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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 4

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Harrisonburg, Virginia Valley living May childbirth comes full Circle by Tina Beaumont new record staff writer childbearing practices have come full according to medical pro until the 20th babies generally were delivered in the Home by a midwife with Only a minimum of education and equip by hospitals had developed maternity units in which highly trained doctors and nurses used extensive equipment and separate rooms for delivery and recon with these More modern the infant mortality rate but so did the mothers feeling of control and Comfort and the family feeling of involvement in the some mothers dissatisfaction has since caused the healthcare Field to provide More ones in which mothers can regain some or All control Over the procedures and pain Relief used in her Childs about 90 healthcare professionals gathered wednesday at the Harrisonburg Sheraton inn for childbearing a unique Advent the Daylong seminar was designed to make them aware of More options and their roles in implementing sponsored by Rockingham memo rial Hospital and the Jefferson chapter of the nurses association of the american College of obstetricians and the Semi Nar included speakers from Eastern mennonite College and the University of Virginia medical although the conventional Hospital maternity unit offers mothers the Security al a trained staff and readily available emergency a major complaint about the units is that there is Little patient and every pregnancy is treated As High according to registered nurse Mitzi the units have been called dehumanizing and paternalistic by dissatisfied mothers who said they were denied control by the physician and shuffled around during Boilanger other disadvantages include being separated from the family and friends until the Mother is Back in her if a general anaesthesia is most hospitals do not allow even the father in the delivery she in response to these Many hospitals have developed Bir thing rooms that Are a Little More Homey often with a lounge chair for visitors and a More comfortable looking bed for the children Are More Likely to be allowed Access to the room they May even be allowed to watch the labor and delivery both occur in the birthing which Means at least one less Transfer for the in the Hospital birthing emergency equipment is not As obtrusive As in most Standard delivery women also May experience a continuity of with the same nurse there strict criteria for qualifying to use the birthing and Only lotto Middle risk patients Are some hospitals have a shortage of the and the Mother still May be transferred to another room after and to some its still not quite birthing centers not associated with hospitals usually Are close enough to allow Quick transfers to the Hospital in Case complications arise with the the centers Are More Homelike than a Hospital could be usually with a living Kitchen and comfortable bedroom for the Mother and her family guidelines established by the american Public health association require a certified nurse midwife to deliver the and a Hospital and physician As emergency equipment is Avail Able to allow for almost any com plication except a caesarean but Only Lowrick patients Are admit prenatal and postnatal care usually is available at the same and average Cost May by half that of a Hospital Mother and baby new record photo by Cathy Kushner Rockingham memorial Hospital staff demonstrates use of birthing a homier usually May leave the birthing Center within 12 hours after some fear hav ing to move from the Center to the Hospital in an if com plications arise with the a move during labor or delivery could be traumatic and the homies of All possible environments of the Home giving birth in the Home is controversial and not but Boilanger in 1981 an estimated 115 percent of babies were delivered in the and the number is she mothers May be More relaxed in More familiar and she can control who is present during certified nurse midwives Are available in some cities to assist in Home advocates of Home birth say infection is less Likely to occur in the Home because Mother and baby Are relatively immune to their own Boilanger costs of Home birth also May be but there often Are overlooked costs including a qualified attendant and including a rubber Cord pads and sterile the average Cost is medical professionals discourage Home births because no matter How carefully you screen your things can Boilanger a transport system should be available to get Mother and baby to the Hospital within 10 she mothers desire to regain control Over the birth process is and wherever the baby is medical professionals play a role in deter mining her satisfaction with the sex Boilanger professionals tempted to take Complete control she should its not our birth and its not our those belong to the she said expectant mothers deserve an explanation for any policies that affect her and her and for any changes in her expectations about the wherever it takes dear Abby by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby i am a 19yearold College and even though Ive dated quite a in rather naive about i am still a Virgin and Hope to remain one until i dont get me in no Goody two but i dont want to risk an unwanted in dating a Guy right now who has been he knows How i feel about sex before so Hes never pressured me to go All the but Ive come closer with him than i have with any other in ashamed to Tell you How far weve but in still a Virgin i a Long time ago you explained How a Virgin could get in sorry i didst save but i never dreamed id need last night i was with this Guy and things really got out of everything happened so please run that piece again about How a Virgin can get in Paul dear the piece is from my what every teenager ought to Many Junior and senior High school teachers wrote to say that they had read it aloud to their students How to get pregnant one of the questions i have been asked often by teens is How far can i go without getting pregnant that is not a dumb its a very intelligent a lot of kids get aroused by just lying close to each other while then they just naturally proceed to the next which is sometimes they remove some of their clothing because its in the or they Burrow underneath it to explore each others bodies with their this is known As heavy or doing everything else the technical and Legal definition of sexual Intercourse is Penetra the males sex Organ must penetrate the As impossible As it May in the medical literature can be found cases where there has been no penetration the girl remained a but after engaging in heavy she daily new record Dps 144520 published daily except sundays by the Rockingham publishing incur 231 South Liberty har 22801 second class postage paid at Harrisonburg Post office today daily new record consists of 2 36 subscription rates weekly Carrier 90 yearly in Advance Carrier delivery by mall in Advance Virginia per six three All other Stales per year 6 50 Poa Maiter Sand address change to daily new record Box 193 22801 postage 4 handling surcharge for subscribers vacationing out Lolale 2 weeks or less no charge 3 weeks or week 50 found herself How can that be the boy and girl were lying very close to each other do ing everything when a Small amount of sperm leaked near not but very close to the girls the sperm got into the moisture around the Vagina and found its Way up into and fertilized the egg dear Abby this is to express my appreciation for printing that excellent slow me at 91 years i am memorizing it to use in some of my meetings with older the news deadline news of anniversaries and other social events to published in the daily new record must be submitted to the news office within two weeks after the under the newspapers longstanding news submitted More than two weeks after the event can not be Chesters variety store puzzles Kanga Roos for kids Piper Gloria Vanderbilt 5 Cologne Keri lotion 13 Mennen skin bracer 6 m wallpaper Chardon 223 main Dayton plays Kool toys swish sizes 610 loves baby soft vaseline intensive care Mennen Speed stick Fisher stereo equipment Jean Jer stretch jeans m corsages pc Flower arrange orchids roses carnations Ltd mothers Smalo f3fsi34 Flosso 125 Comfort options explored pain Relief during childbirth is not restricted to anaesthesia and at a seminar for healthcare professionals this the Les than traditional methods of hypnosis and touch were the topics of a panel one guided utilizes an image created a the mind of the patient As a therapeutic according to registered nurse Daisy Van she said the physiology of Why it works is not completely but it can relax the woman and act As a distraction although controversial because of misconceptions associated with works in a Simi Lar Michael Coates said hypnosis is a very deep sleepwalking kind of trance and the patient re Mains in Complete the patient simply is Given a suggestion each contraction brings you closer and closer to the birth of your pain or discomfort Are not focused touch during labor can convey encouragement and heal said registered nurse Donna any person in pain or in fear of childbirth can regain control if touched she stroking the leg or Back May provide a degree of distraction and help relax the patient and ease these methods Are not necessarily an alternative to pain relieving but used As an some awareness and control need not be sacrificed for Tina Beaumont Valley Plaza 4331810 curl special no appointment needed clip redeem Mot Hirsi Day i gifts that Sav i Lov Eyoul to Turt special mom Wiful i4anginof the Teenie Weenie shop mothers Day Sale All apparel 30 off Friday saturday come and shop with us during our new evening open nights till pm 919 High Harrisonburg party paper plastic party Ware to make your occasion special 38 coordinating patterns colors plates napkins cutlery table skirts mints nuts Matching candles napkins Jordan almonds Quantity prices too compare 1765 South High Street Harrisonburg 7034346996 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