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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 2

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Harrisonburg, Virginia Daily May weather the 8 May 9 6o 6o high80 temperatures 9o showers rain flurries Snow fronts warm w occluded stationary National weather service u s dept of Commerce a wire photo weather forecast narrow bands of showers Are predicted today extending from Minnesota and Wisconsin South to Texas and from Alabama Southeast through showers or Snow Are Likely for a Broad Belt stretching from Utah and Colorado Northeast to the extended forecast the extended forecast for Virginia Calls for fair weather saturday and Sun followed by partly Cloudy skies and a Chance of rain highs in the 70s saturday and sunday and up to 80 monday lows in the Dale Enterprise Hilo set rain thursday 80 51 74 1 year ago 74 40 70 2 years ago 78 54 55 Normal 70 45 records in our skies Hay 9 Sunset Sunrise first 16 Jupiter slowly growing Jupiter will reach the greatest brilliance of the year in assassins claim two in Lebanon attacks Lebanon a gunmen killed a Roplo politician and a moslem army officer in Sepa rate attacks and the wife of a kidnapped 85yearold Frenchman appealed to his captors to be gentle and Christian and moslem militias fought a three hour Battle using rocket propelled grenade launchers and machine guns across Beirut three mile dividing Green police said the fighting killed one civilian and wounded seven Camilla a retired car was kidnapped wednesday on a crowded Beirut Seaside Boule the same abductors grabbed 36yearold Nabil a lebanese Christian and associate professor of cultural studies at the Kidnap plagued american University of police chief Osman Osman told the associated press on thursday his investigators were unable to discover any clue about the Fate of either Kidnap Sontag Blanche pm also appealed to her husbands captors thursday to be gentle and caring because he is so old and half deaf and needs a hear ing earlier four or five gunmen in a White station Wagon intercepted army Ibrahim al a sunni As he drove to work through moslem West Beirut bour Abu Haidar police said was forced out of his Blue Renault and bundled into the assailants station the gunmen sped firing furiously in the air to cover their Elfers body was found an hour later at the Seaside Normandi neighbourhood near the bomb Avag de Beirut police they said he had been shot three times in the head and once in the right other ambushes sprayed the Black Cadillac of Nassib Khatib with automatic rifles As he drove across the town of my Eire in the syrian controlled Central mountains at Daybreak police said he was killed along with three body Khatib was a founder of the pro syrian Arab democratic party and its arabian red knights he quit in 1980 and since has been aligned with Yasser Arafat Palestine liberation an Arch foe Achille Lauro conviction reversed Italy a an appeals court thursday overturned the conviction of the youngest gunman in the Achille Lauro hijacking on the grounds that he was a minor at the and ordered he be retried in juvenile the court also reduced the sentences for two of the three other gunmen and a convicted the five were convicted by a local court 18 on charges of illegal Possession of arms and explosives and sentenced to Pris on terms ranging from four to nine the appeals court thursday set aside the conviction of Bassam Alashker because he was 17 years old at the time of the 79 the court ordered that al who had been sentenced to 6 years in be held in custody and retried in a juvenile the three judge appeals panel reduced the sentences for three of the four adult defendants by up to two but gave no reason for the the four adults and 10 other including the alleged Mastermind of the i Abul face trial in Genoa june 18 on the More serious charges of kid napping and murder As Well As other terrorist crimes connected to the seizure of the italian Abul whose real name is Mohammed is a member of the Palestine liberation organizations executive he and eight of the others to be tried in june Are still at Large and will be tried in because of his age at the time of the Alashker will not have to stand trial on the More serious he is now Italy Legal age of a 64yearold wheelchair bound Ameri Leon was shot and killed during the the ship had set sail from Genoa on a Mediterranean cruise and was docked in Egypt when the four gunmen took it the appeals court reduced by two years the nine year term imposed on Mohammed Issa a Cousin of Abul a syrian he was accused of having brought the arms used by the hijackers to two other defendants sentences also were they Are Youssef Magied a jordanian whose Lightyear term was Cut to and Ibrahim Fatayen a lebanese whose term of seven three months was Cut to five nine the appeals court let stand the fou year sentence imposed on Ahmad Marruf al a syrian who received the lightest term because judicial authorities said he cooperated with All but Alasadi were present in the in Issa Abbas final he said he knew absolutely nothing about the All i did was to deliver a a letter from to our men who were to commit suicide for our among those attending the four hour ses Sion was the Consul general in Richard an american was killed in the Hijack and its Normal for a consular representative to be present in a trial like Higgins investigating prosecutors described the 14 people to be charged in june As members of the Palestine liberation a Radical faction headed by Abul Abbas within the Palestine liberation Organiza if All 14 could be sentenced to life prosecutors told the associated press wednesday they had irrefutable evidence that Abul Abbas masterminded the Hijack they said he is in the tunisian capital where the Plo and Elf Are head in the state department said it did not know Abul Abbas it said Tunisia has denied previous reports he was the hijackers surrendered 9 in Egypt and freed their Abul Abbas and the four gunmen were aboard an egyptian Airliner flying from Egypt when fighter jets forced the plane to land in Sci the United states asked Italy to arrest but Italy said then it had no Legal grounds to hold he flew from Italy to Yugoslavia and soviets await arms proposals Geneva a nuclear arms talks resumed thursday after a nine week break with the chief soviet negotiator saying his Side plans no new proposals and that it is up to the United states to move the talks i be Here if i didst Hope that we can Viktor who Heads the soviet negotiating told reporters at the soviet but he said the proposals already made by the soviets at the 14 Mont hold talks opened the Way for agreement in All three areas under discussion medium Range nuclear Long Range forces and new technologies in we dont feel there Are new proposals needed from our Kar Pov it is for our partners now to make president Reagan said in Washington that the soviets should negotiate seriously in Geneva and respond to both sides had made new proposals during the last which ended March soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev called for an end to All nuclear weapons by the year beginning with a 50 percent Cut in both sides nuclear arsenals and an interim agreement on medium Range nuclear the United states has said the soviet proposal contains some Posi Tive elements but Overall is Unac Cep Reagan countered with a proposal to eliminate medium Range weapons by the end of the asked whether Progress was possible at the current round of talks since neither Side seemed willing to Karpov described it As a catch22 meaning there didst seem to be any the fifth round of talks opened with a two hour meeting of All three principal negotiators from each Side and their aides at the soviet Karpov used the session to announce a shuffling of the soviet team following the departure of Yuli who headed the space and defense group and is now ambassador to Karpov said he will replace Kvit meaning he will face chief Delegate Max Kampelman across the negotiating table at least once a Alexei who formerly headed the medium Range takes Over Long Range talks facing the new Ronald Lehman replaces John who resigned after the last Lem formerly Obj Kovs takes Over the medium Range talks facing Maynard Kampelman said he hoped the changes would reinvigorate the the two sides have agreed in Prin Ciple to the idea of an interim agreement on medium Range nuclear forces and to 50 percent cuts in strategic nuclear but they disagree on How to achieve those the negotiators face the same stumbling blocks that plagued them in the previous including soviet Mobile missiles based in the British and French National nuclear forces and Star wars research into a space based missile defense a official in Washington said wednesday that the Side wants to focus on four areas at the talks deep cuts in offensive preventing the soviets from achieving a first strike ending soviet violations of arms control agreements and beginning a shift from offensive to defensive weapons under Star food service officers installed Debbie food service manager at Thomas Harrison Junior High has been installed As president of the Harrisonburg Rock Ingham school food service other officers Are Rita Grottoes president elect Gayle Rockingham county Secretary and Emily John Myers of Elfar was the third sunni moslem officer with the army intelligence department to be attacked in Beirut moslem sector in a the army command said in a communique that Elfers killing was part of a conspiracy hatched to sabotage the army image As the potential Standar bearer of West Beirut police said the attacks suggest a moslem militia in West Beirut is Hunting Down sunni officers of the Christia commanded lebanese army because the officers favor a return of the regular the Western sector of the the american University suspended classes at midday thurs Day and about 200 staff and students held a silent March on Campus to protest tatars Kidnap most of the University Western professors have fled West Beirut since the body of a kidnapped Amer ican librarian and two kidnapped britons were found outside Beirut last a note said they were killed in retaliation for the air raid on Libya april Cronkite pricks revered status Washington a Walter Cronkite did a better Job of making fun of his sainted image than the celebrities who gathered to roast lbs exan Chorman they made it More of a in taking the easy Way talk show Host Dick Cavett said tuesday in going to use All the jokes i used at the Mother Teresa House majority Leader Jim said he always thought that if god were to speak out loud to he would sound something like Walter he poked fun at his at age to be the first journalist in noting it could be years be fore Nasa resumes the space shuttle to Tell you the he i think that right now its sort of a race Between Nasa getting the shut ties plumbing fixed before mine wears about 300 people attended the dinner to Benefit a Walter Cronkite chair in the communications school of the University of Texas at which Cronkite correction it was the to station Ramona an applicant for the District 4 seat on the Rock Ingham school worked a year As a Volunteer at a Story on school Board applicants in thursdays new record incorrectly stated that she had worked at a radio karate Slayer found guilty Baltimore a a 26year old Man has been convicted of Man Slaughter for fatally injuring a Man with a karate kick in what prosecutors called an attempt to preserve his Macho Street a Baltimore circuit court jury de liberated less than an hour before convicting Byron area in the death of George Gary an assistant states said area pushed Henderson to the ground 21 after Henderson began flirting with two women who had been speaking with As Henderson got area kicked him in the Schenker Henderson died two Days later from his area claimed he kicked Henderson in the head out of but witnesses testified the attack was who is scheduled to be sentenced june faces a maximum prison term of 10 Trissell mennonite Church route announces special meeting with Peter saturday sunday May Peter Dyck was born in Russia and immigrated to Canada with his parents at age after graduating from College he began serving with the mennonite Central much of his work has been with world War ii refugees in helping to care for them in Camps and accompanying for transports to South he is also an ordained Dyck has an exciting Story to Tell and is a very impressive everyone is Welcome Peter Dyck Ohio give mom the Best a living gift potted plants hanging baskets Hudson Garden Center first from the Start 17 Inch hedge Clipper 16 cd designed for the Homo and makes hedge trim Ming and sculpting a even on thick due to its powerful to cd engine and lightweight handling Only hci60a the easy handling alternative to electric trimmers combination of Power and handling features a rugged cd engine with automatic clutch for operating where Quality counts 3055 main Street across from Valley lanes 4345331 open mothers Day special Sale hedge clippers trimmers at your participating dealer Broadway Broadway motor routes 42 259 Harrisonburg Stickley son 600 West Market Monterey Monterey garage Auto parts water and Walnut streets Elkton Blue Gray Lawn Garden route Verona the Wood shed Highway

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