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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives May 9 1986, Page 1

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - May 9, 1986, Harrisonburg, Virginia Sunny and Cool sunny today with highs in he mid fair tows in the Low sunny highs in the 60s school Challenge the Rockingham school Board has decided to Challenge a new Law which prohibits schools from opening before labor Story on Page 187 32 pages May 1986 20 cents House panel approves 87 budget Washington a the democratic controlled House budget committee pushed aside Republican complaints thursday and approved a fiscal 1987 budget that would slash military freeze or trim most Domestic programs and embrace a tax in crease to reduce the by a part line 2111 the panel agreed to the billion spending plan proposed by committee chairman William Gray it would reduce the deficit next year to billion below the Senate budget passed last week and Well within the statutory limit of action by the full House is expected within two As a series of gop amendments to sharply alter the plan were Delbert Latta of the panels senior we were getting rolled All Day by the democratic Gray defended the plan it would result in a lower deficit than the Senate and achieves this by spreading the cuts More spending cuts Are divided almost equally Between defense and Domestic contrast that with the Senate which places 86 percent of the cuts on the nonmilitary Side of the said House majority Leader Jim a member of the the democratic plan would Cut military budget authority next year to billion below the current and billion of that would be held in abeyance until the Pentagon agrees to an audit of How past years increases were the Senate approved a billion budget for the while president Reagan requested billion in budget which includes some Money actually spent Over several the Low House figure would constrain new military programs but actual outlays of Cash during the year would Rise billion to even before the committees final defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger blasted the package As designed for political bargaining without regard to the greatly improved military posture that adequate resources during the last five years have in a statement released by Pentagon spokesman Robert Weinberger added the proposal would destroy the recent and impressive momentum we have made in rearming America by squandering part of the dollars invested in defense in the past five Weinberger said the committee action represented a decline from last years level of military spending that would plunge the defense department Back into the rollercoaster defense budget trends which led to previous inefficiencies and caused Large weapon unit Cost Marvin a conservative who often sides with republicans on defense said controls Over the military spending buildup of the past few years were weak and Congress has not been told where Large inflation increases have the Pentagon has undressed this he see Page 14 Reagan tax Bill of american people deserve1 tax Reform a War photo Reagan talks to Packwood from the Oval Washington a presi Dent Reagan on thursday generally endorsed the Radical tax overhaul plan produced by the Senate finance committee and told chairman Bob the american people deserve the Type of Reform that you have put White House spokesman Larry Speakes refused to say whether Reagan is Happy with sensitive parts of the Bill that would repeal tax Breaks for individual retirement accounts and capital in not going to dissect the various sections of Speakes told repeating that the general satisfaction applies to the Speakes said Reagan called who is in Oregon campaigning for the May 20 Republican to congratulate him for the which the committee approved unanimously the vote moved us one giant step further Down the Road toward historic tax the president we stand ready to work with you closely As your Bill goes to the Speakes said Reagan planned to Call congressional leaders to urge Quick Senate action on the Senate majority Leader Bob plans to begin floor debate on the Bill in Early he told reporters thursday that its got so much zip right now we wont be Able to hold it for the plan is so he that he May not have to worry about How to limit debate or hold Down the number of but within the two democrats indicated the Bill May not sail through the Senate so come in not going to be busting out All Over to pass several Hundred pages of tax Law without knowing who is going to pay for the much heralded tax said John this Bill May not smell so Good once it is examined he democratic whip Alan Cranston of California challenged the Bill on several counts but was especially critical that it would do nothing to halt the use of tax exempt which often Are called the ultimate both the fairness and the equity of this proposal were destroyed right out of the starting Gate when the finance committee agreed to the total exemption of income from tax exempt municipal and state Bonds from the corporate and personal minimum Cranston he said that assures the Amer ican people will continue to learn each year that several Hundred americans have earned millions of dollars and paid no income taxes at Cranston also said it is unfair to take away Ira deductions for millions of and repealing the tax break for capital gains will severely injure Lon term investments in new businesses and developing he two Bill Roth of Delaware and Alfonse Damato of new introduced a nonbinding Resolution that would put the Senate on record in favor of re Taining present Law treatment of the Resolution was not voted on by the iras have proven to be an effective savings especially see Page 14 soviets slow to realize nuclear danger a no one was evacuated immediately from the chernobyl nuclear Plant area because initial radiation checks after the reactor explosion and fire showed nothing to the ukrainian Premier said Alexander Lyashkov said the evacuation order for the immediate area was Given april the Day after the and that people More than six Miles away were not told to leave until a week after the reports thursday said changing winds had carried higher Levels of radiation to the ukrainian capital of million people 80 Miles South of the chernobyl health precautions were imposed in the City and thousands of people were reported Lyashkov told a visiting group of Western the first allowed into the Ukraine since the that the reactor fire was practically stopped and radiation was stable with a tendency the reactor Core meltdown at chernobyl spewed a Cloud of invisible radioactivity Over but the soviet Union did not report it until High Levels of radiation were reported in Scandinavia two Days after it trains arriving in Moscow from Kiev were transport officials said they added More trains and flights because of Victory Day celebrating the end of world War ii in and approaching summer Lyashkov said the explosion that caused the fire resulted in a Small radioactive emission teenagers staff ambulance squad a broken accidents and heart attacks Are routine for some High school Stu dents in this affluent where the Only ambulance service is operated around the clock by teen age explorer Post 53 is made up of about 50 teenagers who respond to about 860 Calls a helping about each teen is on duty at least twice a running the service from an old train station from to then is on Call from Home from m Midnight to their compassion is when they Kneel Down next to someone and in Here to help they mean said John who set up the Post in the letters that people write thanking us would bring tears rolling Down your one lady sent 50 cents and thanked us for saving her husbands Doble said he created the which is affiliated with the boy scouts explorer because the drug thing was rearing its ugly and he wanted his three children to learn Community including parents of the staff the service during the Day while the teenagers Are in this int for everyone Only about 10 percent of the teenagers make the 59yearold Doble its the most prestigious Organiza Tion in Darien and the Only one like it in the the qualifications to make the Post Are Tough Only 10 percent of the applicants make Doble students must have at least a c average in school and there required to take 50 hours of fir staid classes and 120 hours of emergency medical technician they Are screened by members of the Post and must pass a 90day there is a waiting list to Lenox a senior and Post said the Volunteer work takes a lot of and he even took a pager to football practice when he was on the worst part of the Job is when you Roll up to a scene and you know the kids in the Stuart its not the blood and Stuart remembers the time he helped a fellow student at an Acci we we rent sure she would be Able to walk today i see her walking around school and that makes me feel he and the measurements at first showed that there was nothing to an order was issued april 27 to evacuate people within Miles of the he but the zone was not broadened to 18 Miles until six Days evacuation was completed by May 4 last he the town of in which about people is 12 Miles from the Plant but a senior Western Diplomat in Moscow said thursday our information is that at least in that the evacuation was still going on two Days he did not give the source of his soviet officials said earlier this week that evacuation of the people in the Plant town of Prip Yat did not begin until 36 hours after the Accident because chernobyl person Nel did not realize How serious it Boris chief of the Moscow communist said monday that the original danger area was 18 later reduced to he said livestock in the zone were the order for additional evacuations and other Steps apparently resulted from a visit to the area May six Days after the by soviet Premier Nikolai Ryzhkova and Yegor 2 Man in the the ukrainian said officials in Moscow were advised of the explosion when it but the full Gravity of the situation was not relayed until see Page 14 stunt goes wrong a War photo strongman James Wooten cries out As he is injured during a fundraising stunt in Charlottesville Wooten was to be run Over by motorcyclist James Jar but the Board the Bike was to Cross Jarman was in critical Condi Tion thursday with a spinal i jury Wooten was less seriously moving to embargo libyan Oil Washington a the United seeking to escalate its sanctions against is moving toward an embargo against Petroleum products made with libyan crude Oil and refined in Europe and other foreign state depart ment officials said such a ban could put additional pressure on european countries to limit their purchases of libyan crude Oil at a time when the United states is trying to enlist Allied sup port for specific measures against the government of Moa mar Robert head of the state departments counter Ter dorism said in open testimony before the Senate foreign relations committee on wednesday that fur ther measures against including the refine products would be taken before state department speak ing on condition they not be Iden said it was not Clear How soon such a ban could be announced because of Many technical Dif were in the process of trying to figure out How it would be one official said he said that in Early Deputy Secretary of state John on a Mission to Europe to drum up support for in formed Allied countries that a pro ducts ban was being considered by the United he didst it was just mentioned As a the official we have always had under consideration additional economic measures and they Are continuing under Active White House spokesman Larry Speaks noting a pledge by the seven leaders at the recent Tokyo Summit to do More against we have since january been discussing with other nations a variety of economic and other peaceful actions to be taken against countries like who support International Speakes the Pentagon said the april 15th Aerial raids Over Libya met the established object but did result in 1 to 2 percent of the bombs falling on civilian that contained in a written assessment of the is the first formal acknowledgement by the defense department that some of the damage caused to civil Ian areas of Tripoli and Benghazi resulted from american the Pentagon said it appeared three errant bombs had fallen from an full bomber and it seems Likely they impacted in the Vicinity of the French a ranking see Page 14 today Index classified Jeane local Valley Valley deaths John roller of har Emrit buddy of details on Page 17

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