stroke and could not move any of her body except Roll her head from Side to to help her get comfortable i made some pillows out of Terry cloth material and Small hand towels and stuffed them with Pillow stuffing for easy they can be machine washed and i put one under the one under each Elbow and use one to keep her legs from this makes her More comfortable instead of just lying Flat in i bet she is As comfortable As she can thanks to a thoughtful sister like Heloise knitting tip dear Heloise i am a constant knit doing hand knitting for family and in order to follow detailed patterns without the use of Pencil and i use a dish of Beans on a table beside my for in order to Complete a sequence of eight rows i place eight Beans in the dish and move one at a time As the Row is if i am interrupted during the evening i never lose my Mollee Williams Coffee and Tea dear Heloise i recently moved and do not now have a i make Tea in my Coffee carafe in my automatic Coffee maker As you Tea stains worse than one Day As i was scrubbing out the carafe i said to myself Why did i never have to do this when i used the dishwasher could it have been the dishwasher detergent sure the next time the carafe was stained i put about a Tablespoon of automatic dishwasher detergent in it and filled it with very hot the stains you can also do this for stained Tea record service1 Deal irks social Security Peggy Schaffer your Horoscope Hay 9 your birthday today peo ple with wealth and influence enter your life this Spruce up your personal appearance and get ready for a whirlwind Romance fascinating new developments put extra Cash in your you find yourself on top in business once avoid investing too heavily in any one putting All of your eggs in one Basket is almost always a look to the experts for Legal today celebrity birthdays to actor Kevin Peter actress Candice television newsman Mike actor Albert san Diego padres actress Glenda Jackson and Tennis Pancho gon March 21april travel helps you Advance career and business Romance keeps you on the giving you some new thoughts about your domesticity looks better and Taurus april 20may a direct approach is your Best bet to you meet a Challenge Suc keeping a secret could 1 upset the Domestic avoid getting entangled in a coworkers personal gemini May 21june who you know could be More important than what you know in business to use a conservative approach someone influential offers to Back a there could be str by Jeane Dixon Ings cancer june 21july a great Day to promote a pet project with the help of a Friend or business forget an emotional spending time with an older person helps you get Back on Leo july financial Relief comes when you least expect a change which seems distracting will eventually work to your Adan let romantic partner make the social plans for a Virgo set aside any extra funds for investment Pur a slowly developing relation ship will bring Joy into your a family business venture could Lead to a financial be very Libra a Solu Tion is found to a Tricky financial recognize and respect other Peoples a meeting that takes place today could have a profound effect on your Scorpio self discipline is the key to Success in business or a Deal you negotiate now could mean a substantial increase in your travel requires a certain amount of Cau Sagittarius business and Job affairs run smoothly if you Are work quietly behind closed Good timing is the key to your continued Capricorn Washington a for a measly the Federal record service birth records division promises to get your Newborn infant the social Security number he or she urgently needs to comply with a possible new Federal the says an irked social Security is that a an infant usually Doest need b there is no such c social Security will do the same Job for d despite its the Federal record service is not a government the ambitious direct mail Campaign by the private Federal record which has popped up in mailboxes from coast to has set Teeth to grinding in social Security offices around the in social Security has asked the postal service to examine the company mail solicitation to see if any action can be it has written the asking that misleading portions of the solicitation be it also has sent alerts to All its Field urging them to Point up social Securi Tys free Elliot to compete in history Day Steven a ninth grader at Broadway High will compete in the state history Day contest May 21 and 22 at Lynchburg son of Wilma and John Elliot of was a Winner at the regional contest april 18 at James Madison his project was civil War action in Rockingham but the says social Secu Rity spokesman James is that the company Effort apparently is despite the boldface Letterhead Reading Federal record service birth records smaller Type notes that it is not a government and it specifies that the is our assistance they can do Brown but Why should the Public have to pay for it i just want people to know they have a they do not have to pay to get a social Security efforts to reach the Federal re Cord service for comment were in a Telephone number for the company went to an answering a woman who who declined to give her said a message would be left for someone from the Federal record she said she did not know his or her the Call was not the solicitation carries a boldface headline important notice new Federal legislation May require that All dependents be listed by social Security number on your income tax it tells the recipient that county records show their Newborn has n it been registered and it s important that your child be issued social Security card the company offers to handle Tut paperwork and clerical details fur you for a fee of in Brown the company asks people to fill out a form similar to social then it types the information onto a social Security form and returns it to the customer with an instruction to Check 1t for accuracy and Forward it with sup porting documents to social Securi All there doing is typing out the social Security Brown social Security does not require that the form be for absolutely or at most a firs class social Security will give you the Check it after you fill it out and Call you if theres a Brown hardly any infants actually need social Security Brown one exception might be an in Fant technically on a payroll for modelling baby 12 month programs with 4 year Appeal office information Secretary lifetime Job placement financial Aid available Dominion business school 4336977 2515 Market Harrlson Buru you May have to spend More time on a business project than you sex rearrange your social schedule after consulting with mate or avoid unnecessary con spend the evening relax aquarius reduce spending by performing More services for mate or partner will cooperate if approached in the right a romantic relationship can be strengthened if you make the extra Pisces 19march men Tal endeavours prove More rewarding than physical pursuits push harder to get approval for a special someone influential gives you the Green Light in late today children will be practical but also will enjoy the finer things of there born roman tics and make faithful mates once bitten by the marriage these children want a Well disciplined upbringing and will be extremely Loyal to they will be modest and will tend to underrate their mental slow learners at store up far More knowledge than teachers realize until the examination papers Are Cor copyright 1986 los Angeles times Syndicate 10 off All Craft supplies in our new Section Check it out frames 30 off Bocour Kli Shaffer and Watercolours Joji still q great selection of i Price brushes v off books Rea Sale sketch 3ooks studio Art shop hours q5 til 7on notes on aging Virginia mennonite retirement Community America is growing older during the past two decades the number of people aged 65 or More has increased by 54 according to statistics compiled by Leisure by the year 2003 the number of retired per sons in America is expected to jump another 59 though our total population will Rise Only about 28 in conversation with Woody Groucho Marx once complained that he was always being asked what he wanted people to be saying about him in a Hundred i know what id like them to say about Woody id like them to he looks Good for his have you heard that Virginia mennonite Home building fund has been awarded a Grant from the Kresge foundation of Michigan this will be received if the million fund drive goal for the construction of the new health care Center is reached by March to Feggett upstairs downstairs greenhouse 2 North on 42 turn right on76 just past Shell station Flowers for mothers Day Large selection of Blooming plants Hibiscus and Many vegetable bedding plants Large selection of annuals perennials All perennials annuals Are now ready for planting attention offices our business Doest just Stop with the Sale of we do Home office decorating and have a Plant maintenance rental 4339217 open 7 Days a week downstairs greenhouse wimpy from Bass of so comfortable enjoy every mile you walk in wimpy from cushioned insoles make wimpy the most comfortable shoes youll Ever an overlay and a Bow gives the shoes a look to set them apart from available in yellow or sizes versatile shoes from Leggett of Valley phone open monday saturday 10 til use your Leggett visa or american

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