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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1990, Page 4

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Daily News Record (Newspaper) - March 31, 1990, Harrisonburg, Virginia Daily March court vows Flag ruling in summer special session slated for May Washington a the supreme court said Friday it will decide by Early summer whether Congress violated free speech rights when it outlawed burning of the american the courts extraordinary move could inject the Issue into this years congressional and state legislative elections with renewed if the justices agree with two fed eral judges and strike Down a new Federal Law Banning Flag president Bush and Republican leaders will push to Amend the con the granting a request by the Bush put the politically charged Issue on a fast track that will allow it to announce a decision by july in cases from the District of Columbia and Federal judges struck Down the Law in both the justices said they will hear arguments in the cases May marking the first time in nine years a court session will be conducted after the court heard arguments june when it studied the legality of the agreement that ended the Iran hostage on Only two other occasions in re cent times has the court held such special sessions before allowing publication in 1971 of the Pentagon papers on the War in Vietnam and before ordering the president Richard Nixon in 1974 to sur Render watergate scandal tape re if the court strikes Down the Flag burning House speaker Thomas has said that within 30 Days of that ruling the House will vote on a constitutional such an amendment would say a ban on Flag burning does not violate free it would require approval by two thirds of the members of the House and Senate and then ratification by 38 state Arthur president of people for the american a civil Liber ties decried the courts Tim depending on the we can expect that last years favorite political a constitutional will be Back to kick off a whole new generation of 30second attack Kropp Senate minority Leader Bob v hailed the court Flag burners have been hav ing a Field Day at old Glorys sex he the courts Deci to put this Issue on a fast track i is great news for the the Amer ican people and those of us in con Gress who want old glory to have the Protection it the voting 54 last struck Down a Texas Law barring desecration or destruction of the the court said burning the american Flag As a form of political protest is protected by the constitutions free speech the ruling touched off a political firestorm and led to enactment of the Federal which carries a maximum oneyear jail Poindexter Case argued prosecutor rips reagans biased testimony associated press Poindexter right and Beckler arrive at Washington a the prosecutor at John Poindexter trial asked jurors in final arguments Fri Day to ignore biased testimony from former president Reagan and convict reagans National Security adviser of Ira Contra coverup but Poindexter attorney said the defendant had merely gotten caught in a political Battle Between con Gress and the White House and had done his eve Loving Best to give As much information As he could Tell rather than conspiring to hide the of Poindexter had done his Job for the driving Force behind his said defense lawyer Richard prosecutor Dan Webb said in his summation that there was overwhelming evidence that Poindexter lied to Congress and destroyed documents to cover up the Sale of arms to Iran and White House help to the nicaraguan Contra rebels at a time that formal Aid was Webb ridiculed the defences Deci Sion to Call Reagan As its Star calling it an attempt to persuade jurors to ignore the Reagan didst have the slightest clue whether Poindexter participated in the crimes charged in the Webb the defense hoped that just because the president testified you ought to acquit John Webb that defense is an in sult to your the eight hours of reagans videotaped taken in february in los was played for the jury last week by the which rested its Case wednesday without calling Poindexter to the the Case began with jury selection March Beckler told jurors Friday that a retired Navy rear and want part of some Grimy Little conspiracy that the prosecution would have you he is a victim of a concerted action by working Handin hand with the Independent counsels office to try to do something with this political Battle Between con Gress and the White Beckler prosecutor Webb attacked reagans saying Ronald Reagan didst seem to remember anything in this Case and demonstrated Bias at one Point by turning and winking at when people come into court we expect them to give fair and truthful Webb but when a person is so biased he turns to Wink at someone As if to say did that last answer help John i would have expected More from a former president than Webb a former attorney in Chicago appointed by argued that Poindexter Tore up a document authorizing involve ment in iranian arms sales to protect Reagan from political Embar exp nisus employee guilty plea Washington a a former Uniss employee under investigation in the Pentagon procurement scandal of the 1980s pleaded guilty Friday to a felony count of filing a false income tax Frederick Carville of new Haft entered the plea in the operation 111 wind Case before District judge Claude Hilton in he could be sentenced to up to three years in prison and fined the plea resulted from negotiations Between the attorneys of fice and Carville said Michael who Heads the Washington Field office of the defense departments criminal investigative operation 111 wind concerned allegations that defense contractors and consultants bribed Pentagon officials to obtain inside information that would give them a competitive advantage in obtaining multimillion Dollar the investigation began in the summer of 1986 but was not revealed until june 1988 when Federal agents executed dozens of search warrants numerous companies and individuals have pleaded guilty or have been convicted in the a Uniss marketing rep was responsible for get Ting business for the company at the Rome air development Center at a 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