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Harrisonburg Daily News Record Newspaper Archives Mar 14 2015, Page 4

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Harrisonburg Daily News Record (Newspaper) - March 14, 2015, Harrisonburg, Virginia On fit fir Corb a4 saturday or f 4 20 forum s Vitoft a it r Cost Kirkwood Steven m turn pts a Thomas l if Taw. Editor amp general manager managing editor advertising director circulation director Send us your feedback letters Der Only be com editorial Good Job Wisconsin Badger state now right to work of. Scott waft or. As this Page not a a pm yesterday Ned legislation on monday making Wisconsin ? 25th state to a Tea in right to work itus As polls Sui we it. This decision la prove popular n of it wily in the Rad r state but also at Tok is America. A recent Gallup i Tun key shows wide read support for Vin Rill. To work re Pon its said they supp such initiatives by Ort Cho introduction whopping 71-22 Irgin moreover. Winstsn decision to hark on this oath ikes it the third he of late in a mid in reluctant to pm Bra St Region Bistort ice right to work Michigan and indu Are the others rights legislation. Quot history shows to when workers n dues and fees. A usually chaos up i lot to writes economist at the Utti i work Send a letter to the editor Ute 0ng it we a a v letters we a bed let open forum Eugene Buie Unity not diversity the goal a fundamentally z i flawed product in Beal i or sold to american Consumers thu Quot pig in a poker came on the Market first in Small Batcher re leaned Over the Pant too Yean but in the last Nix Yean thin product a flooded the Public marketplace in attractive packaging the Pilch is that the progressive socialism of the Obama administration will a transform Quot our nation into something Quot Progris Lively better that in better than the constitutional Republic envisioned and i to abolished by our nations founding generation. Instead of Liberty the goal of Obama s socialism is to create a Nanny nation of hopelessly dependent welfare recipients directed by a Federal government under presidential control. The progressive America of Barack Obama is an attempt to change America through commandeered administrative Power and judicial Actis ism. Its growth is unhampered by an impotent Congress fearful of asserting effective constitutional restraints. By falling to fulfil their oaths of office to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United states these elected members of Cong res effectively Render the american people powerless before a president who wishes to Rule by Fiat issuing a self legislative executive orders and selectively refusing to enforce duly constituted Laws the Success off Progris air Tom thus far has depended on this and a Polit Teal distracted Public on successfully silencing Chri St tans and their churches in the Public Square and by controlling of Public educational systems from Grade schools to universities. Already lost in Large part to the last three generations Are ii the american cultural necessity for a Public moral conscience rooted in the Christian principles on which this nation was founded and by the religious values essential to the proper functioning of a people liberated to be self governing and capable of living freely under the unique Constitution framed by our founders. In a recent viewpoint. Vav alter Williams wrote that Western values Are under attack by College elites who a want to replace personal Liberty with government control and a replace Equality with entitlement posing a a far greater threat to our Way of life than any islamic terrorist or group. Visions of multiculturalism and diversity Are a cancer on our society Quot leftists. Islamist share same goals feb 28 although treated by Modem progressives As something new and radically transforming history teaches us that diversity and multiculturalism have been part of american life since the colonials asserted their Independence from British Rule in 1776. So let s not get exercised owe the annoyances in that regard being generated now by the political Correct Ness Crow d curious unlike today the colonials version of diversity was influenced by a shared dream of Freedom liberated from the political and religious controls of government establishments As such the created a in american a the Multi lib to of races and cultures that migrated to the a new world ultimately blended to strengthen the general welfare and form the greatest nation in the Modem world there were period of adjustment and acceptance that took through the 1960s to achieve some with More difficulty than others. But the descendants of these diverse colonies eventually formed a Republic with the shared goal of becoming a Molt perfect Union establishing Justice insuring Domestic Tranquility providing for the common defense promoting the general welfare and securing the Blessing of Liberty americans Are people with a variety of heritage who make an extraordinary commitment to set aside the nationalism of their ancestors and become a one nation out of Many a an unprecedented Alliance of Mutual concern for the common Good this american sense of Unity is both religious and political but equally important it is rooted in our declaration and Constitution which Are immutable and authoritative for everyone including All branches of governance with the citations of a creator and a Providence the founders re established an old testament criterion that Kings and kingdoms As Well As presidents. Are subject to an ultimate authority that created Sal people equal and endowed them with certain unalienable rights. This same citation is relevant today. Without which there is Only corporeal humanism and the reign of the most powerful among us. Rev. Eugene c Bute live in Harrisonburg viewpoint Robert j. Samuelson inflation models outdated this is precisely what so ferociously oppose we say More Washington 295,< Doo in i february though the tudy does Ages Are among is i a pop to now that wage Why. A the i a in tvs aul our most Sruti Spur t to 3 percent or Are econ i lusts Chi sized economic even 4 pen ent would that Alo mins of Columbia indicators. Its no secret Alert the f cd to uni Intel a Fol Ity pet 1er Belam Why we d All bks a pay Unflat lunar v pressures boat on cold be and min lose but theres a second i nil in. Lybe not Levy of by a Nheim Ca Ess recognized reason. It certainly would a Igna Vian age men pages Are considered a a till a Tenor in of labor mar ii i reaiit1 a there Ai precursor to higher Infra Kelt amp lovers pay Only least two w a that i ton of they Rise sharply what eded to i Ham can pay for 1 Homer w Price will follow. That a the theory. It s wrong a or at least dangerously incomplete. This matters now the Federal Reserve is considering when a and How much a to raise Short term and recruit Wor they raise wages the explanation must lie in Les Supply fewer Avail Ali workers More Cie inane o both. So what the worn some sort does t involve wages but p. I worrisome a a a it of inflation by Robert j. Decades not Samuelson years the translation of advancing productivity into he higher Tabor compensation fas is the main path to higher a1, living standards. In in the Short run the in second Way that wages can Rise without inflating from the mid-1960s to prices is for labor to gain at the mid-1980s, wages and the expense of capital or prices did Chase each other business if you like put the spiral the study differently wages can found but after the mid squeeze profits. For years 1980s, a wage growth lost its the shift has been the oth ability to forecast future or Way. Profits have movements in inflation squeezed wages from 1990 to 2014, labor s share of National income dropped from by percent to 5 a percent report economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Of course businesses wont voluntary sacrifice profits competitive markets have to limit their ability to past along higher labor costs. So there Are Good wage increases and bad. The Good reflect better productivity they permanently elevate incomes and living standards. The bad result in Only temporary gains they Lead to higher Price inflation that erodes the Pur chasing Power of the earlier wage increases. In an Ideal world we would now get Good wage increases that would bolster household finances and prolong the recovery the fed needs to keep these distinctions in mind and to do the hard detective work of identifying any future wage gains As Good or had. If policymakers Are unduly conditioned by memories of the 1960s and a of they could misinterpret higher wages As automatically inflationary. I hat a just one possibility. Hor now. Price inflation is tame i he fed should keep it that Way without prematurely stifling the recovery its no easy task Washington past writers cd route 2015

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