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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Mar 14 2015, Page 5

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Harrisonburg Daily News Record (Newspaper) - March 14, 2015, Harrisonburg, Virginia Menu of curb As saturday March 14, 2015op-ed Send us your feedback quotable Richard Linda nearly Onset Clinton fatigue Here Washington a he burned the �?�1 Lapel Hod Richard k j Nixon burned i Lapel he would have survived watergate sure. Then would have been a major firestorm but no smoking gun Hillary Rodham was a Young staffer on the House Judi Clary committee inc gating Nixon. She a she Learned today you Don t h Nti a Nim tap Hillary Clin ton deleted 30.000. Dismissing their destruction with the brilliantly casual a i did t see any reason to keep them after All they were private and personal she assured everyone How do we Sal a Piv no Clinton founds buttons Winside Al no one ask Likely Well eve Willis 1996 All p Are cd 12a to you delete email by Charles Krauthammer said in her emergency news conference on tuesday. Among the things she listed As private were a personal communications from my husband and me a a except that As the Wall Street journal reported the very same Day. Bill Clinton s spokesman said the former president has sent exactly two emails in his life one to John Glenn the other to u.8 troops in the Adriatic. Mrs. Clinton s other major declaration was that the server containing the emails a owned. Controlled and housed by her a a will remain meaning no one will get near them this she Learned not from watergate but from Whitewater. Her husband acquiesced to the appointment of a Whitewater special prosecutor. Hillary objected strenuously. Her fear was that once someone is empowered to search the searcher can roam freely. In the Clin a a a pm. It i a a nent bet to in p pc he Candy prow to i n a Willards Hillary was determined never to permit another open ended investigation. Which is Why she decided even before being confirmed As Secretary of state that Only she would control her email. Her pretence for keeping just a single private email account was a convenience Quot she does no to like to carry around two devices. But two weeks ago she said she now carries two phones and a total of four devices. Moreover it takes about a minute to create two accounts on one device. Former transportation Secretary Ray la information act Inq utne have ultimately to in Hood did exactly Thatcher answers Are Farci Cal everyone knows she through her lawyers who kept the email private for will Stonewall until the end purposes of concealment of time a or election Day and. Above All control. For 2016, whichever comes first other state department it s a smart political employees their emails calculation. Taking a few belong to the government the records officers decide to return to you what s personal. For Hillary Clinton she decides the Point of regulations is to ensure government holds the email ment requests by weeks of heat now i a or pm a a t univ March &u13 a up by mme discovery me dismissing or us a old news but even i her is found is done. Atte a of h diary he Cill 11 he g i Ling fur damage what is to her experience and i record say her supporters what record a she s had three motor sibs Secretary of state can you name a a Ongle achievement in four years a u a set Lator can you name a sing in achieve ment in eighty ears a first lady her one act Hie vement in eight year Quot a Hillary Ca re. A snip rec in reality. Hillary Clin ton is running on two things gender i and name gender is not to be under estimated it will make her the democratic nominee the name is Eli ii ally Valu Able it evokes the warm memory of til in Golden 1990s, a Decad t of peace and Prosperity i luring our Holiday from his teary. Now breaking k through. However is a Stark re minder of the it Ide Side of that Clinton Dot a Cade the chicanery the i sleaze the dodging the Palrang. The it Dpi at i i climate change a ruse for socialism maim Mon to Peru Type and the a what the about. It if a a a a act i Vit Tes climate c Lem with cd 2 con that i m i i rat i Levels Lustra id average about 380 parts per million. This level of c02 concentration is trivial compared with the concentrations during earlier geologic periods. For example. 460 million years ago c02 concentrations were 4,400 ppm and temperatures then were about the same As they Are today. With such High Levels of c02, at least according to the warmers the Earth should have been boiling. Then there Are warmer predictions Aller Hurricane katrina warmers such As the Union of concerned scientists issued doomsday predictions about global warming and the increased frequency of hurricanes. According to the committee for a constructive tomorrow a no category 3-5 Hurricane has struck the United states for a record nine years and Earth s temperature has not budged for 18 climate change predictions have been wrong for decades at the first Earth Day Celebration in thre 1969, Environ Alder warned Quot new ice at must now alongside nuclear War As a source of wholesale death misery for Mankind a said Wallen of the world meteor Cal organization a the Cooling sine 1940 has been Large enough and consistent enough that ii will not fio gift Btu no in 1968. Pro fess or Paul Ehrlich predicted that then would be a major food shortage in the Lis and that a in the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions o people i would i stun Ehrlich Foi americans that forecast thins would Ween 1980 1999, the u would have d lion Ehrlich by Walter William time Cor a realist foreign policy islam which it viewed As a threat to the so said the state department s 2008 human rights report published in february 20091 on a certain North african nation a although then is no explicit Law guaranteeing religious Freedom in practice the government generally respected the right to observe ones religion a said the report this did not mean however that it allowed the full a free exercise of religion that is guaranteed by our first amendment a although there is no Law prohibiting conversion from islam Quot said the report. A the government pre Hibits efforts to proselytize muslims and actively prosecutes offenders in its terrorism report for 2008, published in april 9009 a three months into the Ohantha presidency the state de rement not United states had rescind eds a this North african country s a designation As a state sponsor of terrorism Quot it also noted that the North african regime had a renounced terrorism and weapons of mass destruction in 2003 und has continued to cooperate with the United states and the International Community to combat terrorism and terrorist exactly which regime was this and in the last decade should american policymakers have considered its continued existence Good or had for our National interests this was Moa mar Qadhafi a a Libya Qadhafi was evil. For years he w As not just an enemy of the United states but one who targeted innocent amen cans for mass Slaughter. It anyone deserved to lie hit by a missile and sent to his eternal Reward it w As i Qadhafi but Aller the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Gad Hall changed his behaviour he paid reparations to the families of the victims of pan am 103 and a As the state department terrorism report published Iii 2009 stated a gave up his weapons of mass destruction program and started cooperating with the United states to combat terrorism Qadhafi s Libya became f a a a a it a net asset to the ignited states in protecting our people and our i nation against terrorists. But in March 2011, about a month after an insure by Terence be auction against Qadhafi arose in Eastern to Libya president Obama Glt ordered . Military intervention on the Side of up the rebels. Loci Congress did not authorize this intervention olm by a claimed to act on the vie authority of a u n re Solu out Tion and to maintain the col credibility of the i n no \ a a a Ditroi

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